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Romanticism The art period of Romanticism was an interesting one indeed, a complete change from the previous period in art history. Romanticism was completely different from Neo-Classicism and it differed in values as well as emotions. Romanticism was an art period that valued human emotion, freedom and intuition. It was an era that tried to revive the Medieval arts, It was an attempt to bring back the theme and values. Romanticism was a period of imagination, they artists wanted to create fiction, myth and fantasy as well as a supernatural side too it as well. During this period of art, there where many Romantic literary writers. Edgar Allan Poe, was one of those famous poets that really wrote about the imagination, fiction and the fantasy of Romanticism. The Bard was a painting created by the artist Thomas Jones and was completed in 1774. It was a painting that used oil On canvas and is now located at the National Museum of Wales. Throughout this analysis, 8 terms will be used to give a deeper understanding and meaning of the painting by Thomas Jones. 1

These resources were taken by Wikipedia and in class notes at Lasalle College, written and expressed in my own way and form. PG:2


8 TERMS: Composition: In this painting, the viewer can see many things going on in and around this exciting work of art. Composition is made up of shapes and sizes which every painter incorporates in their work of art. As the viewer can see, there is a lot of composition to be seen. When looking at this painting, many will experience different views in general this painting is very unique in its own way. As the viewer can see, the mountains in the back look like oval circles and the trees and stones look like cylinders and rectangles. By adding shapes it gives an excellent value of composition Movement: For many painters, the movement is one of the most important aspects in a painting. It gives it life as well as emotion and value. In the painting, as the viewer can see there is quite a bit of movement in every corner of the painting. As the viewer looks up you can see the clouds moving in a rather fast pace. The women and the trees are also moving at a fast pace, as the viewer can see by adding the wind factor, the movement is that more noticeable.

Balance: In the painting, the balance is quite noticeable. It seems to have a rather off-balance theme to it. As the viewer can see a lot of the movement is happening in the middle from top to bottom but if you look at every corner of the painting there is no movement making the painting an off-balance.By having in off-balance painting it gives it a different aspect in the way we think. COLOUR: The biggest pleasure for an artist is to play with his or hers colors, it’s what gives them the joy and it also gives a painting elegance and beauty. As the viewer can see, there are many dark shades of colours and there are not many bright colours such as yellow, pink and red. In the painting, it looks like a big storm It is only appropriate to have dark colors. MOOD: Another big aspect when analyzing a painting is definitely the mood. As the viewer can see the colours are very dark making the mood gloomy but at the same time worth watching. Based on the colours it gives this painting a mild mood in between relaxed and wild. Shape: As described earlier in the analysis, the shapes play a big role in the paintings composition. As the viewer can see, there are many shapes including circle shapes as well as rectangular and cylinder shapes. Colour: In a painting, colours play a big role in the Mood of the painting as well as the value. As the viewer can see, most of these colours are dark colours bringing the mood into a gloomy mood. Space: In a painting, the space plays a big part in the success of a painting. As the viewer can see, most of the space is taken up by objects such as the women the trees and the mountains. The 4 corners are the only 4 places that don’t have much to show but it does take up space. In Conclusion: The painting that we see here was created by the famous artist Thomas Jones and is called The Bard. I feel that this painting shows the side of Romanticism to a good extent, as you can see the way the clouds, trees and ground move is a sign of imagination. PG: 4

The world of Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism  

Major movements project by Brandon Rock

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