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Rockaway Revival

VOL. 1, NO. 5 - THURSDAY. JULY 24, 2014


Harbor Light To Shine Again

ROCKAWAY! drew thousands from all over the city and beyond to enjoy the much talked about art and music festival launched on Sunday at Ft. Tilden.

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Wounded Warriors Coming To Town

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More Sand Needed


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Rockaway Ferry A No Go

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The Rockaway Times

A Hidden Gem By The Beach By Kathy Louis

Step off the sidewalk at 158 Beach 114th Street and step back in time to Rockaway’s heyday, more than 100 years ago. Founded in 1907 by the Doody and McManus families, this quaint and charming establishment was renamed D Piper Inn by current owner Peter Duffy. “I feel privileged to be here,” said Duffy, who bought the property 12 years ago and renovated it to its former glory as well as modernized the building to accommodate 21st century guests. “I’m just the caretaker. Many of my guests have tenure. They were coming here long before me.” Steps from the beach, on a street flanked by two nursing homes and lined with rooming houses and SROs, D Piper Inn is a welcome anomaly. Brightly painted in Victorian colors with a bold red awning greeting visitors, the historical theme is continued with a front garden and open-air porch filled with greenery and comfy wicker furniture. Inside, original woodwork painstakingly stripped and refinished by Duffy leads visitors upstairs to 12 spacious guest rooms. According to Duffy, the large three-story house was well on its

way to becoming another SRO or half-way house when he took possession. Now, each guest room is equipped with modern hotel amenities such as private bathrooms, microwaves and fridges, basic cable tv and, of course, wi-fi access. Other furnishings, however, hark to an earlier day. Odd and quirky, antique and kitschy decorations can be found inside and out at D Piper Inn. The only accommodation of its kind in Rockaway, D Piper Inn, mostly a summer venue, opened its doors this past Memorial Day for the first time since Super Storm Sandy. “Not having the boardwalk doesn’t help. They gotta get that fixed,” Duffy said. Before Sandy, guests used to have the use of bikes kept in the inn’s rear courtyard and garden. “We never lost heat or hot water during Sandy,” Duffy said. When volunteer doctors showed up to park on the sand inundated street, Duffy opened the doors of D Piper Inn to them. “We had volunteers staying here for about 6 months.” Duffy even invited volunteer “hipsters” to camp out in his cozy lounge and warm themselves by his gas fire. “I found them sleeping on the beach.”

Now, Duffy wants locals to know the D Piper Inn is back in business. He welcomes family and friends of Rockaway residents who come here to attend events or parties. “I’ve seen families come together,” he added. His typical guest is middle-age or older. The inn does not have accommodations for very young children.

Rates are $175 a night and include a breakfast of coffee and bakery items. There is a small BYOB bar for guests. And they can enjoy a common lounge area and front and back covered gardens. “Great little gem right by the beach,” said a 2012 review on Yelp. com. “Hope to come back many more times.”

The Rockaway Times

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Finally! A Manhattan Medical Spa in Rockaway

A sandy vacant lot will soon be transformed as the Harbor Light builds back.

Harbor Light To Rise And Shine Story and Photo By Bianca Fortis

Not rebuilding the Harbor Light Pub, the venerable Belle Harbor establishment, was never an option for the Heeran family, according to son Billy Heeran. A year and a half after a fire leveled the Belle Harbor bar and restaurant in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, construction is set to begin this week to rebuild it. “It’s a landmark in the neighborhood,” Billy Heeran, 36, said. “We’ve been in business for 33 years – to just fold it wasn’t an option.” Billy and his brother, Sean, will be handling the day to day operations with help from chef and partner Billy Whelan. Sean Heeran said customers have continuously asked the family to rebuild. “It’s a good feeling – if they didn’t say that, you’d be a little nervous,” he said. “My father spent his whole life building the place to be what it was, so it’s good that people are receptive to it.” Billy couldn’t give an exact timeline for how long construction will take, but he’s hoping for the new restaurant, located at 129-18 Newport Ave., to be done in about 16 months. The Harbor Light served as a cornerstone for the local community since its opening in 1980. Community gatherings and events – even funerals – were held there. And the place has felt its own share of tragedy even before San-

dy. Another Heeran son, Charles, was killed on September 11 and two months later, the restaurant served as a disaster relief center when American Airlines Flight 587 crashed just a few hundred feet away. Sandy proved too much. The storm and the fire left only the awning and the front steps of the structure remaining. And although the Heeran family knew they would rebuild, plans were not set into motion immediately. “The whole block had burned down,” Billy Heeran said. “We really weren’t concerned about the restaurant at that point.” The brothers are most looking forward to seeing their former customers again. “It really was like a ‘Cheers’ – seeing those people every day was great,” Sean said. “The fact that we don’t see them often anymore kind of stinks.” The brothers said that the whole community has been supportive through the difficult rebuilding process. Billy Heeran especially expressed his gratitude toward Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder and his attorney, Keith Sullivan, who is representing several of the individuals suing LIPA and National Grid over the fires. “I didn’t even know how popular it was until it burned down,” he said. “Now people are constantly asking about what’s going on.”


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The Rockaway Times

Storybook Ending For ‘Whalemina’

Story and Photo By Bianca Fortis

Despite being washed away during Hurricane Sandy, the beloved Rockaway mascot, Whalemina, will soon be immortalized – in the form of a children’s book. Laura Cryan, a Breezy Point native, had grown attached to the whale over the years. When the statue was destroyed in the storm, Cryan, 23, realized that children growing up in Rockaway would have no way to remember her. Cryan, who writes stories as a hobby, decided a children’s book would be the perfect way to share Whalemina’s story, as well as serve as a way to raise funds to recreate the statue. The story will outline the whale’s life, beginning with her time as a plain, gray statue at the Central Park Children’s Zoo. “It’s a story about getting lost and wandering and making new friends and family wherever you go,” Cryan said. “It’s also a story about being strong and about resilience – about finding your way back home.” In the 1990s when the Parks Department decided to remove the

statue from the Central Park zoo, Rockaway residents offered to give her a new home. “She was a piece of garbage to them, and we wanted to take her in and make her beautiful,” Cryan said. “That’s the spirit of our community, that’s what we do. We’re artists.” After some prodding, particularly by the late Sal Arena, the whale was eventually moved to Beach 94th Street. Artist Geoff Rawling, who describes himself as Whalemina’s “guardian,” spent more than a decade slowly covering the statue in pieces of glass, creating an elaborate, colorful mosaic that depicted nighttime on one side and daytime on the other. He worked on the project each summer, but hadn’t yet finished when Sandy hit. The project will also give him the opportunity to bring Whalemina back to life in a new way: he will be illustrating pictures of Whalemina to go with the story. “As an artist, I like the process,” he said. “That’s the beautiful thing about art. When one thing dies, you can reincarnate it again at any time.”


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Rawling estimates the new statue, which he will build, will cost about $15,000. It will be mobile and even able to float in water. Proceeds from the book will go toward the new statue. Cryan is planning an initial printing of a few hundred copies, which will be sold in establishments around the peninsula. She started an online fundraising campaign to raise $2,000 for the initial printing.

One of the most important aspects of the project for Cryan is that a book is tangible – it can be held. “Whalemina is something that needs to be remembered,” she said. “Rockaway needs that. The book isn’t going to be thrown away or forgotten. It’s like a piece of history.” To contribute to the campaign, go to and search Whalemina.

The Rockaway Times


By Kevin Boyle

Rumor Mill Is Churning The things you hear. I have a few friends who can’t start a sentence without saying “off the record” even though what they tell me is usually better than a sleeping pill. Other times I hear rumors that are pretty good even though they often amount to nothing. So what I’m offering you is more of the same: probably a lot of nothing. So I hear another newspaper is coming to Rockaway. I guess newspapers are going to be like

nail salons. Rumor has it this one is coming out of Howard Beach and Broad Channel but with a Rockaway name. It’s only a rumor to me because they didn’t friend me on Facebook. Although it must be more than a rumor because The Rockaway Times was mysteriously disappearing in Broad Channel or found buried under another newspaper in a couple of stores. I’m no detective but that sounds like dirty pool. Tsk, tsk.

Of course, I’m chalking this up as a rumor without merit – they wouldn’t start off like that, would they? Nah. Another rumor that doesn’t have the nefarious overtones of the first involves Broad Channel as well. It seems interest in the little gem in Jamaica Bay is getting noticed and that artists and creative types of all kinds are eyeing it because it’s “off the grid” a bit, yet offers so much. It’s got sunrise and sunset views that rival any in the world. Its backyard is the spectacular Jamaica Bay; its side yard is a wildlife sanctuary. The subway ride into the City and other places (like the airport) is another bonus. More people are starting to ask what Pete Mahon says in his weekly column in the Rockaway Times, why would you live anywhere else? Another spot popping up on the rumor mill is the Beach 40s. Word is, some people are calling it the next hot real estate market. Yes, the Beach 40s. You can walk to the subway, the ocean, and the bay. There are plenty of small houses and bungalows that are sure to attract newcomers. Don’t tell me I’m nuts, just remember you heard it here first or second or third. And now you can tell

Page 5 people, you know what I heard…. ***More Boyleing Points: Breezy Point is a bit of a mystery to many in Rockaway. Because it’s a private community some people don’t realize you can shop there, (Breezy Lumber, for instance) and enjoy sunsets, food and entertainment at the Bay House (and soon, Kennedy’s). To get to the Bay House, you make the first right past the booth. And keep going, there’s parking. ***Jeez, I’ve hit bottom. I feel like Tom Arnold the guy who is semi-famous merely because he married comedian Roseann Barr. He makes a living out of being a quote- unquote celebrity, willing to do any sort of reality TV show. I’m feeling like Tom because I’ve been asked to be in a dunk tank. You know, I sit on some platform and somebody throws something hoping the trapdoor will open and I’ll get dunked in a pool of skanky water. It’s for an Arts In Parts fundraiser so I had to say yes. But jeez, they must’ve asked a lot of people before they found me on the bottom of the barrel. Anyway, if you’ve got a sadistic streak in you, visit Beach 97th street on Sunday, July 27. But I’m telling you now, I’m taking names.

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Schumer: Pet Owners Deserve Break Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut introduced the Fairness to Pet Owners Act, which, the senators say, will help save pet owners hundreds of dollars each year by giving them access to their pet’s prescriptions, and therefore the ability to buy medication at pharmacies, online or their vet’s office. Schumer said veterinarians do not provide copies of prescriptions to pet owners unless specifically asked by the client, thus forcing pet owners to buy medication through only their offices. In some cases, this allows veterinarians to charge much higher prices, since there is such little competition. The Senator’s legislation requires that veterinarians write prescriptions and provide copies to pet owners without them having to ask so that they can shop around for the best price. Schumer said New York pet owners could save approximately $63 million annually with passage of this legislation. “I am pleased to be working with Senator Blumenthal on this important legislation that will protect our pets and their owners alike, by making sure they get the medication they need for their feathered and furry family, in as affordable a manner as possible,” Schumer said.


The Rockaway Times

Queens Transit Meeting Report By Mike Scala

The Queens Public Transit Committee held its first public meeting on Wednesday, July 16 at the Rockaway Knights of Columbus. Naturally, the Rockaway ferry was the hot topic. It was encouraging to see the community coming together in refusing to give up on such an invaluable resource. We’ve heard it said that the ferry was the only good thing to emerge from Superstorm Sandy. Though the city budget did not include the funding we needed, we’re determined to ensure the ferry continues to operate well beyond October. Joe Hartigan did a great job presenting some of the information he’s compiled. In my own view, any discussion about the cost of the ferry should include an analysis of the economic growth it will create. This is an investment in our city’s infrastructure, and we can’t let that point be lost. Increasing ridership will be crucial to winning the battle. Ridership is up since 2013 -the number of passengers the last week of June rose from 4,039 last year to 4,789 this year -but we can do better. It should be emphasized that this can be facilitated by making the ferry readily accessible throughout the peninsula. Nonetheless, all political movements require strength in numbers. If we unite, our demand will not fall on deaf ears. One strong suggestion was to hold a press conference and rally on the ferry so the media can experience our lifeline firsthand. If only we can get Mayor de Blasio on the boat, perhaps his thinking will change.

As Laura Deckelman says, happiness is riding the ferry. Of course, transportation is inadequate throughout the borough as a general matter, and that especially holds true for south Queens and the Rockaway peninsula. The ferry conversation cannot occur in a vacuum. As mentioned, we need better transportation to the ferry. We also need better bus service. We need better train service. We need to eliminate the toll on the Cross Bay Bridge. This all affects our quality of life, and that transcends even transit issues. There has been much discussion lately about the proposed homeless shelter. The best argument against it is that Rockaway does not have what it needs to accommodate its current residents, much less an influx of new ones, and at the top of that list is an efficient, reliable transportation system. Major credit must be given to Phil McManus for his leadership, the Committee to Save the Rockaway Ferry and all else who’ve contributed. I encourage everyone to attend the next Queens Public Transit Committee meeting on Wednesday, August 20 from 7:30 to 9 PM at the Knights of Columbus. The first one was a good brainstorming session. We need to expand on it, continue to grow and turn our ideas into actions. The struggle for the ferry and better transportation has just begun, and our success will depend on your involvement. To contact the Queens Public Transit Committee, email

The Rockaway Times

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The High Tide

A little of this and that A report (DNAinfo) came out on Wednesday that said the ferry is dead. The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has control over the ferry. They’ve been saying all along that keeping the ferry was to be based on ridership. Well, this secretive outfit wouldn’t provide an actual number as to how many riders the ferry needed to attract for it to be funded. That allowed them to keep moving the goalposts. A fellow named Kyle Kimball, if you’re wondering, is the president of this self-proclaimed “city economic engine.”

livers – as in delivers the paper to homes and stores in Broad Channel. His mother must be proud!

*** We must pause regular programming to thank the columnists we’ve got onboard. They write with energy and passion. And they attract readers that might not normally be interested in the topics they cover. The Rockaway Times has personality thanks to them. So a Standing O to them! Pete Mahon has to get a special shout out because he not only writes, he de-

*** So City Councilman Eric Ulrich gave away some rain barrels last week. The Rockaway Times put in a tiny little mention of the giveaway minus one important fact – the date they were being given away. Robbie Schwach, who works for Eric, sent us a note: “We’ve had more people call our office in the last 24 hours to reserve a rain barrel as a result of the

*** Well, that didn’t take long. Rob Astorino, challenging Governor Cuomo for the top job in the State, has already beaten Cuomo in the number of times he’s been to Rockaway. Astorino came Tuesday after being here just a couple of weeks ago. Cuomo showed a few days after Sandy, promised he’d be back, and well, that hasn’t happened.

mention of their availability in The Rockaway Times, as we’ve had for or against any issue (Build it Back, the Rockaway Ferry, the proposed Homeless Shelter) or event in the last two weeks, combined!” *** Weekend At Bernie’s, a cult classic from the 1980s, is a dark comedy about a couple of guys dragging their dead boss – as if he’s still alive – to parties in the Hamptons. To mark the movie’s 25th anniversary, there will be a Weekend At Bernie’s celebration at Playland Motel this Saturday. *** Please be advised. The Community Board may vote against Land Use proposals but the vote is merely advisory. The proposal to add buildings and commercial spaces at Beach 105 through Beach 108 is not dead because the Community Board voted it down. ***


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*** Someone passed out on the beach at 137th Street last weekend and we’re told it took 22 minutes for an ambulance to arrive from St John’s. The young woman is fine but the message is clear: Rockaway needs another hospital. *** The need for a hospital was also underscored with the news that a head-on collision occurred on the Rockaway side of the Marine Park /Gil Hodges Bridge on Tuesday. Seems a driver came out of Riis Park and headed the wrong way towards the bridge. The injured were taken to Coney Island Hospital. *** If you’ve got iTunes you can do a search for RockawayTimes and you’ll come across our new podcast! A podcast is like a radio show. Rick Horan was our first guest and he came on-air to rip the DOT, their speed cameras, and other failings. Ahead, we’ve penciled in community board member and photographer Ozzie and John Cori and Eddy Pastore will produce a show soon. And maybe you’ll come in and be a guest or play host for RockawayTimes radio!

Cuisine by

te t e d u a l C

Tim Otto leads a jazz band that plays regularly at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. And why stop there?! Tim is putting together the first ever (at least we think it’s the first ever) Rockaway Beach Jazz Festival. Details will be forthcoming but Saturday, September 6th is the target date. Sounds like an idea that could grow.


Say you Saw It In the Rockaway tImeS

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Mayor Can Still Float Ferry Dear Editor: The Mayor must submit the expense and capital budget to the city council for its review and adoption. Even if the Ferry is not in it the council can negotiate to include funding for it, the council did it when it demanded money for free breakfast for all middle school students. This information is from a present Councilman and a former Councilman. Danny Ruscillo

Police Captain Asks For Help

Dear Rockaway Residents and Community Members: On Thursday, July 10, 2014 the New York City Police Department’s Gang Division executed a Search Warrant in the Arverne section of the Precinct (north of beach channel drive) and arrested a gang member who was in possession of two assault rifles and a large quantity of ammunition. Gang activity and associated violence directly impacts the quality of life for community residents. The Police need your help in keeping your neighborhood safe and free of gang related activity. Craig Adelman 100th Precinct Commanding Officer

Dog Crap Etiquette Dear Editor: Years ago I wrote a letter to another paper about proper disposal of dog waste. Nearly coming to blows with some recidivist dog owner that kept throwing his dog’s crap into the storm drains, I penned a letter.

The Rockaway Times


Our treatment plant was build to handle a casino, hello Lindsey, the storm drains only divert water to Jamaica Bay. Throwing raw untreated dog crap into the storm drains is not kosher. Period. If for some reason that some entitled elitist or their rotten kids can’t figure out that the Bay is connected to the ocean, they have a steep learning curve to climb. In closing, please properly dispose your beloved pet’s waste. That does not involve the storm drains, a.k.a., sewers. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner. James E. O’Brien

The System Needs Fixing

Dear Editor: In regards to the article, “With A Little Help, Wounded Warrior Finds Reason To Live” in last week’s Rockaway Times, I met (Wounded Warrior) “Rizzo” at the block party . What a wonderful person. I’m glad she is now getting the help she needs, but why do our veterans have to jump through hoops to get the services they fought for? Illegals are flooding across our borders and they get whatever they need. It’s disgraceful. All the best to Rizzo. Kelly Kelley

No One To Ask Dear Editor: Today I watched a worker caring for the trees recently planted in the lot housing the unused “trailors”. At the same time, our beloved ferry (soon to be discontinued) was pulling into the dock. How much does the city spend maintaining and guarding this piece of property? Can we ask the Mayor? Oops, he’s not here. Noreen Ryan

First Annual Car Show Draws And Yes, Cars! Some classic cars drew oohs and ahs from the crowd who came to support the charity car show at St. Camillus which supported NYPD DETECTIVE ENDOWMENT ASSOCIATION.

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The Rockaway Times


Editorial Maybe Rockaway Needs An OTB A One Term Bill de Blasio No ferry. No plan for Game Changer money. Nothing from his Economic Development Corporation. Ticket agents everywhere. Speed cameras without proper signage. Road construction at the height of the summer season. A Parks Commissioner who comes to Rockaway as often as the Mayor. That’s the short list of what we’ve gotten from City Hall. Oh wait, the Mayor gave us a new homeless shelter. No neighborhood, especially one already crying for adequate services, wants an influx of more disadvantaged. What makes the de Blasio homeless move so dumb is that Rockaway is in a flood zone (ever hear about Sandy, Mr. Mayor)? The most vulnerable populations in storms and emergencies are those that require services (evacuation help, medical attention, and basics like food and water). Getting those services to at-risk populations is a challenge that the city always fails to do. So, what’s the thinking? Rockaway is vulnerable to storms so let’s put more people who need more services there. Brilliant ! City Hall wants congratulations when Build It Back hands out a few reimbursement checks or breaks ground on building a new

home. We say, it’s about time. One Term Bill likes to blame his predecessor, Mike Bloomberg, for Build It Back. Well, One Term Bill de Blasio just got around to naming a new Buildings Commissioner. It took the Mayor seven months to put someone in charge of this vital city agency! We love his quote: “We have to change the culture of the Buildings Department. There has to be a totally different sense of time and efficiency,” If his “sense of time” for the Buildings Department is like the rest of City Hall, he should have named Rip Van Winkle commissioner. We guess choosing a Building Commissioner was an exhausting exercise. Shortly after naming the commissioner, the Mayor holding office for seven months, needed a 10 day vacation in Italy. Pubic Advocate Leitita James reportedly asked her legal team to research what powers she might have while OTB vacations. Comptroller Scott Stringer is a willing watchdog and a steady nuisance to the Mayor. Just seems that maybe those thinking about a primary challenge aren’t on vacation and might be thinking about a One Term Bill.

Facts You Probably Don’t Need *The average child eats 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before high school graduation. *Males hiccup more than females. *Goats have rectangular pupils. *Your weight on the moon is 16.5 percent of what it is on earth. (Or why join a gym? Just relocate). *The Vatican has a soccer

team. *Three Far Rockaway High School graduates have won the Nobel Prize. *One percent of the population is ambidextrous. (100 percent have epidermis). *More than 50 percent of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call. *Sometimes newspapers need holes to fill.

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The Rockaway Times


Between the groins By John Cori

So Is It A Jetty Or A Groin? The word “Jetty”has been a part of the people of the Rockaway peninsula’s culture for as long as anyone here can remember. From Beach 86th Street east, we have identified the long perpendicular alignment of stones which reach out into the sea off of our beaches as “Rock jetties!” Looking west along the Rockaway seashore we have a long neat alignment of “wood jetties” which once protected our shores. In recent years many new comers to our beaches have begun referring to then as “the sticks.” At one time in the neighborhood of Rockaway Beach, we even had had a deli called the Jetty Deli on beach 96th and Rockaway Beach Blvd and our very own United States post office even has a stamp immortalizing the Rockaway peninsula’s “jetties!” There’s only problem, they are not jetties! They are technically

GROINS. I know, I know, I would never have gotten a bagel and a cup of coffee from the Groin Deli either! I know this all come as a shock to many, but it is what it is, or should I say they are what they are. Groins! And hence, the name of this column! There are those of us who attended Beach Channel High School and have know this little known secret for some time, as we learned this in Oceanography 101 in 9th grade. Yet for so long we have been trained here on the Rockaway peninsula to believe that a huge part of our culture is not what we’ve been trained to believe it is. You may ask how have we’ve been taught to believe that a groin is a jetty? The answer is simple. NYC Parks! Yes our old friends in Parks. For as long as we can all re-

are talking about, that a groin is a groin and a dune is a dune! If looks a groin and acts like a groin it must be a groin! If you want to see what a real jetty looks like simply travel west along the Rockaway peninsula until you get to the very end and there you will find a real JETTY! Long story short: groins are longer than jetties!

member, Parks have been posting signs on the Groins saying “KEEP OF JETTY” or the more infamous “ KEEP OFF JETTY: NO DIVING “ which has always been manipulated into saying: “KEEP JETTY DIVING!” As we move forward with the rebuilding and continue out fight for the best resilience we can get, it will be best to know what we

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Rockaway Represented In Military Academies

Story and Photo By Bianca Fortis

TJ Stackpole was only six years old when his father, FDNY Capt. Timothy Stackpole, died on September 11, 2001. According to his mother, Tara Stackpole, that experience, along with his patriotism and interest in American history, led him to where he is now: the U.S. Naval Academy. TJ, now 19, was inducted into the academy on July 1 in Annapolis, Md. Upon graduation he will serve in the military for five years. He’s one of several youth in Rockaway who have enrolled in a military academy of some kind. “We definitely live in a community that gives back all the time,” Tara said. “And the academy is not only about education, but service too.” She said children living on the Rockaway peninsula were exposed to the loss of many people on 9/11 as well as the annual Wounded Warrior Project event. “Kids here are exposed to things that made them make that decision in their life,” she said. “They say, ‘Look at what this person has given for us. What can I do to serve?’” Gerry Casey said he was surprised when his son Sean, 21, first told him he wanted to enroll in the academy. “You always ask kids why they want to go to a certain college. He wasn’t quite sure how to explain it,” Casey said. “Sometimes there’s just a gut feeling that people get and they go with it. And sometimes it works out.” Sean Casey is now entering his junior year, according to his father. “You’re very proud that he wants to serve his country, and on the other hand you’re worried that he’s going to be in

harm’s way,” Gerry Casey said. Kelly Kelley’s son Ryan graduated from the Naval Academy in 2007. Ryan said the biggest influence for his decision was 9/11 – he had been in high school in Manhattan on that day. Kelly Kelley thought maybe the tragedy would instead change his mind about enrolling and asked him whether he was giving his earlier decision a second thought. “He said, ‘It makes me want to go now more than ever. I would go tomorrow if I could,’” she recounted. Kelley said enrolling in a military academy requires a level of commitment and discipline that is not required in the average college setting. “He’s being screamed at and exercising every day while his friends are running around on the beach,” she said. “You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot.” She said connecting with other parents whose children attend military academies has been a very helpful part of the experience. Her other friends couldn’t quite understand what it was like to have a student enrolled in an academy. Parents can’t just show up and take their child out to dinner when a son or daughter is having a hard time, she explained. After graduation Ryan attended the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power School and served aboard the USS Buffalo submarine in Guam. He is now working toward his PhD in nuclear engineering at the University of Florida, Kelley said. Breezy Point native Patrick Dowdell, whose father Kevin was also killed on 9/11, was ac-

TJ STackpole cepted to West Point in the Spring of 2002. Ryan Kelley pointed out that the numbers of Rockaway youth attending military academies seems to be growing. “I think it’s kind of a testament to Rockaway and its patriotism,” he said.


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eorge G le c n U r u o g in h Wis ! A Happy Birthday

Love, Finnian & Tessarose

Got Two Million ? The Irish Circle was closed after it went bankrupt. The building is now for sale for $2 million. The sale price does not include the parking lot. Cheers!

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The Beef Chip with Team Cyclops

Beware The Assassin At The Bar Rockaway is known for trusting the people that serve them as well as trusting patrons around them. What they often don’t understand, and refuse to grasp is that the enemy is a lot closer to home then they can’t comprehend. Enter Pile Assassin. You’re all dressed up, smelling fresh, looking delish. You’re pocket swells from the trip you just made to the ATM. There are two things that are certain this night, you are going out and it’s going to be a sick night. Friends are texting you, “what’s the deal, where we hitting first?” Your Facebook status is on point with a casual Check In at your local watering hole, instantaneously garnering 30 likes from your endless friends. You meet your friends outside, exchange a few pleasantries, hugs and kisses are thrown at random. Bouncer checks your ID, you walk

in without a care in the world. Tonight is your night and no one is stopping you. Your crew waits patiently as the awkward silence of who is buying the first round fills the air. You ease your way through the crowd and gracefully withdrew a 50-spot from your now deflating wallet. It hits you, “this is not going to work,” you say to yourself. You politely suggest to your post- graduate struggling friends, “let’s make a pile!” While you collect the cash, the Assassin quietly basks in his glory, he didn’t suggest the “pile” but he knows he just hit the jackpot. You hand the bartender the sweaty wad and he places it under the Stoli O bottle. A firm handshake is suggested by the veteran bartender, a shop steward of the Local 11693 RBBTU, Rockaway Beach Bartenders Union. Your familiar face is recogniz-

able to him and he knows you do the right thing. He serves the first round for you and your three buddies, depleting your pile of the cost of the 3 drinks with 1 being an industry practiced “buy back.” You offer a nod of approval in appreciation for the gesture and make your way back to the enemy in wating. You know your friend, The Assassin. He is nothing if not clever. His Bud Light is at the midpoint of needing a refill and he just happens to bump into a grade school squeeze. Being the gentlemen he is, he quickly offers his lady friend a frozen drink and perhaps even offers a shot to go along with the frozen. On the way to the bar, he bumps into a high school buddy and suggests he join the two of them at the bar for the unlikely reunion. “Yo” he obnoxiously shouts from across the bar. The veteran barkeep is used to this, as the old school mentality has subsided in the Social Media Generation, he professionally acknowledges the raucous trio and begins to make his way to them. The Assassins face is not just recognizable, it’s widely known. “Yo, let me get a frozen, a Bud light, whatever he’s drinking, and three fireballs. And I’m under the Stoli O.” Meaning the pile of mon-

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ey is his to use. The drink order is of no shock to the veteran, The Assassin’s reputation precedes him. What you don’t know is that your friend, The Assassin, has just associated your name with his reputation. Your ceremonious buy-back is now relinquished as your friend has left the RBBTU no choice but to hammer your pile. Your $200 pile has just been hit for a $46 round. Bless your heart, you had no idea what you got yourself into. But the fault is yours for not knowing who you are keeping company with. You came out cash heavy and ready to spend but a realization sets in when the bartender tells you, “your pile is out of money pal.” As you gut wrenchingly pound your drink in hand, you wonder in amazement how four Coronas just cost you $50. You my friend, have been assassinated. Bottom line I need you to listen up, and listen up good, the sooner you know your clique’s assassin, the better off you are. We definitely know who they are and you should, too. They are a breed that needs to be shunned and excommunicated from society. They come in varying forms and are extremely dangerous when armed. Do not say we did not warn you. And for god sake, pay your own way.

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City Councilman Eric Ulrich had praise for the Build It Back Program. Mayor de Blasio looks on.

City Lauds Success of ‘Build it Back’ By Bianca Fortis

The city is on its way to meet-

ing the goals it set – 500 construction starts and 500 reimbursement checks issued by Labor Day – for

the Build it Back program, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Mayor stood with other elected officials on Thursday in front of the Canarsie home of Tonyelle Jobity, whose home was finally being renovated through the program, more than a year and a half after the storm hit. As of December 31, there had been no construction starts or reimbursement checks issued through Build it Back, the housing recovery program designed to get New York City residents back into their homes following Superstorm Sandy. Many Rockaway residents have grown impatient and have given up on the program altogether. But in April, City Comptroller Scott Stringer announced the creation of a Sandy Oversight Unit and an audit of the Build it Back program. At the same time, de Blasio announced he would overhaul the beleaguered program and appoint a new leadership team. The city then set its Labor Day goals. De Blasio said that since January 1 there have been 132 construction starts, 30 of which are complete. “So, not only are we seeing large numbers – and growing numbers – of construction starts, we finally have something in the year 2014 that we never saw in the year 2013 – completed homes, people whose lives are whole again

because the city of New York did the right thing and helped them out,” de Blasio said. According to the mayor, 397 reimbursement checks, totaling more than $6.37 million, have been issued. Critics say that number is not impressive. Fewer than 400 means the City is only averaging about 50 checks per month while thousands of people await. Amy Peterson, who was appointed the director of the Housing Recovery Office in April, said she has been visiting the communities throughout the city that were hit hardest by the storm. “This is a big ship – that’s what I like to say – that we’re really trying to turn, so that everyone can continue to move forward, but move in the direction that they want to move,” she said. “A lot of people were getting to the point where they were having an option offered to them, and they were frustrated with the choices that were being given to them.” Officials said the city has made changes including streamlining the pre-construction process and providing direct financial relief to homeowners. City Councilman Eric Ulrich seemed encouraged. “There is hope and there is help – and help has arrived in the form of Build it Back and the renewed vigor in the new administration into making this program work.”

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Congrats Kevin Boyle on your next successful endeavor !! Good luck and God Bless ! – Bob and Tracey Also, We Deliver (But it’s a long way to Rockaway)



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Licensed Sales Agents Susan Lavin Kate Patterson

P 718.945.2411



Extra Large 2 Bedroom & 1.5 bath, Bright and Airy, with Open Floor Plan with Large terrace with Ocean & Bay Views. Includes: New Appliances, Washer & Dryer, Indoor Deeded Parking Spot, Fitness Center, Concierge, Rooftop Deck and Pet Friendly Building. A must see.

Beautiful Block 4 Bed 2 Bath Ranch 60 x 100, front porch, Garage, long driveway. Asking $729K





BRICK TWO FAMILY IN THE HEART OF BELLE HARBOR 2 bedroom over 2 bedroom, eat-in-kitchen, living room, hardwood flooring, large unfinished basement with access door to back, carport & extra parking space, side yard.

$428K OCEAN GRANDE CONDO Sunny 2 bedroom, 2 bath, large open floor plan, large terrace, ocean views, parking, fitness room, doorman.



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Move right in to this one bedroom unit,totally renovated to perfection, granite, stainless appliances, five closets. Exceptional value! Let’s Make A Deal! $189K



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Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891 Asking $430K OCEAN FRONT COOP

LEGAL TWO FAMILY ROCKAWAY PARK Brick three bedroom, 2 bath, hardwood floors, terrace, with duplicate rental apartment. Large basement, garage and private parking.


ADORABLE CAPE - 3 bedrooms, huge master, living room and dining room combo, huge back deck, basement has been totally renovated, with den, and beautifully tiled bath, and tiled flooring, laundry area, and new heating system. Enjoy Waterviews & Magnificent Sunsets.

Geri Lipsman

Licensed R.E. Broker





Extra large studio with bedroom alcove, separate kitchen, new appliances, new bath, dressing area, pet friendly, low maint. $99K Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891

Renovated one bedroom, new kitchen & bath. Owner ready. $235K



TURN KEY, one bedroom, new appliances, spacious, 5 closets, VERY LOW MAINT. IMMACULATE, AFFORDABLE AND COMFORTABLE. Great views, skyline and Sunsets. $179K

Adorable 2 room, bright & airy, low maintenance. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891 $129K


Move right in, all you need is your toothbrush. This apartment features gorgeous kitchen & bathrooms, 2 large bedrooms, 1.5 bath, hardwood flooring throughout, HUGE terrace. Indoor Parking. Common charges cover water, heat, garbage removal, snow removal, general upkeep of building and landscaping. Truly a must see. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891 $299K BH OCEANFRONT COOP

2 bedroom coop has ocean views from every window and a lovely terrace to catch the ocean breeze and morning sunrise. Renovated kitchen and bath, good size living room and dining area. Hardwood floors. Laundry, storage and shower facilities. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891 $379K


B. B. B. B. B.

TWO BEDROOMS B. 129 - 2 Bedroom 2 Bath duplex, with deck, W/D, parking. Pay all utilities $1900 B. 127 - Beach block, walk in, new bath, use of back patio, W/D, 1 car park all year round, pay all util. $1800

NEW B. 120 - Beach Block, Extra large 2 1/2 bedroom apt with loft, dinning room, and lg terrace, parking, utilities inc. $2250 B. 118 - Great Size rooms....2 bed possible 3rd bed loft, includes ALL Utilities $2250 B. 118 - 1st Floor 2 bedroom apt, parking, pay gas & electric $1500 Arverne By The Sea - 2 BR, mint pay all utilities $1600 Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891 THREE BEDROOMS B. 125 - Totally renovated, large LR, 2 Bath, terrace, 2 car parking, W/D, pay all util. $2250 B. 125 - Spacious, 1.5 baths, terrace, large, LR, DR, parking, storage $1800 B. 122 - Beach Block, extra large 2.5 bedroom apt with loft, DR and large terrace, parking and util. included $2250

SUMMER RENTALS BELLE HARBOR: 2 bedroom, large terrace, parking, all util & cable , thru 10/1



B. B. B. B.

ONE BEDROOM 139 - Large living room, W/D, pay all util $1300 132 - Adorable, mint, parking, includes all util. $1200 124 - Spacious, dinette, parking, pet ok, pay G&E $1300 124 - New renovated, mint, open kitchen, ocean views, parking available, pay elec. $1500 123 - Has extra small room/office, use of yard, payy G&E, parking $1200 123 - Adorable Top floor, parking, pay electric $1300 123 - Gorgeous coop unit, parking extra, pay G&E $1350-1500 120 - Adorable, mint, parking, includes all util $1200 109 - Brand new Bungalow, pay all util. $1100


Melissa Carrington Carrington -- Lic. Lic. RE RE Agent Agent •• Ariana Ariana David David -- Lic. Lic. RE RE Agent Agent •• Colleen Colleen Brady Brady -- Lic. Lic. RE RE Agent Agent Melissa

rockaw rockaway properties rockaway prop rockaway properties rockaway properties

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Rockaway THURSDAY, The JULY 17, 2014 Times ay Times Times THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014 2014 ay THURSDAY, 17, Lisa PAGE Jackson -15 Lic.JULY Broker-Owner 4

THURSDAY, 17, 2014 LisaPAGE Jackson 15 - Lic.JULY Broker-Owner PAGE 15 15 LisaPAGE Jackson 15 - Lic. Broker-Owner PAGE Lisa Jackson Lic. Broker-Owner Barbara Ferguson Lic. Associate Broke Barbara Ferguson Lic. Associate Broker • Nia Casilla Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla Lic. Associate Broker Barbara Ferguson - Lic. Associate Broker BROOKLYN • Nia Casilla - Lic.-Associate Broker •G Barbara Ferguson - Lic. E Associate • NiaARGEST Casilla - Lic.NVENTORY Associate Broker •F - Lic. OCKAWAY Associate Broker ND MEMBER AVE HE OMES ROPERTIES N E AVEBroker HE ARGEST NVENTORY FGail Opromalla OMES N N OCKAWAY ND BROOKLYN ROPERTIES N VERY VERY RICE RICE ANGE ANGE MEMBER Barbara Ferguson Lic. Associate Broker • Nia Casilla Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla Lic. Associate Broker Melissa Carrington Lic. RE Melissa - Lic. •REColleen Agent Brady • Ariana David - Lic. RE Agent • Colleen Brady Lic. RE Agent Melissa Carrington Lic. RE Agent • Ariana David Lic. RE Agent • CA 3 YEAR MEMBER Melissa Carrington - Lic. RE Agent • Ariana DavidCarrington - Lic. RE Agent - Lic. RE Agent 3 YEAR MEMBER BROOKLYN MEMBER

rockaway properties rockaway properties away properties rockaway properties perties W H


I O H I R A P I E P R ! T L • • OCEANFRONT417 LAND , L- Lic. UXURY HStOMES , MDavid ULTI- Lic. FAMILY ROPERTIES ,C ONDO ’S, C129th O-OPS 3 YEAR MEMBER RE Agent ••Ariana RE Agent • Colleen 10am-6pm Brady - 417 Lic. REBeach Agent Beach 129th Beach (718) 634-3134 •P Mon-Sat St • (718)417 634-3134 • Mo 417 Beach 129th St • Melissa (718) Carrington 634-3134 •129th Mon-Sat 10am-6pm • 417 Beach • • • • • COMMERCIAL S PACES F OR S ALE A ND F OR R ENT OMMERCIAL PACES OR ALE ND OR ENT 129th St • (718) 634-3134 • Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Lisa Jackson - Lic. Broker-Owner ww WBarbara ITH ITH HONESTY ONESTY, INTEGRETY NTEGRETY AND ND TRUST RUST...OUR UR TEAM EAM OFF AGENTS GENTS GETS ETS THE HE JOB OB DONE ONE! Ferguson - Lic. Associate Broker • Nia Casilla - Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla - Lic. Associate Broker

Lisa Lisa Jackson - Lic. Broker-Owner Lisa Jackson Jackson -- Lic. Lic. Broker-Owner Broker-Owner Lisa Jackson Jackson -- Lic. Lic. Broker-Owner Broker-Owner Lisa BROOKLYN MEMBER Melissa Carrington Lic. RE Agent • Ariana David Lic. RE Agent • Colleen Brady Lic. RE Agent BELLE HARBOR LEGAL 2 OCEANFRONT LOT SOLID BRICK -- 60X100 BELLE HARBOR LEGAL 2 OCEANFRONT LOT SOLID BRICK 60X100 2ND FROM BEACH 2ND FROM BEACH 3 YEAR MEMBER Barbara Ferguson Lic. Associate Broker • Nia Casilla Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla Lic. Associate Broker oker • Nia Casilla Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla Lic. Associate Broker Barbara Ferguson Lic. Associate Broker • Nia Casilla Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla Lic. Associate Broker Barbara Ferguson Lic. Associate Broker • Nia Casilla Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla Barbara Ferguson Lic. Associate Broker • Nia Casilla Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla Lic. Associate Broker • Gail Opromalla - Lic. Associate BROOKLYN MEMBER BROOKLYN MEMBER N BROOKLYN MEMBER N BROOKLYN MEMBER MEMBER AVE RICE ARGEST E Broker AVE FHEBROOKLYN ARGEST F Completely OMES ROPERTIES N E VERY ANGE AVE ND HEBROOKLYN ARGEST FHEMagnifi OMES OCKAWAY MEMBER HE ARGEST NVENTORY OMES OCKAWAY ND ROPERTIES NLic.ERE VERY RICE ANGE revamped Imagine waking up cent Belle Completely revamped with with OCKAWAY Imagine waking up toto NVENTORY Magnifi cent Belle Harbor Harbor NVENTORY Live luxuriously ininN this Live luxuriously this NVENTORY Melissa Carrington Lic. RE Agent • Ariana David Agent • Colleen Brady Lic. RE Agent RE Agent •Brady Ariana David - Lic. RE Agent Colleen Brady -Melissa Lic. RE Agent Carrington - Lic. •• REColleen •(718) Ariana David - Lic. RE Agent • Colleen Brady - Lic. RE Agent Carrington Lic.•RE RE Agent Ariana David Lic. RE RE Agent Agent Colleen Brady Lic. RE Agent Agent Melissa -- Lic. Agent ••MEMBER Ariana David -- Lic. -- Lic. RE 33 YEAR MEMBER 3Agent YEAR MEMBER YEAR MEMBER YEAR MEMBER • Colleen -Melissa Lic. RECarrington Agent 33YEAR MEMBER 417 • Brady 634-3134 • Mon-Sat 10am-6pm 3 YEAR paved this ocean home 4+ heated paved driveway driveway this fabulous fabulous ocean view view home with with 4+ BR’s, BR’s, 55 immaculate Neponsit home immaculate Neponsit home Beach 129th St heated

I F I R IWE H APT P LR PT HLR I ! R AOND T L I W H OT H L I RI AO H P ! I IW E H O OCEANFRONT LAND LUXURY OLCEANFRONT LAND , LUXURY OMES ,I,M ULTI F’AMILY ROPERTIES , wellCONDO ,EUXURY CVERY O-OPS O CEANFRONT LANDI’N ,SL H OMES ,R MANGE ULTI PRO W417 E AND HBeach AVE T•129th HE INVENTORY OPMon-Sat FROPERTIES HHandand OMES NCreR OCKAWAY ND P ROPERTIES Pbaths, RICE !F,AMILY OCEANFRONT L , LUXURY HARGEST OMES ,M ULTI FAMILY ONDO S, C•OP -A OPS stairs no shoveling EVERY morning, fifireplace, gourmet stairs no shoveling reEVERY morning, well baths, replace, gourmet with views from with• ocean views from 417 Beach 129th St • 10am-6pm (718) 634-3134 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm 9th St • 10am-6pm (718) 634-3134 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm 417 Beach 129th St •ocean (718) 634-3134 • Mon-Sat 10am-6pm St (718) 634-3134 • Mon-Sat quired! This 5.5 this can quired! This 5BR, 5.5 bath bath this dream dream view can be be aa kitchen, Gunite Gunite in-ground in-ground almost almostEVERY EVERYroom. room. 4+ 4+BR’s BR’s OMMERCIA CALE OMMERCIAL Smuch PACES FOR F SAMILY ALE AND Freality! OR Rview ENT COMMERCIALkitchen, S PACES FOR C SALE AND COMMERCIAL Sand PACES F OR S AND Fhas OR R5BR, ENT O CEANFRONT M ULTI P ROPERTIES to, Truly Jacuzzi has soso much to offer. offer. Truly reality! Just Just give give us us aa,call. call.CONDO’S, CO-OPS Jacuzzi and and cabana. cabana. and3.5 3.5baths bathsLAND, LUXURY HOMES om see! $1,500,000 a must see! $1,600,000 $1,600,000 $1,500,000 $1,350,000 $2,799,000 ONESTY , IUR NTEGRETY ONESTY , UR IC NTEGRETY TPACES RUST UR EAM O FONE AF GENTS ETS HE JOB W DAITH ONE !T$1,350,000 W ITH ONESTY , IT NTEGRETY ND H RUST ...O TEAM OAF NA ITH HONESTY, INTEGRETYW AITH ND H T$2,799,000 RUST ...O TEAM OA F ND AaGENTS G...O ETS THE JOBA DND !H OMMERCIAL Smust FOR STALE OR RGENT


BELLE HARBOR LEGAL 2 OCEANFRONT LOT SOLID BRICK 60X100 2NDHARBOR FROM BEACH 2NDHARBOR FROM BEACH LEGAL 2ND FROM BELLE HARBOR 76X100 NEPONSIT 80X100 BEACH BLOCK SOLID BRICK TUTOR BELLE HARBOR NEPONSIT 80X100 BEACH BLOCK SOLID BRICK TUTOR2 BELLE LEGAL 2 OCEANFRONT BRICK - BEACH 60X100 FROM BEACH W ITH ONESTY ,76X100 Iwith!NTEGRETY ND T RUST ...O OPPND FRICE ASOLID GENTS Gto2!2!ETS JOB DBELLE ONE !Belle-bath AVE TH L ARGEST INVENTORY F H OMES IupLOT N OCKAWAY P ROPERTIES IN TEHE VERY PRICE ANGE ! OND HP2ND OMES IN RIOCKAWAY AO ND PImmense ROPERTIES IN EVERYAA P RICE Rrenovated ANGE ! RUR HE Lluxuriously ARGEST NVENTORY O FHE H OMES N R OCKAWAY AO ND P ROPERTIES EEAM VERYA RICE R ANGE TTFHE L ARGEST FRICE H OMES R OCKAWAY ND P ROPERTIES IINNTE VERY R ANGE ROPERTIES IW N EEH VERY P R ANGE Completely revamped with Imagine upthis Magnifi cent Live R luxuriously inHarbor this Live luxuriously inIIN this Completely revamped with Live luxuriously brick Newly on This Beach Block 4BR Spacious 4BR,3 home Immense brick colonial colonial Newly renovated onto This Beach Blockin 4BR Spacious 4BR,3 bath home Completely revamped Imagine waking Magnifi centwaking Belle Harbor Live in this INVENTORY O CEANFRONT L AND , L UXURY H OMES , M ULTI F AMILY P ROPERTIES , C ONDO ’ S , C O OPS heated paved this fabulous ocean view home 4+ BR’s,home 5 Neponsit immaculate Neponsit home heated paved driveway immaculate Neponsit home with ofof the most home has aalarge wrap has slate roofi ng,attached with 8BR’s,5+baths, 8BR’s,5+baths, onefabulous the most bath home has large wrap has slatewith roofi ng,attached heated paved driveway ocean viewULTI FAMILY PROPERTIES home with 4+ BR’s, 5 ONDO’S, CO-OPSimmaculate immaculate Neponsit CEANFRONT LAND ,AMILY Handthisone OMES ,driveway M , from C Y CEANFRONT H OMES , Mhome FAMILY ROPERTIES Cre-ULTI ONDO SL , UXURY COP -OPS CEANFRONT LAND AND UXURY H OMES ,,M M ULTI P ROPERTIES ,pristine CONDO ONDO’’SS,, C COO--OPS OPSbath O O L ,’,SLL H OMES ,LR,FDR, FF’AMILY ROPERTIES ,pristine C ROPERTIES CULTI ONDO , UXURY COP-O OPS stairsmorning, no shoveling EVERY morning, well baths, fireplace, gourmet with ocean from ocean views from and stairs no views shoveling withfiocean viewsgourmet enormous LR,FDR, blocks,4BR,2.5bath, around deck,spacious LR/ garage,large bsmt and enormous blocks,4BR,2.5bath, around deck,spacious LR/ garage,large bsmt andreandwith stairs no shoveling EVERY well rebaths, replace, with ocean views,from S PACES F AND NDFF R ENT quired! This view 5BR,up 5.5attic bath this dream view can a kitchen, Gunite in-ground almost room. 4+bath BR’s almost EVERY room.5.5 4+bath BR’s COMMERCIAL quired! This 5BR, 5.5 almost room. 4+beBR’s fifireplace,granite kitchen, fifiS replace,walk DR and plenty ofofin-ground windows comfy front porch. Desirable replace,granite kitchen, replace,walk up attic DROR andEVERY plenty windows comfyEVERY front porch. Desirable This 5BR, this dream can be kitchen, Gunite room. 4+ BR’s C OMMERCIAL PACES FaOR OR S SALE ALE A OR R ENT CIAL SEVERY PACES ALE A ND Fquired! OR R ENT C OMMERCIAL S PACES F OR S S ALE A A ND F F OR R ENT C OMMERCIAL S PACES F OR ALE ND OR R ENT D Falmost OR R ENT FOR S has so much to offer. Truly reality! Just give us a call. Jacuzzi and cabana. and 3.5 baths and 3.5 baths has so much to offer. Truly and 3.5 baths home offi ce has separate and a 2 car garage. and natural light. Private corner lot in Belle Harbor. home offi ce has separate and a 2 car garage. and natural light. Private corner lot in Belle Harbor. has so much to offer. Truly reality! Just give us a call. Jacuzzi and cabana. and 3.5 baths W ITH ,...O NTEGRETY RUST UR T EAM O GENTS ETS THE JOB Da ONE !$1,600,000 aGENTS must see! $1,600,000 $1,350,000 must see! $2,799,000 entrance. $1,299,000 $1,100,000 Parking. $866,000 $799,000 entrance. $1,299,000 $1,100,000 $866,000 $799,000 W ith h onesty iIntegrity AA nd tAT rust ......O o ur oO f A gents g ets he ob one aGENTS must see! $1,600,000 $1,500,000 $1,350,000 W ITH H ONESTY , UR IUR NTEGRETY A ND RUST ...O UR TeAm EAM AA GENTS GG ETS TtHE JJOB DdONE ! !$2,799,000 AFITH ND T RUST ...O TEAM O F AONESTY G ETS THE JOB !T W ITH H$2,799,000 ONESTY NTEGRETY AH ND RUST ...O EAM ODND GENTS G ETS HE OB DFFONE ONE !$1,500,000 W H ONESTY ,, UR IINTEGRETY A ND T!T$2,799,000 RUST TTEAM O FFONE A G ETS TTtHE JJOB D !Parking. AGENTS G ETS THE JOB D ONE BELLE HARBOR LEGAL 2ND FROMBEACH BEACH 2ND FROM OCEANFRONT LOT 2 BELLE HARBOR 76X100 Completely revamped with Liveluxuriously luxuriously this Live ininupthis Imagine waking to Immense brick colonial heated paved driveway immaculate Neponsit home immaculate Neponsit home this ocean view withfabulous 8BR’s,5+baths, andwith stairs no shoveling with ocean views from ocean views from EVERY morning, wellreenormous LR,FDR, quired! This 5BR, almost EVERY room.5.5 4+bath BR’s almost EVERY room. 4+ dream view can beBR’s a fithis replace,granite kitchen, has so much tohas offer. and 3.5 baths and baths reality! Just give us aTruly call. home offi ce3.5 separate a entrance. must$2,799,000 see!$1,299,000 $1,600,000 $2,799,000 $1,500,000

2ND FROM OCEANFRONT LOT 22 BEACH BLOCK 80X100 HARBOR LEGAL BELLE LEGAL 2NDHARBOR FROM BEACH BELLE 76X100 BEACH BLOCK 80X100 HARBOR SOLID BRICK -BEACH 60X100 NEPONSIT 80X100 Live luxuriously ininup this Imagine waking to Completely revamped with Live luxuriously this Immense brick colonial AA steal of aa Deal! Completely revamped with steal ofBelle Deal! Magnifi cent Harbor Newly renovated on immaculate Neponsit home this fabulous ocean Create the home ofofview your heated paved driveway heated paved immaculate Neponsit home with 8BR’s,5+baths, Create the home your home with 4+driveway BR’s, 5 one of the most pristine with ocean views from EVERY well and stairs no shoveling rewith ocean views from enormous LR,FDR, dreams subdivide for aa and stairs no shoveling dreams subdivide forrebaths, fiorormorning, replace, gourmet blocks,4BR,2.5bath, almost EVERY room. 4+ BR’s this dream view can be aSo quired! This 5BR, 5.5 bath almost EVERY room. 4+ BR’s fino kitchen, no brainer investment. So quired! This 5BR, 5.5 bath brainer investment. kitchen, Gunite in-ground fireplace,granite replace,walk up attic and 3.5 reality! Just give us aTruly call. has so tobaths offer. Truly and 3.5 baths home offi separate many possibilities. has so much tohas offer. many possibilities. Jacuzzi and cabana. and amuch 2ce car garage. $2,799,000 $1,500,000 must$1,100,000 see! $1,600,000 $2,799,000 $1,299,000 $799,000 aaentrance. must see! $1,600,000 $799,000 $1,350,000

BELLE HARBOR LEGAL SOLID BRICK - 60X100 MOTHER DAUGHTER BELLE HARBOR LEGAL OCEANFRONT LOT 22 OCEANFRONT LOT NEPONSIT 80X100 MOTHER DAUGHTER BEACH BLOCK Completely revamped with Magnifi cent Belle Harbor Completely revamped with Imagine waking upon Newly renovated Immaculate legal 22to Imagine waking up Immaculate legal This Beach Block 4BR 2to heated paved driveway home with 4+ BR’s, 5 inin family on ahas 50X100 lot heated paved driveway this fabulous view this fabulous ocean view one of the pristine family on a most 50X100 lot bath home aocean large wrap and stairs no rebaths, fideck,spacious replace, and stairs no shoveling shoveling reEVERY morning, blocks,4BR,2.5bath, Belle Harbor. 5BR, 3well bath EVERY morning, Belle Harbor. 5BR,gourmet 3well bath around LR/ quired! This 5BR, 5.5 bath kitchen, Gunite quired! This 5BR, 5.5 bath this dream view can be fihome,large replace,walk up attic home,large back deck. this dream view can be aa back deck. DR and plenty ofin-ground windows has so much to offer. Jacuzzi cabana. has sonatural much to offer. Truly reality! Just give call. and amother 2 and car garage. Great mother daughter! reality! Just give usus aaTruly call. Great daughter! and light. Private aa must see! $1,600,000 $1,350,000 must see! $1,600,000 $1,500,000 $1,100,000 $785,000 $1,500,000 $785,000 Parking. $866,000

OCEANFRONT LOT WATERFRONT OCEANFRONT LOT SOLID BRICK 60X100 SOLID BRICK --TUTOR 60X100 BEACH BLOCK WATERFRONT BELLE HARBOR 76X100 SOLID BRICK Imagine waking up Imagine waking up Magnifi cent Belle Harbor This Beach Block 4BR One ofof the largest lots Magnifi cent Belle Harbor One the largest lotstoto2inin Immense brick colonial Spacious 4BR,3 bath home this fabulous ocean view Broad Channel(55’x246’) this fabulous view home with 4+ BR’s, home with BR’s, 55 bath home has4+ aocean large wrap Broad Channel(55’x246’) with 8BR’s,5+baths, has slate roofi ng,attached EVERY morning, well EVERY morning, well baths, replace, gourmet around LR/ Open layout,wood burning baths, fifideck,spacious replace, gourmet Open layout,wood burning enormous LR,FDR, garage,large bsmt and this dream view can be this dream view can be aa Gunite in-ground DR and plenty ofin-ground windows stove,Anderson windows, kitchen, Gunite stove,Anderson windows, fikitchen, replace,granite kitchen, comfy front porch. Desirable reality! Just give us aa call. reality! Just give us call. Jacuzzi and cabana. and natural light. Private skylights and fully decked Jacuzzi and cabana. skylights and fully decked home offi ce has separate corner lot in Belle Harbor. $1,500,000 $1,500,000 $1,350,000 Parking. $866,000 out! $769,000 $1,350,000 out! $769,000 entrance. $1,299,000 $799,000

SOLID BRICK -- PARK 60X100 ROCKAWAY SOLID BRICK 60X100 BELLE HARBOR 76X100 SOLID BRICK TUTOR ROCKAWAY PARK NEPONSIT 80X100 Magnifi cent Belle Harbor brick Magnifi cent Belle Harbor Immense brick colonial Spacious 4BR,3 bath home Two family home Two family home on Newly renovated on on home with 4+ BR’s, 55 large lot! This home with 4+ BR’s,3BR with 8BR’s,5+baths, has slate roofi ng,attached large corner lot! This 3BR one ofcorner the most pristine fihome replace, gourmet baths, fihome replace, gourmet enormous LR,FDR, garage,large bsmt 22baths, Bath has EIK with Bath has EIKand with blocks,4BR,2.5bath, kitchen, Gunite kitchen, Gunite in-ground figranite kitchen, comfy front counters,FDR,LR, granite counters,FDR,LR, fireplace,granite replace,walk upDesirable attic Jacuzzi cabana. Jacuzzi and cabana. home offi has separate Harbor. 1corner garage and zoned 1 car car garage and zoned and alot2ceinand carBelle garage. $1,350,000 $1,350,000 entrance. $1,299,000 $799,000 for $750,000 for PS114. PS114. $750,000 $1,100,000

NEPONSIT 80X100 BELLE HARBOR 76X100 BELLE HARBOR 76X100 BEACH BLOCK 80X100 BEACH BLOCK Newly renovated on 2 Immense colonial Immense brick colonial A steal ofbrick a Deal! This Beach Block 4BR onewith of the mosta large pristine with 8BR’s,5+baths, 8BR’s,5+baths, Create home of your bath home has wrap blocks,4BR,2.5bath, enormous LR,FDR, enormous LR,FDR, dreams ordeck,spacious subdivide for around LR/a replace,walk atticSo replace,granite kitchen, fifiDR replace,granite no brainer investment. and plenty ofupkitchen, windows and aoffi 2possibilities. carhas garage. home has separate home offi cece separate many and natural light. Private $1,100,000 entrance. $1,299,000 entrance. $1,299,000 $799,000 Parking. $866,000

BELLE HARBOR 76X100 BEACH BLOCK 80X100 OCEAN VIEWS OCEAN VIEWS BEACH BLOCK BELLE HARBOR 76X100 NEPONSIT 80X100 NEPONSIT 80X100 MOTHER DAUGHTER SOLID BRICK TUTOR Immense brick colonial AHarbor stealrenovated of alegal Deal! Belle Legal 22on famBelle Harbor Legal famThis Beach Block 4BR 2 Immense brick colonial Newly renovated Newly Immaculate 2on Spacious 4BR,3 bath home with 8BR’s,5+baths, Create home of lot your ily, white ily, white oak floors,glass oors,glass bath home has aflng,attached large wrap with 8BR’s,5+baths, one ofonthe the most pristine one of most pristine family aoak 50X100 in has slate roofi enormous LR,FDR, dreams or subdivide for tile bath and granite tile bath and granite around deck,spacious LR/a enormous LR,FDR, blocks,4BR,2.5bath, blocks,4BR,2.5bath, Belle Harbor. 5BR, 3 and bath garage,large bsmt fiDR kitchen, no brainer investment. kitchen. Best family kitchen. Best family andfront plenty of22up windows fihome,large kitchen, fireplace,granite replace,walk up atticSo fireplace,granite replace,walk attic back deck. comfy porch. Desirable home on the market! Was offi has separate many possibilities. and natural light. Private home offi cecar has separate and 2ce garage. home on market! Was and aalot2the garage. Great mother daughter! corner incar Belle Harbor. entrance. $1,299,000 $799,000 825,000 now $749,000 825,000 now $749,000 Parking. $866,000 entrance. $1,299,000 $1,100,000 $1,100,000 $785,000 $799,000

NEPONSIT 80X100 MOTHER DAUGHTER WATER VIEWS WATER VIEWS SOLID BRICK TUTOR NEPONSIT 80X100 BEACH BLOCK TUDOR BEACH BLOCK WATERFRONT Beautiful Newly renovated on Immaculate legal 2Belle 4BR,3 Bath 4BR,3 Bath Belle Spacious 4BR,3 bath home Newly renovated on This Beach Block 4BR Beautiful This Block 4BR 22in One ofBeach the largest lots one of the most pristine family on ahas 50X100 lot in Harbor home with custom Harbor home with custom has slate roofi ng,attached onehome ofChannel(55’x246’) the most pristine bath home has large wrap bath aalarge wrap Broad blocks,4BR,2.5bath, Belle Harbor. 5BR, 3glass bath mill work,stained mill work,stained glass garage,large bsmtburning and blocks,4BR,2.5bath, around deck,spacious LR/ around deck,spacious LR/ Open layout,wood fifireplace,walk up attic home,large back deck. windows,FLR,fi replace,2 windows,FLR,fi replace,2 comfy front porch. Desirable replace,walk up attic DR and plenty windows DR and plenty ofof windows stove,Anderson windows, car garage, pvt. parking. and alot garage. Great mother daughter! corner Belle Harbor. and a 2and 2incar car garage. and natural light. Private car garage, pvt. parking. and natural light. Private skylights fully decked $1,100,000 $785,000 $749,000 $749,000 $799,000 $1,100,000 Parking. $866,000 Parking. $866,000 out! $769,000

BEACH BLOCK WATERFRONT BELLE HARBOR BELLE HARBOR BEACH BLOCK SOLID BRICK TUTOR BEACH BLOCK 80X100 SOLID BRICK TUTOR ROCKAWAY PARK This Block 4BR 22on One the lots in Brick legal 2of family used Brick legal 2largest family used This Beach Block 4BR Spacious 4BR,3 bath home AofBeach steal abath Deal! Spacious 4BR,3 home Two family brick home bath home has aawith large wrap Broad Channel(55’x246’) as aa1,1, 45x100 as 45x100 with private bath home has large wrap has slate roofi ng,attached Create theroofi home ofprivate your has slate ng,attached large corner lot! This 3BR around deck,spacious LR/ layout,wood burning drive and garage. Open drive and garage. Open around deck,spacious LR/a garage,large bsmt and dreams or subdivide for garage,large bsmt and 2Open Bath home has EIK with DR and plenty ofofwindows, windows stove,Anderson flcomfy oor plan, aporch. sleek kitchen flDR oor plan, ainvestment. sleek kitchenSo and plenty windows front porch. Desirable no brainer comfy front Desirable granite counters,FDR,LR, with granite breakfast bar. and natural light. Private skylights fully decked and natural light. Private corner Belle Harbor. possibilities. with granite bar. lotlotand ininbreakfast Belle 1corner carmany garage andHarbor. zoned Parking. $866,000 out! $769,000 $745,000 $745,000 Parking. $866,000 $799,000 $799,000 for PS114. $750,000

BEACH BLOCK 80X100 SOLID BRICK TUTOR ROCKAWAY PARK BELLE HARBOR LEGAL BELLE HARBOR LEGAL 22 SOLID BRICK TUTOR MOTHER DAUGHTER Afamily steal of3BR,2 abath Deal! Spacious 4BR,3 home Two brick home Gorgeous bath, Gorgeous 3BR,2 bath, Spacious 4BR,3 bath home Immaculate legal 2 on Create theroofi ofbrand your has slate ng,attached large corner lot! This 3BRin full with full renovated with brand hasrenovated slate roofi ng,attached family on a home 50X100 lot or subdivide for garage,large bsmt 2dreams Bath home has EIK3and witha new granite kitchen, new granite kitchen, garage,large bsmt and Belle Harbor. 5BR, bath no brainer investment. comfy front porch. Desirable granite counters,FDR,LR, garage, and 22back BR for garage, and BR rental rental for comfy front porch. Desirable home,large deck.So guaranteed income. many corner lot inin Belle Harbor. 1Great garage and zoned corner lotpossibilities. Belle Harbor. mother daughter! aacar guaranteed income. $799,000 for PS114. $750,000 $700,000 $700,000 $799,000 $785,000

MOTHER DAUGHTER BEACH BLOCK 80X100 BEACH BLOCK 80X100 OCEAN VIEWS WATERFRONT Immaculate 2fam-in steal Deal! AAHarbor steal aalegal Deal! Belle Legal 2lots One of theofof largest family onChannel(55’x246’) a home 50X100 in Create the home your Create the ofoflot your ily, white oak floors,glass Broad Belle 5BR, 3burning bath dreams subdivide foraa dreams ororsubdivide for tileHarbor. bath and granite Open layout,wood home,large back deck.SoSo no brainerBest investment. no brainer investment. kitchen. 2 windows, family stove,Anderson Great mother daughter! many possibilities. many possibilities. home on the market! Was skylights and fully decked $785,000 $799,000 $799,000 825,000 now $749,000 out! $769,000

BEACH BLOCK 80X100 MOTHER DAUGHTER OCEAN VIEWS WATER VIEWS ONE BLOCK TO BEACH ONE BLOCK TOPARK BEACH WATERFRONT ROCKAWAY BEACH BLOCK 80X100 MOTHER DAUGHTER MOTHER DAUGHTER WATERFRONT IMMACULATE! IMMACULATE! MOTHER DAUGHTER WATERFRONT WATER VIEWS BELLE HARBOR ROCKAWAY PARK AAfamily steal of alovely, Deal! Immaculate legal 2Belle Belle Harbor 2lots Beautiful 4BR,3 Bath Large 2400 sq. ft. Large 2400 sq. ft. Spacious and this One of the largest inon 130th OPEN HOUSE - FIRST Two family brick home 541 Beach SHOWING! steal ofLegal alovely, Deal! Immaculate legal 2 on Immaculate legal 2this One the largest lots Spacious and Immaculate legal 2famOne ofof the lots inin Beautiful 4BR,3 Bath Belle Brick legal 2largest family used Two brick home Create the home ofof your family on aaSS50X100 lot ily, white floors,glass Harbor home with custom Rockaway Park home Park home Broad Channel(55’x246’) large lot! This 3BRinin Create theaoak home your family on 50X100 lot and kitchen, appliances, Broad Channel(55’x246’) family on aImmaculate 50X100 lot Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath family on 50X100 lot inin cozy 4BR home with 2.5 baths, updated Broad Channel(55’x246’) as aRockaway 1,corner 45x100 with private Harbor home with custom large corner lot! This 3BR dreams or subdivide for Belle Harbor. 5BR, 3glass bath mill work,stained tileHarbor. bath and granite with 4BR,3 baths, with 4BR,3 baths, home has gleaming HW Open layout,wood burning Bath home has EIK with orHW subdivide for Belle Harbor. 5BR, 3burning bath floors, living fin. basement. Gorgeous Belle Harbor. 5BR, 3bath bath Open layout,wood home has gleaming HW layout,wood burning Belle 5BR, 3glass mill work,stained drive and garage. Open 2dreams Bath home has EIK withaa room with wood burning fireplace and2Open grounds with outdoor aparking long private driveway. home,large back deck. no brainer investment. So windows,FLR,fi replace,2 kitchen. Best 2windows, family six and parking for six and stove,Anderson counters,FDR,LR, home,large back deck. no brainer investment. So shower, front porch, back patio andflgranite back deck. stove,Anderson windows, flhome,large new roof, floors,brand oors,brand new roof, home,large back deck. stove,Anderson windows, windows,FLR,fi replace,2 oor plan, afor sleek kitchen granite counters,FDR,LR, $699,000 many possibilities. Great mother daughter! home on the market! Was car garage, pvt. parking. garage on aafully 60x100. garage on 60x100. heating system and boiler. skylights and fully decked 1skylights car garage and zoned many possibilities. Great mother daughter! Great mother daughter! and fully decked heating system and boiler. Great mother daughter! skylights and decked car garage, pvt. parking. with granite breakfast bar. 1 car garage and zoned $799,000 $785,000 825,000 now $749,000 $749,000 $599,000 $599,000 $769,000 for PS114. $750,000 $799,000 $785,000 out! $769,000 $785,000 $629,000 $629,000 $785,000 out! $769,000 $749,000 $745,000 forout! PS114. $750,000

BRAND NEW WATERFRONT BELLE HARBOR MOTIVATED SELLER MOTIVATED SELLER WATERFRONT ROCKAWAY PARK 2 OCEAN VIEWS ROCKAWAY PARK BELLE HARBOR LEGAL EXCLUSIVE One of the largest lots inon Brick legal 2 family used Neponsit block with high Neponsit block with high One of thebrick largest in Two family brick home Belle Harbor Legal 2lots famTwo family home on Gorgeous 3BR,2 bath, One of the largest properties Broad Channel(55’x246’) aslarge aceilings,enclosed 1, 45x100 private ceilings,enclosed front front Broad Channel(55’x246’) large corner lot! This 3BR ily, white oak flwith oors,glass corner lot! This 3BR full renovated with brand in Bayswater -has 5BR, 3 with bath, Open layout,wood burning and garage. Open porch,nice yard and porch,nice yard and layout,wood burning 2drive Bath home has EIK with tile bath and granite 2Open Bath home EIK new granite kitchen, LR with fireplace, 2 carfor flstove,Anderson oor plan, a2sleek kitchen private parking. Perfect private parking. Perfect stove,Anderson windows, granite counters,FDR,LR, kitchen. Best family granite counters,FDR,LR, garage, and BR2windows, rental garage and much more. skylights and fully decked with granite breakfast bar. empty nesters oror aa empty nesters skylights andso fully decked car garage and zoned home on the market! Was 11for car garage and zoned afor guaranteed income. out! $769,000 $745,000 new family. $599,000 new family. $599,000 out! $769,000 forPS114. PS114. $750,000 $879,000 825,000 now $749,000 for $750,000 $700,000

BRAND NEW OCEAN VIEWS ROCKAWAY PARK BELLE HARBOR LEGAL ALL MINTED OUT! ALL MINTED OUT! 2 ROCKAWAY PARK WATER EXCLUSIVE Belle Harbor Legal 2 famTwo family brick home on Gorgeous 3BR,2 bath, Completely renovated Completely renovated Two family brickBath home on Beautiful 4BR,3 Belle Brick 4BR, 2.5 baths, ily, white oaktoto flbottom. oors,glass large corner lot! This 3BR full renovated with brand from top from top bottom. large corner lot! This 3BR Harbor home with custom FDR, den, EIK, front tile bath and granite 22FLR, Bath home has EIK with new granite 33 BR, 22 bath home. BR, bath home. Bath home haskitchen, EIK with mill work,stained glass porch,and back patio andfor kitchen. Best 2replace,2 family granite counters,FDR,LR, garage, 2 BR rental Granite kitchen,radiant Granite kitchen,radiant granite counters,FDR,LR, windows,FLR,fi HUGE backyard! home on theterrace,paved market! Was 1heat,C/A, garage and zoned guaranteed income. heat,C/A, terrace,paved 1acar car garage and zoned car garage, pvt. parking. 825,000 now$750,000 $749,000 for $829,000 $700,000 parking pad. $569,000 parking pad. $569,000 for PS114. PS114. $750,000 $749,000

WATER VIEWS OCEANHARBOR VIEWS OCEAN VIEWS BELLE IMMACULATE! Beautiful 4BR,3 Bath22used Belle Belle Harbor Legal famBelle famBrickHarbor legal family Spacious and2Legal lovely, this Harbor home custom ily,awhite white oakwith oors,glass ily, oak flflwith oors,glass as 1, 45x100 private Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath mill glass tilework,stained bath andgranite granite tile bath and drive and gleaming garage. Open home has HW windows,FLR,fi replace,2 kitchen. Best family 22family flflkitchen. oor plan,Best a sleek kitchen oors,brand new roof, car parking. home onsystem thepvt. market! Was home on the market! Was withgarage, granite breakfast bar. heating and boiler. $749,000 825,000 now$749,000 $749,000 825,000 now $745,000 $629,000

OCEAN VIEWS MOVE RIGHT IN MOVE RIGHT IN 2 BELLE HARBOR OCEAN VIEWS WATER IMMACULATE! WATER VIEWS ONE BLOCK TO BEACH BELLE HARBOR LEGAL Belle Harbor Legal 2ft. famBeautiful BR,2 bath Beautiful BR,2 Brick legal 2333BR,2 family used Belle Harbor Legal 2bath famBeautiful 4BR,3 Bath Belle Spacious and lovely, this Beautiful 4BR,3 Bath Belle Large 2400 sq. Gorgeous bath, home with wood burning ily, white oak flwith oors,glass home with wood burning as a 1, 45x100 private ily, white oak flwith oors,glass Harbor home custom Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath Harbor home with custom Rockaway Park home full renovated brand tile bath granite stove, HW fland oors,granite stove, HW fland oors,granite drive and garage. Open tile bath granite mill work,stained glass home has gleaming HW mill work,stained glass with 4BR,3 baths, new granite kitchen, kitchen &SS appliances, Best 22replace,2 family kitchen &SS appliances, flwindows,FLR,fi oor plan, aBest kitchen kitchen. family windows,FLR,fi flkitchen. oors,brand new roof, for replace,2 parking for six and garage, and 2sleek BR rental home on the market! Was updated baths and full updated baths and full with granite breakfast bar. home onsystem the market! Was car garage, parking. heating and boiler. car pvt. parking. garage on apvt. 60x100. agarage, guaranteed income. basement. 825,000 now $749,000 basement. $549,000 $745,000 825,000 now$549,000 $749,000 $749,000 $629,000 $749,000 $599,000 $700,000

SIMPLY ADORABLE ONE BLOCK TOSELLER BEACH2 WATER VIEWS BELLE HARBOR LEGAL WATER VIEWS BELLE HARBOR SIMPLY ADORABLE BELLE HARBOR MOTIVATED Large 2400 sq. ft. Beautiful 4BR,3 Bath Belle This charming immaculate This charming immaculate Gorgeous bath, Beautiful 4BR,3 Bath Belle Brick legal 2family family used Brick legal 23BR,2 used Neponsit block with high Belle home has Rockaway Harbor home with custom Belle Harbor home has 33 full renovated brand Harbor homePark with custom as 1,Harbor 45x100 withhome private as aa1, 45x100 with private ceilings,enclosed front with 4BR,3 baths, mill work,stained glass large BR’s, 22garage. baths, fantaslarge BR’s, baths, fantasnew granite kitchen, mill work,stained glass drive and garage. Open drive and Open porch,nice yard and tic porch,formal living parking and replace,2 ticflwindows,FLR,fi front porch,formal living garage, and BRsix rental for windows,FLR,fi replace,2 flfront oor plan, a2sleek sleek kitchen oor plan, afor kitchen private parking. Perfect garage on a 60x100. car garage, pvt. parking. and dining room. and dining room. afor guaranteed income. car garage, pvt. parking. with granite breakfast bar. with granite breakfast empty nesters orbar. a $499,000 $599,000 $749,000 $499,000 $700,000 $749,000 $745,000 $745,000 new family. $599,000

BELLE HARBOR LEGAL MOTIVATED SELLER BELLE HARBOR BELLE HARBOR LEGAL222 BELLE HARBOR BELLE HARBOR LEGAL IMMACULATE! ALL MINTED OUT! Neponsit withbath, high Brick legal 223BR,2 family used Affordable, family home Affordable, family home Brick legalblock used Gorgeous 3BR,2 bath, Gorgeous Spacious and lovely, this Completely renovated with 4BR’s,2 ceilings,enclosed asas aafrom 1, 45x100 with private with 4BR’s,2 bathrooms 1,renovated 45x100 private full withfront brand full renovated with brand Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath top to bathrooms bottom. yard and drive garage. Open enclosed porch,lg enclosed front porch,lg drive and garage. Open new granite kitchen, new granite kitchen, home has gleaming HW 3porch,nice BR,and 2 front bath home. terrace and backyard. private parking. Perfect flflGranite oor plan, aa2nice kitchen terrace and nice backyard. plan, sleek kitchen garage, 2sleek BR rental for garage, and BR rental floor oors,brand new roof,for kitchen,radiant for empty nesters or a with granite breakfast bar. Close to all! Close to all! with granite breakfast bar. a guaranteed income. a guaranteed income. heating system and boiler. heat,C/A, terrace,paved $450,000 $699,000 new family. $745,000 $450,000 $745,000 $700,000 $700,000 $629,000 parking pad. $599,000 $569,000

ALL MINTED OUT! BELLE HARBOR LEGAL BELLE HARBOR LEGAL ONE BLOCK TOPARK BEACH22 IMMACULATE! ROCKAWAY ROCKAWAY PARK Completely renovated Gorgeous 3BR,2 Gorgeous 3BR,2 bath, LargeSTEAL! 2400 sq.bath, ft.this Spacious and lovely, STEAL! from top toPark bottom. full renovated with brand full renovated withlovely brand Rockaway home Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath Personalize this Personalize this lovely 3with BR,granite 2home bath home.HW new kitchen, new granite kitchen, 4BR,3 baths, has gleaming 11home family home located on family located on kitchen,radiant garage, and 22 BR rental garage, and BR rental for parking for and flgreat oors,brand new roof, aaGranite block in 114 great block insixthe the 114for heat,C/A, agarage income. a guaranteed guaranteed income. onterrace,paved a3BR, 60x100. heating system and school district. 22boiler. bath. school district. 3BR, bath. parking$399,000 pad. $569,000 $700,000 $700,000 $599,000 $629,000 $399,000

ONE BLOCK TOSELLER BEACH IMMACULATE! MOVE RIGHT IN IMMACULATE! MOTIVATED Large 2400 sq. ft.high Spacious and lovely, this Beautiful 3 BR,2 Spacious and lovely, this Neponsit block withbath Rockaway Park burning home Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath home with wood Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath ceilings,enclosed front withHW 4BR,3 baths,and home has gleaming HW stove, flgleaming oors,granite home has HW porch,nice yard forappliances, six oors,brand newand roof, kitchen &SS flflparking oors,brand new roof, private parking. Perfect garage onbaths anesters 60x100. heating system andboiler. boiler. updated fulla heating system and for empty or $599,000 $629,000 basement. $549,000 $629,000 new family. $599,000

MOVE RIGHT IN HEART OF SURF TOWN HEART OFADORABLE SURF TOWN MOTIVATED SELLER ONE BLOCK TO BEACH IMMACULATE! ONE BLOCK TO BEACH IMMACULATE! SIMPLY ALL MINTED OUT! Beautiful 3 immaculate BR,2 bath Old world charm issq. Old world2400 charm iswaiting waiting Neponsit block with high Large 2400 Spacious and lovely, this Large sq. ft.ft. Spacious and lovely, this This charming Completely renovated home with wood for you tototop restore totoburning its for you restore its origiceilings,enclosed front Rockaway Park home Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath Rockaway Park home Belle Harbor,5BR,2.5 bath Harbor hasorigi3 from tohome bottom. stove, HW flbath oors,granite nal glory. bungalows nal glory. bungalows porch,nice yard and with 4BR,3 baths, home gleaming HW 4BR,3 baths, home has gleaming HW large BR’s, 2Three baths, fantas3with BR,has 2Three home. kitchen &SS be found on the property can be found onappliances, the property private parking. parking for sixPerfect and flflparking oors,brand new roof, for six and oors,brand new roof, ticcan front porch,formal living Granite kitchen,radiant updated baths and fulla which will be great summer which willsystem be summer for empty nesters or garage on a60x100. 60x100. heating and boiler. garage on agreat heating system and boiler. and dining room. heat,C/A, terrace,paved basement. $549,000 rentals. $374,999 rentals. $374,999 new family. $599,000 $599,000 $629,000 $599,000 $629,000 $499,000 parking pad. $569,000

ONE BLOCK TO BEACH SIMPLY ADORABLE NEWLY RENOVATED NEWLY RENOVATED ALL MINTED OUT! ONE BLOCK TOSELLER BEACH2 MOTIVATED SELLER MOTIVATED BELLE HARBOR LEGAL Large 2400 sq. ft. This charming immaculate Rockaway MINT 33 Rockaway Park MINT Completely renovated Large 2400 sq. ft.home Neponsit block with high Neponsit block with high Affordable, 2Park family Rockaway Belle Harbor home has BR semi attached home BR semi attached home from top toPark bottom. Rockaway Park ceilings,enclosed front3isis ceilings,enclosed front with 4BR’s,2 bathrooms with 4BR,3 baths, large BR’s, 2front baths, fantasmove inin ready. HW fland move ready. HW floors oors 3porch,nice BR, 24BR,3 bath home. with baths, porch,nice yard yard and enclosed porch,lg parking for and ticterrace front porch,formal living through out,enclosed through out,enclosed Granite kitchen,radiant parking for six six and private parking. Perfect private parking. Perfect and nice backyard. garage on ato dining room. front porch and close front porch and close heat,C/A, garage onterrace,paved a 60x100. 60x100. forand empty nesters for empty nesters orortoatoa Close all! $599,000 $499,000 $350,000 all. $350,000 parking pad. $569,000 $599,000 newall. family. $599,000 new family. $599,000 $450,000

MOTIVATED SELLER BELLE HARBOR LEGAL VACANT LAND VACANT LAND MOTIVATED SELLER ALL MINTED OUT! MOVE RIGHT IN 2 ALL MINTED OUT! ROCKAWAY PARK Terrifi Neponsit block with high Affordable, 23renovated family cc opportunity build opportunity tohome build Neponsit block withtobath high Completely renovated Beautiful BR,2 Completely Terrifi STEAL! ceilings,enclosed front with 4BR’s,2 bathrooms your one two family your one two family ceilings,enclosed front from toporor bottom. home with wood burning from top totothis bottom. Personalize lovely yard and enclosed porch,lg sqsqHW Give 2,000 ft. home. Giveonus us porch,nice yard and 3BR, BR, 2front bath home. stove, flhome. oors,granite 3porch,nice 2ft. bath home. 12,000 family home located parking. Perfect terrace and aaaprivate call and we will help you call and wenice will help you private parking. Perfect Granite kitchen,radiant kitchen &SS appliances, Granite kitchen,radiant great block in backyard. the 114 for nesters Close to3BR, all! get started. getbaths started. for empty empty nesters orbath. heat,C/A, terrace,paved updated and2or fullaa heat,C/A, terrace,paved school district. new family. $599,000 $450,000 $349,000 $349,000 new family. $599,000 parking pad.$549,000 $569,000 basement. parking pad. $569,000 $399,000

ALL MINTED OUT! MOVE RIGHT IN MOVE RIGHT IN ALL MINTED OUT! SIMPLY ADORABLE ROCKAWAY PARK Attractive BR,2.5 bath Completely renovated Beautiful BR,2 bath Completely renovated This charming immaculate STEAL! Attractive 333BR,2.5 bath from top totohome bottom. home with wood burning Arverne home with LR/ Arverne home with LR/3 from top bottom. Belle Harbor has Personalize this lovely DR combo, HWlocated oors, 33 BR, 222bath home. HW flbath oors,granite BR, home. large BR’s, baths, fantas1stove, family home on DR combo, HW flfloors, Granite kitchen,radiant &SS appliances, high and high celings celings and cozy Granite kitchen,radiant ticakitchen front porch,formal living great block in thecozy 114 backyard. Priced to2 sell! sell! heat,C/A, terrace,paved updated baths and full heat,C/A, terrace,paved and dining room. school district. 3BR, bath. backyard. Priced to parking pad. $569,000 basement. $329,999 $329,999 parking pad.$549,000 $569,000 $499,000 $399,000

SIMPLY MOVE RIGHT IN 2 MOVE RIGHT IN HEART OFADORABLE SURF TOWN BELLE HARBOR LEGAL This charming immaculate Beautiful BR,2 bath 323BR,2 bath OldBeautiful world charm is waiting Affordable, family home Belle home 3 home wood burning home with wood for youHarbor towith restore toburning itshas origiwith 4BR’s,2 bathrooms large BR’s, 2front fantasstove, HW floors,granite oors,granite stove, HW flbaths, nal glory. Three bungalows enclosed porch,lg tic front porch,formal living kitchen &SS appliances, kitchen &SS appliances, can be found on thebackyard. property terrace and nice and dining updated baths and full updated and full which willClose bebaths great summer toroom. all! $499,000 basement. $549,000 basement. $549,000 rentals. $374,999 $450,000

NEW EXCLUSIVE MOVE RIGHT IN HEART OFEXCLUSIVE SURF TOWN BELLE HARBOR LEGAL MOVE RIGHT IN 2 SIMPLY ADORABLE NEW SIMPLY ADORABLE NEWLY RENOVATED ROCKAWAY PARK Completely renovated Beautiful BR,2 bath Old world charm isMINT waiting Completely renovated Affordable, 233family home Beautiful BR,2 bath This charming immaculate This charming immaculate Rockaway Park 3 STEAL! ARVERNE home with home with wood burning for you towith restore its origiwith 4BR’s,2 bathrooms home wood burning Belle Harbor home has ARVERNE home with Belle Harbor home has 3is3 BR semi attached Personalize thistohome lovely brand new new stove, oors,granite glory. Three bungalows brand new kitchen, new enclosed porch,lg stove, HW oors,granite large BR’s, 2flflkitchen, baths, large BR’s, 2front baths, fantasmove inHW ready. HW flfantasoors 1nal family home located on furnace and electrical, kitchen &SS be found onappliances, the property terrace and nice &SS appliances, tic front porch,formal living furnace and electrical, ticcan front porch,formal living through out,enclosed akitchen great block inbackyard. the 114 new windows. updated and which will bebaths great summer new windows. Close to3BR, all! updated baths and full and dining room. and dining room. front porch and close to school district. 2full bath. $299,000 basement. $549,000 rentals. $374,999 $450,000 basement. $549,000 $499,000 $299,000 all.$499,000 $350,000 $399,000

NEW EXCLUSIVE SIMPLY ADORABLE NEWLY RENOVATED SIMPLY ADORABLE BELLE HARBOR LEGAL22 NEW EXCLUSIVE ROCKAWAY PARK BELLE HARBOR LEGAL VACANT LAND Arverne home has an This charming immaculate Rockaway MINT 3 Arverne home hastohome an This charming immaculate Affordable, 2family family home STEAL! Affordable, 2Park Terrifi c opportunity build updated kitchen,den/ Belle Harbor home has BR semi attached home Belle Harbor home has with 4BR’s,2 bathrooms updated kitchen,den/ Personalize this lovely with 4BR’s,2 bathrooms your one or two family3is3 offi ce, 33 BR, 1.5 bath, full large baths, fantasinsq ready. HW floors offi ce,BR’s, BR, 1.5located bath, full large BR’s, baths, fantasenclosed front porch,lg 1move family home onus enclosed porch,lg 2,000 ft.22front home. Give HW oors, decked tic front porch,formal living through out,enclosed tic front porch,formal living terrace and nice backyard. bsmt, HW flflnice oors, decked absmt, great block in backyard. the 114 and aterrace call and we will help you yard and long drive. dining room. front porch and close to yardand and long pvt and dining room. Close topvt all! school district. 2drive. bath. Close to3BR, all! get started. 30’x100’lot. $289,000 $499,000 all.$399,000 $350,000 $499,000 $450,000 30’x100’lot. $289,000 $450,000 $349,000

FAR ROCKAWAY BELLE HARBOR LEGAL VACANT LAND BELLE HARBOR LEGAL HEART OF SURF TOWN FAR ROCKAWAY ROCKAWAY PARK ROCKAWAY PARK MOVE RIGHT IN 22 Totally renovated 22bath BR, Affordable, family home Terrifi c opportunity to build Totally renovated BR, Affordable, family home Old world charm is waiting STEAL! Attractive 322BR,2.5 STEAL! 2 bath home with with 4BR’s,2 bathrooms your one or two family with 4BR’s,2 bathrooms for you to restore to its origi2 bath home with aa Personalize this lovely Personalize this lovely Arverne home with LR/ lovely front yard. enclosed front porch,lg 2,000 sq ft. home. Givebsmt us front yard. Full bsmt enclosed front porch,lg glory. Three bungalows 1nal family home located on DR combo, HWlocated flFull oors, 1lovely family home on with extra BR’s den and terrace and backyard. aterrace wenice will help you and nice backyard. can be22and found onBR’s the property with extra den and great block the 114 aacall great block inin the 114 high celings and cozy bath. Great starter Close toto3BR, all! get started. bath.district. Great starter Close all!tosummer which will bePriced great school district. 3BR, 2home. bath. backyard. sell! school 2home. bath. $279,000 $450,000 $349,000 $259,000 $450,000 rentals. $374,999 $279,000 $399,000 $329,999 $399,000

ROCKAWAY BEACH HEART OFRENOVATED SURF TOWN MOVE RIGHT IN NEWLY ROCKAWAY PARK ROCKAWAY BEACH ROCKAWAY PARK Filled with old Old world charm ischarm, waiting Attractive 3Park BR,2.5 bath3 Filled with old charm, Rockaway MINT STEAL! STEAL! attached family for you restore tolovely itsisisLR/ origiArverne home with BR semitoattached home Personalize this attached 22 family inin is Personalize this lovely need restoring. glory. Three bungalows DR combo, HWlocated floors, need restoring. Full inofofready. HW flFull oors 1move family home on 1nal family home located on high ceilings can be found on theceilings property high celings and cozy through out,enclosed abasement, great block in the 114 high abasement, great block in the 114 and close all! which will bePriced great summer backyard. tototo22sell! and located located close all! front porch and to school district. 3BR, bath. school district. 3BR,close bath. $245,000 rentals. $374,999 $329,999 all.$245,000 $350,000 $399,000 $399,000


VACANT LAND FAR ROCKAWAY VACANT LAND MOVE RIGHT INRENTALS: NEW EXCLUSIVE MOVE RIGHT IN ROCKAWAY BEACH LISTINGS AT WWW.ROCKAPROP .COM Terrifi cc opportunity to build Totally renovated 2tobath BR, Terrifi opportunity build Attractive BR,2.5 bath Completely renovated Attractive 33old BR,2.5 Filled with charm,

MOVE RIGHT IN ROCKAWAY BEACH MOVEEXCLUSIVE RIGHT IN NEW Completely renovated Attractive 33old BR,2.5 Filled withhome charm, Attractive BR,2.5 bath Arverne hasbath an ARVERNE home your one two family Arverne home with 2 bath ain rental......................................... attached 2kitchen,den/ family isLR/ in$7,500 1Br,1Ba parking –home your one orsummer two family Arverne home withwith LR/ Arverne home with LR/ ARVERNE home with updated Arverne with attached 2or family isLR/ brand kitchen, new 2,000 sq ft. home. Give us DR HW flfloors, lovely front yard. bsmt need restoring. Full 2,000 sqnew ft.gym, home. Give us DR combo, HWbath, oors, DRcombo, combo, HWflFull floors, oors, brand kitchen, new offi ce,combo, 3ofnew BR, 1.5 full DR HW need of restoring. Full 3Br, 2Ba parking, concierge ....................................... $2,800 furnace and electrical, awith call we will help you high celings and cozy 2and extra BR’s den and basement, ceilings abasement, call and wehigh will help you highHW celings and cozy high celings and cozy furnace and electrical, bsmt, flhigh oors, decked high celings and cozy ceilings 4Br, 2Ba Duplex Great Deal ............................................... $2,500 new windows. get started. backyard. Priced sell! bath. Great starter and located close all! getwindows. started. backyard. Priced sell! backyard. Priced sell! new yard and long pvttotodrive. backyard. Priced sell! and located close totohome. all! pet friendly 3Br,$245,000 2Ba .......................................................... $2,500 $299,000 $349,000 $329,999 $279,000 $245,000 $349,000 $329,999 $329,999 $299,000 30’x100’lot. $289,000 $329,999

HEART OF SURF TOWN NEWLY RENOVATED NEW EXCLUSIVE NEW EXCLUSIVE NEWLY RENOVATED VACANT LAND MOVE RIGHT IN HEART OF SURF TOWN NEWLY RENOVATED HEART OF SURF TOWN NEWLY RENOVATED VACANT LAND HEART OF SURF TOWN NEWLY RENOVATED VACANT LAND NEW EXCLUSIVE NEW EXCLUSIVE FAR ROCKAWAY VACANT LAND MOVE RIGHT IN Old world charm ishas waiting Rockaway MINT 33 Completely renovated Arverne home has an Rockaway Park 3 Terrifi c opportunity toan build Attractive 3Park BR,2.5 bath Old world charm isMINT waiting Rockaway Park MINT Old world charm iswaiting waiting Rockaway Park MINT Terrifi opportunity build Old world charm isMINT Rockaway 33 Terrifi ccopportunity build Completely renovated Arverne home Totally renovated 2toto BR, Terrifi c opportunity to build Attractive 3Park BR,2.5 bath th you totoattached restore its origiBR attached home ARVERNE with updated kitchen,den/ 113 2Ba StepS $699,000 BR semi is: OceanfrOnt 3Br for your one orhome twoto family Arverne home with LR/ for you restore tohome itstO origiBR semi attached home foryour youtoone toattached restore itsorigiorigiBR semi attached home your one two family for you restore totohome its BR semi isis the Beach ............... your one orortwo family ARVERNE with updated kitchen,den/ 2semi bath home with a isis orhome two family Arverne home with LR/ st nal glory. Three bungalows move inin ready. flGive brand kitchen, offi 3sqsqBR, 1.5 bath, fullusus move insq ready. HW flGive oors 2,000 ft. home. DRce, combo, HWHW flFull oors, nal glory. Three bungalows move ready. HW floors oors nalglory. glory. bungalows move innew ready. HW oors 2,000 home. nal Three bungalows move in3sq ready. HW flflnew oors 2,000 ft.ft.yard. home. Give brand new kitchen, new offi ce, BR, 1.5 bath, fullus View ....................... lovely front bsmt 2,000 ft.Three home. us DR combo, HW flGive oors, 101 : penthouse Duplex 3Br 2.5 Ba Ocean $629,000 can be found on the property through out,enclosed furnace and electrical, bsmt, HW flwe oors, decked through out,enclosed acan call we you high celings andhelp cozyand beand found onwill thehelp property through out,enclosed can found thehelp property through out,enclosed acall call and will help you can bebefound the property through out,enclosed a and we will you ndyou and electrical, bsmt, HW fl oors, decked with 2 extra BR’s den afurnace call and weononwill high celings and cozy : OceanfrOnt 3Br 2.5Ba, parking Garage ..................... $558,900 92 which will great summer front porch and toto new yard front porch and toth getbe started. backyard. Priced todrive. sell! which will bewindows. great summer frontand porch andpvtclose close whichnew will greatclose summer frontand porch and close getlong started. which will great summer front porch and toto get started. windows. yard long pvtclose drive. bath. Great starter home. getbebe started. backyard. Priced to sell! 117 .: OceanfrOnt 2Br30’x100’lot. 2Ba parking $459,000 rentals. $374,999 all. $350,000 $299,000 30’x100’lot. $289,000 all.$299,000 $350,000 rentals. $374,999 all.$329,999 $350,000 rentals. $374,999 all.$349,000 $350,000 $349,000 rentals. $374,999 all. $350,000 $349,000 $289,000................................... $279,000 $349,000 $329,999

125th: 117th: 125th: 125th: th 118 : OceanfrOnt 2Br 2Ba parking.................................... $449,000 101st: Belle Shores: 2Br, 2.5Ba ................................................... $2,300 128th: Beach Block STEAL 3Br 98th:TBeach 2.5Ba 2 carLL parkingF ................... $399,000 Block ROCKAPROP 3Br, ......................................................... NEW EXCLUSIVE NEW EXCLUSIVE FAR ROCKAWAY BEACH NEW FAR ROCKAWAY ROCKAWAY BEACH NEW EXCLUSIVE FAR2Ba ROCKAWAY ROCKAWAY BEACH$2,100 NEWEXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE NEW EXCLUSIVE FAR ROCKAWAY ROCKAWAY BEACH LL COM NEW EXCLUSIVE NEW EXCLUSIVE FAR ROCKAWAY ROCKAWAY BEACH FAR ROCKAWAY ROCKAWAY BEACH EE LL EE URROCKAPROP ISTINGS WWW EE F UR ROCKAWAY ISTINGS EE LL F UR Totally ISTINGS T WWW COM st th Completely renovated Arverne home has an Totally renovated 2 BR, Filled with old charm, Arverne home has an renovated 2 BR, Filled with old charm, Completely renovated Arverne home has an Totally renovated 2 BR, Filled with old charm,$1,800 Completely renovated Arverne home has an Totally renovated 2 BR, Filled with old charm, Completely renovated Arverne home has an Totally renovated 2 BR, Filled with old charm, 101 117 : Beach Duplex 2Br, 1.5Ba .................................................. parking ....................................... $439,000 Totally renovated 2 BR,: OceanVIeW 2Br 2Ba Filled with old charm, ARVERNE home with updated 22 bath with attached updated 2ARVERNE bath home with attached 2kitchen,den/ family is aina home with updated kitchen,den/ bath home with attached 22 family family isis inin ARVERNE home withast: By the Beach 2Br 2Ba updated 2bath bathhome home with attached 2family family ARVERNE home with updated kitchen,den/ 2$429,000 with attached 2home isisainain 2 bathkitchen,den/ home with attached 2kitchen,den/ family isain parking ........................................ 1Ba ....................................................... $1,800 101 123rd: Beach Block 2Br, brand new kitchen, new offi ce, 3 BR, 1.5 bath, full lovely front yard. Full bsmt need of restoring. Full offi ce, 3 BR, 1.5 bath, full lovely front yard. Full bsmt need of restoring. Full brand new kitchen, new offi ce, 3 BR, 1.5 bath, full lovely front yard. Full bsmt need of restoring. Full brand new kitchen, new offi ce, 3 BR, 1.5 bath, full lovely front yard. Full bsmt need of restoring. Full brand new kitchen, new offi ce, 3 BR, 1.5 bath, full lovely front yard. Full bsmt need of restoring. Full need of restoring. Full lovely front yard. Full bsmt th th 100 124 : Belle Shores By the Beach 2Br 2B ................................... $425,000 : OceanfrOnt 2Br, 1Ba ................................................... furnace and electrical, bsmt, HW fl oors, decked with 2 extra BR’s den and basement, high ceilings bsmt, fland oors, decked with 2 HW extra BR’s den and basement, furnace electrical, bsmt, flhigh oors, decked with 2 extrahigh BR’sceilings den and basement, high ceilings$1,800 furnace electrical, bsmt, HWand oors, decked with22HW extra BR’sceilings denand and basement, high ceilings furnace and electrical, bsmt, flfloors, decked with extra BR’s den basement, with 2HW extra BR’s den and basement, high ceilings st th : OceanfrOnt 2Br 2Ba ............................................... $399,000 : OceanVIeW 2Br, 1Ba ..................................................... 121 79 new windows. yard and long pvt drive. bath. Great starter home. and located yard and long pvt drive. bath. Great starter home. and located close to all! new windows. yard and long pvt drive. bath. Great starter home. and located close close toto all! all!$1,750 new windows. yard and long pvt drive. bath. Great starter home. and located close to all! new windows. yard and long pvt drive. bath. Great starter home. and located close to all! bath. Great starter home. and located close to all! $299,000 30’x100’lot. $289,000 $279,000 $245,000 30’x100’lot. $289,000 $279,000 $245,000 $299,000 30’x100’lot. $289,000 113th: 2Br, 1Ba Beach $279,000 $245,000 $1,700 $299,000 30’x100’lot. $289,000 $279,000 $245,000 $299,000 30’x100’lot. $289,000 $279,000 $245,000 117th: OceanVIeW 2Br 2Ba ................................................. $379,000 BLOcK .................................................... $279,000 $245,000 101st: OceanVIeW 2Br 2Ba ................................................... $359,000 117th: 2Br,1.5Ba, heat included ................................................... $1,600





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The Rockaway Times Page 18

ThuRsday, july 17, 2014 THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014

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RockawayThe Beef Chip

The Day

with Team Cyclops

By Salt Spray Rosie

A Shot Of Movie Reviews On The Side


We know you have been waiting. The anticipation is palpable, the emotion is ground shaking, and people it, areI about to get OK,the I admit am missing exactly what they air want. The June---the soft sweet fragrant ill-fated, dreadedand andocean; despised with honeysuckle the Countdown first bloom ofList. the rose bush; garYou knowfull youofare from in Blah dens centers annuals so Blah Blah, 37 and things to do while many colors varieties thatinI Blah Blah Blah or 17to sayings get whiplash trying checkpeople them sayas while Blah out I drive by. Blah Blahing. This we at the Beefchip & But, it’sweek, July---when hydranTeamput Cyclops havebest compiled list geas on their show aand of motion pictures are often the red, white andthat purple-blue overlooked, hardly given the petunia potsand patriotically adorn credit they are due. We do not ofRockaway front porches. The slow fer apersistent rank of these top but littlemovies vincas on final3 or top us 5 as with the all other lists ly make forgot impatiens because, well it’s a wasteand of time mountains of yesteryears the and like our hipster friends, WE knock-out roses are blooming to WANT BE DIFFERENT! beat the TO band. The August movies will of yesteryear ofAnd come—hot, fered pop references many sultry andculture blooming with Crepe of the people of our generation Myrtle. Did I mention that I get could relate on a personal basis, Crepe Myrtletoenvy each August? often deeper message Aand friend ofsent minea has a raspberry on thebeauty, rights and wrongs, and the hued strategically placed do’s and do not’s of this we in her front garden and game I always call life. divert down the block to gawk at Theponder Shawshank it and where Redemption I can place for example is a movie that by all

PaGE 19 The Rockaway Times

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Whale Of A Cruise

The Rockaway Times

Story and Photo By Bianca Fortis

Tom Paladino has one message for the Rockaway community: “Rockaway is the new Cape Cod for whale and dolphin watching.” He and his business partner, Frank DeSantis, operate American Princess Cruises, and offer a whale and dolphin watch and adventure cruise, which launches from Riis Landing. DeSantis and Paladino both spent years working in the passenger boat business. In 2010 they decided to offer the only whale watching tour available in the New York City area. DeSantis said within the past ten years it has become easier to find aquatic life in and around Jamaica Bay. He attributes that to cleaner waters, conservation and the climate. During a four-hour trip on Friday afternoon, DeSantis was able to spot a large pod of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of New Jersey. Passengers filled the bow of the ship, cameras in hand, to watch the dolphins swim with one another and jump into the air. Later during the trip, DeSantis located what it appeared to be two different Humpback whales. The whales did not breach, but did show their tails – called flukes –

several times. Each trip also features a naturalist who teaches passengers about marine life. A tour can also include sightings of minke whales, pilot whales and common dolphins, DeSantis said. Throughout the year the whales migrate between the Caribbean and northern waters, offering local residents a unique opportunity to see whales without having to leave the city. The whale-watching season runs from the spring into the fall, DeSantis said. As the captain of the ship, his job offers a difficult challenge: finding the whales. To do this they track the bait fish that the whales feed on, as well as water tempera-

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tures and sightings reports. But even so, whales move around quickly and a pattern that appears to be developing can suddenly be way off, DeSantis said. “I guess that’s why we titled it an ‘adventure cruise,’” he said. “We’re not an aquarium – you’re going out into the wild.” American Princess Cruises is a member of Whale Sense, a program sponsored by NOAA Fisheries, that tracks whales and dolphins. DeSantis said they send in information regarding coordinates where whales were spotted and identifying photos into Whale Sense. DeSantis said passengers are often surprised to see the whales. “It’s rewarding being able to

W/Coupon Good Thru 8/31/14

show people that there are these creatures that live right here in our backyard, as well as educate them on these animals,” he said. The boat tours also offer passengers a completely new perspective on New York City, he said. DeSantis and Paladino also operate the Rockaway Beach Ferry between Riis Landing and Pier 11 in Manhattan. Later in the year, American Princess Cruises also offers seal and bird watching tours. On July 25 and August 8, they will operate a ferry for a Coney Island fireworks show from 8 to 10:30 p.m. Boats can also be chartered for special events. The boats sail out of Riis Landing at Fort Tilden. For more information about the cruises, visit

til September 1, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. “A WATERCOLOR FEAST” Paintings Times from the Brooklyn The Rockaway Watercolor Society Cuisine by Claudette 143 Beach 116th Tuesdays through Sundays July 1 through September 6 PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT: WOW ROCKAWAY: STORIES TO REMEMBER Victoria Barber’s photos documenting the aftermath of Sandy YANA 112-34 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Weekdays July 3 through September 1 10 a.m. through 4 p.m.


GOOD GOVERNMENT REGULAR DEMOCRATIC CLUB Ocean Promenade Rehab 140 Beach 113th St. Thursdays 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. ALANON MEETING First Congregational Church 320 Beach 94th St. Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m.

Gateway Events

ROCKAWAY RUNNING SERIES The Firecracker 10 Miler H.A.R.P. Beach 17th Street Boardwalk Visit the volunteers of the HisTHURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014 July 12, 8:30 a.m. Rockapulco 5K Beach 85th Street Boardwalk July 18, 7:00 p.m. To register go to

Things To Do in Broad Channel ST. VIRGILIUS GOLDEN AGE MEETING American Legion Hall 209 Cross Bay Blvd. Every Thursday, 12:30 p.m.

Parks Events

SHAPE UP NYC: TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT Yoga on the Beach Beginner Hatha yoga class Bring mat, large towel, or blanket Beach 108th St. Saturdays through September 6, 8:00 a.m.

FREE ZUMBA Get in shape with this popular form of exercise 101ST PRECINCT and dance that combines COMMUNITY COUNCIL Latin and African Beth Abraham Health Services dance steps. 1821 Cornaga Ave. Beach 108th Every third Wednesday of Wednesdays through August 27, month, 6:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 17thBay are the Even ANCIENT with a cell phone camera the sunsets overBeach Jamaica ORDER OF Tuesdays through August 19, best HIBERNIANS in the world! DIVISION 21 7 p.m. Call 646-662-232

Rockaway By Cell Phone

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Civics Corner By Hank Iori

The Belle Harbor View What does the word civics mean to you? Well the definition in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “the study of the rights and duties of citizens and of how government works”. To me this definition is limited in scope. Civics is more pro active than the stated definition. Understanding how government works is an important first step. Now we all know that is not easy in a city like New York to figure out just how things get done. It is hard to figure out who is responsible. City government has a way of diffusing responsibility so it becomes difficult to hold anyone accountable. Hurricane Sandy has opened our eyes to just how responsive

government really is or is not in times of emergency. The City agencies were initially slow in their response to the storm. They were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the damage that occurred. Some city agencies worked better than others. The Department of Sanitation stands out as an exemplary leader in providing necessary clean up services to our community. The city devised program, Rapid Repair, had its problems but did help in getting families back into their homes. Now, almost two years later, we are still trying to figure out how the Federal, State and City’s Hurricane Sandy response works. Red tape is

everywhere. The Rockaway community has worked with the Parks Department on the design of the boardwalk. Since the leadership of City Hall has changed we are sensing that the not for profit organization, EDC, the Economic Development Corporation is making changes to the boardwalk plans agreed to by the community without community consultation. Residents keep wondering how Long Beach built their two plus miles boardwalk so fast while our boardwalk reconstruction drags on in the hands of EDC. Meanwhile, you can’t help wondering how large sums of money can be found for major projects. Governors Island is completely being redesigned and rebuilt with an active ferry service to the Island. Can’t help but wonder how that ferry service is being subsidized, no one even lives on the island! Along the shore of Brooklyn from the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge to Atlantic Avenue a walkway with many amenities has been developed. As a native New Yorker I applaud these efforts on the one hand but question why Rockaway’s recovery seems to be on the

The Rockaway Times slow track. Recently, I was contacted by an individual from EDC and asked why I was pushing so hard to get streets and sidewalks between 126th Street and 149th Street by the Beach wall repaired. I gave him all my reasons explaining that it has been 20 months since the storm and DOT has done nothing to correct the problem. DOT has resisted all attempts to meet with the community to address this problem. I asked if he ever visited Rockaway. He told me he had been down with a group touring Rockaway. I invited him to come down to see for himself exactly what I was talking about. I haven’t heard from him since. The word “Civics” is not a noun for Rockaways, it is an action word. It requires us to be persistent in our effort to receive the services our community requires and deserve from our federal, State and city agencies. Collectively we need to apply the necessary pressure to the appropriate providers and our elected officials to restore Rockaway. Hank Iori is President of the Belle Harbor Property Owners Association.

City To Give Rockaway A Homeless Shelter By Bianca Fortis

The New York City Department of Homeless Services plans to convert a former Rockaway drug rehabilitation facility into a transitional housing shelter. DHS sent a letter to Community Board 14 District Manager Jonathan Gaska last week, announcing that the new shelter would be operated by Housing Bridge, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit. The shelter, the old Daytop Village rehab center at 316 Beach 65th St., will house 155 adult families, according to the letter, written by Lisa Black, an Assistant Commissioner at DHS. The city has an obligation to provide emergency shelter to families in need, she wrote. On Tuesday, Congressman Gregory Meeks sent

a letter to DHS Commissioner Gilbert Taylor, expressing his “dismay and displeasure” over the decision to open the shelter. After noting that he understands the need for transitional housing, Meeks makes several arguments: that Rockaway has not recovered from Hurricane Sandy, that public transportation on the peninsula is lacking, that there is only one hospital serving the community, that the peninsula has not yet been made resilient, that homeless individuals with jobs in the mainland will be faced with the daunting challenge of traveling back and forth. “It is not fair or proper to tackle one problem by creating additional problems for those who will be directly or indirectly affected by this decision,” he wrote.

Legendary Strongman Stops By The RT Mike Greenstein made two appearances on America’s Got Talent, most recently on Tuesday (we won’t spoil the results , if you haven’t seen the show yet) Mike, aka Mighty Atom Jr., can pull a car (sometimes full of people) with his bare teeth. The Strongman is 93 and just keeps getting stronger!

The Rockaway Times


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Water Workout; Water Fun

By Rockawayist

In addition to being the home of NYC’s only official surfing beach, Stand Up Paddle Boarding has arrived in Rockaway. One of the first SUP schools and rental locations in the five boroughs can now be found at the Rockaway Jet Ski dock behind Thai Rock. SUP was the fastest growing water sport in the U.S. in 2013. Tracing its roots to the Hawaiian surfing scene, the sport has grown in popularity over the past ten years. It attracted a greater following once it was adapted for use on more flat-water lakes and rivers. SUP can be learned and enjoyed by users of all levels in just about any water setting. Rockawayist first became entranced with SUP on a visit to Austin, Texas last year. Never being much of a traditional surfer, the idea of gliding down a placid river seemed like a great core workout and a great way to spend an afternoon on the water. Many SUPboarders even bring along their dogs. There were limited options to learn SUP or rent boards in NYC (aside from the Hudson River, which seems a bit intimidating to a newcomer), and I was disappointed to find a journey north to the kayak and row schools of Westchester County would be required. With the start of summer 2014, however, Rockaway resident Linda Humphrey started offering tours and lessons on Jamaica Bay. The quintessential Rockaway resident,

Humphrey has a native’s love and knowledge of the local waters. Humphrey decided to set up the SUP school after Hurricane Sandy destroyed her digital imaging business. In addition to group and individual lessons by the chatty and personable Humphrey, guided scenic and sunset tours of Jamaica Bay are available. There is even a fledgling SUP Yoga class being offered. The SUP experience itself, while it may look like a calm outing, is a full body workout. Maintaining balance on the board requires full core engagement, and the paddling is both a cardio and upperbody resistance workout. Even in the cool breezes off the water, you will work up a sweat after an hour on a SUP. For fellow CrossFit athletes, SUP is a great way to spend an active recovery day on the water. In the course of an hour, you can paddle under the A train tracks, see some barge wrecks in Jamaica Bay, and enjoy the wildlife up close. And the views of the Manhattan skyline are unbeatable. There are many types of paddleboards available. Humphrey uses boards made by The H2O Generation, which was founded by local Rockaway resident Kelley Brooke in 2010. H2O sells a variety of boards, including specific designs for SUP Yoga and fishing. Reservations for SUP, kayaking and jet ski rentals can be made here.

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The Rockaway Times


By Alex Karinsky

Surf-enomics? Surfonomics? Who cares what you call it, it’s important evidence and it’s here to stay. Publications have written extensive articles on it, from the Washington Post to the Economist and Forbes. Chad Nelsen did a study back in 2012 for USA surf beaches. In 2002 he crunched the numbers to save the beach and wilderness around Tres Palmas in Rincon, Puerto Rico from a development that would have destroyed what is now a sanctuary. Here’s the numbers that Chad Nelsen discovered and how much revenue surfing brings to the economy. There are 3.3 million surfers in the US. 90 percent male and 62 percent of surfers

have a college degree or higher. Average age is 34 with 16 years of surfing experience. They own approximately four boards and will surf at least 108 days annually. Median income is $75K and they will spend $40 per surf session. Drive 10 miles per surf and spend 2.5 hours in the water. Grand total to the economy is up around $3 billion! What he didn’t include in his study was those surfers buying up real estate! Nor the surfers dragging their mates with them who don’t surf. So those numbers could get expanded 10-fold. Estimates in Rockaway could be as much as 700-1,000 surfers across all breaks, any given

Rockaway Beach Surf Camp Rockaway Beach Surf Camp Prices: Week long surf camp $379.00 Half week (3 days) $250.00 Summer Full day surf camp $100.00 Camp runs from 9AM to 1PM Monday thru Friday


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WE OFFER: Â&#x2021;3ULYDWH/HVVRQV Â&#x2021;*URXS/HVVRQV Â&#x2021;%LUWKGD\3DUWLHV Â&#x2021;6SHFLDOW\(YHQWV Â&#x2021;KUOHVVRQ Â&#x2021;KUOHVVRQ Â&#x2021;'D\ORQJVXUÂżQJ  yoga retreat $159.00

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Surfing. A Healthy Addictionâ&#x20AC;?

day. Since the replenishment, the main jetty has pretty much ceased to work, many surfers are exploring further along the peninsula and discovering the many watery jewels that lay out there, telling even more surfers that would normally go to Long Beach to go to Rockaway. Dan Falt from the Army Corp of Engineers gave me some great information. He said there will be any new jetties, creating even more breaks. Their chief engineer recommends that we get 5 new jetties equidistant from the last main jetty to 108th St to trap sand. The jetties would be tapered, meaning they would incrementally decrease in length to make the shoreline more square since the peninsula actually bends more SE the further you go west. This way the flow of sand can be trapped better and keep sand fairly even along the entire coastline. Great idea! But maybe we need more than 5. Maybe Neponsit people want proper jetties so their homes donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get washed away again. Is it funded yet? No. Has it formally been lodged with any government agencies? No. What this pretty much means is that we could be 3-5 years out from this even being realized, and a pretty penny for a study. Add up the number of hurricanes that can happen in a year and you get an ugly number of what we could be facing in that time. Kevin Flaherty pointed out to me about the hockey rink, this was OKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d and funded a year before Sandy, ground has still not been broken. We simply cannot tolerate this inaction anymore. I asked Dan if we need to go through the ACOE to get jetties, no, they can be bought from private contractors. We only need City and State approval and construction permit from the USACE. Well then, what are we waiting for? Depending upon the substrate, jetties cost anywhere between

3-10 million a piece. We know they work, so no study needed. In my column last week, we crunched numbers and we could have an annual purse of $30-60 million if we charged for DFD beach access via a Rockaway authority. That would cover our ferry, buy us jetties and also get that sand to fill in once this lot is gone. Then you add up what surfers are bringing in annually. Potentially $40 a head x 700 surfers a day x 150 surf days = over $4 million. And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s being conservative. Right now there is absolutely no contingency plan to replace this sand when it washes away, and it will. Dan mentioned that the sand we got was a freebie by the federal government and state. How hard will the fight be for the next $34 million and rely upon city agencies that continually neglect us? What agency determines when we need it? By profession, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a workflow specialist, this is what I know, in corporate companies we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait for shit to happen and then clean up the mess. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re preemptive and we design things to account for madness to happen, but have plans in place to mitigate the harms that can come. As of now, Rockaway is another accident waiting to happen. We need to be the agents of change and start messing with this situation and take ownership. A great model to follow in creating this Rockaway authority is what an entire nation did to stay afloat amongst its corrupters in Iceland. They ousted the government. Proved the banks as fraudulent. Jailed three bank CEOs and fined the banks. An assembly was created, 25 citizens were chosen with no political affiliation, the only qualifications needed was adulthood and the support of 30 people. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an oversimplification of what happened, but nonetheless an example of the people taking the power back in their hands to correct their future. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s take back our beach!

The Rockaway Times

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Be Well. Be Happy By Helen Kilgallen

As you are reading this column, I am traveling to Vermont on a very special yoga retreat with some amazing people from Jaya Yoga in Park Slope. Why do I go on yoga retreats when I am so happy and content to stay in Rockaway practicing and teaching at Ocean Bliss Yoga Studio in Rockaway with some of the best instructors in town? Well, it is really important for me to expand my horizons and immerse myself in a 4-day weekend truly being in retreat mode. We eat vegetarian cooking, practice 4 hours of yoga a day, go hiking and we may even do some Stand Up Paddle Yoga on a lake. This is heaven for me. To go on a retreat you truly get to know who you are and what you want in life. For me, there is a special bond you make with new people who you would have never met. It is peaceful and yet so invigorating. I love yoga so what better way to vacation. It takes me out of Rockaway, away from the ocean that I love and cherish. Being in the mountains is quite spectacular with the lush greenery and flat lakes, no waves! This gives me a whole new perspective. I am a water girl but I really learn to appreciate the beauty in the mountains. Carla and Ramit, the directors of Jaya Yoga in Brooklyn run the retreat. They are the real deal in the yoga world. It is quite the treat for me to practice with two of the best instructors in New York City. I went last year and came home renewed and restored. I also learned

so much to bring back to my students in Rockaway. This year is extra special because I have had the month of July off from teaching yoga at Ocean Bliss as we relocate to 112-20 Beach Channel Drive, with Mrs. Elaineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dance Studio. Opening day is August 1st. free yoga classes all day long. So may say I have been on a month long retreat. It has been a great summer so far. Whether you can go away on a retreat or simple have a day of rest, eating healthy and practicing some form of exercise, it is important to retreat. It helps you to remember to slow down and enjoy the precious moments in your day. I encourage everyone to go a retreat. We had our very own retreat this past June at Menla Mountain in Phoenia, New York. Diana Treglia and myself hosted it. It was amazing and so healing. We will hold another one next year. Hold the date, second weekend in June. Gift yourself, you are worth every penny! I will return July 28th, super recharged to begin the next chapter of my life at Ocean Bliss Yoga. We were the first yoga studio to open on 116th five years ago and it has been pure bliss, hence the name of the studio. I believe in the power of healing with yoga. Come by for a class, you will not be disappointed. All my instructors are certified and experienced. Namaste (the light in me sees the light in each and every one of you.)

Marshal Stephen W. Biegel 109 W. 38th Street, Suite 200 New York, NY 10018 Office: (212) MARSHAL (627-7425) Fax: (212) 398-2000

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find it all in the Rockaway Times!

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Between the Bridges in Broad Channel By Peter J. Mahon

I received several inquiries from neighbors who stated that they had had a hard time finding copies of the Rockaway Times (RT) in Broad Channel last week. I conducted a quick tour of the town and found the only Broad Channel store carrying the RT was Hamberrys Delicatessen at 801 Cross Bay Boulevard. Not quite sure what happened but never fear, you can always check out the online edition of the RT each week at Speaking of Hamberry’s Delicatessen, anyone who was out and about early last Friday morning, July 18th, could not help but notice a rather robust police presence in

front of that store. According to the 100th Precinct Commander, Captain Craig Adelman, the store was burglarized sometime between late evening July 17th and early morning July 18th and that the incident is being actively investigated. It is hoped that this incident is simply an aberration and does not reflect an unwelcome shift in our town’s otherwise almost non-existent crime rate. **Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Gill Laffe of W12th Road who was recently injured a vehicle accident. Gil is presently recovering at his better half’s (Anna’s) residence out of town. Get Well Soon Gil!

Last weekend’s “Pig Roast” at the Broad Channel V.F.W. was well attended and enjoyed by all who stopped by. Many thanks to Billy Grillman, Joe Douherty and Matty Conklin for getting the pit fired up and going at 4:00 am in the morning and to Kevin Bautz for taking care of the landscaping and Bobo Prokopowicz who carved and served the main course. And of course, a big thank you to both Gail Waldheim who worked the canteen during the afternoon and Grace Arnemann who kept the party going until the wee hours of Sunday morning. A real special “shout out” to Bobby Glade who helped make sure everyone got home safe and sound! While the West side of Broad Channel was busy with the VFW “Pig Roast” last Saturday, the East side of town was rocking with Pete Kane’s annual block party over on Church Road. These summertime events are but one of the simple pleasures our community here in Broad Channel enjoys that make life in this town unique! This Saturday, July 26th, members of Broad Channel’s V.F.W. and American Legion Posts will attend a new flagpole dedication at the home of 94 year old WWII veteran Leonard Miller at 158 Beach 128th Street at 11 am. Mr. Miller’s previous flagpole was destroyed during Super Storm Sandy. Everyone is

The Rockaway Times invited to attend this dedication ceremony and meet former Metalsmith 2nd Class Miller to congratulate him on the new flagpole and to thank him for his service to our country.! The Broad Channel 2014 Mardi Gras is heating up with the inclusion of Ruffle Bar in the mix of fundraising activities for the BCVFD. On Wednesday, July 30th you can have a delicious corn beef and cabbage dinner delivered to your door for only $10. Call Ruffle Bar at 718-318-2300 to set up your dinner orders. On Saturday, August 2nd, Ruffle Bar will host a pool tournament with cash prizes with an accompanying per person entry fee of $20. On Friday, August 8th at 9 pm a $5 cover will get you in to enjoy the live music of Mr. Big Deal! By the way, did I mention that Ruffle Bar is now serving frozen libations! Keep in mind that the proceeds from all these Summer of 2014 Mardi Gras events, whether they are sponsored by Grassy Point Bar and Grill or Ruffle Bar, go to support the brave men and women of our very own Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department. Broad Channel – Why would anyone want to live anywhere else? See y’all next week. Comments/ Suggestions/Complaints/: email me at rtbetweenthebridges@ or call 347-226-1293

The Rockaway Times

Things to do council

Beth Abraham Health Services 1821 Cornaga Ave. Every third Wednesday of month, 6:30 p.m.

anciEnt oRdER oF hibERnianS diviSion 21

Call 646-662-2329 for more information Knights of Columbus 333 Beach 90th Last Tuesday of the month, 7:30 p.m.

Music & Arts

Rockaway! Exhibit MoMa PS1 Multi-artist and multi-media art Fort Tilden Thursdays through Sundays until September 1 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“a watERcoloR FEaSt”

Paintings from the Brooklyn Watercolor Society Cuisine by Claudette 143 Beach 116th Tuesdays through Sundays July 1 through September 6

PhotogRaPhy Exhibit: wow Rockaway: StoRiES to REMEMbER

Victoria Barber’s photos documenting the aftermath of Sandy YANA 112-34 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Weekdays July 3 through September 1 10 a.m. through 4 p.m.

Community bEach Flix FREE outdooR MoviES on thE

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Films begin at sundown Beach 73rd St. July 26- Surfs Up Beach 112th St. July 30- Sixteen Candles

St. caMilluSSt. viRgiliuS blood dRivE

No appointment necessary. Bring photo ID. Must be between 16-75 years old, Weigh at least 110 lbs, and no tattoos For the last 12 months. Call 718-634-8229 St. Camillus Church Rockaway Beach Blvd. and 100th St. August 17th, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

good govERnMEnt REgulaR dEMocRatic club Ocean Promenade Rehab 140 Beach 113th St. Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

alanon MEEting

First Congregational Church 320 Beach 94th St. Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m.

101St PREcinct coMMunity

Things To Do in Broad Channel St. viRgiliuS goldEn agE MEEting

American Legion Hall 209 Cross Bay Blvd. Every Thursday, 12:30 p.m.

Parks and Beach

bEatlES concERt

at the Beach Terrific Beatles tribute band Beach 108th Street Hockey Rink July 25, 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Magician and vEntRiloquiSt waynE ‘SuPERiiouS’ gaRland Wednesday, July 30 11 .m. Beach 97 concession area

ShaPE uP nyc:

Total Body Circuit Yoga on the Beach Beginner Hatha yoga class Bring mat, large towel, or blanket Beach 108th St. Saturdays through September 6, 8:00 a.m.


Get in shape with this popular form of exercise and dance that

combines Latin and African dance steps. Beach 108th: Wednesdays through August 27, 7:30 p.m. Beach 17th: Tuesdays through August 19, 7 p.m.

Rockaway walkS

Adult fitness walking program Meet at the boardwalk at Beach 19th Saturdays through August 30, 8 a.m. Yoga/Human Movement Bring a mat or large towel Beach 104th Street Monday-Friday thru Labor Day, 8 a.m.

gatEway EvEntS

Family Sailing Families enjoy sailing and the Environment of Dead Horse Bay. Reservation required; Call 718-338-3799 Gateway Marina, Brooklyn Fridays thru August 22, 9:00 a.m.


Visit the volunteers of the Historic Aircraft Restoration Program, as they restore aircraft from Floyd Bennett Field’s aviation history. Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, Hanger B Every Thursday and Saturday through August 30, 2 p.m.

caMP gatEway

Ranger Adventure Nature Walk and exploration for children from 6 to 12 years old. Reservations required; call 718-338-3799. Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn Wiley Post Group Campfire Ring


Observe a South Marsh osprey pair, hear stories of their migrations and their recovery in the U.S. Spotting scope provided for up-close views. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Every day through August 31, 10 a.m.

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The Rockaway Times


The Fishing Report By Matt Whalen

Lacrosse Club Grows In Rockaway The Lacrosse Club of Rockaway (LCR) continued its programming with a girls’ lacrosse clinic at Fort Tilden. The clinic is spearheaded by Mickey Blum, a Rockaway resident, former Notre Dame lacrosse player and current coach. Blum enlisted several of his lacrosse colleagues to help run the clinic. Blum reported that the girls, ranging from grades 1 through 8, learned lacrosse fundamentals while competing and having a great time! The upcoming schedule is action packed and designed for family fun. Thursday, AUGUST 14th is Family Fun Night at Aviator Field. From 5-6 p.m there will be a free clinic for boys and girls (Rising K thru 8th grades): Blum said, “Bring the whole family and friends for a great night of lacrosse including prizes and

raffles! Come see what this great sport is all about.” There will be an exhibition game immediately following the clinic. Graduates of Garden City High School and Chaminade High School will be competing. These are two of the premiere boys high school lacrosse programs in the country. Looking further ahead: August 18th through September 12th at Fort Tilden, the Lacrosse Club will hold seven sessions of skills, drills and scrimmage. (Girls- Monday and Wednesday nights ~ Boys Tuesday and Thursday nights). Blum saysd all experience levels are welcome. For more information, visit us at www.lacrosseclubofrockaway. com or email us at

AHOY ROCKAWAY ! We have some big stiff to report this week, anglers ! This season the local Rockaway area is producing some mighty large fluke ! The tasty fillets are filling up frying pans everywhere. Big Ron’s bait and tackle Howard beach: Dawn at Big Ron’s tells us of some pretty big news over the weekend. Seems some large fish were taken by Captain Joey Bud at the “Tin can grounds.” A very large fluke was caught and weighed in at ten lbs., 9 oz. (now that’s a door mat). Dawn also told us that Porgies are definitely in and are big and there are plenty of them. We checked in with Capt. Mike, home port Howard Beach, and he tells us that the fluke fishing is “steady” in Jamaica Bay with the average pool fish weighing in at a whopping 8 POUNDS! Capt. Mike has everyting that you need, a 70’ Fishing boat with modern conveniences, latest safety equipment, U.S.C.G Safety Inspected and certified, experience, seasoned crew, fishing poles, and help for beginners. Capt. Mike stays inside of the calm protected Jamaica bay waters on fluke trips, so sea sickness is rarely an issue. Emergency numbers: (clip and tape these numbers to the inside of your tackle box, or better yet, put them in your cell phone), remember that you don’t have to be on a boat or even fishing to report a marine or water related emergency (especially since Rockaway is almost totally surrounded by water). NYPD/FDNY Harbor Patrol DIAL 911; U.S.C,G. (Station Jones Beach) 516 785 2988/516 785 2955

Photo (by Joe Russo jr.) or VHF marine radio channel 16 Marine Salvage: Sea Tow 516 623 4183; Tow Boat U.S. 516 631 666 5380 ‘Til next time!

Graybeard Family Fun Run Is Friday The 12th annual Graybeards Family Run kicks off on Friday, July 25, 6:30 p.m. at St. Francis de Sales on Beach 129th Street. The night will begin with the Kids’ Races. These will vary in distance according to age, and will start and finish at Beach 127 Street and Rockaway

Beach Blvd. The Rockaway Special Olympians will follow with their always inspiring Quarter Mile Run. The 1-Mile Run will begin at 7:00 PM. The races will be capped by the 5K Run. Post-race activities will follow

immediately in the St. Francis Schoolyard and will include music by the Grayriders along with the awards presentations, raffles, children’s rides, and plenty of food and beverages. Day of Race registration is from 4PM to 6PM. If you just want to

take part in the festivities, a $10 contribution will be accepted as you enter the yard. Race directors Keith Goldberg and Joe Featherston encourage you to “Come One, Come All” for an evening of fun for the entire family. A large turnout is anticipated so please register early.

The Rockaway Times

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Tennis Anyone? By Taylor Stathis

For anyone in Rockaway who plays tennis, the prospect of finding a decent court to play on can be challenging. Most residents who play on a regular basis are forced to travel outside of the peninsula in order to find suitable courts and reputable tennis programs. Tennis courts are scarce and those that are available are in poor condition, somewhat costly, or require membership. As a result, it is difficult for children and adults alike to develop and maintain an interest in the sport when it is not easily accessible. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation maintains public courts throughout the city, but unfortunately for Rockaway there are no city courts other than Bayswater Park at the east end of the peninsula. While there are public courts housed at the former Beach Channel High School, these courts are in terrible condition; court surfaces are uneven, there are large cracks sprouting weeds, and the nets are falling down. You risk injury playing on these courts. At one time the New York Junior Tennis League (NYJTL), a city run program that provides free tennis lessons for children in neighborhoods throughout the city, was held at the former Beach Channel High School. The program, which was well attended, is no longer offered at that site or any other site in Rockaway, according the NYJTL 2014 calendar. This program would be a great benefit to our community. The program not only

teaches the fundamentals of tennis, but also is fun and encourages good sportsmanship. In Breezy Point there are several well-kept tennis courts that are open to the public. However, in order to play on them there is an hourly fee. These courts are typically rented by the season during prime hours and court time is limited in conjunction with the children’s day camp that is run on a daily basis. The Belle Harbor Yacht Club houses two well maintained clay courts. However, in order to play on them membership is required. So options are limited. If the lack of court availability in the summer wasn’t bad enough, winter bears more trouble. Rockaway does not have any indoor courts and the limited access to outdoor courts results in a migration to the mainland, not only to find courts but to find professional tennis instructors. Players who seek to better their game need instruction. While there are a few instructors who venture to the Rockaways in the summer, the lack of court availability deters many from teaching on the peninsula. If you are interested in the sport of tennis and you live in Rockaway, my advice is to do whatever it takes to play because it is a great sport. While it may not be easy to find access to courts in Rockaway, if you are motivated you will find a way… off the peninsula. Taylor Stathis is an intern at The Rockaway Times and is a student at Holy Cross College.

Rockaway Park

S li c e s & I ce s

Pizzeria Owned and Operated by a Graybeard

ry e v i l e D • t u O e k a T • n I s d t r a Ea C t i d e r ! y C r t e v p i e l c e c D A e e e W Fr 208 Beach 116 th Street Rockaway Park, Ny 11694

718.474.0020 • 718.474.1266

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I n r n e p H i otel P D


718-945-1830 All Private Bath, WiFi, AC, More. Single and double occupancy, by reservation.

The Rockaway Times

158 Beach 114 Street Rockaway Beach, NY

Yoga On The Beach Saturday mornings at Beach 108th street draws a large, but very mellow! crowd for Yoga on the Beach. Helen Kilgallen leads the class that is free and starts at 8 a.m.


Lease Return Specialists SERVING THE ROCKAWAY PENINSULA Lease Return 25 YEARS FOR MORE THANSpecialist Enterprise & Hertz Rental Cars Available

Watch for the


of our 2nd sho

WEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;RE THERE Craftsmanship at its best! ...or nothing at all



NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL We take care of them all!


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Now This Is Waiting For The A Train A woman at the Broad Channel station decided to get comfortable while waiting for the shuttle. We guess it came eventually. Photo by Jordan Lage.

betHel MiSSiOn StAtiOn CHUrCH inC. “educating to ensure endless Possibilities” CUrriCUlUM

• Full Day Universal Pre-K • Ages 2-5 Accepted • Certified & experienced teachers • nyS DOe Common Core Standards • Developmental Screening

• language Development • reading readiness • Mathematics • Science • Art/Music • Computer learning • educational Field trips

Center AvAilAbility • 12 months of the year • Monday thru Friday • Hours: 7:30am to 6:00pm • On Site registration • Private tuition • nutritious Meals -Daily


AUGUSt 7tH & SePteMber 17tH

now registering for UPK

BETHEL MISSION LOVING D.C.C 338 beACH 56tH Street Arverne, ny 11692 MS. DOlOreS PAUAl, DireCtOr 718-474-8618

ROCKAWAY CHILD CARE CENTER 14-66 beACH CHAnnel Drive FAr rOCKAWAy, ny 11691 MS. ClAUDiA DUnKley, DireCtOr 718-327-1384


72-05 beACH CHAnnel Drive Arverne, ny 11691 MS. Arlene CAUley, DireCtOr 718-327-4078 (OFFiCe)

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Open Now!


The Rockaway Times: July 24, 2014  
The Rockaway Times: July 24, 2014