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Rock and Roll Type Rotomoulding Machines

Also known as rotational molding, rotomoulding is a most economical molding process for creating hollow items especially the large hollow items of plastic. When compared to other molding processes like injection moulding and blow moulding the tooling or die cost of the equipment is less in case of rotomoulding. The main purpose of using this rotational molding process is to create consistency in wall thickness and density. Machines used for rotomoulding generally consist of parts like molds, oven, cooling chamber and mold spindles. The molds are used to create the item where as the oven to heat the item while rotating it and the cooling chamber is the place where the hot item is placed until it cools and the spindles are mounted to rotate to provide a uniform coat of plastic inside each mold. Manufacturing such machines for rotomoulding using advanced technologies is what N.A. Group of Companies, an ISO 9001:2000 certified rotomoulding machines manufacturer is expert at. With sound industrial knowledge and good understanding of customer requirements it provides rotational moulding machines like rock and roll rotomoulding machines, bi-axial rotomoulding machines and ancillary equipments including pulveriser, mixer, extruder, scrap grinder & MS, SS and aluminum die casting moulds for use in various industries.

Rock and Roll Type Rotomoulding Machines:

Rock and roll rotomoulding machines are the specialized single arm machines which can rotate up to 360 degrees in a direction and at the same time also rotate the mold 45 degrees in other direction. These machines generally use forced hot air to heat up the mold and are the best ones to cast large hollow parts having long length-to-width ratio. These are the ultimate heat cost savers because of the small heating chambers that they contain. The rock and roll type rotomoulding machines manufactured by N.A Group are the advanced machines available in different frame sizes ranging from 1.5 x 2.5 meters to 3.5 x 7.0 meters to produce up to 10000USG capacity. Best to manufacture large hollow items especially pipes, boats up to 6.5 meters, these are the sturdy and most economical rotomoulders that can be adjusted to different speeds for rocking and rolling for better control of the product. These machines are also available in models of closed oven type rock and roll models with cooling station present in it.

Bi-Axial Rotomoulding Machines:

In bi-axial rotomoulding machines the mold rotates on two perpendicular axes instead of single axis. The mold is built on arms of the machine which rotates bi-axially in side the oven where hot air circulates to melts the resin in side the mould. As the mould rotates the resin melts under heat of the oven and spreads to walls of the moulds to the uniform thickness product. These mould are then transferred to the cooling chambers where the mold cools and hardens to take a perfect shape. These machines are available in models of fix oven type and moving oven type models. At N.A Group, we manufacture bi-axial fix oven type rotomoulding machines and biaxial moving oven type rotomoulding machines having oven chamber size from 1.5 meters to 6.0 meters to produce up to 5000 USG capacity. These are the most advanced models having independent 3 or 4 arms with 4 or 5 stations for better moulding.

Rock and Roll Type Rotomoulding Machines -  

Rock and roll rotomoulding machines are the specialized single arm machines which can rotate up to 360 degrees in a direction and at the sam...