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In Genesis 1, we are given the four most important words in all the Scripture: “In the beginning God…” Everything begins and ends with Him. In the beginning  God created, and the sound of His creation continues to resound throughout all generations.   In six days, God created everything we see and know, and on the seventh day, God rested.  All that He created was  good. He rested in that. It was the beginning of His eternal, everlasting legacy that we get to be a part of even still today.   That word, “Legacy,” is a word I believe God spoke to my heart for this year – our seventh year. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus makes a promise to build His Church. It’s the only time in the Scripture that He promises to build something, and certainly, He has been ever so faithful to His Word, as we can see His work on display all around us. I believe our Legacy Year represents a significant season in the life of our church – a season of kingdom expansion like never before. We have the opportunity to both rest in what God has done and is doing, knowing that what He is building here through us will outlive, outlast all of us, and partner with Him - to live and leave a legacy of faith that impacts our generation and future generations to come!

ACTS 20:24 HOWEVER, I CONSIDER MY LIFE WORTH NOTHING TO ME; MY ONLY AIM IS TO FINISH THE RACE AND COMPLETE THE TASK THE LORD JESUS HAS GIVEN ME – THE TASK OF TESTIFYING TO THE GOOD NEWS OF GOD’S GRACE. This book is the story of God’s faithfulness. It is the story of the greatness of God, partnered with the faithfulness of the thousands of people who call Rock City home. It is the story of dreams and answered prayers and sons and daughters coming home. It is a book full of numbers, each one with a name and a story. This is our Legacy.    I believe all that we have experienced, celebrated and encountered in these few short years is the foundation upon which life-giving and life-changing ministry will continue for generations. And, I believe this year, our seventh year, will be a year we will look back on for many years to come, as a Legacy-Defining season for our church and for the amazing people who call it home.  May the work of God continue in us, through us and all around us. This is our Legacy! Let’s Go!

Chad Fisher / Lead Pastor


Rock City Church Year 7 Report  
Rock City Church Year 7 Report