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Auckland City FC vs AS Tefana Saturday 19th March, 3.00pm Kiwitea Street, Sandringham, Auckland


Chairman’s Message Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to Kiwitea Street for our final home game in the round-robin phase of the OFC Champions League, a Matchday Six encounter against the champions of Tahiti. We extend a warm welcome to Laurent Heinis and his AS Tefana squad, and their supporters, for today’s match, and trust you’ll enjoy our hospitality and your time with us today. We also welcome visiting dignitaries from both the Oceania Football Confederation and New Zealand Football this afternoon. Today offers us the opportunity to congratulate both David Mulligan and our captain, Ivan Vicelich, on their selection in the All Whites’ squad for the internationals in Asia next week against China and Japan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those whose lives have been affected by the stunning images of devastation we have seen arising from both the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan last weekend, as they do to those from closer to home in Christchurch. We hosted the Canterbury United squad last week in their first match since the earthquake, and it was sobering to hear at first-hand some of their experiences as a result of that life-changing event. While it was disappointing to see the end of our unbeaten run in that match, what some of their players have endured following the upheavals of February 22 certainly puts that reversal into perspective. Thankfully, Aaron, Ramon and the boys swiftly bounced back with goals from Luis Corrales and Manel Exposito securing a deserved 2-0 win at Team Wellington last Sunday, in the first leg of our ASB Premiership semi-final. While it’s only half-time in

that fixture, we take this opportunity to congratulate the boys on their efforts so far. We extend our thanks to our major sponsors, Placemakers Cook Street, our community partner, The Trillian Trust, and our other sponsors for their continued support, namely Nike, Carlsberg, Chapel Bar & Bistro, Dominion Constructors Ltd, Butterfly Creek, Fresh to Go, Gee Gees Bar & Brasserie, Lone Star Café & Bar, Five Digital Print, Malcolm Pacific, L‘oreal Paris, The Rock 90.2FM, and Vuksich & Borich Ltd. Wherever possible, please support those who support the game. We hope you enjoy today’s OFC Champions League action, and trust you’ll join us in the clubrooms after the game. We look forward to seeing you again next Sunday, 27 March, for our ASB Premiership semi-final second leg clash with Team Wellington.

Ivan Vuksich Chairman Auckland City FC


President Chung shares vision with new Executive The OFC Executive Committee met in Auckland on Saturday 19 February to review strategic objectives, vote on a number of key resolutions and elect the positions of Senior Vice President, Vice President and Treasurer.

9. Strengthen national leagues – to establish a taskforce to look at the development of football, club licensing regulations, player transfers, harmonised national leagues and the establishment of new competitions 10. National team excellence – to expand youth academy programme and increase preparation grants and opportunities for national teams 11. Governance – to establish the Professionalisation Programme for OFC and the Member Associations and confirm the CIES/OFC sports management programme

Meeting at the OFC headquarters in Greenlane for the first time since January’s elective congress in American Samoa, OFC President David Chung opened the meeting by presenting his vision for the ‘First 100 Days’ of office. In alignment with the OFC Vision 2018, President Chung outlined the 100 day plan for him and his Executive Committee to achieve certain milestones in the following areas: 1. Review the structure of the OFC Secretariat – to assess the role and function of each department to achieve a cost effective and efficient administration with defined duties and responsibilities linked to KPIs 2. Financial transparency and accountability – to review and improve rules and procedures relating to the finances of OFC 3. Commercialisation and investment – to establish ‘OFC Limited’, a commercial arm to run the football business of OFC and create sustainable revenue 4. Home of Football – to start construction in May 2011 on the new OFC Football Academy at Mt Smart Stadium with increased accommodation capacity, offices and playing facilities 5. External Partnerships – to renew a number of existing partnerships and establish new partnerships with external partners 6. Football for Life – to confirm the venue of the 2nd Pacific Youth and Sports Conference 2013 and to evaluate the Just Play grassroots programme and Social Responsibility projects in the Member Associations 7. Continue to popularise the game – to confirm the OFC competition schedule for 2011-2015 including new competitions and formats 8. Continue to grow the game – to launch roll-out of ‘O-link’ competition and player management system in all Member Associations and to align education scheme with AFC and/or UEFA including plan for online resources

Following the presentation of the ‘First 100 Days’ vision, the Executive Committee elected the positions of Senior Vice President, Vice President and Treasurer: Senior Vice President: Martin Alufurai (Solomon Is.) Vice President: Lee Harmon (Cook Is.) Treasurer: Dr Sahu Khan (Fiji) In addition, the OFC Executive Committee approved: • the restructure of the OFC Secretariat • the revised internal regulations • the decision to establish a commercial arm ‘OFC Limited’ to run the football business of OFC • the concept plans for the new OFC Football Academy with construction to begin mid-2011 • the new competition ‘OFC Cup’ to include club champions of developing countries – American Samoa, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga • the proposal to keep the O-League format the same until 2012/2013 but with the two New Zealand teams to be split across the two groups, beginning in 2012/2013, instead of one group (current) • the decision to cancel the concept of a shared bid to host the FIFA U-17 World Cup across Oceania in 2017 due to high costs • d eclaration of support for New Zealand’s bid to host the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015, acknowledging that it will leave a lasting legacy across the region




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Jacob Spoonley (GK) Angel Vina Berlanga Ian Hogg Sam Campbell Stuart Kelly James Pritchett David Mulligan Manel Exposito Luis Corrales Danko Koprivcic Liam Little (GK) Alex Feneridis Adam Dickinson Ivan Vicelich (C) Albert Riera Adam McGeorge Paul Gothard (GK) Daniel Morgan Riki Van Steeden Andrew Milne Adam Thomas Thomas Spragg Thomas Doyle Aaron Bawdekar Dean Lausev Ryan Martin Cameron Martin Rory Kelly

1 Gilbert Meriel 2 Stephane Faatiarau 3 Pierre Kugogne 4 Nahuiotiu Teiefitu 5 Viritua Tiaiho 6 Heimano Bourebare 7 Taufa Neuffer 8 Tetiamana Marmouyet 9 Rene Atrewe 10 Hiva Kamoise 11 Jean Claude Chang Koei Chang 12 Arnaud Sicot 13 James Leou 14 Manutea Taae 15 Lorenzo Tehau 16 Sebastian Labayen 17 Roihau Degage 18 Tauraa Marmouyet 19 Alvin Tehau 20 Axel Williams 21 Angelo Tchen 23 Xavier Samin 24 David Chang Koei Chang 25 Temauiarii Crolas 26 Kenny Nui

Head Coach: Laurent Heinis

Joint Head Coach: Aaron McFarland Joint Head Coach: Ramon Tribulietx GK Coach: Paul Gothard Physio: Andrew Newmarch Logistics Manager: David Stringer Property Steward: Arthur Egan

OFFICIALS Referee: Rakesh Varman (Fiji) Assistant Referee 1: Jan-Hendrik Hintz (NZL) Assistant Referee 2: Brent Best (NZL) Fourth Official: Matthew Conger (NZL) Referee Assessor: Ken Wallace (NZL) General Coordinator: Glyn Taylor (NZL)

Today’s Auckland City FC Squad Member for a Day is:

Zyon Smith | 11 years old | 12th grade Central St Peters Blackburn




1 Amicale FC 2 Lautoka 3 Koloale FC 4 Hekari United FC


5 3 1 1 12 6 10 5 2 1 2 5 12 7 5 2 0 3 9 10 6 5 1 2 2 9 7 5

1 Auckland City FC 2 AS Magenta 3 Waitakere United 4 AS Tefana



5 3 2 0 7 2 11 5 2 1 2 5 5 7 5 1 2 2 6 7 5 5 1 1 3 5 9 4


Home Team

Away Team


23/10/10 23/10/10 3/11/10 13/11/10 04/12/10 04/12/10 05/02/11 05/02/11 26/02/11 26/02/11 19/03/11 19/03/11

Hekari United FC Koloale FC Hekari United FC Lautoka Lautoka Amicale FC Amicale FC Lautoka Koloale FC Amicale FC Hekari United FC Koloale FC

Amicale FC Lautoka Koloale FC Amicale FC Hekari United FC Koloale FC Hekari United FC Koloale FC Hekari United FC Lautoka Lautoka Amicale FC

PMRL Stadium Lawson Tama PMRL Stadium Churchill Park Churchill Park PVL PVL Churchill Park Lawson Tama PVL PMRL Stadium Lawson Tama


Home Team

Away Team


23/10/10 24/10/10 13/11/10 13/11/10 03/12/10 04/12/10 04/02/11 21/02/11 26/02/11 27/02/11 19/03/11 19/03/11

ACFC WTU WTU AS Magenta AS Tefana AS Magenta AS Tefana AS Magenta AS Tefana ACFC WTU ACFC

AS Magenta AS Tefana ACFC AS Tefana ACFC WTU WTU ACFC AS Magenta WTU AS Magenta AS Tefana

Kiwitea Street Fred Taylor Park Fred Taylor Park Stade Numa Daly Stade Louis Ganivet Stade Numa Daly Stade Louis Ganivet Stade Numa Daly Stade Louis Ganivet Kiwitea Street Fred Taylor Park Kiwitea Street

15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00

15:00 14:00 14:00 15:00 19:15 15:00 19:15 19:00 19:30 15:00 15:00 15:00

Result 1-2 1-2 4-0 1-0 0-0 2-0 3-3 1-6 2-1 5-1

Result 3-0 3-1 1-1 1-0 1-1 1-1 3-1 0-1 0-3 1-0




Team A

Team B



Final 1 Final 2


02/04/11 16/04/11

1st Leg 2nd Leg




2010/11 DRAW


KO Time 15:00 15:00 09 275 8880 Tom Pearce Drive Auckland Airport 5

Legends’ longevity

the key to landmarks claimed just a year ago.

‘Quality, not quantity is a ubiquitous phrase, generally with the sub-text that if you can have something in large amounts, it cannot be especially desirable. However, this particular piece of wisdom does not always hold true, as proved by the record-breaking players we salute in this article.

In Germany, Karl-Heinz ‘Charly’ Korbel has been a record-holder for a lot longer, but unlike James he’s not in any danger of giving it up any time soon. The player made a remarkable 602 Bundesliga appearances for Eintracht Frankfurt from 1972 to 1991, and his autobiography sports an appropriate title: ‘602 - A record for all eternity’.

Let us start with Manchester “I doubt whether anyone will United legend Ryan Giggs, play that many games again,” poised to go top of the English “I do find it a surprise Korbel himself has commented, top-flight appearances chart that people haven’t although in his position as at some point in the next few forgotten after such head of a football academy, weeks. At the time of writing, he would have no issue with the Welshman has featured a long time. It would any player good enough to do in 606 league games, with be nice if what I’ve so: “I always tell the kids that every single one of them for left behind is the one of the reasons I work in Red Devils. Giggs first donned youth development is because impression of a good their famous shirt in 1991, and I’d like to be around when has racked up the medals goalkeeper who gave my successor runs out in an with United ever since. Eleven his team confidence.” Eintracht shirt, after passing Premier League titles, four FA Andoni Zubizarreta through our academy or one of Cups, two UEFA Champions our training camps.” Leagues, and the FIFA Club World Cup all feature on the There is a strong connection between player’s personal roll of honour, and he Korbel and a certain Jean-Luc Ettori, seems likely to set a record which will whether or not the two former players know stand for a long time to come. it. Each tops the all-time appearance chart in his nation’s top tier, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 respectively, and in a remarkable and surely unique coincidence, both played exactly the same number of games - 602 to be precise. Ettori spent 1977 to 1994 between the Monaco sticks.

In terms of Premier League appearances, Giggs requires just eight more games to displace keeper David James (573 appearances) from top spot. As it happens, the former England goalkeeper still playing, but he and current club Bristol City are stuck in the second tier, so it seems likely the 40-year-old will have to surrender the record he first

The next man on our list is Andoni Zubizarreta, 6

although in contrast to Giggs, Ettori and Korbel, the durable Spaniard was by no means a one-club man. Zubizarreta made a combined 622 appearances for Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona and Valencia between 1980 and 1998, a figure which also looks likely to stand for a long time in Spain. One reason for that confident prediction is that Raul, the man in second on 550 games, switched to Germany at the start of the 2010/11 season.

top-notch Dutch goalkeeper who contested fully 707 Eredivisie matches and represented his country in the 1978 FIFA World Cup Argentina™ Final. Intriguingly, loyalty often seems a prerequisite for chalking up a huge number of top-flight games. A very high proportion of our record-holders were or are one-club men, including the aforementioned Giggs, Korbel and Maldini. “I’d have been lost if I’d moved,” the elegant Italian once said.

“In the first place, I’d be delighted if anyone remembers me at all,” Zubizarreta once “I doubt whether replied when asked by FIFA. anyone will play that com what he would most like to many games again.” be remembered for. “I do find Karl-Heinz Korbel on his it a surprise that people haven’t record of 602 Bundesliga forgotten after such a long time. appearances It would be nice if what I’ve left behind is the impression of a good goalkeeper who gave his team confidence.” Appointed director of sport at Barça some six months ago, he is now working on giving the fans another compelling reason not to forget him.

In the course of his extraordinary career, Paolo Maldini also rose to the status of living legend. The Italian completed 25 seasons at AC Milan from 1984 to 2009, clocking up a total of 647 top-flight appearances - another record which Paulo Maldini is surely destined to stand for all time. Maldini’s glittering honours list features seven Serie A titles, five UEFA Champions League triumphs, and a FIFA Club World Cup trophy. The defender was also briefly his country’s most-capped player with 126 international outings, before being Ryan Giggs overtaken by Fabio Cannavaro in 2009. In honour of his long and loyal service, I Rossoneri resolved to retire Maldini’s No3 shirt. In a quaint and novel twist, it will only be reactivated if one of the former superstar’s three sons ever proves good enough to follow in dad’s footsteps and play for the first team. Naturally, every league with a reasonably long history boasts a few players with an unusually large number of games under their belts. Two further examples are Bulent Korkmaz and his 630 league appearances in Turkey, and Jan Jongbloed, a

These players are worth their place in the history books, not merely by virtue of their longevity, but also due to their professional approach and unswerving loyalty, increasingly rare commodities in these days of transfer merry-gorounds and enticing offers from clubs both at home and abroad.

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ACFC vs AS Tefana  

O-League Game 6 ACFC vs AS Tefana, Saturday 19 March 2011, 3.00pm

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