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Electrical Hazards and Safety Measures

Electric shock is a general term used for the excitation and disturbance of nerves and muscles caused by passage of electric current. • Higher the amount more is the severity. The effects related to current are:• Upto 1 mA - No sensation • > 5 mA - Experiences of shock • >10 mA - Local muscular contract • > 50 mA - Body cannot be released. • > 50 mA to 80 mA - Pumping of heart stops.

CAUSES OF ELECTRICAL ACCIDENTS • Violation of Shutdown Procedure • Lack of Skill / Authority Only trained & authorized electrician should work in the live installations.

• Poor Insulation Insulation is the barrier between the current flow and the operator. It is important to have a strong insulated wiring to your home

• Improper Earthing Earthing of machines as per Electricity Act / Rules (All motors above 400 V to be earthed with two separate and distinct earthing).

• Inadequate Guarding • Defective Tools • Wrong Assumption All the tools & tackles to be maintained. Periodic checking of insulation is essential.

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Electrical Hazards and Safety Measures  

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