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Welcome to the Rocket Droid Pc- A fully portable device that Turns any TV in to a Wi Fi enabled Up to 1080p Pumped Up Android Smart TV! But no, this is not just another run-of-the-mill Android TV Dongle.......

The Rocket Droid Pc will also be the FASTEST MOST POWERFUL Android device of it's kind!... bringing you an unparalleled gaming & user experience! When we say it's Plug n Play, we mean it!..... Just plug into your TVs HDMI port, and your Tv now instantly becomes a powerful Smart TV!..... Allowing for internet usage, You Tube, Apps & Games downloading; even Skype calling - at the fastest speeds of any Android TV Dongle! It makes no sense to pay ÂŁ1000's for a factory shipped smart TV! The Rocket Droid Pc can even do more than a standard smart TV - for just a fraction of the cost!

The Rocket Droid Pc is a device that is aiming to be the most powerful portable mini Android dongle. It will plug directly into the HDMI port of any TV and instantly turn it into kick-butt SMART TV - bringing all the power of an Android Mobile Phone to your previously boring TV! With the much faster processor and higher internal memory of the Rocket Droid Pc, you will experience Android at a speed that other devices would struggle to keep up with. This means that your downloads will be faster, your games will load & react quicker - with no lagging or delay. You will absolutely love it! The Rocket Droid pc is fully Wi Fi enabled so you can connect it to your home network and download exactly as you would on your personal mobile phone. It is basically a fully functioning mini computer! Just imagine for a moment limitless gaming and performing all of the tasks that you normally would on your mobile phone, but instead, you now are able to use your 50" TV ( Or what ever size Tv you have)....... It's CRAZY!!

Our main focus with the R-Droid is increased power! We will make the Rocket Droid as powerful as the funds raised allow us to.... That is a really hard question to answer without knowing exactly how much we will raise from our funding campaign. But what we can say is that the Rocket Droid Pc will be very powerful - with your support we can really push the limits in terms of how much punch it will pack. We are in constant discussions with our expected manufacturers - who have basically told us that our "only limitation for the R-Droid will be our budget". Our aim is to give you the latest most up-to-date processor & software, and ensure that the "R-Droid" ships out to you with as much internal memory and the fastest processor possible at the time of mass manufacturing.

It will be the most powerful portable device of its kind - this we guarantee!

For the Rocket Droid we are aiming for the "magical 2's'....... so for it ti be running at least‌ Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, to be packing a 2.0 GHZ processor ( Quad core is our aim! ). If we do not meet our funding goal, then we will have to settle for a Dual Core processor for all backers - which will still pack some serious punch! The Rocket Droid will also feature 2 GHZ of DDR3 RAM & 8 GB internal storage ( Up to 32GB Max Capacity Via Micro SD Card).

Final specifications of the Rocket Droid Pc will be parallel to the total amount of funds raised via this campaign).

......It looks so cool right?? You know you want one ;-) Go on, treat yourself and be the envy of your friends! They WILL ask what it is, what it does and where you got it! :-)

Gaming: Think about this for a moment......... buying a game on an XBox 360 or PS3 would cost around ÂŁ40 ($60 each!). With the Rocket Droid Pc, you now have instant access to 1000's of apps and games within the app store - the majority of which are wither 100% free, or very cheap . Even cheaper than Apple for exactly the same game / app. Also, with instant downloading there is no waiting. News: Just by simply downloading the correct app to the Rocket Droid, you can now get CNN news and BBc iPlayer enabling you to watch BBC TV on demand right on your big screen TV. You can even download apps like Net Flix and have access to 1000s of movies at your finger tips.

Work: Edit documents, view PDFs, read eBooks via the Amazon Kindle app, review PowerPoint, send & receive emails and even do video conferences. You just need to download the right app. Social Media: For all you lovers of social media, yes you can check your accounts and status updates on the Rocket Droid also - but now on a much bigger screen ( Your TV! ).

Web Browsing: Of course you can also browse the web with Rocket Droid Pc. Even having your choice of popular browser. Opera, Chrome etc. Whatever suits you. Thousands more apps: The Google Play store is full of apps for all types of users and most of them work on the Rocket Droid. Dropbox, Skype, Snooker, Bejewelled‌ The list is endless. Go exploring in the play store and enjoy instant downloading to Rocket Droid for you to enjoy as soon as possible.

Stream video: Just Imagine for a moment being able to watch YouTube on your large screen TV rather than on a small computer or mobile phone screen. You can even view your other video subscriptions such as Netflix or Amazon Video Services. You can now do that right on your existing TV instead of just your tablet or mobile phone. Oh and it’s all displayed in HD with up to 1080p resolution. Listen to music: The Rocket Droid even allows you to listen to music and will play all sounds via your TV's speakers. You can even Skype call!

1. Rocket Mouse Ships with the Rocket Mouse - A wireless bluetooth mouse and Keyboard in one. Just move it around and watch the mouse move on screen.

It even Features a built in Gyroscope!

2. 4 port USB Extender

3. 1M HDMI extender cable

Hardware We have a fully tested and working prototype of the Rocket Droid Pc running Android blazingly fast. The next stage is to begin producing and selling it in bulk to you our customers. It has taken over 2 years hard work in order for us to get the product to even to this stage. With endless man-hours spent designing, re-designing, prototyping, testing & tweaking. Here are some early stages of the Rocket Droid Pc:

Final Version ( Pictured: Rocket Droid Bullet ):

Final Version ( Pictured: Rocket Droid Bullet ):

Our Hardware design is complete.

We need your support in order to pay for the injection moulds of the Rocket Droids outer casing - as well as to fund our first full production run. Without your support getting the Rocket Droid to market will take much longer. We will undoubtedly have to turn to lending institutions such as banks or venture capitalists - who will probably force us to jump through several hoops before any progress is made. We need to meet a minimum order quantity of at least 1000 units of the Rocket Droid to ship customers all around the world. We also need you to spread the word, and get people talking about the Rocket Droid. You will be among the first to have one.

You don't have to just have it in red!....



Of course in order for us to meet our target, we will need your pledges and preorders of the Rocket Droid. Whether you are able to contribute or not, please make some noise to help this important campaign through Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Media accounts that you may have. Remember to also interact socially with our page: You'll find this right under our video above:

Don't miss out on yours!...... During the testing of the prototype, the few people that have seen the Rocket Droid in action have been absolutely blown away by it!........ so we are very excited about bringing Rocket Droid to the masses. It is very important to remember one thing..... without your support, getting the Rocket Droid Pc to our customers will be so much more complicated than it needs to be!

TEAM work really does make the DREAM work! So it's time to get yours. Pledge and support the Rocket Droid!

Thank you!

Rocket droid  

The Rocket Droid Pc is a device that is aiming to be the most powerful portable mini Android dongle. It will plug directly into the HDMI por...

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