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Billboard 200 debut chart position: #7

Rob Zombie Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor “[Rob Zombie’s] best album since his debut masterpiece… a non-stop thrill ride of freakin’ fun rock ’n’ roll. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.” – Loudwire

Billboard 200 debut chart position: #6

Megadeth Super Collider “Super Collider…It’s another strong addition to Megadeth’s catalog and might also be their most diverse.” – Guitar World

Kobra And The Lotus Kobra And The Lotus “Kobra and the Lotus have taken metal to a new level, devising a sound all of their own.” – Valley Hype © Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Photo By Leah Burlington

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36 Rob Zombie’s GAN - 15 nights of music and more

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58 Lamb of God - and Killswitch Engage

Iron Maiden Megadeth Great American Nightmare Raiding the Rock Vault Korn Eddie Trunk’s 30 Anniv. Zappa Plays Zappa Saxon Screamfest LA Lamb of God/ Killswitch Engage Ride for Dime Mushroomhead Rock against MS Paramore Hayley Devil Driver Sullen Musik Women in Rock Emphatic

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Music City Saint Rocke Reviews How to be a Rock Star in a Bar Fan Favorite -Divine Sorrow Intense Guitar Mastering with Maor Know Your Gear Shops that Rock- Carvin Miss Katonic with Ashes AMetal Madness Music with Michael G Pedal review

each other.

The Rocky Survivor theme song started playing to indicate the start of their set. I was proud to see a flock of men and women crowd surfing during each song. Along with the slew of horns and head bangers, there were a few pits going as well. I was glad that they played a bunch of my favorites, including: The New Awakening, No End in Sight, My Last Serenade, and My Curse. When I first got into the band Howard Jones was the lead singer. Upon learn- Perhaps it’s kismet, but of course they ing that Jesse Leach, the original vocal- closed with The End of Heartache. For me, that was the cherry on top to an ist, had returned and would be singing the song that I recognized the band for, already satisfying set list. As for their latest release Disarm the Descent, if I started looking forward to the show you have yet to hear anything off of even more. Not only was this my first KSE show, but it was also my first time the new album, I suggest checking out their music video for Always. As far as at the Hollywood Palladium. Up until this point, I had expected a much more hardcore metal is concerned, and music modestly sized venue, but was pleased in general, Killswitch Engage offers up to note the spaciousness. Granted, the a remarkable concert experience full of size of the auditorium was no match for contagious energy and songs that make your skin hum. the amount of people in attendance. It -Andrea Granillo was packed; people were forced to

Igor Vidyashev

My introduction to metal happened when I was a freshman because of a friend named Jon. One of the first bands he shared with me was Killswitch Engage, and the first song I ever loved from them was The End of Heartache. It took eight years for me to see them live, and the entire time they were playing I kept thinking that it was worth the wait.

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Guns ‘N Roses 100 Hundred Proof James LaBrie Dream Theater Trippy the Clowns “Metal Madness with Zloz Orange Goblin/Holy Grail Heaven & Earth Archer Richie Ramone Arthur Gonzales Lita Ford William Control Spider Powerman 5000 Terry Glaze Rob Caggiano Volbeat the Dread Crew of Oddwood Flix FX Sean McNabb Every Time I Die Jeremy Wagner Broken Hope Inside Riot Morgan Rose Sevendust Toshi Brent Woods Ted Nugent

Cover Photos by: Lita Ford: GENE KIRKAND Paramore: Igor Vidyashev Emilie Autumn: Matt Upton

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of the greatest hits from the 60’s till today, but overall a great show with not only music history, but a little of actual history as well. One amazing show that was 15 day’s long and blew everyone’s mind was Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare! It was music, haunted houses, scares, vendors and we were there with a backstage pass to see it all; with a red carpet start to a SOLD OUT finish. For our gear head friends out there, don’t worry we didn’t forget about you either we took you to the Carvin factory for a behind the scenes look at the hard work that goes into their custom guitars, bases, cabs, even down to the pick-ups and circuit boards that are all made in house! It has been a fun issue as they all are!! And us Girls along with our awesome male crew look forward to another awesome year of ROCK N ROLL!!!

WRITERS: Raquel Figlo, Jamie Katonic, Stacey Shaw, Manny Rivas II, Michael G Clark, Peggy Murphy, Julian Douglas, WINJOW, Rob Gainey, Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen, Roger Stoddard, Nicole DeMarco, Taylor Hicks, Laura Chen, Sarah Roberts, Scott Schoenkopt, Toshi Iseda, Sandy Martin, Monni McCleary, Tim Phoenix, Ray Laracuente, Raya Morrison, Justin Ingold, Evlin Lake, Billy Zee, Parker Minor, Wolf Navarro, Daniel Hicks PHOTOGRAPHERS: Neil Zlozower, Igor Vidyashev, Chad Lee, Leah Burlington*, Alex Kluft*, Jazmin Monet Estopin, Simi Friedman*, Gonzo Sandoval*, Enrique Nuñez*, Cyndi Johnson, Lan Nguyen*, Doug Gouge, Larry Dimazio, Matt Upton, Graham Denzler, Craig Morse, Scott Dworkin* * Photojournalists

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Neil Zlozower

Rock N Women Since this issue is focused on Rock N Women, to represent the definition of what it takes to be and succeed in the Rock Scene the very own inspirational Rockin’ Lita Ford on the cover. We thought we would change things up this issue and let you hear from some of the Women that make this magazine ROCK! We recently got together at Zloz studio in Hollywood to do a photo shoot featuring some of our RNR Gear: From right- Angelica (our Senior Editor), myself, Sandy Martin (journalist, musician and much more), and Evlin Lake (RnR journalist). But there were many other awesome things that we got to do in this issue! Including a Vegas trip to see Raiding the Rock Vault at LVH with Leah Burlington our resident Vegas Photographer. Let me tell you, that show is definitely a must see while in town! Not only is it an awesome show with some

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Perfect timing. Barry Kerch’s decision to join ddrum is as perfectly timed as his musicianship with Shinedown. His love for classic tone and traditional shell sizes in a modern setting coincides with our release of Vintone Elemental and Vintone Arbor snare drums... and of ddrum’s flagship Paladin Maple, our tonally supreme drum set to date.

Barry’s Paladin Maple drum kit is finished in Inca Gold Sparkle with Vintage Nickel hardware. Our 5.3mm maple tom shells and 7mm Vintageblend maple/poplar snare and bass shells provide rich low end and clarity that will complement your music, too.

“Huge, sensitive, amazing: all you could ever ask for.” Barry raves about our Vintone Arbor 7x14 mahogany snare. We hope you play one soon, and agree. The sweet sound and feel of our Vintone Elemental 7x14 nickel over brass snare wowed Barry. Its sheer musicality is a joy you should experience for yourself.

Find your favorites in our full selection of Paladin kits and Vintone snares at – and catch Barry’s masterful use of ddrum on his 2013 tour with Shinedown! ddrumUSA


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Barry Kerch

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Q & A with Guns ‘N Roses

We could write a book just talking about Guns ‘N Roses, their historic career, success and controversy. We could do the same with Axl Rose alone. That’s why we now delve a bit into the prolific members we don’t always get to fill the pages with. In fact, most people forget that the current members of GnR have been in the band longer than the original lineup, yet they often don’t get the credit they deserve for keeping the band going as strong as it still is. After Axl Rose, Dizzy Reed, the band’s keyboardist- is the elder of the band, going on 23 years. Dizzy’s resume within his time with GnR is extensive, even finding time to tour with 80’s new wave greats, The Psychedelic Furs. Two of the bands guitarists are a couple of the latest. In 2006 Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, one of the most memorizing lead guitarists in the industry, brought his talent to an already talent packed lineup, bringing years of experience through out the rock world. Lastly comes the new kid of the band, the enigmatic, now co-lead guitarist, Dj Ashba. When Dj jumped on board with GnR in 2009 he had already amassed an impressive rock & roll journey. In 1998 he played with 80’s Sunset rockers The Bullet Boys, then a year

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later teamed up with Bang Tango front man Joe Leste to form Beautiful Creatures. Three years after, he left BC and formed his next solo band ASHBA, consisting of members from Slaughter and Tuff. Then in 2007 while still collaborating on the side, he formed Sixx:A.M. with Motley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx. In between all of this, Dj has worked with everyone from Drowning Pool to Neil Diamond.

anything else at this point in my life so I may as well make the most of it. Dj: Well it’s very simple, we actually have nothing but respect for each other, not only as musicians, but as friends.

In 2012, Guns ‘N Roses was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. At the time there was a lot of controversy about who’s names were selected to represent the band by the R&R HOF, let alone who was asked Now let’s sit down for a little Q & A with the members of Guns ‘N Roses: Bumblefoot, Dizzy to perform. Not trying to fuel the fire, the current line-up IS Guns ‘N Roses and has Reed and Dj Ashba. been for a while. Was it personally a big deal From day one Gun ‘N Roses has always been for you not being a part of it? known for their live performances. It seems that even during one of the band’s three hour Bumblefoot: I personally would have liked to see a celebration of the entire history of the concerts, the energy never let’s up and the group, but I support decisions made and why. dynamic chemistry carries over off stage. Everyone appears to get along so well with Dizzy: Every day, I wake up and tell myself… one another whether it be enjoying playing “wow man, you made it this far and are so lucky in front of a crowd or hanging out with fans to be able to do this for a living, still.” What a after a show. That’s almost a rare occasion feeling! these days with bands that have been around Dj: This is the first I’ve heard about any of a while. Why do you suppose that is? this..... ;) Bumblefoot: I think everyone’s just giving their Were you a big fan of GnR when they first best, doing what we should do. I’ve always hung out with fans before and after shows, even came out? Did you ever imagine that one day you could be a member? during bringing them on stage with me - that’s how I’ve always been. It’s what feels right and Bumblefoot: Never thought life would lead this how I like things to be. The band and the fans direction, but you never can predict. Sure I was are one entity, one doesn’t exist without the a fan, who wasn’t? It’s great to play anything that other; they’re a team. people enjoy, whether it’s my own songs, Guns songs…anything. I enjoy playing, and like to Dizzy: I think it is a combination of semi-quasiprofessionalism, necessity and alcohol. I can’t do share that joy, it’s really that simple.

Igor Vidyashev

It’s a rare chance to get an interview with a member of one of the greatest American bands in rock & roll history, let alone several members. This “Q & A with Mr. 80’s” does just that, as I get the opportunity to sit down with a few of the guys in Guns ‘N Roses.

Dizzy: I was a fan of the band before I joined. The first time I saw them at The Troubadour in ’85, I could tell there was something special there and I did think to myself it would be great to be a part of that. My band was living next door to them at our rehearsal studio, Axl heard me play piano one day, and he said something like ‘one day, when we’re ready, we’re going to add a keyboard player and it’s going to be you’. Then Appetite came out and the bigger it got, the more I figured that notion would be lost, but he stuck to his plan and I thank my lucky stars every day that he didn’t forget.

being produced? Does the world get to feel what it’s like to drive a car like yours or only dream about it?

Dizzy: It’s twinge or an itch

more of a than a chuckle.

Bumblefoot you have recently been collaborating & performing with Tony Harnell, the vocalist of TNT. You also have some very admirable things to be proud of. From teaching music at SUNY, being on the Board of Directors of the MS Research Dj: I cut my teeth on bands such as Guns N’ Foundation, helping to raise money for Roses along with many other great bands Multiple Sclerosis research and you were from that era. If you would have told me when even asked to be a cultural envoy for the US I was a kid just starting out on guitar that one Embassy in Albania, working along with the day I would play lead guitar for GnR I would of probably asked you to share a hit of the glue you United Nations & the US Department of State. Care to fill us in a bit more? were sniffing. Ha. GnR has recorded some great covers over the years, such as Live And Let Die, Sympathy For The Devil, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, Mama Kin and the entire Spaghetti Incident LP. If GnR ever did another album of covers, what would be a few songs you’d like to do Guns ‘N Roses styled? Bumblefoot: I’d like to do “Play the Game” from Queen, The Beatles’ Abbey Road Side B medley, and some old Judas Priest.

Bumblefoot: For over twenty years I’ve been releasing ‘Bumblefoot’ music, putting out albums, touring, co-writing and producing at my studio, making music for videogames and TV shows, teaching, doing guest spots with other bands on stage & on albums, living a very fulfilling musical life. In the second half of 2013 GNR’s been on break and I’ve been doing lots of guitar workshops and Bumble’ touring around the world, and looooving it; I’ve missed it. For me, music serves a greater good - fundraising shows for medical research, visits to children’s hospitals, orphanages, that’s the best part of making music: helping people.

Dizzy: I play in a few bands that cover GnR songs so what I would really like to do is write some new songs, have GnR record them and Dizzy you play in quite a few side bands. then cover them in my cover band so I can cover Hookers & Blow, Starfuckers, The Dick myself. Pistols, eMpTy V, The Dizzy Reed Band and most recently The Dead Daisies (with Dj: Anything by Elvis Presley. Richard Fortus). How do you do it and are I’m not sure if it’s just me, and it certainly you still having fun? could be, but it seems that every time Dizzy: Being able to say I’m in all of the above I’m having a drink with one of you the mentioned bands, in the same sentence, that in Jägermeister comes out. During your Las itself is pretty fucking fun. Vegas Hard Rock residency in 2012, the display case exhibit for GnR featured a few Dj recent projects have consisted of Jäger items along with signature pieces from launching your own clothing company each member. Is Jäger the unofficial drink AshbaSwag and if that’s not enough, Ashba of GnR or just a bit of coincidence? When Media Inc. you’re not enjoying some Jäger, what is your Dj: I believe that you can have anything in life drink of choice? that you want, you just have to be willing to work Bumblefoot: These days my drink of choice as hard as it takes to get it. Staying focused is is water. But any time there was a bottle in my half the fight. They say 90% of failure happens hand, it was a square green bottle... Jäger. when you give up just before succeeding, and I believe this to be very true. Creating something Dizzy: I would like to go on record as saying from a simple idea in my head and seeing that the Jagermeister is NOT the official drink of vision thru until I can physically touch it, is a GnR, but I would have no problem making it the official drink of Dizzy Reed, The Dizzy Reed high better than any drug in this world. It’s never Band, or any of the other bands that I am a part been about the money, it’s about the passion of of, perceptively offensive names permitting, and creating an idea that’s in your head. A product of the imagination, a product that you can be proud of which I am not a hired musician and/or have of. Steve Jobs once said that everything around input in to such matters. I will be waiting for my you was created by someone no smarter than phone to ring Jäger marketing people. you, this has always stuck with me. I believe Dj: Me n’ Dizzy love the Jäger. My drink of failing is not an option, it’s a lesson that you will choice would have to be a Monster Bomb! need to learn to succeed. (Monster Energy Drink mixed with Jäger) Dj A fun tidbit has to be about one of your Dizzy, having been in Guns ‘N Roses for 23 cars, known as “The Death Ride”. You had a years, I’m sure you’ve seen a GnR music custom built 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8, video pop up in some places. Are there any a sheer beast. There was talk about more that you look back at and get a chuckle?

Dj: I teamed up with West Coast Customs and we are moving forward to release a limited edition ASHBA Challenger in the year 2014. Check out What other projects are you up to or on the horizon you would like to let everyone know about? Bumblefoot: Just looking to keep doing more of what I’m doing, more writing, recording, performing, producing, teaching. I have a line of hot sauces, ranging from mild cherry-bourbon chipotle “Bumblicious” to brutally-hot ginger tropical fruit “BumbleF**KED!!”, merch included. Also, I have an upcoming line of guitar cases coming out soon, please visit for updates, thanks! Dizzy: One day, hopefully before I die, I will mix and put out my “solo” record. If anyone has the skills and creds and wants to mix it, let me know. Dj: To answer this question check out the 3 brand new websites that I just launched:www., and www. Dj Fans are always talking about some of your earlier projects, like Beautiful Creatures, ASHBA and Sixx:A.M. Any chance some day of a BC or ASHBA reunion or even a Sixx:A.M. Tour? Dj: There are zero plans to do anything with BC or my solo project. However we are just finishing up the new Sixx:A.M. album which I can not wait for the world to hear. We are shooting for an early 2014 release. We’ve been friends through two decades and have made some great memories. Any fun times with “Mr. 80’s” that stand out? Dizzy: Filling in for you as host of Totally Wayback Wednesdays while we’re on vacation and becoming “Mr. 80’s” was always a blast for me. Not because you weren’t there, lol. But let’s face it, we don’t remember the really fun times. How could we? Dj: Yes we have! Every time I think of you It puts a smile on my face. You are truly one of the good souls in Hollywood! I am proud to have you in my life and to call you a friend. To Bumblefoot: Though we’ve only known each other for a few years, I bet you didn’t know you and yours truly “Mr. 80’s” share a few special things in common. We both helped raise money for disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina & the Japan Tsunami AND you & I were both born on September 25th and in New York. But no worries, I have a few years on you. Bumblefoot: Very cool man, kindred spirits… J A very special thanks once again to the members of Guns ‘N Roses: Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Dizzy Reed, & Dj Ashba. By Julian Douglas aka “Mr. 80’s” Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 13

olf pack bonded by brotherly love and music OneHundred Proof is marking their territory all over the trees of Redlands with their highly anticipated debut album “Wolf Among the Sheep,” with the help of their new label, Sullen Musik. They are spreading the Inland Empire music scene to the coast of Southern CA and beyond. Their sound is a mix of rock and hip-hop, with a touch of blues and soul. With their melodic, fast tempo, in-your-face rock n roll, it’s no wonder CEO Jeremy Hanna signed them to his Sullen Musik label. OneHundred Proof is an example of what hard work, blood, sweat, and tears can do. Not only do these guys rock, but they also have a heart of gold, and want to give other bands from the IE a platform to stand on. I sat down with OneHundred Proof at the Sullen headquarters to follow up on what they have been up to since I first met them almost one year ago, on the O’ Brown Show for B Real TV. 100 Hundred Proof is: Double E (Vocals & Lead Guitarist) – Eric Estrada Famous Jamous (Vocals & other Instruments)- Jimi Estrada Bminor (Rhythm Guitar) –Mike Bminor Vasquez (Bass) – Steven Vasquez Mike P (Drums) – Mike Pasillas

What have you been up to since I saw you last on the O’ Brown Show earlier this year? Eric: We got signed to Sullen Musik back in August. We just released our debut album, “Wolf Among the Sheep,” on Sullen Musik. Jimmy: I missed the O’ Brown Show but we have been doing some really great shows at HOB Anaheim. We are killing it in the Inland Empire. Recently had a show at the Universal City Walk at the Jon Lovitz Club. We played with Static Fiction and The Chimps. We have been pushing other things out such as merchandise, and now we have definitely moved forward and progressed as a band.

beats, we wanted to do them live and include them in the music. And that’s how we got the hip hop and rock sound! As far as the majority of the writing, my brother Eric does it. He comes up with the ideas of the songs. As for the band collectively, we throw in all the touches. My brother and I write our own lyrics. I write a lot of the chorus lines. Everyone puts in their ideas and their touches. Eric: Jimmy has a real good way of writing a lot of the big strong choruses. It is easy for people to sing along with it. When I play Jimmy a beat, I can actually see him mouthing a chorus line to himself, which is awkward, but he is “so on point,” he is great to work with. With these guys, any time we start to work, building How did you get signed to Sullen MusiK? ideas, they earn things and move things so quickly, Jimmy: I got in touch with Jeremy Hanna a couple that when I walk into a room with what I think is a years ago. I had been out to some shows, and I had been a fan of the sullen brand for quite a while. I didn’t small idea, we already have a full song to perform. It is just really easy to get these ideas out there. know that they had anything to do with bands and music. At first Jeremy was hesitant, but once I told him What makes OneHundred Proof’s sound so unique? Jimmy: As for myself, the harmonic is different and what we are all about he said, “Well, let’s just take it slow or whatever and see what happens.” Pretty soon people seem to like it. They ask for “more harmonica! More harmonica!”(Laughs). I think it is dope. The we became a part of the Sullen family, getting sponuniqueness is the overall use of rock and hip-hop. We sored by the clothing. We had just invested so much time with the Sullen family that we were stoked when are not saying it has never been done, but I think it is just the musical background and different types of we got signed officially to Sullen Musik. music that we throw in there. I throw in the hip-hop and my brother has more of that Jim Morrison voice when he is singing and screaming. He really never thought he was going to be a singer until a few years ago. He is a good singer. What makes us unique is our drive in general. We work our asses off. We do it 100 percent, and we go above and beyond. And that’s because what we want is only up to us, and we have to go grab it ourselves. No one is going to hand it to us.

Tell me about your new album, “Wolf Among the Sheep? Eric: This is our debut album off our new label, Sullen Musik. Robert Rios did the artwork, and made it look SICK! We are really excited about it. We put together some really heavy tracks. It’s a good mix of rock and hip-hop. The recording process was great. Any time we get into a room there is magic. The new album came together perfectly. We did it down at Lunch Box Studios. Lunch Box is a great person to work with. It was a short and sweet process. It came out perfectly in my eyes.

It’s really cool to see the strong force of these bands coming together and representing the IE. We are planning on going up North and out of state, playing some shows and making a statement, letting people know that you don’t have to just go to LA to experience a music scene. You can come to the Inland Empire there is a lot of talent out there. We are going to be representing Sullen Musik, Inland Empire, and OneHundred Proof!

Mike Bminor: It’s in the planning phases now, but we are going to tour starting in February to March. We are touring with five of the best bands out of the IE! It’s been a long time coming, and we are pretty stoked about it. Jimmy: We are excited because we have Low Life Music, who just got signed by Sullen Musik, and they are going on tour with us. We got approached by Dos of Adolescents, and Assuming We Survive, who are some kind of veterans; I guess you could say, as far as some of the music scene in the Inland Empire.

What’s your favorite song on your new album? Steven: “Stronger.” It was simple at first then I added the bass part to it and made it awesome!

What’s unique about the Inland Empire music scene that the rest of the world needs to know? Eric: There are a lot of bands that just bust their ass. They throw great shows but they are just so over There is a lot of harmonica on the new album. looked. So many people say you need to go to LA to Whose influence is this? Jimmy: I picked up the harmonica years ago. I was at see a good show. The point is there are so many good bands that work their asses off from where we are first very hesitant about bringing harmonica in a hiphop band because it is a more of a blues sound, and I from, that don’t get the recognition that they should. I was afraid people were not going to really dig that. We guess I would be crushed if people didn’t pay attention to the music that we did, but we make a statement, come from a background of different types of music, and my brother Eric said to just try it! He said put it in and we hold our fists high, and that’s how we approach it. Other bands have the same drive, they just there and he kept pushing me to do it. Sure enough don’t have that platform yet, and that’s what we are I did, and it was awesome! Its one of those things people always ask about. It’s just something you don’t hoping to do. We want to open up a platform so all these other bands can step up and have a chance to hear in the rock and hip-hop scene. do what we are doing. Tell me about you upcoming tour?

14 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

What’s the creative process when you are writing OneHundred Proof’s music? I notice instruments, beats, and harmonica. Jimmy: That’s funny that you mentioned beats. Eric, who is the original member of the band, makes beats and does this whole hip hop thing on the side. We are all into different types of music, but as for the

What can your fans expect from you next year? Eric: More shows, and a new album. We are already in the studio writing. I always want to give the fans the biggest show possible. We are playing at cool venues, and I know we have plenty lined up for the New Year, so get ready! Jimmy: You are going to see a lot more of us, everything that is going on with Sullen, and the new label. You will see us right here in RNR Magazine! We appreciate it. We are going to keep pushing, not just for ourselves, but also for our fans. They are so die hard that we owe it to them, so we have to continue doing what we do as long as they keep fueling our fire to keep running with it. Nothing is stopping us now! NAMM is really big for us and we will be supper aggressive this year. The first year you go to NAMM, it’s like Disneyland. The second year, you look around at everything and start meeting people. This year, we have so much more ammo. This year will speak for itself. We have to present it in the best way. How can your fans keep in touch with you? Mike: Look up Official100proof on all social media, reverb, iTunes….GO BUY OUR ALBUM! -Raquel Figlo

photo: Matt Upton


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By: Scott Dworkin

“We knew that we wanted to make an extremely bold statement” enlightened to the reality of what is actually going on here and just how important it is and how vital it is so that we can continue to live our lives of liberty so to speak. If it wasn’t for the men and women that are representing us in democracy, then none of this would exist. I think to a certain extent it is taken for granted because the average human being does not have to deal with that.


ell us about the new video for “The Enemy Inside” off of the Dream Theater album and the reasoning behind why you guys wrote the song, and how it led into working with the PTSD and Disabled Warrior Project? James LaBrie: The Enemy Inside, was put together obviously while we were in the studio. It was going to be probably the big metal track of the album because the rest of the album is more or less, in the vein of the two predominant or primary elements in our music the metal and the progressive side of music. So, those two elements are always kind of presenting themselves pretty much within each song composition. Once we finalized the arrangement and it was completed; John started to pen some words, and was very much intrigued by the post traumatic stress being put on military or anybody serving our country in a conflicting way. At that point, he started to talk to me about what the message was. He was really focusing on discussing the stories that are out there and the truths our women and men that are serving our country and what is happening to them personally on a peripheral sense; be it relationships at home, with friends, family, relatives, however far it spans from there. It’s very destructive, and it’s something that leaves a scar on the individual and on the members of family and so on. It was something that he really wanted to talk about. I think with this song, the subject matter is of a very political nature. I remember saying we’ve got to walk that fine line, and he said, “Absolutely, but I think it needs to be known, and it’s something that affects millions of people around the world.” As far as supporting the cause and that it’s just something that kind of materialized from when the video was being talked about and what we thought was important to include in the video, and then we thought let’s take it even further. We want to leave it to the listener to come to their conclusion, but at the same time be 16 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Let’s talk about the album as a whole. How do you guys feel? We are ecstatic! That’s definitely how we all feel and our label Roadrunner as well. We’re all over the moon about how it’s going, but they were there from day one. When they were coming in and listening to the songs as we were creating them in the studio, they were completely pumped and psyched, and they really thought there was something going on here album-wise that was really going to even push our notoriety and our awareness around the world even further. A lot of what made this album really work for us was the fact that we brought in Mike Mangini from the very beginning. On A Dramatic Turn of Events, granted he was involved when it came time for him to lay down his drum tracks, but he wasn’t there while the music was being written. This time, he was, and I think it really, really brought in a completely different feel from the very beginning, from day one just because of the way that he interprets, the way that he responds, he’s very intuitive, and spontaneous, that’s the kind of musician he is. Beyond that, I think it was a matter of us consciously being aware that we wanted this album to include certain aspects of the band that we know have always been the more palatable, attractive, or appealing parts of the band. We’ve been talking for quite some time about writing a track that would be perfect for opening each and every night that we go on stage to perform a show. We were talking about a song being very cinematic and very movie or story-like, we did that with the False Awakening, the opening track. Then we also knew that on this album we wanted to include an instrumental; which we haven’t done in almost a decade, that too has always been a part of Dream Theater that the fans have always embraced. We also knew that we wanted to do another Epic song, which we haven’t done for quite some time, coming out with Illumination Theory (which is 22 minutes long). I think having those three songs on the album really kind of brought it to a whole new level once again, but also keeping it relevant and contemporary sounding

as well as the other songs. My favorite track is The Bigger Picture, that’s a classic progressive Dream Theater song with strong melody. The way that this album- the sequencing of the album makes it very dynamic. The melody and harmonies really stand out on there. We knew that we wanted to make an extremely bold statement musically, and we had to be courageous enough to say that we’re going to self-title the album this far into our career. A Dramatic Turn of Events- that album, we knew there was going to be a lot of scrutiny, a lot of apprehensive feelings from the fans, but I think at the same time, it was a matter of us saying, you know, we are the same band. Listen to this music. Nothing has changed. Nothing has been lost. There’s a new drummer in the band, granted, but once again, the identity and the music that has always been who we are has not been lost. That was proven, not only with the release of the album, but when everyone saw the shows throughout the world tour, it was taken even further that there’s a great spirit in the band. There was camaraderie. With this album, it was like, okay, let’s just get in the studio and be who we are and put out the most amazing album that we can possibly write, and take it into the next chapter of Dream Theater, we achieve that. It’s amazing to hear you say that you after all these years together and with the super talented guys that make up your band that you would have to prove anything, but that’s the shame of it. I think fans are always going to be that way when a member leaves. You know, there’s a lot of controversy out there. We knew that as far as “Are these guys really going to go on?” “What’s the situation there? Is it going to have the same vibe?” Yes. Unfortunately, that’s the way people are when they see one of the original members leave from any band. That’s the first thing they’re going to jump to no matter who it might be as far as somebody. “Is it going to be this band that I grew up with or that I have been a part of their ride for so many years?” “Is it still going to feel the same to me?” That’s fine. That’s a natural reaction. I don’t fault anyone for that. You need to deal with that, and you need to go through that process, and you need to prove yourself. We’re just as excited, pumped, and hungry at making it go down with something that is memorable, and something that you will want to continue listening to, and something that you will want to continue going

on for quite some time into the future. That’s who we are. We’ll all know at some point it will end, but I don’t see that happening for quite some time. Will Dream Theater be in the states in 2014? Yes. I think that first of all, we just recently have been having big production meetings with the actual set up for the tour. What can the U.S. fans expect? It’s going to be an amazing tour. We’re really working on the show and it will be spectacular, we want everyone to leave with that feeling that there’s something that resonates with them, and it stays with them for quite some time. From the production end of things and the actual visual and obviously the music aspects of a concert, we’re thrilled, and it’s really exciting what we’re going to be doing with the next tour. I can’t really say exactly what we are doing, but I can’t wait till people see it and experience it. Realistically, I can’t see us starting a North American tour until I would say April of 2014 just because we start in Europe. January 15th we start in Portugal. We’re going to be over there until I think March 1st we come home. Then at that point, we’re going to want to take a little bit of a breather and recharge our batteries, so usually it’s a three or four week down time, and then we’ll start up again. It should be North America next spring. It’s either us going back and doing lot of summer festival shows over in Europe or going to Asia, India and possibly the Middle East, stuff like that, going over into those parts of the world. From there, South America obviously, and getting down into those areas. Usually, the tour is around anywhere 14 months to 18 months, so there’s quite a bit of touring ahead of us. That’s exciting. That’s the way it should be, especially these days. It’s great that the fans are still there. I think it’s going to be awesome. Our fans are phenomenal, and I think we as a band were reminded of that just recently with the album release. We came in number 7 on Billboard, and number 5 in Canada on charts, and in the top 5 pretty much around the world, number 1 in Japan, and throughout Europe it was just phenomenal. We’re blessed. There’s no doubt about it. We have a phenomenal fan base around the world that are always there and have always been, through many years have supported us, and continue to do so. We’re very fortunate to have the kind of longevity that we’ve garnered in this industry and career, it’s incredible.

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I’m “TRIPPY THE CLOWN” a.k.a. ‘DA METAL GOD’ and if you don’t know me by now, “FUCK YOU”. I’m here with my good pal, Legendary Rock Photographer, NEIL ZLOZOWER, and if you don’t know who he is then go fuck yourself. If you look at any cool rock magazine in the past 40 years, you will see a photo credited by my good pal “ZLOZ”. In every issue of this bad ass magazine I choose my ‘TOP 5’ favorite METAL shots that ZLOZ has taken over the years and Zloz gives you a play by play on WTF went down on that shoot. I dug deep into Zloz’s archives and found some bad ass rare shots of some of the greats… Lets go!

TRIPPY – Fuck ya he did. He raised his metal horns in this photo in honor of metal and dats why I chose this particular shot on DIO. ZLOZ – Ya Trippy, Ronnie did his little thing. Back then though, nobody else did it so I didn’t know what it was. It was just some gesture Ronnie was doing. It was almost like the peace thing or whatever. I don’t know… TRIPPY – Peace my ass. DIO created da metal horns and dats dat! ZLOZ – Well I guess Trippy. I know, but it was 18 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

TRIPPY – Haa…..Now dats a good story man. Dio is an innovator of metal and we need more of those! Tell me more about this shoot? Anything crazy go down? ZLOZ – Not really Trippy. For all the energy you see at a Dio show on stage and with everything else and with Ronnie’s powerful vocals, all those guys were pretty quiet and tame. Motley Crew shoots get out of control and things like that, but in general that was a pretty mellow and tame shoot. TRIPPY – Dio’s a little guy like me Zloz. Fuck, I stand at 3 foot one. ZLOZ – Well no one’s as little as you Trippy but I bet Ronnie had a bigger pecker than you do. TRIPPY – Go blow yourself! Anyway fucker what’s interesting is dat one of da last songs Dio recorded was “METAL WILL NEVER DIE”. Kind of Prophetic don’t ya think? What’s ur thoughts on dat fucker? ZLOZ – That’s great! Metal will never die. I mean, it’s still goin strong. TRIPPY – That’s right! FUCKIN METALLLLLLLLLLL… and R.I.P. DIO. One cool dude. ZLOZ – That’s right Trippy. Ronnie was great and he was a wonderful human being. His soul will live on forever…

TRIPPY – Got dat right Zloz. Onto da heaviest of heavy brutal band ever dat demanded authority. One of my personal favorite bands ever “PANTERA”. FUCK YAAA! Dis shot is da epitome of metal. They were amazing man. Tell me everything about dis shot Zloz and what went down. ZLOZ – Actually Trippy, they were headlining the Hollywood Palladium which is about 8 blocks from where we’re sitting at my studio and I did a big shoot with them before they went on back stage. That was a really good shoot too. Just something worked out. It was with the fish eye lens, and it was a little shit shack back there behind the Palladium venue and it was probably the first time I worked with them actually. TRIPPY – Now this wasn’t exactly primitive Pantera? ZLOZ – No cuz I think they started up as a glam band at one time. I’ve seen photos way before this and their hair was all poofed up and everything like that so this was near the beginning of their career. TRIPPY – How fuckin wild was dis night with

Neil Zlozower

TRIPPY – Zloz, da first shot I chose is in honor of da great RONNIE JAMES DIO, hailed as one of da most powerful metal vocalists of all times. Of all the ‘DIO’ shots in your metal archives, I chose dis specific shot cuz it’s raw as fuck man. Tell us da year and what da fuck went down. ZLOZ – Well you know what Trippy, this was shot in my studio in 1984. Ronnie’s wife and manager, Wendy called me up. I’ve known Wendy for a while and I worked with Ronnie in Richie Blackmore’s “RAINBOW” quite a few times. He was always a great guy to work with, amazing vocalist. So they called me up and wanted me to do a photo shoot with Ronnie and the band at that time. It was Vivian, and it was Jimmy Bain, and Vinnie Appice. I think they had Claude now in the band playing keyboards, so he was in some of the photos, and we did individuals of each guy and then Ronnie did his thing Trippy…..

the first time I saw him do it so I didn’t know exactly what it was. The funny thing is 10-15 years later this shot was hanging on my studio wall along with a whole bunch of other photos. What I tried to do was get people to sign their photos when they come in. So Ronnie came in, in the 90’s, maybe the 2000’s, whatever. I said, “Hey Ronnie will you sign this for me”? So I took it out of the frame, and I got him to sign the picture. I’m like, “Ok thanks Ronnie.” All the sudden, he had this really happy look on his face like he was really excited. He’s like, “Hey Neil, did you read what I wrote to you”? And I said, “Ya”, it said “Best wishes, Ronnie James Dio.” He goes, “No Neil, it doesn’t say best wishes it says, Beast and Witches, Ronnie James Dio.” And Ronnie had this look on his face like he thought that was the most clever thing in the whole world that he ever did. I sorta looked at him like “Oh, ok that’s cool, yeah Ronnie, Beast and witches”, and here I thought it said, best wishes. He was grinning from one side of his mouth to the other. He just thought that was the coolest thing since bubble gum.

about the pit for all the time Trippy? TRIPPY – Cuz da mosh pit is WTF metal is all about Zloz. Fuck, do I gotta teach ya everything? Grow a brain! So what else about dis bad ass shot? ZLOZ – (laughs) Well Trippy this is an individual shot of Dave Mustaine but we had the whole band there. David Ellefson was there. I›ve known them both forever and met them both at the same time. Both are great guys but I talk to Dave Ellefson all the time. TRIPPY – Zloz I’m freakin da fuck out right now! You just moved up a notch on my COOL SCALE cuz when I found dis next photo in your archives I literally shit my depends. Everyone raise your fists in respect and hail “PRIMER 55”. One of my all-time favorite bands on da planet. From looking at dis shot I can see its early PRIMER. What year did ya shoot dis Zloz? Dis is fuckin insane man. ZLOZ – Ya Trippy, I like this shot. That particular photo was about 1999-2000 in my studio and…

Pantera? ZLOZ - It was pretty wild at the Paladium that night. When you were a photographer in the photo pit of a Pantera show, your life was at stake being in that pit. TRIPPY – Hell ya. Was anyone stabbing or spitting on you Zloz? I bet PHIL did? ZLOZ – Probably. He could have spit on me, who knows. TRIPPY – Last question? What’s your thoughts on PANTERA? ZLOZ – They were pretty rough and brutal Trippy. Out of all that genre of music around that time they were probably to me the most melodic and, you know, they were a little different than SLAYER and so on. I like PANTERA Trippy. They’re good. TRIPPY – Say otherwise and I pull out my knife fucker. You and Vinny from Pantera are great pals Zloz right? I saw you hangin with him at NAMM. ZLOZ – Ya Vinny’s cool. Good ole Texas boy like his brother DIMEBAG was. Dime and Vinny are real gentlemen in certain ways and they’re a little crazy mother fuckin rock n rollers in other ways so…

Neil Zlozower

TRIPPY – R.I.P Dimebag Darrell. Great fuckin shot on Pantera Zloz, I love dat. ZLOZ – Thanks Trippy, I knew you had good taste. TRIPPY - Ok Zloz onto METALLICA. One of da best heavy fuckin metal bands in da world, formed in 1981 and still goin strong. Where was dis shot taken and WTF went down man. ZLOZ – Trippy, this shot was done at the forum, 1989. My buddy, Ross Halfin, great photographer, wonderful human being was Metallica’s photographer and he got me cleared to shoot the whole set. Everybody else got 3 songs. So, this was a live shot of Metallica at the forum. 18,600 people there in the round. One of the shots where Kirk and James got together and I got the two of them cuz they don’t usually really interact much back then if I remember correctly.

TRIPPY – Tell us about da fuckin pit man. ZLOZ – Well Trippy, I was in the photo pit but I know your talkin about the mosh pit. Metallica played the forum so they had seats there. It wasn’t animal style seating like you like Trippy. It was like, sit down, stay in your seats, don’t clog the aisles, or else were gonna beat the shit otta ya. TRIPPY – So Zloz did ya ever work with Metallica on a personal level? ZLOZ – No. My buddy Ross Halfin did. So Ross got me cleared to shoot the whole set which back then was a good feat for Metallica, so I got quite a bit of Metallica shots from 88-89 that no one else has.

TRIPPY – (interrupts) Okay Zloz, shut da hell up for once and let me handle dis cuz I personally interviewed my good pal Bobby Burns, da backbone of PRIMER 55 to keep the PRIMER fans in the know. Go drink a beer or something man. ZLOZ – (laughs) Ya whatever Trippy. Do your thing with Bobby cuz I gotta go home and clean up dog and cat piss. TRIPPY – GOOD. Go do that fucker. DONE! ZLOZ – DOUBLE DONE. TRIPPY – So Bobby, you look brutal and ready for war with your arms crossed in dis shot brother. This was primitive Primer right here shot by brotha Zloz. Let’s go back to the beginning, around 1997. A lot has changed with the structure of the band. Tell us about that and how PRIMER has evolved? BOBBY BURNS – A lot has changed with the

TRIPPY – Okay onto DAVE MUSTAINE and “MEGADETH”. A great fuckin heavy metal band formed by Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson. Tell us about dis shot of Dave Mustaine. We need to know! ZLOZ – Well, Dave Mustaine had a brief stent with METALLICA but then he formed his own band which was better for Dave because he gets to be the leader and have things go his way. Megadeth used to be managed by one of my friends. So my friend called me up and said, «I got a new band and I want you to shoot them”. So I did a lot of work with Megadeth when they first came onto the scene which was really about 1986. This was a shot of Dave that we did at my studio. The funny thing is it›s on a pink background. Normally I wouldn’t use pink for most quote-unquote masculine bands but I don’t know, it actually works good for Dave… So he was pretty young and tough and … TRIPPY – (screams) Megadeth rulzzzzzz. Dey are pioneers in da metal scene as far as I’m concerned. One of my earliest metal memories was of Megadeth and it takes me back to when I first discovered metal and mosh pits. Tell me about da Megadeth mosh pit. ZLOZ – Being in the pit of a Megadeth show your risking your life Trippy. I was kicked in the head all the time. What are you so worried

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 19

BOBBY – Dude… I’m just happy to get to play music for a living! I appreciate everything. I’ve been lucky enough to accomplish. I’m not even close to being a millionaire rock star guy but I’m not down with that shit anyway. I’m happy with my feet firmly on the ground. I support the blue collar. TRIPPY - Well said bro. You do it cuz you love it man and that’s why I wanted to interview you cuz ur the real deal. I have a personal question? My all time favorite song of P55 is “TRIPINTHEHEAD”. One day I’m gonna cover that fuckin song. Tell me about that song and what inspired you to write it? BOBBY - Acid and mushrooms Trippy… Mostly mushrooms.

TRIPPY – Hell ya bro. PRIMER 55 has had much success over the years and rightfully so. Now a days, PRIMERS back in action more than ever brother. What can we expect for 2014, and your plans for touring, etc? BOBBY – Hell yea! We are tour dogs man. Always on the road. I’ll be in the studio off and on this next year and we’ll be releasing an EP called –“Living the dream by surviving the NIGHTMARE”- sometime in February. TRIPPY – Fuck ya… Dat sounds cool as fuck man. …Bobby I can still remember my first PRIMER 55 show at the Knitting Factory in L.A., early 2000, with LAMB OF GOD, and DOPE. Great fuckin maniacal show. I was in the pit da entire time killing fuckers. My question is dis. How important is da pit to you cuz to me that’s what its all about? BOBBY - That was an awesome tour Trippy! I remember Edsel backstage running around trying to get everyone to touch his dick. It was hilarious! As far as pits go, times have changed a lot man… People sue bands over broken fake fingernails these days and most venues don’t allow much to go on and throw folks out for getting down and enjoying the bands they love. Either way, I’m fine with it but It’s always good to have a good old fashion throw down when you can! TRIPPY – Ughhhhhhhh… Ya I get kicked out of pits constantly but I just jump right back in.

20 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Fuck em! Around 2003 you went on tour with “SOULFLY” one of the heaviest bands in the world. In my opinion, Soulfly stepped up a notch and the sound was extra large with you in their outfit. It must have been great working with MAX CAVALERA. Is there anything you can share with us as far as your experience? BOBBY - I was always a fan of “SEPULTURA” so it was really cool to be asked to be in the band. Fun in the beginning I should say until you see how things really work. Not a great experience for me towards the end. Too many egos and rock stars and bullshit in that camp. Things changed when my wife had our son Ryder. However… I wasn›t aware that the only «family» in that band was theirs. But it makes sense to me because anyone that’s ever had a kid has been replaced haha. I had enough after a 9 and a half week long tour in Europe so I came home and did the right thing and told Max’s “boss” how I felt about things and I was out. The next day I get a fed ex letter saying that I was fired. TRIPPY – WTF man.. If you were on my tour I’d want little baby metal heads moshin in da pit bro. Of all the mega fuckin METAL things you’ve accomplished in your life, what is the number one highlight?

TRIPPY - Last but not least. What was your most memorable show with P55 and why? BOBBY - We sold out the Metro in Chicago back in the day. Played a great show, walked off stage and the opening bands were having some kind of party in our dressing room with all their friends. Next thing I know chairs are flying and people are running and I see like 3 dudes on my tour manager so it was game ON. Giant fight goes down with us and about 13 other people. Cops are called and start using tasers and pepper spray on everyone. Everything is destroyed. We made it out with a giant fine but no one went to jail except some dude with a gun. The next day word has gotten out what had happened so the next 4 shows on the tour were cancelled but the promoters all paid us in full not to show up. Easy money! TRIPPY – HAAAAAAAAAA.. Dats a great fuckin story brotha…. Now bring on da tanks… DONE. To see more of TRIPPY The Clown, go to: www. To check out or purchase Neil Zlozower’s photos, go to: By: Tim Phoenix & Sandy Plute Martin

Trippy the Clown gets Tatted Up! At Filmed on location at Dermagraphic Ink

Neil Zlozower

band that’s for sure! I actually didn’t even have a band when I got signed. Not a lot of folks know that. It was just me but I didn’t want to be the singer at that time so I got someone to do it for me haha. I was trippin out (no pun intended) that the mighty Neil Zlozower was taking our picture, man we were green and fresh on the scene ya know? I believe that was our very first shoot with a top notch famous photographer. He took all the pictures of the bands I had up on my bedroom wall growing up! Through the years I lost ALOT of band members to drugs and all that kinda stuff and eventually J-SIN because of it. I tried a couple of times to replace him but our fans just weren’t having it so I said fuck it. I’ll do it and things have been tiptop ever since then.

TRIPPY – Haaaaaaa….I already knew your answer but I just wanted you to tell me publicly. I hope da fuck you saw da 7 mile long snake in Death Valley like me and Jim Morrison did bro. You have a label, “FAMILY FOR LIFE”. Are there any bands on your label right now that you can recommend cuz if they sound like P55 lets fuckin roll and give everybody “THE BIG FUCK YOU”! BOBBY – It’s a label I started just for me and records I make. Be it solo, P55 or whatever. I don’t actively search out bands but would totally sign someone that got my attention!

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 21

UK’s Orange Goblin kicked ass as they kicked off their North American Tour at One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans You’re going to Austin next? BEN- Yeah, looking forward to that drive. We’re playing the Red 7. Which; we played earlier this year for SXSW. Tell us about your new album, “Eulogy for the fans.” How have people been receiving that album? BEN- It’s been received really well. It was a live album that we really had no intention of doing, but we did a couple of festivals last year in France and the UK, and there were facilities there to record the shows, so we took advantage of that, and when we watched it back, and listened to it, it was like, this isn’t so bad. People had been on us for a while to do a live record, so we thought, well, now was as good of time as any. We didn’t want to do one of those live albums where you go back in the studio, and try to fix everything and over produce it, and polish stuff up, we just wanted it to be raw, and the sound of us on stage. It does, and you guys were so natural onstage. It comes across that you’ve been doing this for a long time. BEN- We try to incorporate a little bit of everything. All of our influences go into the melting pot. By ripping off so many people, we create something that’s quite unique.

Holy Grail rocked New Orleans for headliner UK’s Orange Goblin as they kicked off their North American Tour at One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans with Lazer Wulf

CHRIS- It’s fair to say, we wear our influences on our sleeves, basically. MARTYN- We’ve never been afraid to do that, there’s no reason not to. What we listen to at the time when we’re recording, always comes out in the records, so... We’re never ashamed of our influences, why should you be, you know. Who are some of your biggest influences? BEN- I think Sabbath’s the obvious one, but Motorhead, and anything from the Allman Brothers, Slayer... Anything you want to tell the fans of Rock N Roll Industries, and your fans? BEN- Well, it’s great to be back in the states, and we definitely feel that we’ve got a strong fan base here, and we get a lot of love wherever we go. It’s much appreciated. Was it your choice not to go international for so long? MARTYN- We kind of all had day jobs, and we’ve only really been professional since January. So, getting time off to tour around the world, and stuff, is really kind of tough. It feels like a holiday right now. CHRIS- Seventeen years. JOE- But, we’ve always been international, because we traveled the states. MARTYN- It’s weird really, because we still consider ourselves in a way, a new band. But, to a lot of people, we are old-school, because we’ve been going since the mid-nighties and so, you know, it’s quite an odd thing, because there’s a lot of kids coming to see us, and they’re just like, “you’re

I used to be in a thrash band called, Bonded By Blood, and we had a tour together, along with Exodus and Malevolent Creation. I guess we just jammed as really good friends, and they offered me a spot to be in the band and I took it. I thought the guys were really awesome. Eli- He’s sticking to the script, he’s supposed to say that. We’re actually assembled by a talent agency, and You’ve had two albums, coreverything. It was more like, we had rect? Tell us about your new a bunch of headshots, and we all just album. kind of looked like we went together. Eli- It’s a lot more focused and heavier, not only musically, but emo- We had to just run tests. tionally. Sometimes you’ve gotta put Luna- Yeah, there’s this guy named, your whole heart in. Not just the tip of Tim Rowley who puts bands toyour heart, but the whole thing, all the gether. way in. And that’s what we did. The last band he put together was Luna- It’s like Michael Jackson “Off Menudo. He’s kind of an old-school The Wall” vs Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” guy, but he always picks up the phone We just add a little edge to it, really. and cold calls everyone. He’s real on top of it. It was definitely edgy. Favorite song of the new album? Tell us about your fans. How Alex- I’d say, track 2 - Beastial. Just much do they influence you, comes at you full on shred; Shred and how have they been refest. I love it. ceiving your new album? Alex- They’ve just been going How did you all meet? Is this apeshit. The way the crowd reacts your first band together? definitely gives us the energy to just Alex- I’m the newest band member. 22 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

one of the originators” and we’re not. (laughs) Even when you become huge, will you always still play in smaller venues for the fans? BEN- Yeah, I think the style of music that we play, we’ll always be an underground band. We’re not under any illusion that we’re going to be the next Metallica or Iron Maiden. We do it, because we love it. You know, eighteen years into a career, and there’s no financial gain, or anything like that. We do it because we genuinely love playing this music, and getting to see the world, meeting fans in different countries, and different towns, I don’t see that ever changing. Where are you most looking forward to going on this tour? JOE- That was it. Let’s go home. MARTYN- I think going to Canada as a headline act. We’ve never done Canada as a headline act before. We’ve got quite a cool fan base in Canada. CHRIS- The other thing is, because we’ve been around so long, we’ve got so many friends over there, you judge how cool it’s going to be by who you’re going to meet at the show. So, you know, I kind of really look forward

go as hard as them, or even more. So they’ll go as crazy as we are up on stage. It’s almost like an energy fight. Who’s going to get to the limit faster than us. Anything you want to tell the world about your band? Anything upcoming? What’s your biggest goal? Luna- The biggest goal is to be selfsufficient in our music, doing what we love, and to not have to worry about how many bills we’ve got back home. What kind of jobs you’ve got to work to make ends meet, but we do it as a labor of love as they call it. So, yeah, stay posted on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. We’re on everything, We run it ourselves. Please send us messages, say what’s up, and check us out on Youtube as well. Eli- Yeah. And that being said, since we’re not completely self-sufficient,

to just seeing old friends. Social networking? BEN -I guess social networking sites have made it so much easier for bands to get exposure, worldwide, at a click of a button. Whereas, in the old days when we first started out, it was all about tape trading, and you know, getting friends a broad for them to write, and send them your demo, and stuff like that. Other music genres you like? BEN- I like the last Daft Punk album. CHRIS- I love the Beastie Boys. JOE -The Beatles have been my favorite- are my favorite band. MARTYN- We’re big fans of country music. CHRIS- I’m from, like, an old hardcore background, so, in the early 80’s it was all Black Flag, and Minor Threat for me when I was a kid. SPECIAL THANKS to Orange Goblin and One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans.

RNR Interviewer/Journalist: Evlin Lake Photography & Camera:

Craig Morse. Watch entire Interview on Youtube Channel: RockNRollIndustries

you know, some of us need to work jobs, but Alex and myself offer lessons on the road, on this tour if you’d like quitter lessons, please send us a message, or if you want to do it over Skype, I won’t be wearing pants, but it’s fine, I can do that. I can show you theory, I can show you shredding, I can show you how to throw a spiral on a football, and I can show you how to do man to man coverage if that’s what you need. One stop shop. Alex- Listen to our new album. If you haven’t bought it, download it. Please support us by going to shows that we play. RNR Interviewer/ Journalist: Evlin Lake Photography & Camera:

Craig Morse Watch entire Interview on Youtube Channel: RockNRollIndustries

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 23

Artist Spotlight

24 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

12 songs of classic rock throwback full of big arena ballads and blues rockers, that will appeal to fans of old Deep Purple, Bad Company, Free and other iconic late 60’s and 70’s bands. As previously mentioned, selling “classic rock” today isn’t easy, but regardless of album sales the band has been building a quiet storm of rabid followers through its solid music, creative music videos, and amazing live shows. While Heaven & Earth have not yet embarked on any large scale world tours to promote Dig, they have been playing selected cities around the country throughout the year in support of the album. One of these shows was in Los Angeles on an August night at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. Tearing though just about the entire Dig album, each band member highlighted their considerable talents on their respective instruments, none more so than Smith on his iconic Fender Stratocaster. Hailing from England and mentored by Ritchie Blackmore, Stuart Smith is a true guitar hero. Once one sees him play live, there is no question that Smith is one of the finest guitar players in Rock and Roll. Joe Retta’s powerful soaring vocals on the “new” classic tracks like Victorious, No Money, No Love, and I Don’t Know What Love Is, really shows that the 2013 version Heaven & Earth is the strongest lineup to date, and certainly here to stay. During the bands 90 minute plus set, each members talents were highlighted, drums, bass, keyboards, the aforementioned guitar and vocals, there is not one weak element to be found on stage. When the band came back out for the rousing encores of Deep Purples Hush and The Spencer Davis

SET LIST: Victorious, Back In Anger, No Money, No Love, House Of Blues, Man and Machine, I Don’t Know What Love Is, Waiting for the End of the World, Sexual Insanity, Good Times, Heaven and Earth, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Rock and Roll Does, Encore: Gimme Some Lovin’, Hush

Watch the interview here or visit our Youtube at Rocknrollindustriesmag Scott Dworkin

Scott Dworkin

As bands have seen a drastic change in how music industry is run and how music is sold, it is frustrating to meet and see such a talented group of artists struggle to find album sales and fill concert halls when in reality anyone who listens to classic 60’s and 70’s rock should already know who Heaven & Earth are. The band is a melodic rock/blues rock project originally put together by guitarist Stuart Smith in the mid 1990’s. Smith, formally the guitarist for the band Sweet, originally formed Heaven & Earth as a rotating lineup of amazing friends, and colleagues. On the first few albums he recruited a very impressive guest list, including Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Jay Schellen (Hurricane), Chuck Wright (House of Lords) and Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, to name just a few). Vocal duties for the albums were handled by Kelly Hansen (Hurricane, Foreigner), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Richie Sambora and Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt), among others. Now, in its current 2013 incarnation Smith has developed Heaven & Earth into a permanent lineup that includes Joe Retta handling lead vocals, Tony Franklin on bass, Richie Onori pounding on drums and Arlan Schierbaum on keyboard duties. The band released its latest album Dig (Quarto Valley Records) to critical acclaim in April of 2013. The album is

Group’s Gimmie Some Lovin’ (with a backing vocals provided by the Agape International Choir) the band tipped their hats to the sounds that came before them, but basically form the sound that they are creating today. The shame of all of it is in the age of Electronic Dance Music, digital downloads, and one hit singles, is there still room for this kind of new classic rock? For one night at the Canyon Club, the fans, and Heaven & Earth at least feel that it’s worth it, and kudos to them for carrying the torch, let’s just hope they keep trying.

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 25


Dylan, working with renowned producer Mike Clink must be quite an experience. Could you tell us a bit about it? In a word, fulfilling. There is a thorough sense of satisfaction gained from working with a guy like Mike. The fact that he enjoys and believes in the music we’re making together re-affirms that perhaps we’re on the Dylan and David, since the right track! But he’s also a wonderconception of Archer, how- if at fully genuine person with an incredall- have the goals for the band ibly keen listening sense. Some of changed? the most rewarding moments in the Dylan: Like any kids getting acstudio have come from observing quainted with rock and roll and the his perception of a piece of music or idea of belonging to your very own an individual’s part or performance. band, I think to some extent we all You try to get a hold of what makes had grand youthful dreams about him hear things in a way that you becoming the biggest band in the haven’t attained just yet. And perland and being celebrated the world haps most importantly, we get along over. That’s not to say the initial fire great. He’s a nice normal guy like us has been dampened by time at all. all. He just happened to have made That passion for success is as vital many of the greatest rock and metal as ever! It’s just that we’re likely a bit records we’ve ever heard! more conscious of where we want Dylan, how does it feel being a to fit in among it all - how Archer part of Leslie’s West’s project? could make sense to the world, I’m very blessed to have been inperhaps. Our goals remain to be lifelong musicians, enjoy each other volved with it. Leslie is a real legend and be proud of the music we make and the new album - “Still Climbtogether. All those things are present ing” - is great. His previous record as it stands so now it’s just a matter had many high-profile guests just as this one does, so it’s an honor of finding out how the rest of the to be included in such esteemed population feels towards our art! company! I played an outro solo on David: I think the creative focus a song called Don’t Ever Let Me Go may be different now, we have two - a bluesy rock tune with plenty of different members with very different attitude. The other great byproduct musical backgrounds than the previof doing it was it served as one of ous guys. The goal I feel remains the first great interactions between the same although like Dylan said Mike and I. I flew down to LA for a we are perhaps more realistic about day and tracked the solo at Mike’s where we can carve our niche. My studio. It gave us our first chance to personal goal (and I’m sure I’m not actually work together and familiaralone here) is to make each album ize ourselves with each other a little better than the last one. more prior to bringing in Archer. A huge thanks to Leslie for my incluDylan: Without a doubt! The blend sion. of guys we have now is awesome and Dave and I have really bonded Dylan and David, what made you through the songwriting process two decide that an MI competiover the past several months. Artion was the best way to find your cher will be ready to roll in 2014. drummer? he Golden God’s after-party was the last time we caught up with you, Dylan. How have things been? Dylan: Things have been great of late! 2013 was a nice long grind to get where we wanted to be, but ultimately we accomplished what was necessary as a band.

26 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

I’ve had very positive support from MI in the years since attending. Dave and I had actually done a much smaller, private audition of sorts once before at MI that went well so when the time came at the end of 2012 to begin the search, naturally we inquired to them again about the prospect of doing something on a larger scale with sponsor tie-ins and giveaways, heavy promotion, a live audience and even streaming the event online for fans to watch and lend opinions on the performances in real time. It was a very cool experience and a way to have the oft-maligned process of having to replace a band member serve as a legitimate promotional engine for the band. Lemonade from lemons I suppose. We were very fortunate to have the relationship with MI that allowed us to pull off an event of this nature in a city and a school full of young musicians seeking the right opportunity. Not to mention it ultimately produced our new drummer! Sebastian, how did it feel coming out at the end of the challenge knowing that you had a slot in the band’s line-up? Sebastian: It felt great - both jamming with Dylan and Dave at the audition itself and of course learning that they had decided to offer me the drummer position. I had just moved to the Bay Area and had a lot going on at the time, but still wanted to fly down to L.A. to take a chance and try out. The audition went great and it was good to meet so many other great drummers at M.I. as well. It almost didn’t feel like a competition even though everybody was trying out for the same spot. While jamming and hanging with Dylan and Dave it became apparent that we share a very similar musical background, which for me is an added bonus to how we connect musically. You’re currently working on recording your follow-up album. How’s progress going? What was your goal for this one? Is there any particular emphasis conceptually? The band is excited about where we’re at and how things are sounding. Archer is long overdue for a new album so the sooner the better! Individually and together as players and songwriters goals of making great music and growing both is a never-ending journey. But goals specific to this album, I think an emphasis on songwriting - bringing a heightened level of awareness and self-critique to the process. We know that all the chops and insanity pales to the importance of simply writing a great song. In fact, “serve the song” is a motto Dave

and I have tossed around for awhile now - just the idea of playing the most appropriate part, writing and inserting a riff that uplifts the entire body of work rather than defaulting to the most intense or complex idea available. Concept-wise, this lineup still feels so fresh. I think we’re still identifying everyone’s strengths and tendencies as a complete trio. And the lyrical matter is certainly not one or two topics. A common theme did present itself on several tunes once I began writing words to everything, but I’ll let it play itself out a bit more before labeling anything. Concerning the music, it will always be Archer’s current take on hard rock and heavy metal with the omnipresent influence of classics all the way through modern stuff. How was it transitioning into a trio again? Did the method of writing songs change after the band became a whole? Could you imagine adding more musicians to the line-up? Due to the timing of things and our commitment to letting the timetable for a new record be affected as little as possible by the drummer switch, Dave and I were forced to write the bulk of the new material before we even got to hear them in the context of a full band. I can’t tell you how many jokes Dave and I made during those months of searching about how we’d be forced to create a genre called “Duo Metal” if things didn’t pan out with finding the new guy. We were completely starved of hearing our ideas put to proper rhythm and all the profound effects a great drummer can have on the song both conceptually and emotionally. It just isn’t the same until everyone gets in the room and starts hammering it out. That’s when you can finally tell where things are headed with a tune. Now that the trio is complete everything makes more sense and feels as it should. I love the trio setting for many reasons and it absolutely lends itself in helping to define Archer. David: it will be interesting the next time around when we can write stuff and immediately get a sense of what it will sound like with the whole band right away. Dylan: No kidding! I can’t wait for that. The great part is that after we get this record in the can we can start the process anew with all three of us! No time like the present to write a new tune. But before I get carried away I must say: Remember to keep your eye out for a new Archer record early 2014! Until then, thanks to the magazine as always and we’ll see everyone on the road next year!

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 27

Battle of San Bernardino

an Manual became the Mecca for all Southern CA S metal heads, even if it was for

one day only. The Battle of San Bernardino featured thrash metal veterans who tore up the stage from noon to midnight. Testament, Megadeth, Anthrax and Overkill, as well as Sabaton and Warbringer caused 30,000 metal heads to “gather in their masses” and pay homage to the reigning kings who call themselves Iron Maiden. This was Iron Maiden’s second headlining stop in Southern California on their Maiden England world tour. If it was a true battle, Iron Maiden would have taken no prisoners. After a long day of record breaking heat, tens of thousands of metal heads waited as patiently as they could for Iron Maiden to perform, recreating the original Seventh Son of a Seventh Son stage setup. On stage you can see the visual of the ice caps beginning to melt away, a sign that we were closely approaching the witching hour. Roars of cheers and yells screaming “Maiden, Maiden” were echoed from near and far. Yells’ of “Up the Iron’s” and fist pumping with just as many devil signs could be seen from every angle. If you never been to an Iron Maiden show you would have thought the second coming was happening, but this is protocol. Just another over the top, in your face, louder then hell Maiden show!

28 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Not to be overlooked was Maiden’s 7th member, Eddie, whose presence is always known. The famed mascot went through several costume changes, and even came to life, chasing Janick Gers in a soldier uniform. Their set featured an impressive string of classics, including “The Trooper,” “The Number of the Beast,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Run to the Hills,” “Wasted Years,” and “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.” These guys are showmen. They have fun, and love their fans. It’s no wonder they still sell out stadiums worldwide. In the Battle of San Bernardino, Maiden triumphantly raised the flag in victory! Raquel Figlo

Leah Burlington

Iron Maiden hit the stage with the powerful opener, “Moonchild,” that got the crowd fired up. Bruce Dickenson ignited the stage with his unmatched stage presence. It’s incredible how Bruce’s voice has not lost its range. He

was like a fire cracker bouncing form platform to platform. They played for close to two hours and none of the sextet lost their energy or smile on their face. Steve Harris’s galloping bass drove the band as it has for over 3 decades, with guitarists Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, and Janick Gers lighting up the fret board and creating those trademark harmonies. Seated atop his throne, drummer Nicko McBrain kept the brigade in order with his powerful beat as the band’s thundering atomic clock.

Leah Burlington

Megadeth: Friday the 13th, A Lucky Day for Dave Mustaine The Battle for San Bernardino David Ellefson referred to San Bernardino as “BURN-ardino” on a home video he made for “Battle of San Bernardino.” It was hotter than hell on this Friday the 13th of September, but tens of thousands of loyal metalheads took on the heat with their black and metal armor. Less is more in times like these! The Battle for San Bernardino was an event not to be missed by any fan who calls him or herself a metalhead. The line-up included Warbringer, Sabaton, Overkill, Testament, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden. I was in thrash metal heaven. What really made my day is that not only am I a huge fan of Megadeth, it was also Dave Mustaine’s birthday and I was in the pit witnessing it all! The sun had finally gone down and Megadeth took the stage with an explosive intro with lights and visuals that captivated the sea of misfits! It was cool that they used clips from Wayne’s World, which really hit big with the audience. I have seen Megadeth numerous times and I always come back for more. They are one of those bands that give such a hard hitting performance. Each time you see them it is like you are experiencing them for the first time. Megadeth are kings of thrash metal and they bring their A-game every time they per

Battle of San Bernardino form, but they are also technical enough to satisfy the wellrounded metalhead of today. Mustaine and Broderick flowed smoothly in all their riffs and solos. Ellefson and Drover never missed a beat and kept the rhythm going steady! As much as I do love them, their set list was nothing new. They played the classics we have all grown to love “Hanger 18,” “Sweating Bullets,” Symphony of Destruction,” “Wake Up Dead,” and “In My Darkest Hour.” They also played “Kingmaker” and “Super Collider” off their new album that sold 70,000 copies in the US alone! They finished up with an epic rendition of “Peace Sells.”As Megadeth came back on stage for their encore, Dave Mustaine was serenaded by the crowd singing Happy Birthday! Dave was pleased and gave a killer performance with “Holy Wars” to end their set for the Battle of San Bernardino. Megadeth can do no wrong. They win my vote for best thrash metal band at the Battle of San Bernardino!

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 29

Richie Ramone’s first solo CD “Entitled” and U.S. tour Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen Being a die-hard Ramones fan, it was truly an honor to have the opportunity to sit down with the legendary drummer Richie Ramone. Richie Ramone, who joined the Ramones in 1982 and recorded three studio albums with the band, is the only Ramones drummer to ever be the sole composer/writer of Ramones songs and sing lead vocals. Richie released his first solo CD, “Entitled,” on October 8th, 2013. Richie Ramone will be embarking on a North American tour, starting January 29th in Las Vegas and ending with a homecoming show in L.A. in March. Details are still in the works for L.A., but the show will be full of surprises. Richie’s first video for “Criminal,” which was directed by Steven Hanft, debuted on Billboard. com in early January.

I got Tommy Bolan to record on the CD. He is an amazing shredder who adds that color to the record that’s not so blues based. It’s more iconic. You know, different notes that blues players really don’t play. (LAUGHS) And that’s why I like it. It gave it its own sound and came out really good. I like that. Now you have aggression and anger… All that stuff coming out. Metal and punk… Put them both together and it’s pretty heavy.

Richie Ramone’s current line-up includes Alex Kane (Life Sex & Death/Clam Abuse/ AntiProduct) on guitar, Clare Misstake (UK tribute band the Ramonas/NOiZEE) on bass, and Ben Reagan (The Feederz) on rhythm guitar I read that Alex Kane recently replaced Tommy Bolan. What happened? (and drums). Tommy is working on another NYC album and You released your first solo CD “Entitled” was not able to come on the road. Sometimes th on October 8 , 2013. How has the overall things just work out that way. response been so far? I think it’s really cool that Alex Kane is Richie Ramone: The album has been getting playing guitar in the band. How did you great reviews and the fans are eager for my North America Tour, which starts January 29th in connect with him? Las Vegas. DC Jam Records is doing a killer job I’ve known Alex for a couple of years, and he is a great player. We have worked together on with the record. some other projects, and it was just a matter of That’s great! What can fans expect from a live time before we would tour together. He is a very Richie Ramone show? exciting player. Something to sink their teeth into and a night How did your bass player, Claire Misstake, they will never forget. My shows are like a big party where everyone gets hammered and has a come into the band? good time. We will play all the songs off the new I’ve known Claire for a couple years and we album, as well as some classic Ramones songs, have worked together on and off. I wanted to do something different for the touring band and and a few surprises thrown into the set. I want Claire’s perfect. She sings good, she’s total pro, the fans to be part of the show and sing along with me. Coming to a city near you, so don’t miss and she has real high energy. She lays that solid foundation down for us, which I like. out. I think it’s awesome that you are doing both drums and vocals for this project. Yeah, I play drums and sing. I come out to the front too, and the second guitar player jumps on the drums so I can mingle with the people. It’s kind of hard to just stay behind the kit all night and sing, but I just don’t want to stand up front and just be a front man either. People know me for my drumming, so I make both things happen. You have the best of both worlds. How would you describe the sound and style of the band? It came out just like I wanted. I wanted it to have a punk edge with a metal influence. That’s why

30 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

How did you find Ben Reagan, who plays rhythm guitar in the band, and switches to drums when you’re up front on vocals? Ben had a habit of stalking me for the longest time, and everywhere I went in Hollywood, he would be there. Finally we got to talking and now he is playing with me. Ben does it all, and is a very important element for the live shows. What inspired you at this point in your life to come out with this project? That’s a good question. It’s just something inside of me that wanted to get out. That’s how it happened. (LAUGHS) Kinda weird. Did you write all the material?

Yeah. Tommy co-wrote one song with me, but it’s all my material and I re-recorded like three or four songs from The Ramones days that I wrote for them. I did them with my own sound. What Ramones songs are on the CD? “Humankind” is on there. “Smash You,” which people really like, is on there. That one’s pretty poppy. “I’m not Jesus” is on there also. I noticed that “Somebody Put Something In My Drink” didn’t make the final cut. Yeah. That’s on the vinyl only. Not on the CD. It’s a bonus track. That’s good reason for people to buy the vinyl. Yeah, so many bands have covered that song. I wanted to make it a special little bonus thing. What was the inspiration on that song? Is there a story behind it? When we first moved to New York City I had no money. I was like 17 or 18 years old. We went to the clubs and when everybody got up to dance we’d steal their drinks off the table. One time I got a drink that was laced with LSD. That’s how the story came about. We’d go and we’d drink anything we could find. That’s crazy. I read that you will be playing SJC Custom Drums while you’re on tour. How did you connect with them? I first played their drums in London a few years ago and thought they sounded great. So I contacted one of their reps, Geo, and they made me a kit with the exact specs I wanted. SJC really takes care of me! Very cool. Anything else you would like to say to your fans? Thank you for being the greatest fans in the world. Get “Entitled,” get your tix to one of my shows, and I will see you soon. Peace.... Thanks so much for taking the time to talk Richie. It has truly been an honor. I wish you all the best with “Entitled” and your future endeavors. For more information on Richie Ramone, please visit:

Arthur Gonzales the Man behind Mr. Creepy It takes a lot of courage to make yourself noticed, respected, and supported in the entertainment industry. Arthur Gonzales has come from low places and worked his way to the heart of people by persisting his dreams. Sometimes you have to be ambitious enough and headstrong about what you want in life in order to not fall when the ones you care about the most give you their back. Finally, we have Arthur talk to us about his past and what is becoming known today as Mr. Creepy, his own creation from scratch. How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a guitarist over anything else in the world? I was 6 years old and it was Halloween night. I saw KISS on TV and knew right then and there that I wanted nothing else. I dropped my bag of candy and walked slowly to the TV and turned to my parents and said, “That’s what I’m going to do when I grow up!” My mom told me that she knew it was real, couple of years later when she heard me playing a cheap plastic “KISS” guitar in my room and actually playing one of their songs. My dad never supported any of it and was really mean about it. His discouragement was there from the start. He told me that I would be a loser, a junkie in prison, a Satanist and gay before it was all said and done. I even won a contest with the legendary SUNN Records at age 15 and he wouldn’t let me make the album. It caused a lot of fights and made it hard for me to push forward.

so far? Believing in myself! Lack of self-confidence can ruin a person in any aspect in life. The best accomplishment I have achieved within the music industry is acceptance from my peers. I have had some pretty big hitters come over to me and compliment me on my playing. That blows me away! Tell me about Mr. Creepy, who is he and what is it? Mr. Creepy is a killer project I started with the idea of creating my own brand of music. The name came from a friend’s cat. I know that people are not going to believe me, but it’s true. I loved the name and told her I would use it someday. I made a promise to a girlfriend before her passing to seek out my dreams. I started watching videos and listening to everything I could find from a lot of incredible musicians. No matter how good any musician is; it comes down to chemistry with one another. I wanted it to feel like a band, not just a project. Did you expect the name to grow and be supported so quickly? I knew it had a certain ring to it. Like, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Iron Maiden. There was a certain something about the name that just rolled off of the tongue easily. I had no clue that it would start to catch on so fast!

What can we expect from Mr. Creepy? Expectations are all over the place right now. I am trying to get the first EP ready for market with a second bonus version that will include He is really supportive now. Years ago, I was extra songs and video interviews with members working on production for some big comedy acts jamming. I’ve been asked about touring, doing and had my family come out to see one of the TV shows and just landed a movie soundtrack. big artists. This comic said, “Give it up to my All without a release! That’s a pretty big deal! boy, Arthur Gonzales for all of his hard work!” How did you or do you choose the members The crowd cheers were LOUD and clear. That next day, my dad gave me a teary eyed apology of Mr. Creepy’s music? and said that he wished he could take it all back. I hand picked members for Mr. Creepy’s music I hugged him and told him that it’s forever there based on what I’d hear in their music and the way they played. Michael G’s style is nothing as a reminder that we can do anything we set like mine, but we meshed. Jasmine Cain is just our heart and souls out to accomplish. We’re certainly closer than previous years and are still simply an amazingly powerhouse of a bassist. getting to know one another. I left home when I Shane Gibson wasn’t my first choice to share main guitar duties with me. Michael G told me to was 16 and had a really hard life. There was a time that I didn’t talk to any family members with listen to Shane, so I did and the first time I heard the exception of my brother for around 10 years. him out of Korn, I knew he was that missing element. Mike Froedge was perfect because If you weren’t in the music industry, what he has a natural John Bonham style, but with a career would you have followed or what do very technical twist. He can pull anything and it’s you think you would be doing as plan B? a living, breathing beast!! I have 2 guest vocalIt’s hard to know exactly because I love the ists as well. Tony Media is a childhood friend lack of structure within a structured career. I with an incredible amount of talent. He and I always loved the idea of being a teacher. I was played in the same bars and clubs cutting our so blown away by a few educators when I was teeth in our home- town. We always were able a kid and would love to leave an impact. I was to play together easily his abilities are limitless! always into photography as well. I think I could That leaves my other guest, Mick James. He is keep up with some of the big kids in that departa musical monster. He co-writes with Criss Anment. gel and is actually playing bass in the video for What has your journey been like being in the Mindfreak. He has a very industrial element that I really wanted to incorporate into the music. music industry? I’ve been lucky enough to see so much and Have you performed any of these songs live out-live dreams most people never begin to yet? think are obtainable. There are different levels I actually have performed some of it live on my of participation within the industry. I feel most own. I’ve used the band members recordings as fortunate to have surrounded myself with people back tracks and played my parts live that way. I consider to be the best and the list continues to There’s a video of me playing on YouTube and grow. The journey is an ongoing adventure. the crowd reaction is VERY receptive! What has been your biggest accomplishment

What is your favorite guitar to play with live? It’s a Washburn PII but it’s built like a PIII. I’m guessing that it was at the last of the original run of that series and they used elements of both models. I loaded it with WCR pickups: A P90 on the neck and alicone 8 type in the bridge. It’s a really versatile instrument, but I still want to re-design it. Anything else you would like to let the readers know about yourself or anything you want to get off your chest? And I don’t mean your flesh.. I want people to hit the bookface page www. and please, if you dig a tune, buy it and pass ‘em around. What did you have to do to meet and network with the “right” people that have helped you this far? I actually was a grunt in stage production. I did that while playing guitar all the time and worked my way up in live production. One night at a party, some famous musicians were passing a guitar around, one was being a total dick to me, smirked and said, “Here show me something...” I took the guitar and started shredding. I was playing arpeggios, runs up and down that fret board. The whole room stopped and jaws dropped. He got up and left right then and there pissed off. His band offered me his job on the spot. After that, I made it a point to use my contacts from over the years to get in. I showed the BIG boys I could hang in a short amount of time. I worked my way to where I am now. Most of everything I have ever done was live performance until the last couple of years. Now I have more recording offers than I can keep up with. Lastly, what advice would you give to all the talented folks who dream of ever being in the spotlight? Practice, practice, and practice more. In anything you want to be good at, then be fucking amazing at it. Your only limits are the limits you set against yourself. -Anlly

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 31

Lita showing off the commemorative Jacket made for the Whiskeys 50th

This issue we wanted to have someone that could represent Rock N Women. Inside every girl there is a rebel side, a part of us that wants to be different, wild, loud and independent. Lita Ford is a great example of a successful woman at that, someone who has taken and continues to take on challenges. Regardless of the bumps in her road, she comes back 10x stronger and on top.

32 32 Rock Rock N N Roll Roll Industries Industries Magazine Magazine

“The runaways sold out 4 nights in a row”


er lyrics in her album Living Like a Runaway out in 2012 can be more of a visual tour on her journey up until today. We sat down with Lita, before her show at the Whiskey’s 50th Anniversary to have a little intake on what she’s up to, and what advice she can give to all those dreamers who want to stand out, and be noticed in the rock scene. It is always a pleasure and an honor to sit down one on one and get inside her head. Lita Ford: It’s a real honor to play tonight, Whiskey’s 50th anniversary. They started in 1964, when the club first opened, so this is a real historical venue- if the walls could talk, the stories! The Runaways played here in 1976, we have the largest attendance record, we broke the attendance record. The runaways sold out 4 nights in a row. The line was wrapped all around the block and around The Rainbow. It’s a special place, I hold it close to my heart. How did you bring along your special guests for tonight?

They’re friends of mine. We have Glen Hughes, wonderful vocalist. He’s probably one of the best vocalists on the planet. He’s one of the great rock vocalists with soul, he’s a monster singer. Slash was a Runaways fan, Guns N Roses hadn’t gotten a record deal yet. They were kinda hanging out in the streets of Hollywood and I ran into Slash. He was like “you’re Lita Ford, you’re from The Runaways!” And I was like “yeah, who are you?” “Oh, I’m Slash!” And Now! We have the honor of having him play Cherry Bomb tonight. I am so thrilled, I love it, he’s brilliant. Teddy ‘Zig Zag’ Andreadis from Guns N Roses- he played keyboards and he’s got great vocals. Because we have Glen with us, we are doing 2 Deep Purple songs. How did you ask Glen? Well, I know Glen for 38 yrs and we were at The Rainbow one night, having dinner. Glen was a few booths over and I said “I’m just gonna go and ask him if he will sing ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ with me.” I went over; his Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 33

wife is a lovely person and is my friend so he said, “yes, of course.” It’s the 50th Anniversary for the Whiskey, we really wanted to make it special. Having Slash, Cherie, Glen, Teddy it makes it special. We need to have as many pieces of History tonight onstage.

I’m not religious; I just follow his lead. If things are meant to be they will be. I hope those Angels are watching over me, while I am taking those chances.

Is this the first official show of your new tour?

After the Runaways broke up, I had to make a plan, try to make it work and stick to it. Becoming a lead vocalist, and playing guitar at the same time, I thought- I can do this and I know it will work because not a lot of out there are doing it. This is 19801981, it was a good plan, it worked! It opens the doors, the paths for other people. It’s like the path is carved- walk it. Now there’s all these interesting musicians, female cellists and violinists; they’re playing rock/metal!

Yes, first official show. What are you calling it? Hmmmm, well that’s a surprise because we are writing the album right now and it’s going to be outnot very soon. That is going to be the tour, people are going to hear it and will go “Oh, my god,” It’s a big surprise. It will be maybe a double album, it depends how the writing goes, I kind of leave it in God’s hands. If things are forced, there’s too many red flags. So we follow our hearts. Sometimes songs are so long, they’re from 1972 and are 7 minutes! Now you have to trim everything for radio. It’s down to how long songs are too. Do you have already have a plan for the next music video? We’re filming tonight! What other surprises do you have coming along? We have a book coming with Harper Collins and Marissa Mateo who is the co-author of the book. She has 2 #1 Best Sellers with Harper Collins, she will be here tonight. It’s an autobiography, it begins in the era of The Runaways, and it reflects back into my childhood. Growing up and learning how to play, takes you through the Lita days. You’re also writing Screenplays? I went to UCLA, just to take a course in Screenplay writing. A lot of this is just thinking. How do you find time to do everything? A lot of it is just thinking, putting together- connecting the dots, gathering ideas. I find that if there’s too much commotion in your life and chaos, you don’t find time to think and you can’t create. That’s why musicians, artists, writers, have their own portion of the house where they go and close the door- it’s quiet and they’re able to create, think, and put together projects. I take everything in pieces; tonight, I focus on tonight. You take things one step at a time. If you think of the year in one bulk, then sometimes it becomes overwhelming. If you take life and day at a time you get a lot done. Where do you find that inspiration, that focus to keep on going? I have a good team of people behind me that keep me in line and keep feeding me positive energy. They believe in me, and I believe in them. You can’t do it by yourself, you need a good team. I have angels, it sounds weird, but along with the great team, I believe in God. 34 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

How tough was it leaving the Runaways? Can you tell us a little about that?

From the last time we talked (More than 1 Yr ago in issue# 7, please read for more personal questions with Lita Ford) you hadn’t seen your children yet, have you seen them now? No, I have not. I send them emails on a daily basis and they don’t respond because I believe the father intercepts the emails. I don’t know where they are. The last I heard, they were in a deserted island in the Caribbean. It happens to a lot of people- on fb search Lita Ford’s Parental Alienation Awareness, it’s pretty heavy duty. There’s a film coming out, based on the corruption in our family legal system. So, when someone files for divorce, the attorney and the therapist- the people behind the legal systems; not all of them, they will use the child as a weapon to

play tug and pull with the parents. The father will say, “I want the kids,” the mother will say “No, I want the kids.” The kid gets torn in half, does anybody think about the kid? Or what they’re doing to this child? That’s parental alienation. So, when the mother calls up and say’s “Can I see little Joe?” and daddy say’s “You can’t talk to little Joe, you have to go through his therapist.” Years can go by, next thing you know it’s years since you’ve seen your kids. That’s something that happens on a regular basis, a lot of people are afraid to speak out about it. It’s like the Amber Alert, they created that alert because a little girl named Amber went missing; what a brilliant thing! This is sort of a similar situation, it’s child abuse and it needs to be addressed. There needs to be a law against it. I’m not sure where my children are, which is illegal itself. We know you have to perform in a few minutes what advice would you have for girls that want to kick ass in the music industry?

At Saint Rocke Final show of 2013 by: Anlly

If you’re a teenager, the number 1 thing is the support of your parents. Your parents can make you or break you. If your 16 yr old goes “Hey mom! Listen to this guitar riff!” and mom goes “Egh! It’s garbage, get that away from me.” The child is going to go someplace else. But if mom says “Oh, that’s great do it again, let me hear it again!” It gives you so much confidence in

yourself. I think parents need to support their children in music, because they don’t teach them in schools anymore. My number 1 rule for moms and dads is support your music and your children’s music, whatever music it is. It gave me all the confidence I need to get this far in the music industry, but also follow your heart. If something tells you to be a certain way, be that person because that’s who you are. Finally, what is your favorite gear to perform with live? My favorite would be the old Marshall JCM 800’s, the originals, they were made in the 80s. They still make them today, but I prefer the earlier models. I don’t use a lot of effects, I use the Jerry Contrell Wah Wah, and a boss, a Digital Delay 3. It’s a pretty basic delay with a little bit of wah, but the Jerry Contrell has a really deep (imitates the sound) wah. My guitars- my favorites are of course the B.C Rich. They’re the original 80’s that were made for me from the owner Bernie Rico Senior who passed away and now we’re trying to keep the legacy going with the Lita Ford signature model- Black Widow Warlock. Anything else you’d like to say? (Looks at camera –to audience) I love you! I’ve missed you, it’s good to see you, and good to be back! THE BITCH IS BACK. -Anlly

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By Andrea Granillo Allow me to take you on a brief journey through the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks of Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare event at the Pomona Fairplex. Visit our website for pictures of opening day and the first weeks events! Week 2: Thursday, October 17th hosted the Slidebar contest winner Assuming We Survive. Congratulations to the band for winning the slot to open up the night and for doing a signing. Following the champions were She Said Fire and William Control. Closing out the night was The Used. Friday, October 18th welcomed three bands: One More Time, Dirtyloud and Bl3nd. Saturday, October 19th opened the stage to Duane Peters, The Dickies, TSOL and the Vandals. We were fortunate to have TSOL present at our booth for a signing. Sunday, October 20th had a modest count of only two bands, which left a lot of room for lengthy and magnificent sets. Neither Metalachi nor Lucha Libre failed to bring excess energy to the stage.

of suicide, insanity and nymphomania. Friday, October 25th included Evol Intent, Zomboy, Terravita and Doctor P. Saturday, October 26th was a particularly intriguing night. Starting things off was Ghost Town –with a strong following a teenage girls. Up next were the Butcher Babies, last featured in our Rob Zombie issue with Mayhem Festival coverage and an interview. This group has a very strong bond both on and off the stage. Winds of Plague, featuring a military aesthetic, riled up the crowd and really hit the music hard. Good show, guys! Vampires Are Everywhere had one of the most intriguing stage presentations I’ve seen. The dancing girls were a nice touch, but somehow a bit more comical than seductive. Still, the performance from the band was quite catching. Sunday, October 27th had Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish working the venue. Week 4: For the final week of the event, things started creeping up more in terms of foot traffic.

Friday, November 1st experienced a massive facelift. It was previously planned to host Fei Fei, Dirtyphonics and Destroid Excision; however, due to the overwhelming popularity with Rob Zombie closing out the entire event on November 2nd, an additional show was added.

Week 3: Thursday, October 24th

The final night Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare had a lineup of 45 Grave, Powerman 5000, and Eagles of Death Metal –all leading up to the GRAND FINALE of Rob Zombie for the second night in a row. It was a brilliant idea to have the bands of two brothers play on the same night. The crowd was LOVING IT. Eagles of Death Metal put on a lovely set, however, unlike their name suggests there didn’t seem to be much death or metal. Regardless, their music was catchy and sufficiently entertained the audience. Not to mention the Gandalf costume worn by the guitarist was a hit!

The Ex Girlfriends and Disco Death Rock opened for headlining act Emilie Our interview with Rob Zombie can be found in our Zombie issue, as well Autumn. as in our Megadeth issue which includes a review on his performance at Prior to her performance, our booth hosted a signing for fans. A line filled Mayhem Festival. We recognized a lot of familiar faces from the Pomona with eager fans stemmed from our podium where Autumn posed for event. pictures and autographed merch, all while receiving words of praise from There were RECORD SETTING NUMBERS for the closing ceremonies at her followers. She chatted with them and prompted embraces, all before the Pomona Fairplex. To everyone that came out, you guys made a huge scurrying off to prepare for the stage. mark on the Halloween season of 2013! Moments following, it was no surprise to see Rob Zombie’s guitarist, John Sponsoring the events and organizing 5, wandering around the grounds and doing signings at the Global Merbooths on Bloody Boulevard were: Monchandise booth. He even stopped by to say hello and sign a few of our ster Energy, Orange Amplification, Rock magazines [he’s on the cover of one of our former issues] for fans. N Roll Industries Magazine, Ernie Ball, The concert hall was cloaked in darkness before Autumn’s musical cue The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen, Fear. alerted her entrance. The storyline involving inmates W14A (Emilie Aunet, Becks, I <3 Boobies, Monster Apparel, tumn), W14F (Moth) and W14B (Veronica Varlow) follows the tale of their KROQ, Fuck Cancer, peta2, Coldcock, Monobligation to a facility for women who have committed or attempted acts ster and Phantom Coaches Hearse Club. 36 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 36 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Photos by Angelica Ulloa, Leah Burlington, Lan Nguyen, Matt Upton

On Halloween night Beware of Darkness [fitting name for Samhain], Modsun and Andrew W.K. played. The latest did a signing at the Coldcock booth.

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 37

38 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

By: Anlly Well, I have a new record coming out in December, it’s being mixed right now called “The Neuromancer.” We will be going back to the Uk for shows, I think we are gonna do some main European dates – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France. For more information on tour dates please visit: and www.facebook. com/williamcontrolofficial

Photos by Angelica Ulloa, Lan Nguyen, Matt Upton

What is Revel Without a Cause? It’s the first William Control Headlining Tour here in America. It’s only taken 5 years (laughs sarcastically). It has Davey Suicide as direct support and a band that I just produced and engineered William Control is a character created by called The Fearless Vampire Killers from EngWilliam Francis, an inner alter ego. His land. They came all the way from London and journal’s and lyrics express dark emotions stayed in my house for about 4 weeks, it was that everyone comes to face at some point in amazing. life. If you sit down and listen to his words, You’ve also got a book that came out last you become deep in thought, perhaps lost month? in emotions many of us push away. Then Yep, it’s called “Revelator,” it’s the first series of comes the moment that you hear his voice and watch him perform these songs live and 3. The first one is the “The Neuromancer” basically it’s a prelude to all the concept albums that there’s a switch. He asks the venue to turn I’ve been writing as William Control. The William the lights off, making it almost impossible Control story starts off in London with his charto take picture’s of him without flash, but then you are forced to witness his music-his acter- nihilistic, suicidal. He goes to London for one last night does booze, sex and drugs before performance- his fans. he wants to kill himself and obviously he fails at His confidence rises, as he feeds off the doing so because he’s such a fuck up and the dark. Not only does he dance, but he sings subsequent albums since then have been a conand connects with the audience. Usually tinuation of that story. In writing the new album I because the venues have so much lighting, wanted to write a prelude to that, that’s what the the performer can’t see the people. Instead book is about. It kinda answers all the questions now, William can. Not only can he see his that people have been wondering about who Wilaudience, but he can dance, sing and be one liam Control is and why he’s so nihilistic. You can on one with each single person there to see find this book at his show. What got you started in writing? You’ve made The room is dark, but you can see everyit known that you dropped out at a young thing, his fans - dancing, laughing, snapping age. cellphone pictures and singing along. He I got kicked out of school in 8th grade. What turns a dark atmosphere - what would look to possesses anyone to create something? The outsiders like a room full of outcasts; into a need to create and I think that I read enough to party for all the uninvited. understand the English language enough. I’m I was able to catch Will before his show at not so sure about punctuation. The Roxy in Hollywood as he was headlining Any new songs to come out? his Revel Without a Cause tour. There’s a part in all of us that gains confidence in the dark. When you look in the mirror and turn the lights off, are you afraid or do you dance?

We were all excited to see Powerman 5000, they have such adrenaline, and spunk on stage, the crowd could be seen jumping and singing along to their classic original songs. We sat down with Spider One to get his thoughts about GAN also known as Rob Zombies Great American Nightmare and to learn a little more about his band. They will be touring 2014 so, don’t miss out if they play near you. We are at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare with Spider. How are you doing? It’s a nightmare. A Great American nightmare. Tell me, how did yesterday’s show even happen, it was such sort notice ( the line-up had been announced only a few days before? (Begins sarcastically) Well, the sun comes up and the day begins. It really was a last minute thing. I think they announced tickets a week ago. We were completely surprised. We were always scheduled to play tonight, which is the last night of the whole Great American Nightmare and then they decided to spring a second show and called us “Are you available?” I had absolutely nothing, so, yes I was completely available. Tickets flew out and it was crazy packed last night, so I know tonight’s going to be crazier.

It’s cool. This whole Great American Nightmare thing is kind of a secret. I didn’t even know about it until maybe a couple months before it happened. I came on the opening night, and they really amp it up. It was so much better last night; they sort of worked out the bugs and the mazes were great. The House of a Thousand Corpses maze was the best. How did you guys get asked to perform for the Rob Zombie show? There is a connection between me and Rob –we are brothers. We’ve never toured together before, but we do, every once in a while, do shows together. So when it works out, and this was the perfect time for us, because we had nothing else going on. It’s as simple as him just saying “Hey, I’ve got this thing, you wanna play?” Well, of course I want to play. Oddly enough, that’s how a lot of great shows and tours come together. You just go build relationships with other bands, you get together and it’s like going on the road with your friends. Way back in the day we were such a baby band and we did our very first Ozzfest which was in 1997 and Marilyn Manson came on the show halfway through the tour, this is back when everyone was terrified of him . I remember the first day of the tour here comes Manson and I just walked up to him and said “what’s up?” And we hit it off and was like “what are you guys doing after this?” That’s usually how it happens, you just put it out there.

pretty consistent everywhere, but we seem to do pretty well in the mid-west, and I think that’s true for a lot of hard rock bands. Very rock n roll part of the country, and down south in Texas we tend to do really well. Every ten shows there’s one that’s just a dud, but that happens. We haven’t spent a ton of time overseas, but we did do a six week run years ago in Europe. That was such a cool experience going to a place like China, we didn’t know what to expect. We hope to get back overseas next year. You guys need to go to South America. We were actually talking about it because Gustavo-our bass player is from Panama, I am the only white boy in the band. We’ve been talking about that, but we’ve never done a South American tour. The appetite for heavy music out there is huge.

How did you think of the name Powerman 5000? What about “Spider”? I don’t know. The whole Spider thing… quite honestly I don’t even really know how it started. I actually want to say that maybe Rob was responsible for it. Little known secret, like back in that day I was obsessed with rap songs so, in the very first White Zombie record early mid 80’s they thanked me in the liner notes as MC Spider. So, it just kind of stuck over the years Were you nervous? and just never went away. And here I am twenty No, I never get nervous. I’ve done this for ever. years later. Powerman 5000. I grew up watching Trying to cram up a bunch of songs is usually rePower Man he was the first black ally stressful, but tonight we play a little bit longer What place would you say you have the big- superhero, and it always stuck in and there aren’t as many things happening, so I my head. I added the 5000 to be gest crowd? think it’s going to be really cool. fancy and not to be sued (laughs). It’s funny, It changes from year to year. Sometimes in certain parts of your career east coast is It sounds spacy, and we’re all into What do you think about the mazes where it’s at, and then it changes to mid-west, it’s that and robots. and Rob Zombie’s new designs? Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 39

Terry Glaze Pantera’s founding voice When people think of the legendary band, Pantera, they picture the Cowboys from Hell era on until their official breakup in 2003. There were other albums & a huge following in a time when self-marketing was unheard of. Terry Glaze was the founding voice of Pantera & unless you have the first four indie albums, you’d never know what an incredible thing it was to hear the band go from high school kids to legends of their own genre within the first three releases. Long before ProTools or Cakewalk & mobile downloads, you had to have real chops. You had to deliver live without pitch shifting auto tune to save you from sucking. You had to have real talent. The fourth album ushered in a new singer that would be the Pantera that the world would know, but even by that point in time they were already established as masters of their musical craft. This is the story of the time period in Pantera’s early career that people don’t know about & told by the guy that helped develop what became known as, “power groove.” Let’s start with a little history. Where you were born & what first made you pick up an instrument? Terry: I was born in Columbus, Ohio. I grew up listening to my mom’s records, Elvis, Beatles & Beach Boys. My mom took me to see Elvis in ‘72. I loved KISS! Front row at a Cheap Trick concert

Pantera 1985 Dime Rex Terry Vinnie

made me want to play rock n roll. Did you always sing naturally or were you forced to belt out the tunes? I started out on piano, then moved to guitar & ended up with a cordless mic doing my best David Lee Roth impression. I became lead singer in Pantera when I wanted to sing my own songs. People associate your past with Pantera, was there a band before that came about? I had a band in high school with Tommy Bradford & Donnie Hart. Tommy & I jammed with Vince Abbott. We eventually formed Pantera. Vince agreed to take Donnie, if Tommy and I would take Vince’s little brother, Darrell. Who were your non-musical influences? Elvis, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, KISS & my favorite band, Cheap Trick. My biggest non musical influence was my dad, Jack Glaze. The first few Pantera albums are considered a glam era version of the band, but die hard fans have said differently of the time span. What are your thoughts? We were young musicians, learning our craft. We were influenced by the big bands of the day. Def Leppard, April Wine, Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest & finally Metallica.

was one of my biggest influences.

You’ve worked with top grade musicians. Obviously, Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott, but also Mike Malinin of the Goo Goo Dolls & Kinley “Barney” Wolfe of The Cult. Who would you like to work with next? I have been so lucky to have played with a lot of great musicians, but those 3 guys are some of my Pantera was a huge band in a tri-state area. Did favorites. My wish list would include Dave Grohl & Josh Homme. the young age of the band hold limitations? We were all underage when we started playing out What are some of your favorite guitars? in bars. Vince & Darrell’s dad, Jerry Abbott, came My main guitar is a ‘53 tele, along with the ‘78 along and ran sound and showed us the ropes. It Dean Z that I used with Pantera & a ‘56 Gibson Jr. was a great learning experience. Just add an old AC30 & an Echoplex & I’m good. Tell me about Lord Tracy. Have you heard any new artists that knock you About a week after I left Pantera, I was lucky out? enough to get a call from Jimmy Rusidoff, who Lately it’s Queens of the Stone Age & Rival Sons. had a band with Kinley Wolfe & Chris Craig. We What advise would you give any aspiring musijammed at their rehearsal room & the next week cian? we played a gig in Memphis. We eventually changed our name to Lord Tracy. It was meant to Marry a doctor. be. I love those guys! Ok, last question; You have the opportunity to form a super group using members from all You toured with Ace Frehely during that time. eras & genres of music. Who’s in your band? Any moments that stand out for you? Mozart on keys, John Bonham on drums, John Touring with Ace was a blast! Something crazy Entwistle on bass & Darrell Abbott on guitar. happened every night, either on stage or off. My -Arthur Gonzales biggest regret is I don’t have a pic with Ace. He

Rob Caggiano of VOLBEAT

not just for bands you’re in but other bands as well? I love producing records and working with different artists. I basically started around 1999. I met Eddie Wohl. Were still like best friends. We How long have you been with ESP had a production team called Scrap guitars? 60. We met and became friends. Since 96 maybe. I got my own signaHe was working on a record by this ture model now. It came out a year band Primer 55 and we had a mutual ago. I’m really psyched about that. friend Dave Bagel. I was in the studio doing background vocals on the What do you use for D’Addario record. That’s when I met Eddie the strings? first time. We hit it off and talked 10-52s. about working together. I think the Since you’re on the road so much, first band we worked with was Dry what do you like to listen to? Kill Logic, a local band from Yonkers, I’m a music junkie so I’m constantly NY. They were originally called Hinge buying records and downloading stuff and I hooked the guys up with my hat do you use for pedals? from iTunes. I’m really into it. I don’t buddy Scott Thompson who’s a guitar For solos I use different even know what I’m listening to right player. We made a record on Speck things. There’s a wah that now. Jon [Larsen, drums] and I have in our free time. We made a full I use. It’s a “Crybaby Classic.” I’m been hitting record stores in each record and ended up getting a huge using an MXR “Custom Comp,” town and buying bags and bags of deal with Roadrunner Records. That’s compressor pedal that I use for solos. albums. what put the ball into motion. We’ve A TC Electronic “Spark Booster.” It’s How did you get into producing done a bunch of different records 40 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine like an overdrive boost. A Tech 21 R.V.B. boost overdrive which I use for the clean channel. Boss “Td5” Delay pedal. MXR “EVH Phase 90.”I’m a huge MXR fan.


from there. What do you think of the metal scene today in the U.S.? I’m not really sure, it’s hard to say. One thing I’ll say is metal bands don’t sound as unique to me as they used to. Like when the bands in the Big 4 were starting out? Ya, that’s why those shows were such a huge thing. There’s a certain level of authenticity I guess. [laughs] Of course there are a lot of newer ones that are killer. There are definitely bands that are doing cool stuff. There’s an extreme band called Pig Destroyer that I think is amazing. They’re always pushing the envelope in a cool way, but I don’t listen to that much metal, because that’s what I do all time. I’m playing it so I like to listen to different stuff. -Alex Kluft

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 41

commonplace. Our clients come to us looking for something unique and original. No one wants a product, effect, or show that has already been done before. As far as stage shows go, the only repeating type projects we have had were to fabricate custom How did you expand as a company piano enclosures for keyboards, for to allow for progression of size/ a diverse selection of performers, complexity of projects over time? including Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum, Marc- It was a gradual progression. Tom Petty and Barry Manilow. Over the last 23 years my company, Joe- Justin Bieber’s amp throne was Flix FX, has worked in a variety of very extensive, complex and entertainment-related mediums. Many visually imaginative. It was of the jobs that come in are custom built with fire retardant, ABS prototype projects, which require a lot vaccuformed, reinforced amp of brainstorming. Over the years, as with electronics and three video bigger projects came in, I expanded feeds. Tom Petty was awesome my work space and purchased new with an airbrushed dragon carpet. Toby and innovative equipment. This is not Keith’s stages are always over the top. the kind of industry where you can Sarah McLachlan with the drum rise afford to be left at the starting line. We inside a 15’ tree trunk was stunning pride ourselves on keeping one step and made a huge impact. ahead of the times. What other pieces are more Joe- Since I arrived with my innovative or extreme in scale background we have moved into a [size], creativity [design] or more technological direction. presentation [visual]? Tell us about some of the stage We’ve also done giant 24’ wings for projects you have worked on. Justin Bieber, a 10’ high exploding What sorts of creations are more iceberg for Miley Cyrus, a 15’ tree commonplace? trunk for Sarah McLachlan, an 8’ lion Marc- There is very little that logo for Carlos Santan as well as the we do that could be considered 7.5’ Olaf theatre standee for the movie, 42 42 Rock Rock N N Roll Roll Industries Industries Magazine Magazine

Creed IV. Our fan base has grown quite rapidly, especially in Europe. That’s where my sights are set next. Europe, prepare yourself! WOLFBEARD O’BRADY: The goal has always been and always will be world domination. Not really. But seriously- world domination. What are the extreme 1-10 reactions you’ve had from an audience or a patron? STARK CORDWAIN: While taking the stage, we are sometimes met with crossed arms and skeptical glares. Eyes that scream “What are these idiots dressed like pirates doing up there?!” To their credit, those people usually hold out about 15 seconds before they are drinking and dancing with everyone else! DECKARD CORDWAIN: I’m really trying to rack my brain for a 1 reaction...I guess there have been people who boycotted our performances because they didn’t agree with some of our lyrics. The fact that we’re not your Disneyland pirates... and the 18-foot sign on front of the stage that said “Naughty Content” must not have been a good enough warning! The 10 crowd reaction would have to be when we played to a sold-out show at The Roxy in Hollywood. The Roxy is a rad venue with a curtain that falls after each act. The venue seemed about half full when we went on stage to start setting everything up and doing a line check. Maybe 15 minutes later, we gave the signal that we were ready to go and the curtain began to rise. It was an overwhelming surprise to see the room packed wall to wall with friends, fans, and new faces ready to party! -Andrea Granillo

Enrique Nunez

playing bass! A few months after, the band started recording Heavy Mahogany and didn’t need two basses. I browsed craigslist for the cheapest, unique, acoustic instrument and learned to play it in a few weeks. Thus, the Irish Bouzouki was added to Oddwood’s ensemble. Tin whistle is something I picked up a few years before and have been playing a lot more recently. DECKARD CORDWAIN: We were having the hardest time finding folk instrumentalists for the band so I said screw it and traded in my trombone from Middle School for a fiddle. It didn’t take long to realize I would never be good at fiddle and that mandolin is virtually the same thing, but MUCH easier to transition to from guitar. Riven has one of the coolest instruments in the band. It is actually a stolen grand piano, but time travel has diminished it in both size and quality so it’s basically just a toy. WOLFBEARD O’BRADY: I started playing the accordion as a way to get people to leave money on the street in my hat, so I could use that money to buy whiskey. But it’s also because I have loved folk music from an early age and the accordion had this marvelous feeling to it. To squeeze out a tune with a resonating box of reeds strapped to your chest is a truly unique experience- and the instrument bridges folk music in almost every culture. And Celtic tunes sound great on it. Since the beginning of the band’s voyage, how has the goal changed? STARK CORDWAIN: In the past two years, we have been focused on spreading our music worldwide. We tour longer and more frequently, open for larger acts (Turisas, Arkona, Firewind, Rhapsody of Fire, Buckethead), and had some songs placed in a short film promoting Assassin’s

Frozen, to mention just a few of the effects we have built or created over the years. Stage work needs to contribute to the spectacle without overshadowing, how do you manage to find that balance? We work together with the creative team. The whole process is a cooperative effort that starts with the performer. Our job is to make the artist look their absolute best, not to outshine them.

and Usher, to name just a few. As you can tell, our clientele has been very diverse. Flix FX takes great pride in turning out quality work, regardless of the size of the job or the size of the budget. The same degree of creative effort goes into everything we do. We are proud of our work ethic and we always do our best, whether you’ve reached the pinnacle of your success, or it’s your very first show. You also make miniatures. Tell us about some of these smallerscale bits? Where do you find these fit in/work the best? Miniatures and hand props are a big part of our repertoire. For What large stage shows, miniatures can bands have often be dwarfed, (kind of like using you done model of Stone Henge, in the movie, work for? What can Spinal Tap), but if it is a filmed video your product do to assist portion of a show or a music video, a smaller band? Likewise, miniatures can be very useful. It all for a large-scale name? depends upon the overall design In addition to the previously concept. We have done literally mentioned artists, over the hundreds of practical effects that years we have built props and effects include everything from custom for Beyoncé, Brian McKnight, Courtney vehicles to flying mechanical fish, rain Love, Elton John, Jane’s Addiction, effects, a motorized lazy-boy chair Kesha, Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige, careening down a hill, flying robots, Michael Jackson, Neil Young, Rihanna, you name it. The list is just about Roger Waters, Tom Petty, Toby Keith, endless.

Usher’s gold mic pistol

“The Dread Crew of Oddwood” is not only a lengthy name for a band, but also a curious one. What was the inspiration? WOLFBEARD O’BRADY: It was a combination of names we assembled when we were trying to decide what our band name should be after we all met at EccoCon 2008. We knew we wanted it to mean “a group of crazy looking badasses that play piratey nautical songs” and for some reason we felt the aforementioned title was the best name we could come up with. On Facebook, the band’s music is qualified as “heavy mahogany” pirate. How did you figure that this was the proper brand to put to your creation? STARK CORDWAIN: A genre of music that gets you drinking and moshing, without the use of electric guitars, deserves its own name! Heavy Mahogany describes just that! Heavy music on wooden, acoustic instruments. What made you decide that pirate music was the end-game for Dread Crew? DECKARD CORDWAIN: The pirate part is our own flavor. We find that singing about tales of heroism, bingeing on alcohol, gambling, and harlots, and burning cities to the ground compliment our folk instrumentation well. WOLFBEARD O’BRADY: Originally (before we had even decided on our name), the group was an acoustic rendition of rock and metal projects some of us had played in when we were younger. We dressed as pirates so we could perform at the local renaissance faires and be a more eye-catching group of buskers when performing on the street. When we started getting more and more gigs as a group of pirates- that’s when we made the clear decision to be a pirate band. How did each of you come into contact with your respective instruments? STARK CORDWAIN: I actually joined the band

known for this Wednesday Child program that she does. They’ve had over 500 inner-city kids adopted. So she’s really doing God’s work there. We’ve been together nine years now. I thought that all this awesome work that she was doing was very easy for me to want to get involved in because of all the great things she was doing. Yesterday we did Miriam’s House, which is a women’s recovery center where women get to get sober and they don’t have to give up their kids. We did that with Rusty Coones yesterday who’s also on Sons of Anarchy. Great guy, also Tell us about the new scene here in does a lot of charity work. On SatToluca Lake? urday we did Dorothy Lucy’s event. Sean McNabb: We’re hanging out That is mending kids. It’s a team of here at Lucy’s 51 tonight and having doctors that go all around the world an absolute great time; so many great and do surgery on cleft palates, they musicians here. For a long time we do heart surgeries, and they do whatused to do this thing at the Captain’s ever it takes. Sometimes they’ll bring Cabin and that dried up and went kids over here from Africa and have away for years. It’s like our own little the surgeries. Those are two of the music scene in the valley on Monday charities that we did this weekend. Of nights. It’s really cool if you want to course I’m big in the recovering thing see live music. because I’m recovering myself- nine What have you got going on with years sober. My wife is such a shining your other bands touring, albums... example of giving back. It’s easy to Dokken has had some great shows follow her lead. this year in support of Broken Bones, How do you juggle the bands, charthe record that we released. We ity work and television work? played shows with Kiss, Van Halen, I was a childhood actor and when Aerosmith, White Snake. We really music took over, that had to take had some good shows as opening act the backburner. About ten years for those bands this year. We traveled ago I decided that I wanted to start everywhere. We just finished up in acting again, and I started studying Brazil with Aerosmith, White Snake, again and revisiting it as an adult. It’s Buckcherry, and Queensrÿche. That something I love and am passionwas an absolute great way to finish ate about. I’ve done everything from up the season. I’m also in a band musical theater to TV and film. I’m called Burning Rain with Doug Aldrich really blessed to have a little role on from White Snake. We got to play Sons of Anarchy. It’s such an amazing with the great Ronnie Montrose, he group. They’ve been really good to was in a lot longer than I was. We me. The writers on that show, the have a record called Epic Obsescrew, and the cast are so cool. It’s this sion, Burning Rain, which is out on tight-knit family. Everybody is just so Frontiers as well, the go-to rock label. talented there. There’re a lot of sober I came out here at 21 in like a Nissan people on that show too so it was a Stanza, an amp in the back and a really nice fit for me. I also want to tell couple of basses, five bucks in my you about this movie A Remarkable pocket and did the Hollywood couch Life that we shot in 2013, which we’re tour. I ended up getting in Quiet Riot editing right now. Mark Margolis, three weeks after that, so I was really Eric Roberts, Daphne Zuniga, Chris lucky. I really caught a break, and I Bruno, he’s in there. It’s a really neat have Frankie to thank for that. That story, and I got some of Burning just got me my first national act. I’m Rain’s music in there. I’ve got a rereally blessed to still be able to do ally nice part in there. Now I’ve just what I love. Here I am at forty-eight booked my second movie with Eric years old, still doing it and loving it. I Roberts. It’s going to shoot out in New could never give this up. It’s part of York in January. I’m thrilled about who I am. As long as you still love that. We’re working on some music what you’re doing, just keep on doing for that as well. It’s a music story it. about a band so, it’s the perfect fit for Tell us about the charity work you me. We wrote one of the characters and your wife are involved in. for me, I’m going to play Chase Riley My wife does the Fox 11 News and in this movie. It’s a working title right she’s kind of a Rockstar around town. now. We’re going to be out there in She’s been there 23-24 years. She’s January right before the NAMM show. Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 43

“we all flipped the helicopter off”

44 44 Rock Rock N N Roll Roll Industries Industries Magazine Magazine

Are there any plans on making another fulllength Shit Happens DVD, or continuing the series? Keith: I would love to. It’s all up to Doug, who did the last one. Andy: It’s not even up to him. It’s just that DVD’s don’t sell anymore, so we have to figure out a way to put it out so people will care about it. The best way to do it is to create a website “Shit Happens” and just post it on there. I don’t think Epitaph wants to put DVD’s out. It would be easier of us to figure out how to do it ourselves and do it that way. And that way you guys get more content. What do you think the future holds for the band? Keith: Reconstructive surgery on a lot of body parts that need fixing, that’s for sure. Andy: We’re going to play a lot of corn hole today. Tomorrow we play San Diego, so that’s in the future. What has been the most crazy show and/ or craziest fan experience that stands out in your mind? Keith: That helicopter one. That was the craziest one. Andy: Yeah. And we’ve been getting a lot of weird celebrity shows. Like George Parros showed up last night. [in Los Angeles]. The last time we were in LA was pretty psycho at the Roxy. Andy: I feel like today’s cool, but I want to play like 500-600 people. What do you think of the current music scene that you’re in? And how do you feel like you are different? Andy: I don’t think ETID is in a music scene. We can play with anyone. Keith: So that’s how we’re different. We’re probably one of the only bands who can play with anybody. Andy: Like we could play with Chelsea Grin and then tomorrow we could play with NOFX and it would be okay. We’re special that way. But it would be weird if Chelsea Grin played with NOFX. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? Unaminous: Gilbert Godfrey.

Lan Nguyen

teacher had an impact getting you where you are now and writing like you do? Keith: Yeah, I think that it definitely did. I was exposed to a lot of literature and stuff I normally probably wouldn’t have picked up. It’s all part of the luggage and that goes into being in a band and writing lyrics, so definitely. What songs are your favorite to play, and which ones are the most meaningful to you? Keith: I like playing the New Black still, because it’s fucking sick. I’m starting to get into and liking a lot of the slower stuff that we’re writing now. Roman Holiday, a song... I always forget the Playing fan favorites from all over the timeline, actual name of it. It’s very slow. It’s on the new such as “The New Black” , “Underwater record. Bimbos from Outer Space” , “Ebolarama” , and “In the Event That Everything Should Go Andy: Guitar wise, there are songs where we’re Terribly Wrong”, the band won many hearts in just fucking playing the whole time. And then the audience, old and new. The whole front of those songs, you can actually breathe. There’s the stage was packed full of fans singing and room to create an ambiance. You can actually screaming out lyrics along with Keith. The singer pay attention to your surroundings instead of the also made friends with the security guards by neck of your guitar. inviting everyone in the crowd to stage dive as often as they wanted to during the entire show, and even helping fans up onto the stage to jump back off. Your music videos are INSANE. Literally. Keith, being the talented jokester that he is, What kind of thought process goes into introduced the band with the simple statement, making those? “Hello, we are Spinal Tap.” Continuing with his Keith: It’s always different. It depends on the comedic tradition, just a few songs into the set, he announced that this would be their last song vibe of the song. Sometimes it’s kind of a funny vibe and other times it’s like “Revival Mode” and “an Every Time I Die cover band will be that was like a short film that the director just coming out next.” Later he made a quip about came up with. Kind of put it to the music, but it being from “Rufio.” didn’t really have anything to do with the lyrics. The jokes just added flavor to the otherwise Do different things with each one. loud and crazy ambiance of the night, with I heard about your free party show/dodgeball both Jordan and Andy taking turns standing tournament [at the P. Frank headquarters] on the cabs on either side of the stage, as back in 08. I hear it was really crazy and even Keith serenaded the crowd. If you’re thinking cop cars and a helicopter had to show up serenading isn’t the right word for the type of to try to break it off. According to a source, music that the band plays, you’ll have to see you guys kept playing and even flipped off them live to know what I’m talking about. the helicopter. I’d like to hear about your I got the opportunity to sit down with vocalist thoughts on that experience. Keith Buckley and guitarist Andy Williams to Keith: Yeah, we all flipped the helicopter off. discuss some very important band business. Andy: I think that’s what signed us to Epitaph. Because Brett was at the show and saw that, How do you guys go about writing such and he was like “That was seriously the most supremely intricate lyrics? punk rock show I ever saw.” And Jordan’s amp Keith: I don’t really have a process. They give me the songs and I obsess over it for a few days exploded, and another amp broke. He played guitar on like two songs the entire set. And then and then let it sink in and go at it. the cops showed up and all this crazy shit. Do you think your experience as an English Whether a listener considers themselves a music elitist or just a basic supporter of the art form, it’s pretty common to hear people joke about metalcore music. ETID has always been known for being a band that goes against the grain in their genre. They seem to bring just enough of everything (hardcore, metalcore, breakdowns, slow melodies, and screaming) to the table in a mixture that just works. Many, including myself, might find themselves fans of ETID’s records and live performance, even if they’re not an avid listener of the genre.

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 45

Tell us about your tour and how it has been seeing the multi gerneration fans at the shows? Jeremy Wagner: We are in Hollywood, California playing Whiskey tonight with Deicide and Disgorged and No Salvation tour. But the tour’s been awesome, the album is doing great, it’s the best time in my life to be in Broken Hope right now. I’m meeting twelve year olds to fifty year olds. I’ve never in my life experienced parents with their kids at concerts, but since the first date of this tour, I’ve met more parents with their kids than ever. When we kicked off stuff in Atlanta, Georgia, we had a father and his twelve year old son at out show. The father was an old time Broken Hope Fan, and his kid was wearing a Broken Hope swag, and Broken Hope was that guy’s first concert way back when. I always take a picture of parents with their children and put it up on my facebook. It’s like passing it along to another generation. The longer you are around in life, the more fans you are gonna meet. I know teenagers that are into Led Zepplin, talk about transcending generations. And it makes me feel good that younger generations are getting into Broken Hope.

chance. It’s called “25 years of Sickness,” it’s the Broken Hope story, and it literally starts at me at 17 with a mullet, and you see me in my bedroom with a guitar writing Broken Hope songs. It goes into the recording of our first demos, the evolution of our logo, first concert ever, then Boom! Into signing. Every album, every tour, hiatuses, breakups in the band, it even goes into the death of our original singer Joe, and then our return with this strong awesome lineup that we have now, tours, etc, it covers everything, including testimonials from other bands in the industry. It’s an amazing story, The Broken Hope story. I hear you are going to be on tour in Europe is there anything you want to say about that tour? We are going to do like 40 dates tour in Europe with Immolation, , which means I might miss my first NAMM show in ages. Well ESP Guitars, the head honcho actually took me under his wing when I was young 21, and he always believed in my guitar abilities. We don’t sell Millions of albums, but he always believed in me, and endorsed me a long time ago. He’s actually on the dvd too, not only giving a testimonial, but there is a Broken Hope Gear Guide, where each member walks you through all our gear, and Matt, again, appears in there. The reason I bring Matt up, is he’s always been my NAMM guy. He’d get my badge and I’d show my face at the booth and stuff, and I always have a good time at NAMM, but I might miss it if I’m touring in Europe, but I’m not complaining about that. Well, before we finish up, is there anything more you’d like to tell us? For instance, I’ve been looking at that amazing tattoo you have on your arm there, could you tell us the story behind it?

Absolutely. Well, for anyone watching this, if you are a tattoo enthusiast, you know there are certain artists that may be on a tattoo “wishlist”, Paul Booth is one guy. I’m still waiting to get my Paul Booth tattoo. Paul Booth, Bob Tyrell, Guy Atkinson, and there are a few others. Bob Tyrell was on my Yes, the dvd I am really, really proud of. It was made by a documentary film- wishlist, and finally after months and months and months maker, who has done a ton of films and award winning documentaries, and of trying to get ahold of him, he came to my house, and he made ours. I have this vault, related to everything Broken Hope, I saved he tattooed me right before I went on tour. He custom designed this piece, and anyone who knows Broken Hope, everything. I started the band as a teenager in 1988 in high school, and then when I graduated we got signed to a record deal and have been doing knows I am a horror guy, I love macabre shit, and horror stuff. Bob Tyrell, this is his style. He is such an exceptionit ever since, so with our 25th anniversary and our new album, I figured, al and stellar tattoo artist, all this stuff was free hand. you know what? Now’s the time to make this documentary, this is my one -Jamie Katonic 46 46 Rock Rock N N Roll Roll Industries Industries Magazine Magazine Now I hear that this is your 25th anniversary, and that you have a dvd to go along with that. Can you tell us a little bit about it, and what we can expect?

We sat down with Southern California’s Inside Riot after their trip to Hawaii that they won from a local battle of the bands to talk about there first year as a band and the resent trip!

participation and seeing people singing along to our songs--seeing strangers in Hawaii rock out to our songs was one of the best feelings in the world.

Forming on New Year’s Day 2013 what brought you guys together? Dave: fate.

Matt: Every time we get together there’s been a new development. The group is talented and riding a wave of inspiration right now. I think we need to kick out a dope album and hit as many cities as possible in 2014.

Mike: David and I had been playing open mic’s for 6 months before I was introduced to Fawn. I saw her perform, and was blown away! We then played the last set on New Year’s Eve and on the last song, which was “lights.” I went to a double time, double bass groove and it was a done deal. We formed New Year’s Day and here we are one year, over 50 shows, 6 national acts, a battle of the bands win, a trip to Hawaii , 3 endorsements later. Fawn: Christina Carlisle and singing karaoke at the bowling alley! I met Dave and he was sort of the first person to encourage me to start “playing out.” I had never played guitar in front of a crowd, but he had faith in my originals and then kind of like how Mike put, we all started jamming out at an open mic and after that... A whirlwind of fortunate events!

Matt Upton

Tell us about where this journey has taken you and especially the recent trip to Hawaii? And the response you guys received? Dave: We’ve gone from karaoke and open mics and after parties to playing covers all night or going to awesome places and playing showcases with great bands all over SoCal and even winning a trip to Hawaii to open for freaking Everclear. People really respond well to the songs, and Fawn’s crowd surfing. Drummer Mike has literally (lit’rally!) had girls cry because he stopped playing. Fawn: The response that we receive at our shows is the precise reason why I do this (other than playing solely based on my love for music)! I am continuously overwhelmed by the crowd

is in works? Fawn: Not one song sounds like another. Dave: It’s kind of a declaration. The songs are all who we are and the stuff we wanna say. Mike: Sonic, hard hitting. A metal symphony.

Tell us about your song writing process? Fawn: It’s pretty chaotic! Dave and I have converted some of our own songs into Inside Riot songs i.e. Under Control, F.U.R.S. but we’ve reMike: It was RockStar Status. I thought we cently started cranking out songs together. We’re would be in a motel outside of town, but we definitely discovering our songwriting mojo and were roommates with Divide the Day in a two bedroom suite on the 25 th floor of a pretty lavish figuring out how to mesh our writing perspectives into one combustion of creativity. Dave’s a beast hotel. We played shows, met a bunch of new at thinking up some badass guitar riffs. I learn so friends, hung out with some incredible musimuch from him. cians, got shuttled around, shopped, but most importantly started a Hawaiian fan base. They Dave: Sometimes the lyrics come first, somelove their Rock n Roll out there and appreciate times a riff starts it off, sometimes it starts with a great bands. We went and played as hard as trip to Stater Brothers, I wrote a song in a dream we could for them and left every emotion on that one time. The trick is remembering what we hear stage. They had very nice things to say about us in our heads. and I can’t wait to go back! So Matt are you the bass player that’s going Fawn this is your first original Project? What to break the pattern? got you started playing guitar? Matt:I will play any pattern they throw at me! I’m Yes, it is! I never thought I would be in a band lucky to have joined the band after a few or more and I certainly never imagined myself playing bass players that couldn’t hold up to the task. guitar in one. Honestly, I never wanted to play New to the band, I see myself as the little Inside guitar. My brother bought me a Fender Squire Riot robot that they can program to rock any riff, when I was 17 (I was ecstatic, but clueless what bring the boom and yes.... Stick around to make to do with it). I picked it up once or twice, but this shit happen!! couldn’t get the hang of it. I loved writing songs, Anything else you would like to say? but I was confined to my notebook of lyrics. Mike:We as a band wanted to thank our families, After a few years, I had been messing around friends, fans and every single one of you who with Reason (digital music software) and realcontinues to help and support us. Also big thank ized I was limiting myself as a musician and a songwriter by not picking up an instrument... So you to our sponsors, Jerry, Kenny, Michelle at Gunshot Apparel, Torry and Roxanne at Excel I made a promise to myself to pick up a guitar Drumsticks, Chad @ Drum Wallet, Brownie@ again and stick with it. I’ve been playing for Brown I Thrones! Thanks to Steve Wilson and almost 4 years now and I’ve only been playing electric since Inside Riot formed. I wouldn’t trade A Hot Mess, And thank you Lisa Mailhot. There would be no Inside Riot if not for Whiskey Bizit in for anything. ness Bar! We Love You all. Anything you can tell us about the album that Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 47

How did the original band Snake Nation become Sevendust? Morgan Rose: Vinnie [Hornsby, Bass] and I were in Snake Nation then quit and formed Rumblefish, and then we changed the name to Crawlspace, and became Sevendust after.

heads? Ya we just got some, were using them right now.

overplay a little bit, but there’s guys now doing unbelievable stuff on a four piece kit. Matt [Halpern] has like a damn trap set and is just murdering it. When I started I wanted a big drum set. Now it’s still big but it’s more cymbal oriented. There’s stuff everywhere. When I’m doing my stupid stuff out there I’m going to hit something.

What Zildjian cymbals do you use? I use mostly A Customs. I have a great situation with them as well. They’ve been amazing to me and I’ll flipflop. I’ll have some K’s up there, some How did the name Sevendust come Z’s and A’s. Forever I’ll was an A projection guy, about? that’s all I wanted to play. Now we mix and match a How do you play through injuries? We were like I want to change names every week bunch of stuff out there. Ya, I’ve had a lot of injuries, but we find a way, all after we got our record deal, because every name of us have gone through a lot of injuries. I’ve probwe picked was taken. One time Vinnie was in his ably had more than anyone else. It takes adrenamother’s garage and saw a can of Sevin Dust [Inline, cortisone shots.. (laughs) Mostly cortisone secticide brand] and said “What do you think of this shots, but adrenaline will get you through a lot. name,” and we said “that’ll do” (laughs). There’s no Hurt all the way through the show, feel semi ok, get deep meaning or anything. done, then hurt again.

Do you have any new signature gear coming out like your Alien Freak snare? Actually we were talking about doing a side snare, but I don’t know if were going to do it or not. That’ll probably be the next thing I go after. How did you come up with the name Alien Freak? Somebody was saying “You’re like a damn alien, the way you play the drums. It’s like your arms all over the place and it looks crazy with all your hair.” We were laughing about it and somebody said in the same conversation it’s freaky. “It’s like you’re an alien freak.” I think I said it a few times, because I thought it was funny and my wife at the time said we should put that little logo you have and call it Alien Freak Wear. I was like I don’t who will buy it, alright so we did it and now have a decent clothing line. That alien freak thing has become my moniker. By Alex Kluft

endorsement deals and gigs to tours and career guidance. What bands will you bring to NAMM? The bands that I’m bringing this year include Mobday and Boneriver. Boneriver did a leg of a tour with Saliva last year. Mobday has been kickin’ ass on the East Coast and getting lots of attention. What inspired you to do an instructional video? I have, literally, hundreds of instructional videos. From just about every guitarist and bassist that have made one. Even a dozen or so way they would, say, twelve, fifteen, Tell us about the new CD you’ve twenty years ago and it’s not AT ALL drum video’s. So, really, just about been working on. all of them inspired me in one way the same industry. (www.facebook. The new CD is, again, an all or another. So, I wanted to make com/OverTheTopManagement) instrumental CD. I have several my own sort of contribution to that guest artists performing on it. I’d like How have your clients market. None of the licks on my video to announce who, but that could all benefited from being under OTT are too “over the top”. I did that on change. Management? purpose. A lot of times, in the past, Depends on which band/artist you How long ago did you start your I’d watch other guys video’s and the talk to! (lol) What we’ve discovered is management company? licks would just be so over the top I started it in 2012. It all happened so that many artists out there think that that there was no way for a “normal” when they get management, now fast that it really “officially” didn’t get person to grasp hold of it. It almost going until January of 2013. It’s been they can be laid back and have the seemed liked they were just showing a blast so far. We seem to understand management make them “stars”. And off and not really into the educational that’s not how it works. When you get why many of the bands and artist value of it. management or a record deal, THEN that are out there really don’t How does that coordinate with understand the “business” part of the is the time to step it up and start your instructional pieces in the working your ass off. We’ve helped “Music Business”. A lot of artists are magazine? our clients to get anything from approaching the industry the same

Toshi Iseda

48 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Alex Kluft

What do you use your regular “Alien Freak” sticks on? I used those when we were doing the acoustic tour when I didn’t want to be blasting through everything so I decided to go with tips. I thought, “Why don’t we just do another stick?” After exploring different models a bit I came up with those. I used What do you use the electronic pads on? those for the acoustic stuff and anything that I I’m with Hart Dynamics; they have a great comwould do on the side that was a little more mellow. pany there and make great stuff. I’ve toned down a How long have you been with Evans lot of the electronics. I have 2 triggers I’m using up drumheads? there and most of it is for 808 stuff [effects]. Forever. I’ve been with them a long time. They’re With metal drum sets are usually a bit bigger, an amazing company and have a great situation but yours is mostly a 6-piece minus the octowith them. All of it seems to work. bans and electronics. Have you gotten to try the Level 360 Ya, I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I might

I’ve noticed you’re very animated when playing. Ya, that’s just an extension of my personality. Most of the time I just want to lose my mind and what better place to do it than up on the kit.

Basically, I’m just putting it in print form. It’s a little harder, of course, in that you don’t get to hear what I’m doing. So, you pretty much have to follow closely to what I’m writing. I try to be as expressive and clear as possible when writing the column. So far, I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about it. Any major plans in motion for 2014? Besides completing the CD, we’re trying to schedule a European tour. Maybe a few dates in the U.S. But generally speaking, unless your name is Satriani or Vai, instrumental guitarbased music is a very acquired taste. I plan on doing another instructional video, as well. What current gear are you using and endorsing? In alphabetical order: Big Bends Nut Sauce, Digitech - Effects Pedals, DiMarzio - Pickups and Straps, Dunlop - Picks, Ernie Ball - Strings, Eventide - Harmonizers, Floyd Rose - Tremolos, FU-Tone - Bridge Blocks, Graph tech - Bridge Saddles, Intex Cables, Mills - 4X12 Cabinets, Morley - Wah and Volume pedals, PRS (Paul Reed Smith) - Electric Guitars, Tech 21/NYC - Amp Simulators, Tone Pros - Stop Tail Piece Bridges. Very proud to be with them all.

Wes Carter

How did you come with your Vater Alien Freak sticks [double butt ended]? It came from breaking the tips and playing with the butt end of the sticks. It got to the point where I was breaking the tips so much I was using the butt end more than the tips and I got used to that feel. One day I was asked to design a stick so I designed it that way.

Brent Woods

A Force to be Reckon


n an industry that demands excellence, diversity, hard work and pure talent, Brent Woods has been one of the most sought after guitarists for over a decade. Whether behind the scenes or front stage Brent is convincingly adaptable to many styles and he can certainly hold his own when it comes to playing alongside some of the greatest musicians in the world.

Ron Lyon

At what age did you pick up the axe and did Randy Rhoads have anything to do with your inspiration and playing? Brent: I started playing guitar at the age of 12, but prior to that I took piano lessons. Ya, Randy was the local hot shot guitarist. He lived just 4 blocks away from me in Burbank and was my guitar teacher. He was an amazing teacher and not a typical one AT ALL. He taught me how to play lead and showed me various licks, but Randy really stressed the importance of having rhythm. He thought that was much more important than being just a great lead guitarist. He’d teach me how to write songs/riffs and to be original. He had a way of bringing the most out of all his students and he really enjoyed being a teacher. Studying with Randy completely changed my life and set the path for my future. I couldn’t of done it without him. How did the loss of Randy affect you as it did so many others? My Parents are both still alive, so to this day, Randy is the biggest loss in my life. Growing up in Burbank basically puts you at arms length to Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

As a young teenager how tempting was it for you to sneak out to a venue to watch your favorite rock show? I was very fortunate to have Parents that were extremely supportive with my music. My Mom loved Randy and use to drive me and my best friend to various clubs in Hollywood where Randy and Quiet Riot were playing. The Starwood, Whiskey A Go Go, etc. My best friends older brother who also took lessons from Randy would drive us all as well. We’d be at those clubs every week seeing different bands. There was a lot of talent in the clubs back then. I was very lucky to have experienced that at a young age. Miss those nights. What was it like playing at those same venues years later and eventually landing a major record deal with your band ‘Wildside’? Wildside? Haha!!! I almost forgot about that band... Being in that “Sunset Strip Scene” was a lot of fun and getting a Major Record Deal was a big thing back then. The day I got signed was probably the best and worst day of my life. I sure did learn a lot about the music business, very quickly. What was it like recording with legendary Led Zeppelin record producer Andy Johns for Wildside’s debut CD at Eddie Van Halen’s house? I got to record my first record at Eddie Van Halen’s house, 5150 Studio. That was and still is so surreal to me. Eddie was always hanging out and very helpful. He let me use his amps and guitars. He really helped me out with guitar sounds. On one of my tracks I got to play his Shark guitar. The guitar that’s on the cover of “Women And Children First.” There’s not enough pages in this magazine to talk about my experience up there. I’d say it was a dream come true, but I don’t think I could of ever dreamt that. Working with Andy Johns was definitely a dream come true. I discovered something I was interested in just as much as playing guitar- Engineering and Producing records. I loved working in the studio and Andy taught me SO much. From Drum miking techniques, to layering various guitars and properly using an 1176, the reason I’ve had a recording studio for the past 14 years. Unfortunately Andy recently

passed away and I miss him a lot, but projects with versatile styles of music. It keeps things fresh and interesting. he’s always sonically present when One week I’ll be Composing/PerformI’m in the studio working. ing for Film Trailers with an Orchestral You wrote with Paul Stanley from Rock Sound, then the following week Kiss during this time. Any interestI’m Writing and Producing Songs for ing stories? Video Games in a Metal genre with Okay, KISS is the reason why I lyrical content. For instance, I just wanted to play guitar and be on finished writing and recording 3 songs stage. They were my first concert. for a Sony Video game project with Meeting Paul and writing songs with Fred Coury from Cinderella and now him was an awesome experience I’m in the studio finishing a record and another dream come true. My with Bernard Fowler from the Rolling working relationship with KISS has Stones. I also got to play guitar on a been ongoing since I first met Paul. couple tracks with Slash for Bernard. I’ve worked with them on various I like to perform live with different projects, including their movie “Detroit types of Artists as well. Last year I Rock City” and Mixing a Live DVD of performed shows for Sebastian Bach their final performance at Cobo Hall. and Kristin Chenoweth. One is Hard I also worked with Gene in my studio Rock and one is Country. recording songs he was writing for the Lets talk Bonzo Bash! Brian Tichy, Monster record. the founder say’s “It’s a drummer’s Eventually you were requested as playground.” Can you touch a bit lead guitarist to record and tour for upon the significance of the event Vince Neil’s solo project. How did and how you are affiliated? Any you land the gig and how was your future inside scoop? experience with Vince? In the summer of 2010 Brian Tichy Playing with Vince was a nice vacacalled me and said he wanted to rent tion for me after leaving my band out a rehearsal room, buy a keg of Wildside. I was living in Studio City. beer and invite a bunch of musician Robbie Crane my neighbor and close friends to celebrate the 30th anniverfriend asked me to come to the resary of John Bonham’s passing. He cording studio where Vince was startthought it would be cool to just jam, ing a new record to write some songs. a bunch of our favorite Zep tunes in Steve Stevens had just left the band. remembrance of John. Well, after I did and we all wrote some great the word got out it snowballed and music. It just turned into me playing in took on a life of its own. The interest the band. I played with Vince on and was so huge. Brian along with Joe off for the next 9 years. I had a lot fun Sutton decided to put on a full show playing with him. Crazy times, but a at the Key Club in Hollywood. I was total blast. the guitar player in the house band You have quite the catalogue as far and inception of The Moby Dicks. It as song placement in tv/film. How was a great night and a lot of fun. Playing with drummers such as Chad did you get into this facet of the Smith, Danny Carey, Kenny Aronoff, music business and what does it Mike Portnoy and Jason Bonham take to place a song? was unbelievable. Since then, there I originally got into film music in the has been 8 Bonzo Bash’s and the 9th 90’s. My manager from Wildside, will be in 2014 at The NAMM Show Barry Levine was a Music Superviin Anaheim, Ca. It’s grown so muchsor at the time so he always got me work in various films he was working from 18 drummers on the first show to 35 drummers in 2014. I’m looking on or had connections with. It’s very forward to it. different now; the whole industry has changed. When I started writing Last question. With all of your for films there was no such thing as experience along the way what Music Library’s, now there’s dozens. advice can you give to new artists I guess I was fortunate to get in early and bands who are just starting and establish a lot of connections. If I out? was just starting out I would research Don’t limit yourself. Embrace all styles all the available Library’s, see who of music and be open to any and all gives the best deal and see who gets opportunities in the business. GET the most placed. Just remember you OUT AND PERFORM. I know you could have a great deal, but if your all got ProTools, so NO COPY AND song doesn’t get placed it’s a zero PASTE and NO AUTO TUNE. If you sum. Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves can’t play or sing it naturally, don’t nothin’. Hey that could be a great record it. Take the time to really learn song idea. your craft. As far as studio production goes, There ya have it! Brent’s one hell what do you enjoy most about the of a busy guy, but somehow he process and can you share any manages to keep it all together and interesting projects that you are make it happen! Thanks Brent! working on at this time? By: Sandy Plute Martin I love working on different types of Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 49

50 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Raiding the Rock Vault: LVH 2013

All Photos: Leah Burlington

Las Vegas has been a rock n roll city for many years. There are always great bands that play here as it is the entertainment capital of the world. There are many amazing shows here and a lot of the ones on the strip are either Cirque or big headliners. So when the LVH ( Formerly the Las Vegas Hilton) got to host a true “Rock” show for almost a year, many rockers from all over from locals to tourists, were excited to be able to see an actual live rock show on the Strip, or at least close to it. The local rockers were in heaven to be able to come out and support the show and really get to hang and become friends with the entire cast that would come out and visit with the them. Raiding the Rock Vault opened its metal doors, for the first time on March 9th 2013. The Vegas rock scene came out in droves to a stellar Red Carpet a week later on March 18th, with all the talented stars of the show who consist of Howard Leese, who was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 (Heart), John Payne (Asia), Tracii Guns (LA Guns),Andrew Freeman (Lynch Mob), Robin MACauley (MSG), Jay Shellen (Hurricane), Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot), and Michael T Ross( Lita Ford). These eight multi talented musicians were hand-picked by John Payne, Sir Harry Cowell (Producer) and David Kershembaum (Director) who all took the idea of compiling the “World’s Greatest Set List” and melding it into a Rock show with a real Rock Star cover band! Throughout the shows stay at the LVH Showroom, which by the way was on the very stage that Elvis used to perform back in the 70’s, there

that moment when Tracii Guns breaks out his bright red double neck guitar and shreds into the solo for “Stairway to Heaven” with the stage red with lights and smoke as this phenomenal guitarist would shred that solo like it was his own!! That moment when Howard Leese does “Smoke on the Water” with red smoke billowing up and around him as he tears into that solo/duet along with Michael T Ross on the keys showing that rock keyboardists can really rock!! Whenever Andrew Freeman and Tracii got together at the front of the stage and rock out together in a brotherly love way, totally goofing on each other. The Rock Vault show has one of the most specSome of the funniest moments in rock!! The tacular light shows in the business along with one solo from “Hotel California”, with Howard and of the best sound systems. There was an actual Tracii playing every lick in perfect unison. Robin show that goes along with the music that is all a McAuley showing that he is a still a Rock God as blast from the past, literally a history lesson from he sang “Logical”. Paul Shortino struttin’ his stuff the 50’s to the late 80’s. With some acting bits during The Stones. Tracii Guns ripping into “The in it by the funny and talented Ryan Mueller as Star Spangled Banner” as John Payne brought Nash Freeman who goes through a few decades goose-bumps on “Watchtower” with his sexy telling the story of his life along with the music of gravely vocals. Epic moments! This show has the times. Coby Mosby is his side kick along with it all!! The mutual respect and love that these the lovely Megan Kinney and Amanda Gibson guys formed after over 185 shows for almost a who dance their way to all the most rocking year is palpable. You could just feel and see that songs. Natalie Haro is our Music Television VJ these guys were having a great time and that and Richard Malmos is our rock Dj bringing you they love the music. They loved having some of the hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s! This is one the world’s greatest singers from some of their group of talented people all on one stage!! favorite bands, play alongside them as well. The Every song from start to finish of this 2 hour whole thing is just a Rock n experience is sung by each different singer and Roll Dream. then towards the end a special guest singer The show is on hiatus for the would be brought in to excite and rock the audiholidays and is preparing to ence! During the show there was always a come back in 2014 stronger fantastic performance by all the talent on that and more rocking than ever! stage. Some of the most memorable for me were were many guest singers that would come in and sing 2-3 of their own songs of their own hit albums. They Started with Bobby Kimball (Toto), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Mickey Thomas (Starship), Jon Anderson (Yes) and ended with a bang and a whole choir for Lou Gramm ( Foreigner). There were a couple of singers that stood in for a few of the guys when they had a break, Oni Logan (Lynch Mob) and Mark Boals (Royal Hunt). Howard had to take a couple of breaks and Jason Boyleston from the Paul Rogers Band would fill his huge shoes.

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 51

It would have been safe to call the week of October 7th 2013 “Korn Week” in Los Angeles! Here to promote the release of their stellar new album The Paradigm Shift, Korn stormed into town for a series of events capped off with the first night of their world tour at the Wiltern Theater on Thursday, October 10th. Before that however, the legendary band, which pioneered the genre of Nu-Metal in the 1990s and sold over 35 million albums, was inducted into the Guitar Center’s Rock Walk of Fame on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. After a

52 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Main set: Blind / Twist / Falling Away from Me / Love & Meth / Narcissistic Cannibal / Dead Bodies Everywhere / Coming Undone (preceded by Open Up outro) / Did My Time / Shoots and Ladders > Somebody Someone / Never Never / Here to Stay / Y’All Want a Single / Prey for Me / Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd cover) Encore: Get Up! / Got the Life / Freak on a Leash

Scott Dworkin

was followed two days later with the first show of the world tour [also being billed as a record release party]. Playing to a packed house of loyal Korn fans, the band ripped through an hour and a half of songs from the new album mixed with classic songs. It should be noted that the material off of the latest album is some of the strongest work the band has produced in years, and this translated extremely well into their live set. The return of Brian “Head” Welch (The Paradigm Shift is the band’s first album with the guitarist since 2003) seems to have something to do with not only the reinvigorated sound on the new album, but a much tighter live band than had been brief intro from legendary DJ Jim Ladd and Rob Zom- seen formerly. In past years without Welch, James “Munky” Shaffer handled all of the guitar duties by bie, the band etched its place in history by placing himself and did a fine job, but it was great to see casts of their hands in a mold that will be fixed into and hear the dual-guitar attack of Welch and Shaffer the ground in front of the Guitar Center’s entryway. Afterwards the bands five members fielded questions back in action. Drummer Ray Luzier joined Korn in from a packed house of media from all over the world 2007. Having never played with Head in the band ranging from what it meant to be back together with until now, he put his amazing skills as a drummer on display. When combined with the twin guitar attack original member Brian “Head” Welch, to what it felt and Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu’s syncopated bass, it like to receive only added more intensity the Rock Walk to the heavy grinding sound honor and a few Korn pounds out live. questions about The crowd was moshing, the new album jumping and hopping from and tour. The the very first note of Blind. following night The rafters of the Wiltern the band played were shaking! Despite the a short set on the fact that Jonathan Davis Jimmy Kimmel claimed to be “dying on show to be taped stage” due to illness, there for the broadcast was no evidence of this in that evening his vocals or his energy The release level. In essence, what of their album

Korn seemed to be doing the entire week was reintroducing themselves to their fans as a rejuvenated band, reunited family, and force to be reckoned with in the metal world. Still, after 20+ years on the scene, they truly succeeded at the task!

Ace Frehley

Peter Criss

Eddie Trunk

Lita Ford

Don Jamieson

Eddie Trunk’s 30th Anniversary Party On Thursday October 24th Harnell on Vox) in New York City, the Hard BURN (DEEP PURPLE) Rock Café hosted a celebra- (Portnoy, Sheehan & Bumbletion of the 30th anniversary of foot - Tony Harnell on Vox) Eddie Trunk’s radio show. RESTLESS AND WILD (ACA who’s-who of artists passed CEPT) (Portnoy, Sheehan & down the red carpet. Included Bumblefoot - Mark Tornillo were the likes of Sammy on Vox) Hager, Geoff Tate, Lita Ford, ON FIRE (VAN HALEN) Ace Frehley and Peter Criss (Portnoy & Sheehan - Mark among many others. Tornillo on Vox, Steve Brown on Guitar) The night was M.C.-ed by LIGHT UP THE SKY (VAN That Metal Show’s co-hosts, HALEN) (Portnoy & Sheehan Jim Florentine and Don - Mark Tornillo on Vox, Steve Jamieson, who were ribbing Brown on Guitar) on Eddie as he grinned like UNDER THE BLADE a little boy from the audi(TWISTED SISTER) (Portnoy ence. As usual, The Winery & Sheehan - Jay Jay French Dogs, consisting of Richie on Guitar, Bobby Blitz EllsKotzen, Billy Sheehan and worth on Vox) Mike Portnoy, wowed the YOU CAN’T STOP ROCK & crowd with an amazing set. ROLL (TWISTED SISTER) For the second half, guitarist (Portnoy & Sheehan - Jay Jay Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal French on Guitar, Bobby Blitz took over for Kotzen, and the Ellsworth on Vox) three were the rhythm section TOO HOT TO HANDLE for a rotating group of guest (UFO) (Portnoy, Sheehan musicians who paid tribute & Bumblefoot - Lita Ford on to Trunk and their favorite Vox) metal heroes. ROCK BOTTOM (UFO) A huge surprise to the de(Portnoy, Sheehan & Bumblelighted fans was seeing Ace foot - Michael Sweet on Vox) Frehley and Peter Criss re- GOT TO CHOOSE (KISS) united, performing together (Portnoy & Bumblefoot - Scott for the first time since 2000. Ian on Guitar & Frank Bello They roared their appreciaon Bass/Vox) tion on seeing them back to- PARASITE (KISS) (Portnoy gether. The night ended with & Bumblefoot - Scott Ian on an all-out jam that concluded Guitar, Frank Bello on Bass with a double encore of two and Ace Frehley on Guitar UFO songs (one of Eddie’s & Vox) favorite bands). HOOLIGAN (KISS) (Bumblefoot, Frank Bello on Bass, For most of the performance, Peter Criss on Vox & Drums) Eddie was in the audience LOVE HER ALL I CAN singing and applauding (KISS) (Bumblefoot, Scott with friends and fans, havIan on Guitar, Frank Bello on ing the time of his life. As Bass/Vox, Ace Frehley on always, he was elegant and Guitar, Peter Criss on Drums) humble in manner, thanking ROCK AND ROLL ALL the musicians and those in NIGHT (KISS) (Portnoy & the audience. His enthusiBumblefoot - Scott Ian on asm for creating rock/metal Guitar, Frank Bello on Bass, outlets was evident for all in Ace Frehley on Guitar, Peter attendance. Criss on Drums) It was a fun-filled night in ENCORE: tribute to a very deserving DOCTOR DOCTOR (UFO) individual. Congratulations, (Portnoy, Sheehan & BumbleEddie! You have done so foot - Lita Ford on Guitar, much already. Here’s to Geoff Tate, Michael Sweet & many more years of doing Tony Harnell on Vox, Charlie what you love! Benante on 2nd Drums) LIGHTS OUT (UFO) (PortCAPTAIN NEMO (MSG) noy, Sheehan & Bumblefoot (Portnoy, Sheehan & Bumble- Lita Ford on Guitar, Michael foot) Sweet & Tony Harnell on DIAMONDS AND RUST Vox, Charlie Benante on 2nd (JUDAS PRIEST) (Portnoy, Drums) Sheehan & Bumblefoot - Tony Photos/Article Simi Friedman Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 53

By Raya P. Morrison

54 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Vegas disappointed this night. Young and old were there pushing to the front of the stage and all in attendance were shouting the lyrics along with Biff. Since these gents hail from England, they don’t get out to the States as often as they should. Biff even said so himself, and standing in that crowd one could easily tell how much they loved this tour. Both guitarists, Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt, shredded all night, taking turns soloing and coming to the edge of the stage to showcase their skills to the crowd. In the back, Nigel Glocker pounded away on the drums and the driving bass from

Another great moment was when Dweezil started explaining how the tune The Black Page came about. Talking about it in detail –from writing the drum solo, to getting the melody for the song from that, to joking about how Frank Zappa continuously said that no one ever played it right –he then told the audience that they are going to perform the Zappa in New York disco version of the song. Well, maybe it’s still isn’t right in the genius’ eyes, but from where the audience sits, the drum solo was breath-taking. It made the whole venue sit quietly and follow every beat and cymbal. And when the whole band broke into the song, it came like a tsunami of sound. At the end of the tune, Scheila Gonzalez broke into an intense sax solo that perfectly completed the composition. I Come from Nowhere, with its crazy not-inkey vocals, sounds like an insane acid trip live. Zappa Plays Zappa concluded their set with a wonderful rendition of Muffin Man. The whole show, including the intermission, had to be over three hours long, but it didn’t seem like it. With everything that was happening onstage and the immense feedback from the audience, it hardly seemed like an hour and a half. Every time Zappa Plays Zappa adds something new to their set. They are always re-inventing, always capturing the fans’ attention. I wonder, what will they do for their next tour?

Nibbs Carter kept everyone’s head bouncing along with the music. With a band that’s been around as long as Saxon, sometimes the new songs they play don’t get the same love and affection of the originals, but Saxon hasn’t had this problem. There was as much if not even more energy for songs off their newest album Sacrifice. This is the band’s 20th album and it rocks as hard as their 1st. It showcases that Saxon hasn’t missed a step in all their years together. They don’t come around every day, so be sure to catch them next time they’re in the States!

Leah Burlington

by: Michael Taylor The month of October started with a bang here in Vegas –head banging that is. The mighty Saxon rolled through our club-heavy and transient town, but the crowd came out hard for this heavy metal act that has been around since the mid 70s. There were fans crossing many generations, but that’s the thing we all love about metal, and the reason Saxon brought us together this night: the love of music will never die. Halcyon Way started the night off. With catchy vocals, pounding drums, and clean guitar work, the crowd warmed up to them right away; they were a perfect fit to open for this tour. Next up was Fozzy, and they really got the crowd moving and were a lot of fun. This was my first time seeing Fozzy, and lead man Chris Jericho had a ton of energy and certainly fed off the crowd. Fozzy has been around since 1999, starting off as a cover band, and it wasn’t until their third album when they released original music. Between faux stories and Moongoose McQueen, Fozzy has an interesting background, go check it out! After an innumerable number of Fozzy chants, and a decent sized set list, the crowd was ready and waiting for Saxon. Finally, the moment arrived: Saxon hit the stage. I swear I saw the doors and windows rattle with the power of the music and the crowd’s shouting. Playing a set list spanning their epic thirty-four year career, not a soul could say they left Vamp’d

the centre of the stage coming from the sides. It was hilarious to watch. After they were done, Dweezil urged everyone to get on their feet and dance, as he went back into Be-Bop Tango.

Igor Vidyashev

Chris Norton (keyboards and vocals), Ryan Brown (drums), Kurt Morgan (bass, vocals) and Dweezil Zappa himself [guitar]. The sixQueen Elizabeth Theatre was packed piece is incredibly tight. One would think that with Frank Zappa fans on the night they would need more people to play all the of October 19th. There wasn’t a needed instruments, but with brilliant multisingle soul who wasn’t moved instrumentalists like Scheila Gonzalez in the by his genius. Dweezil and his band, they can produce practically any sound band preserved this genius to possible. Gonzalez really shined that night, their highest ability. There were a going from high-pitched Brünnhilde-like part lot of older men in the audience, in Teenage Prostitute to telling a Tim Horton’s sometimes with young kids. The joke in Cartman’s voice. The newly added kids seemed to enjoy the concert, Kurt Morgan seemed to be having a blast showing their emotions on stage, and Dweezil acted more like an openly. The whole integral part of a mechanism, rather than an show felt more over-the-top leading man. He took the time to like a close family reminisce about his dad writing some of the gathering –warm songs they were playing. He did it in a very and open. The humble manner, almost as if he was telling people were standing you stories over a beer. And what would a up repeatedly, clapping good Zappa Plays Zappa show be without and singing along. a guest appearance? This time it was Pete Jones singing Wonderful Wino in a very 80’s Queen Elizabeth hair-metal way. Theatre is one of the few concert halls in the Zappa Plays Zappa played the legendary city that can do justice Roxy & Elsewhere in its entirety. After they to the highly complex were done, they proceeded to play a mix of and layered music of Frank fan-favorites from different eras. There’s a Zappa with its high-end sound lot that could be said about each song –the system. The sound travelled composition, the technical mastery, the feeling. well to the very back of the One of the moments that stood out the most venue and was rich in tone. was a dance competition of sorts in the middle of Be-Bop Tango. The gist was for the This time around, Zappa participants to dance by the notes. The crazier Plays Zappa consisted of all and faster the notes got, the crazier and faster the regular players: Scheila the participants had to move. There was a Gonzalez (saxophone, flute, funny older guy and two ladies on stage, and vocals and keyboard), Ben Dweezil suggested that they move towards Thomas (vocals, trumpet),

Zappa Plays Zappa hypnotizes Toronto with 3 hours of Roxy & Elsewhere and other hits.

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Screamfest LA

Ted Nugent


Q and A by: Enrique Nunez

Oh My God!!! What's going on with us?


engo huevos de toro” (I have bulls testicles) is the first sentence I hear straight from Uncle Ted’s mouth. I almost fell off of my chair, it had to be one of the funniest opening statements I’ve ever heard while in a conversation with a legend. Of course, it made me feel more at ease, and to be honest, I did not know what to expect from such a controversial character. You see it on reports, the news or there’s always talk being stirred by Ted’s political convictions and passion for hunting amongst other “controversial” statements. Thanks for breaking the ice like that. I thought you would be a more serious individual. Tell us about Uncle Ted and his music. I love to talk about my music. It is about the people that cherish, love and appreciate the spirit of a wellexecuted and sincere music project. It’s what we do every night and I love my band for doing that. They’re so good, they’re virtuosos, IT’S INSANE! They are amazing musicians.


with my loved ones, the great outdoors! Make sure you go outdoors and inspire kids to go out there and enjoy the natural resources we have. I always encourage people to make sure we put back more than we take from nature. How many guitars do you own and do you play them all? Do you have a favorite one? Every guitar has a soul. I own electric and classic guitars; I have my Gibson Byrdland I play on stage. I own about 20 different styles of them. They all have a different feeling. Did you ever get the chance to play with any of your music heroes? Chuck Berry! I got to play with him. It’s surreal, because he was one of my inspirations and I was in awe! It was just amazing. What’s your favorite food? Dead stuff! Anything I can hunt and can become dinner.

I know about your political views and stand. Should we expect Uncle Ted to run for public service one day? It’s just tragic and I don’t want to say this, but there are many issues I would like to work with and help out. There are some evil and nasty things going on in America. I don’t want to criticize my president, I want to respect the leader of my country, but I would Do you actually ever get to celebrate your birthday definitely like to see a few things work out in a different with the holidays around and December shows? way. I mean, Oh My God!!! What’s going on with us? I That’s right! December 13th, 1948. Oh, yeah. It’s one believe in honesty in our government. of those dates where it’s almost sacred. I like to spend Is there a band or performer, dead or alive, you it with my family, skiing, hunting, etc. For the last 12 would have loved to play with and you didn’t get a years, I throw a hunting party here in Texas and we chance to, so far? raise money for charity on my birthday. Wilson Picket, James Brown… oh my god, that Are there any new bands you find interesting? would’ve been awesome! I love Bruno Mars. What he represents, the soulfulness… not my favorite kind of music, but it’s wonderful If you were not rocking out, what would your ideal music! Same with Justin Timberlake… I just appreciate job be? what they represent… The passion and soulfulness in I would be a cop! I’ve been a Sheriff’s deputy for 34 their music… almost reminiscent of the 70’s era. I also years and I think that’s great. If I wasn’t rocking full like Dave Grohl and Kid Rock. They are wonderful and time, I’d be a cop. talented musicians. Rock concert photographers? A lot of musicians and people look up to you. Who You guys capture moments in history. I love Neil Zlozower. He gets to document many dynamic and does Ted Nugent look up to? Did you ever stand awesome rock n roll photos. in front of the mirror and lip sync jam out to your favorite musicians? Well, thank you for spending this time to sit down Hahaha, no I never did that! I was too busy sitting during your busy day and chat with us about other in front of the turntable trying to learn from Muddy things Ted Nugent, aside from ULTRALIVE BALWaters, Chuck Barry, Little Richard, James Brown. LISTICROCK. I wanted to do what they were doing. Music! Never ULTRALIVE BALLISTICROCK recorded during the thought of getting into music for the reason of “I Still Believe Tour” at Penn’s Peak on August 14, being a rock star. I don’t even consider myself one. I’ve heard other musicians say they wanted to get into 2011. it to meet girls or meet people. For me it was just the From one interview and off to another, Ted Nugent motivation to make music, like those artists I admired. never lost the charm and energy sharing his life experiences with us… 30 minites of Uncle Ted… What does Uncle Ted enjoy other than making very much appreciated! music and hunting? I LOVE the outdoors! I like to spend time with my wife Until next time, on this One on One with Enrique. and family, just us hanging out. I love my guitars and Now, off to lip sync in front of the mirror and jam music, but the outdoors lifestyle is one of my favorite along “Catch Scratch Fever,” while I play this things. It’s some sort of healing quality, if you may. Grilling some steak, enjoying camping and quality time album on my sound system! *riff/guitar feedback* 56 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine Tell us about your latest release, what can we expect? It’s a CD/DVD live recording from 2011. It’s just on fire! We had a chance to capture the real spirit and energy of the band. It’s called ULTRALIVE BALLISTICROCK. We just have so much fun on stage, we just had to capture such!

Screamfest Horror Film Festival is known as the longest horror film festival in the U.S. Directors, writers, actors, producers and all kinds of people fly from all over the world to showcase their films, support, and compete for the final Skull Award designed by Academy Award winner Stan Winston. This year it was held at the Laemmle’s NoHo 7 Theater, in North Hollywood. Founder Rachel Belofsky gave us the privilege of experiencing the festival as close and personal as we could. Paranormal Activity and American Mary were discovered at Screamfest, some of the many prominent movies that the world is aware of today and a fan of. Screamfest horror film festival ran Oct 8-17, 2013. Immediately selling out tickets from the very first day, packing up the theater rooms. Those who attended the Screamfest Opening Night party, received a beautiful keepsake bag designed by Talenthouse winning designer Stephane Le Brethon of Villeurbanne, France. Audiences found themselves at times sitting next to famous actors, it was very nice to see known people supporting such films even if they disappeared before anyone could recognize them. Jonna Jackson and Sean Decker (from Fearnet & DreadCentral) hosted the closing ceremony, bringing charisma and a sense of humor to the award presentation. The winners made speeches and finally, Rachel Belofsky thanked her sponsors and all that helped this festival be successful and possible yet another year. This was an amazing experience as an outsider, fan, and in the end a friend. I personally loved Savaged, even though it did not win an award, it left me feeling like a kid wanting to dress up like Amanda Adrienne (the main actress), and kick some ass. She plays an amazing role as a mute/deaf girl that goes through torture, rape and so much more. As she seeks revenge the suspense gets you cheering for her every step of the way. The second film The Seasoning House had amazing scenery and it was heartbreaking as it dealt with real life situations, about child trafficking. The suspense will leave your jaw open and anxious throughout the child’s escape. If any of you are interested in participating in Screamfest’s 2014 Horror Film Festival visit for more information! -Angelica Ulloa The 2013 winning award categories for film are: BEST SHORT: 
 Yahav - Jeremy Robbins Gal - GOLDBERG BEST EDITING: 
 Tunnicliffe - BENEATH Erlingur Thoroddsen – BEST MUSICAL THE BANISHING

y a l P n

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get intimate with

each other.

The Rocky Survivor theme song started playing to indicate the start of their set. I was proud to see a flock of men and women crowd surfing during each song. Along with the slew of horns and head bangers, there were a few pits going as well. I was glad that they played a bunch of my favorites, including: The New Awakening, No End in Sight, When I first got into the band Howard My Last Serenade, and My Curse. Jones was the lead singer. Upon learn- Perhaps it’s kismet, but of course they ing that Jesse Leach, the original vocal- closed with The End of Heartache. For ist, had returned and would be singing me, that was the cherry on top to an the song that I recognized the band for, already satisfying set list. As for their I started looking forward to the show latest release Disarm the Descent, if even more. Not only was this my first you have yet to hear anything off of KSE show, but it was also my first time the new album, I suggest checking out at the Hollywood Palladium. Up until their music video for Always. As far as this point, I had expected a much more hardcore metal is concerned, and music modestly sized venue, but was pleased in general, Killswitch Engage offers up to note the spaciousness. Granted, the a remarkable concert experience full of size of the auditorium was no match for contagious energy and songs that make the amount of people in attendance. It your skin hum. was packed; people were forced to -Andrea Granillo

through threatening theological verse. This band jumped onto the stage with Rise Up from their latest. Killswitch Engage joined this tour in support of their sixth studio release from spring 2013 entitled Disarm the Descent. This is the first of the band’s releases with Jesse Leach returning to vocals since his departure in 2002. The mad men laughed while they killed. Their stage presence was wild at Randy Blythe has nothing to prove to his fans, but heart, slick and tight as they joke that their song he made a plea to the moshers and bodysurfers You Don’t Bleed for Me has something to do with to take care of anyone who falls. The moshers wet panties. The Massachusetts metalcore band responded by hoisting a crowd surfer to stage-front left the masses moshing and chanting to the 2005 and then following with the guy’s wheelchair. Grammy nominated End of Heartache. Blythe waved the Canadian Maple Leaf around Lamb of God was exquisite. Their sound –immacuwith thanks and respect for being the first and only late. Visuals –hypnotic. Fans felt their messages country to award the band with two gold records. of anti-fear, hate, power, abuse and ruin. Anti-war This five-hour show left ears bleeding and eyes movies and memorials for fallen soldiers were melted. Huntress had no time to consume her moving on the screen as the mosh pit moved to prey. Jill Janus’ wailing shrieks and kick-ass band and fro en masse. In Lamb of God’s new doculeft a molten mass of flesh on the floor. The lovely mentary As the Palaces Burn, Slash said, “Lamb of and leathery lead left us with her über-heavy God is not a household name...but they’re one of Spell Eater from the 2012 recording. Testament the biggest heavy metal bands around.” answered with ferocious prayers for the full house They start the set with Desolation and finish with after having just released their album Dark Roots the iTunes bonus track Vigil. Ghost Walking was of Thrash. It contains thrashing beats and shredmarked by Mark Morton’s heavy mental guitar solo. ding solos at every turn. Chuck Billy led the band Twenty-three years of history are represented in Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Testament and Huntress are touring together and they kicked it off in Toronto at Kool Haus. This is Lamb of God’s last national “Resolution” tour so it could be your last chance to see them until their next album.

58 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

this tour without pretentiousness or commercialism. The set-list spanned through the years with Walk with Me in Hell, Set to Fail and The Undertow. By this time, the waves in the pit were powerful. Subsequent somber moments were marked with songs: Something to Die For, Omerta, and Laid to Rest. Ruin started a segment of old stuff with sizzling energy highlighted by the highly relevant As the Palaces Burn, the title of the upcoming documentary of the situation in the Czech Republic. The CD by the same name recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a deluxe CD re-issue. Pounding out Purified, Randy pounced off the drum riser into the thick, hot air, sweaty and swaggering with momentum that made the encore seem like the same set. Blythe belted out comments about us all, at times resembling the fan favorite, Redneck. Finally, Black Label left the restless ready for the second show, one night later, at Sound Academy. Even though Randy Blythe was acquitted of the manslaughter charges in Prague, the situation was emotionally and financially bankrupting. The bands are doing this for the lowest possible cost, so get up and go horns high! Please stage dive and mosh responsibly!

-Billy Zee

Igor Vidyashev

My introduction to metal happened when I was a freshman because of a friend named Jon. One of the first bands he shared with me was Killswitch Engage, and the first song I ever loved from them was The End of Heartache. It took eight years for me to see them live, and the entire time they were playing I kept thinking that it was worth the wait.


these guys gave all they had and more, a definite crowd favorite and it was clear to see in the reactions of the fans. It was about half way through their set when the moshing started. They rocked out to a Pantera cover of ‘A New Level’ featuring Jose Mangin on vocals. Now a completely solid Metal foundation had been laid for the headliner, Sevendust. it was time for the icing on the cake, Sevendust came on and rocked the house. It was an amazVice President of RFD Nashville, Chad ing set dominated by the vocals and riffs. Lee, came through once again with a killer Normally accustomed to playing much line-up and special guests such as Sirius larger venues, they played for us like they XM’s Jose Mangin and the RFD National were playing for a coliseum full of fans, President, Rob Eichelberger. There were and the crowd ate it up. I even spotted some awesome prizes supplied for the a couple guys from the other groups that raffle, which included signed instruments had played make their way into the crowd and professional pictures [taken by Chad to catch the act. The mosh pit, now in its Lee] of the man for which the event is full splendor, was a site to behold. The in honor of: Dimebag Darrell. The RFD band rocked, we socked, and a great charities help low-income kids with musical time was had by all. The event as a whole instruments and opportunities that they was a great success. The bands and the might not otherwise have, among other promoters delivered superbly an evening things. The night opened with a killer set of great music, great stories of their experiby Nashville’s own Hell Head, in their final ences with Dimebag. One of a kind prizes performance. Featuring veteran Nashville were given away, and money was raised rockers, the group provided a solid openfor a great charity. It was a win-win for all ing to the event, rocking a great Pantera involved. I, for one, cannot wait for the tribute set. They were followed up by the next one! Chicago-based trio Habit of Force. They By JIM NIXON came down to play the event, and they played it like they meant business. Up next were Beyond Duplication from Scottsville, Kentucky and Digital Collapse from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA, both of those bands rocked their guts out.

Chad Lee

he 2nd annual “Ride for Dime” event in Nashville, TN was a night of pure, in your face hard rock and metal music that is only to be rivaled by the other RFD events. Headlined by Sevendust and supported by several other bands to include Nashville’s own Voodoo Prophet and Hell Head, which were selected during a ‘battle of the bands’ type of event held earlier in the year, it proved to be one hell of a show.

One of the great things about these RFD events is the exposure to up and coming bands, and this time was no exception. All the bands gave the fans and the organizers everything they had hoped for when they were selected for this event. Next up was Nashville’s own Voodoo Prophet, straight off the shooting of their new music video for ‘Drowning in the Flood’, which they opened their set with. As always,

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Mushroomhead: LVCS, Las Vegas,NV

When One Eyed Doll hit the stage next with only Kimberly- vocals and guitar, and Jason- drums, it looked as By: Michael Taylor if half the band was missing. Once this Mushroomhead came to Las Vegas duo got started though, it was clear and I had no idea what I was getting nothing was missing whatsoever. Kimmyself into, but I left with three new berly’s antics on, and off-stage were bands I will listen to regularly. And it both entertaining and hilarious with didn’t hurt that the next two bands multiple hat changes and interludes up are fronted by some of the hottest which had the crowd in stitches, espechicks in metal. cially when we were referred to as “Las Vegas, Texas” with a high pitch voice, UnSaid Fate was up first of these three and Jackie LaPonza really knows throughout the entire set. One Eyed how to get a crowd moving. Seemingly Doll is the reason you should show up early to a concert even if you bright as the sun, with orange pants and matching hair, Jackie was bounc- only know of the headliner, which in this case was Mushroomhead, and this ing around the stage and interacting pretty little heavy metal doll, was the with the crowd. Then they slowed things down with their song, “Always”, perfect set up for these giants! this is when I fell in love with USF. There’s no other way to put this, no The raw emotion in Jackie’s voice was simpler way to say this, no other way to enough to bring tears to my eyes and I truly define the Mushroomhead concert could not tear my eyes away from her at Las Vegas Country Saloon. It was throughout that song. Check out their Fun! Mushroomhead was one of the debut EP, “Never Turning Back” which most fun, exciting, and well-executed should be released soon. shows I’ve been to all year. It’s no

surprise that Mushroomhead has been around for 20 years and it clearly shows in their stage presence, something always seemed to be happening. If the twin water drums on their side of the stage weren’t being played, there was constantly someone atop them either singing or playing. Even with three singers, Jeffery Nothing, Waylon and recently returned J Mann these three gentleman got along amazingly sharing the mic’s. With the set list planned out to show case, it made it truly a treat for the fans. But the guys nearer the back, drinking and fooling each other was always entertaining, seeing who was going to mess with who next. Playing in a smaller venue, the band was able to interact with the entire crowd, not just those of us up front. With 20 years under their belt, and hoping for another 20 years and more, be sure to catch Mushroomhead next time they’re in town even if you know almost nothing about them, I guarantee you will enjoy their performance.

Photo by: Leah Burlington

Rock against Multiple Sclerosis: A Benefit Fundraiser At The Whiskey A Go Go classics. It was an all attendee sing-along for a good eight-song set. The band included guitarist Mick Murphy, bass player Wiley Hodgden and during a rendition of Janes Addiction’s “Mountain Song,” Hawkins took the microphone while John Lousteau commended the drum throne.

relived the FM memories with Rock Me, Once Bitten Twice Shy and Save All Your Love.

A few more tracks from the gathered artists Following next, the All Star Jam began. brought the house to a stand still as a majority Whitesnake and Pride and Glory drummer Brian based guitar fanatic crowd flooded to the stage to Tichy got behind the kit along with Hurricane witness Toto guitar wizard Steve Lukather with CJ and (Geoff Tate’s) Queensryche guitarist Robert Vanston, Erik Eldenius, August Zadra and Jorgen Sarzo, bass guitarist Johnny Griparic from Slash’s Carlsson play Jeff Beck’s the Pump, even bringing Snakepit, Gretchen Bonaduce and Matt Starr new Boston co-vocalist and rhythm guitar player swapping drum kicks with Tichy offered a few David Victor of former Velocity fame to the stage female fronted classics from Pat Benetar, Joan to offer a fine rendition of the hit song Hold The Jett and Blondie and then brought up Taylor Hood Line by Toto. to round the set out with a pair of Ozzy songs. Sadly, and unexpectedly, a big part of the crowd As artists gathered on stage, Jason Bonham departed after Lukather left the stage, and they Experience front man Chas West walked in the missed an intense and youthful performance from door late, and without skipping a beat, dropped So-Cal’s queen of the hard rock scene, Lita Ford! his shoulder bag and grabbed the microphone Taking the stage with powerhouse Brian Tichy, in perfect time, you would have thought it was Gilby Clarke and Marty O’Brien, Lita played three planed down to the second, to belt out timeless songs that hit every original note and treated the Led Zeppelin songs with his fellow band mates audience to a taste of why she’s revered for her Have a look at the Event Video Trailer, produced in the Moby Dicks; a top honors Led Zeppelin contributions to rock and roll. As many attendby bass guitar and songwriting legend James Tribute Act. By this point in the show, the floor was ees now fled the scene for pizza and beer at the LoMenzo here: covered with rock fanatics and the show continRainbow, the Tom Petty and Johnny Cash tribute ued to grow! Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, band aptly titled PettyCash tore up the stage with As fans gathered at the world famous Whiskey Dennis DeYoung guitarist August Zadra, Brett their light hearted antics and the night closed with A Go-Go on November 7th, 2013 for an all star Scallions from Fuel and Cryptic Slaughter found- Brian Tichy, David Victor, August Zadra, Johnny charity fundraiser, the Sunset Strip was starting Griparic, Phil Buckman and Gilby Clarke bringing to resemble the old days of glam metal’s hey-day. ing bass player, (as well as Ozzy’s band) Robby “Blasko” Nicholson hammered out a few classic the house down with the Styx song Renegade, With metal heads talking happily and reminiscthe Beatles Come Together, Aerosmith’s Sweet ing among crowds of tourists, and some of rock’s punk tracks, rotating in Guns n’ Roses guitarist Emotion and the Who’s Wont Get Fooled Again. elite personnel, Los Angles FM Radio Giant KLOS Gilby Clarke for the song Rockaway Beach. The event wasn’t as well attended as KLOS had worked diligently to organize the concert on a In tradition of the Strips heyday, Great White hoped, but little to no promotion at all and fair to timely schedule. For the effort offered, the night founding front man Jack Russell took the stage, moderate weather, the event did bring in more ran quite smoothly. looking in better health than previous shows have than a few bucks to support the cause. Look for The local cover legends Chevy Metal, featuring offered, and shared stories and songs along more events from the foundation by visiting the Foo Fighter’s drummer Taylor Hawkings enterwith Ace Frehley drummer Matt Starr, Lita Ford Rock Against MS website and make plans to tained the crowd with familiar favorites flavored (among others) bass player Marty O’Brien and attend the show next year. Together, we can all with their unique brand of rock styling’s including Robbie Lochner (Jack Russell’s Great White) make a difference. Van Halen, Motley Crue and Janes Addiction 60 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 60 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Alex Kluft

The Rock Against MS Foundation is a fundraising group that organizes rock music events to raise money toward researching a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Founded by Los Angeles publicist Nancy Sayle, the event is in it’s second year and on November 7th, 2013 – it was going strong.

Paramore popped into the bisected ACC on November 20th for a happy hump-day crowd of five thousand. Most of pop-punk diva Hayley Williams’ fans were cool chicks in the young-to-mid twenties range that were totally stoked for the “Self Titled Tour”. Screams raised the roof when the curtain dropped and Hayley belted out her first words, “ARE YOU READY?” The two friendly openers, Lights and hellogoodbye, warmed up the chilled crowd who waited patiently outside for ticket issues to be resolved. Nobody seemed to mind because Paramore burned it up for a brilliant two- hour show. The school-girl Dom and star of the show skipped across the stage with plenty of sparkle. She shook her orange, freshly cropped do and pushed the energy into the rebellious red zone with That’s What You Get. Spitting like a punk-rocker and slapping high fives, she started the schoolyard chant “Na na na na na na!” She’s now seasoned pro since being nominated in 2008 for the “Best New Artist” Grammy. Her black leather jacket came off early under laser lights revealing her cubist, electrical tape, tank top. Shorts, fishnets and red Docs highlighted her thigh ink which features a big black crucifix. With karate kicks and crazy dance moves, the only periods of rest seemed to come during her keyboard tunes on When It Rains and with confessions to her BFFs on open minded musical freedom and feeling good thanks to fans. She inspired the audience with, “The more music you love, the happier you’ll be.” With that, she then led into Last Hope. Paramore’s 2 front-men, Taylor York [guitar/ukulele] and Jeremy Davis [bass], also skipped around and shook up their clean-cut dos. Touring band members include Taylor’s brother, Justin York [guitar] and Jon Howard [guitar]. The use of three guitars stayed clean and well separated as Taylor stepped away to play pad synth or the uke. The whole shebang was kept on the up and up with the heavy duty, hard hitting drumming of Aaron Gillespie (formerly of Underoath).

Igor Vidyashev

Electrifying energy, bright cross-hatched lighting and simple primary colors on three vertical video screens emulated the logo on the stage. Then there were the interludes which were not stoppages but dynamic pauses in the energy showcasing the freshness of the vocalizations with a ukulele I’m Not Angry Anymore, Holiday and in the encore Moving On. The Tennessee-based Paramore touched on Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide perhaps in homage to her Texan sisters the Dixie chicks. Highlights included the student choir in red robes accompanying Ain’t It Fun. An audience member was invited on stage for the closer and did a great job singing Still into You. This “Self Titled Tour” is a positive push for Paramore’s self-titled new album which debuted at the top of the SoundScan/Billboard 200 in April 2013. Billy Zee Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 61


was a showcase at the Foundation Room for a young and rising guitar-centric Canadian girl. I saw Hayley perform four songs and had that special feeling of a star in the making. Her fingers move swiftly across the neck like a masterful, blues musician. A soft face with a hardened soul. It felt like what could be a superstar in the making in a 24-year-old body. It was a little bit country with the heart of rock and roll. After the performance, I caught up with her and got the scoop on Hayley’s deal. She was making an appearance for some select studio executives to get the producers and deals in line for her new album this summer. The drummer was her usual, and they brought in a studio rhythm guitarist and a bassist to fill in. A couple days of practice and her talent overrode any inconsistency. I haven’t seen many guitarists play as well as her, especially at her age. It goes to show what starting young at your craft will do for you. She finished her set with Radar Love. For more info on Hayley, check her site http:// and give her a like on Facebook. You can also see her as the face for Fender’s Corona Warehouse. They’ve endorsed her with her own new brand “American Design”. You’re not just seeing a girl singing and playing; she’s full of an unearthly charisma. It’s captivating on a different level, so you should start talking about her because she’s going to be the new “it” girl of Rock and Roll with a country twang. -Emerald Mardis

It wasn’t until I saw Dez Fafara with his other band Coal Chamber that DevilDriver went on the map for me. Yet, the moment they had, I was positive that I had to see them live. The tour for their latest album Winter Kills brought them to the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 16th. With Trivium as an opener, attracting ample foot-traffic for a midweek show was no problem. Just before the band hit the stage, the crowd rearranged itself. Moshers readied themselves in the middle and toward the back, while crowd surfers flocked just before them. The opening song was done full-throttle as Dez Fafara [vocals], Chris Towning [bass], John Boecklin [drums], Jeff Kendrick [guitar], and Mike Spreitzer [guitar] pounded out the notes and lyrics. The crowd went nuts. Song after song they kept going at it. There wasn’t a single point in the evening where the pit was calm, the atmosphere peaceful, or the show boring –it was awesome. At one point in the night, Fafara addressed the crowd and spoke of how nice it was to play in LA again. Given the way he presents himself on stage, and how he regarded fans after the show, one can see that he invests all of himself into life as a musician and gets as much out of each performance that he gives. While the show seemed to end far sooner than I had hoped, DevilDriver continues to make its rounds. So, if you’re a Coal Chamber fan, a metal fan, a rock fan, or a fan of music and a good time, look into Winter Kills and treat yourself to a night well spent. -Andrea Granillo

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Low Life Music

Spades and Blades

Uncle Jeremy’s Sold-Out Birthday Party!

Sullen Family Takes Over House of Blues Anaheim On September 21, 2013, the House of Blues in Anaheim was at maximum capacity not even halfway through the night. Sullen CEO and cofounder, Jeremy Hanna, was having his birthday party and all of OC, Long Beach, and the Inland Empire were there to celebrate. The RNR crew and I had to wait a good 20 minutes before getting in. Even media representatives weren’t allowed in until some of the capacity crowd left. This event was a true testament to the popularity of Sullen Musik and their artists. All four bands brought a huge following. Spades and Blades delivered “machine gun-fast grinds and face melting guitar solos.” The Slow Forward displayed a unique blend of metal and progressive rock. All Else Fails brought out a guest artist, Joe Ded, who painted amazing tattoo-inspired art as the band laid down their unique blend of hard rock and hip hop. Band manager Martin Rodriguez says, “It has truly been an honor to be able to work with Jeremy Hanna, bringing Sullen Musik and AEF Productions together. I was very happy with the hard work all the bands put into making the night very special for Jeremy’s birthday bash. He really deserved it after all the love he gives to everyone.” Last, but certainly not least, was Low Life Music, a true representative of So-Cal culture. Their blend of punk rock and hip-hop grooves had the crowd on its feet all night. Each band gave shout outs to Jeremy for making such an impact on the art collective. Everything Sullen represents was on display: music, art, and tattoos. It was truly moving to see the love Jeremy received. He really takes care of his Sullen family, and that’s why he is Uncle Jeremy. -Raquel Figlo

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Women in Rock


NAMM on Fire

By Andrew Bansal

‘PussyWhipped’ at Mirror Image Studios on the 24th. Known for his stints with Whitesnake, Foreigner and Ozzy, his current project S.U.N. and tribute shows in the LA area, drummer extraordinaire Brian Tichy is the creator of these events. Currently, he’s working on the second S.U.N. album, featuring the talents of highly accomplished female singer Sass Jordan.

make it a positive thing.’ It sounded great to us. To do three straight days of shows, our goal was to make each one unique. We didn’t want it to be some kind of all-star jam with a bunch of people doing the same rock covers. We wanted to make it special. ‘Bonzo Bash’ is a unique show, while ‘Randy Rhoads Remembered’ takes the same format but makes it a tribute to the amazing guitarist who I and so many other musicians out there grew up on. And then we came up with this show dedicated to women. The show pretty much fell in place. We had no real strategy going into it. We had a night open, got The Iron Maidens, then the Hammer of the Broads were available, same with Judas Priestess, and made it an all-girls thing. It’s going to be killer to have the three bands together for the night!”

PussyWhipped boasts a lineup of three all-female tribute bands The Iron Maidens, Judas Priestess and Hammer of the Broads. Tichy reveals that it all fell into place over a natural course of actions that rapidly snowballed once The Besides endorsement-related appearances, female rockers will be Iron Maidens got involved. Tichy says, “It wasn’t formulated, but participating in three shows during we knew we wanted The Iron the NAMM weekend, including Maidens to play a show, so once ‹Bonzo Bash› on January 23 and that happened, we thought, ‘Why ‹Randy Rhoads Remembered› not make it a theme? Every guy is on the 25th. Both are at the Tommy Lee’s sister, Athena, Observatory, along with an entirely ‘pussywhipped’ one way or another! Haha! So let’s take that term and a participant in ‘Bonzo Bash’, female-centric event called gleefully says, “I’ve always loved Zeppelin and Bonham, and feel super-honored to even be asked to play with all these great drummers. I have to be honest and say I’m a little nervous to be playing with the big dogs, especially Brian Tichy. He makes me nervous because I’ve been watching him play for years and he’s so good he scares me!” Janet Robin, a former student of Randy Rhoads who has performed with the likes of Lindsey Buckingham, talks of her involvement in the ‘Randy Rhoads Remembered’ event: “Studying with Randy for six young years of my life were magical moments for me. It was then I fell in love with the guitar, and Randy showed me the way. I’m honored to be a part of this tribute show to Randy, and I know he’s looking down on all of us right now with a big beautiful smile 64 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

-- happy that we too know the secret to life -- passion.” Drummer Cortney DeAugustine has toured with Ronnie Montrose and Michael Lee Firkins, and about ‘Bonzo Bash’ she says, “It is surreal to be sharing the stage with some of the most legendary drummers in the world that I spent hours in my garage trying to emulate as a kid. The coolest part is that we all get to honor and celebrate the genius musicianship and drumming of Mr. John Henry Bonham who laid down and pioneered an unbelievable foundation that has forever changed and influenced how drummers of all styles, genres and genders approach drums and drumming!” On the flip side, Tichy states, “It’s cool to give it up to women with a female-themed night, as this male dominated music biz can be hard enough to stay afloat in. But at the end of the day, it’s not just about that. For example, my aim with S.U.N. was not to start a band with a female singer but to have a band with a killer singer and musician. Sass and I have S.U.N. because we have a blast writing together and really want to see it go to the next level.” So, while these women set NAMM alight, it’s important to remember that they should be admired for the right reasons.

Top: Ron Lyon Bottom: Glen Willis

Another year of great music and shows has rolled by, and it’s January all over again. For the music industry, this signals the arrival of the 112th edition of NAMM, North America’s biggest annual music trade convention. It serves as a massive gathering of world famous musicians promoting the products they endorse, and for music lovers, it is absolute heaven. This year’s NAMM convention is set for January 22-26 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and as always, rock is greatly represented. Amidst a plethora of rockers demonstrating new products, signing autographs and doing live performances, a fair share of women are in the spotlight.

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Music City on Zombie’s new album “Venomous Rat Regenera- was kind enough to drop by the studio to sign/ autograph a few copies of Rock N Roll Industries tion Vendor” and his new label, Zodiac Swan. Magazine, where Rob himself was on the cover of RIDE FOR DIME NASHVILLE a previous issue. How do you score one of these Nashville, being home to Sevendust’s Lajon With- autographed/ signed copies of this issue by Rob Zombie? Glad you asked. You can do so by LIKerspoon, was the hot spot for the Ride For Dime event that the band headlined in honor of Dimebag ING my Facebook Page and registering to win your very own personal signed copy at the following link: Darrell. Sevendust played Ride For Dime, put on by Nashville’s very own Chad Lee, as they took Again, go Like that page & register to win your stage with an equipment blowing performance! Many charity auctions, bids, & drinks were made in very own copy honor of Dimebag and a great time was had by all! of Rock N Roll IndusNot only was this tribute to Dimebag a success, tries Magait was a reunion for many Nashville musicians, zine signed such as guitarist Kenny Olson, and many others, What’s up rockers?! Parker back with you again personally by to come together to remember and celebrate the from the one and only Nashville, Music City U.S.A. Rob Zombie success and life of Dimebag Darrell. As a rock It has been a busy concert season here in Music radio personality in Nashville , I am looking forward himself! Good City, with many rock acts who have hit Nashville luck! Rock n’ to the next Ride For Dime Nashville event and this past year, such as Sevendust promoting their being able to help promote the success & growth of roll! \m/ new album “Black Out The Sun,” who were part such a great event in honor of one of Rock N’ Roll’s of the Ride For Dime Nashville event, as well as greatest legends, Dimebag Darrell Lance Abbott. Rob Zombie, who made a special appearance for Nashville Rock a show in Nashville, with special guests KoRn, and ROB ZOMBIE NASHVILLE Radio Personalso was recently interviewed in one of the magaWe caught up with the Zombie in Nashville, as he ality zine’s previous issues where we received insight -pArker m!nor was in town for a sold out show with KoRn, and

It’s not very often (Well, not in MY life, anyway!) a last minute, late night sushi session parlays into brunch with a rock star and a TV star, but it sure is cool when it does!

steady climb of former FUEL frontman, Toryn Green’s successful singing career, and then, couple that with the clearly driven talent of the band’s lead guitarist and founder, Justin McCain (who was already enjoying moderate, extremely promising, success with his first album, “Damage” when his lead singer, Patrick Wilson, suffered a serious injury to the larynx, of which he never fully recovered), it certainly appears that these guys have been on a collision course with one another (AND major success) for some time now!

I suppose I have a slight advantage, too, when the TV star happens to be someone I have known since Jr. High School, right? This is clearly an example of how, it’s true (what they say) about this town we call Hollywood (when it comes to making things happen), “It’s who you know”.

It was the end of October when we first got together and the new album’s first single, “Remember Me”, was doing great on the charts. Knowing EMPHATIC was going to be announcing tour dates soon, on December 21st, in an effort to keep things as current as possible, I contacted Toryn to see if he had anything to add before the magazine went to press and he responded with this:

So, when I ran into my good friend, Victor Newmark (aka; John Teller on the FX hit show, Sons of Anarchy) at this little sushi bar in Ventura, and he mentioned his friend, singer/songwriter, Toryn Green, front-man of the very popular rock band, EMPHATIC, the natural progression from dinner to brunch made this unexpected meeting with Vic a rather serendipitous one for us all! One thing is for sure: We couldn’t have asked for better timing! With the band’s brand new album, (aptly named) Another Life (Epochal/Capitol) hitting stores everywhere (less than 2 weeks earlier) and a major tour slated for 2014, there’s little doubt that our new friend, Toryn (as well as the rest of the boys in EMPHATIC), will forever be remembering this time in their lives, along with the holiday season of 2013, as the calm before the storm. Indeed, the stars are aligned and EMPHATIC seems to be on the cusp of great things to come in 2014.

“We plan to roll out a schedule (for the tour) in January, along with the video for “Remember Me”. This is to kick-off 2014 with the new info. Our agent is setting up the routing (now) for the tour. We will be out with another well known band, but I can’t say who it is just yet!” Well, I can say this much… When I asked who Toryn would most like to tour with, his immediate response was, “Papa Roach!” If he gets his way, I’m going to REALLY enjoy catching up with them on tour... hopefully in VEGAS! Talk about a seriously HOT TICKET! EMPHATIC and PAPA ROACH in VEGAS?!?! Yes, Please!

I would like to thank Victor and Toryn, AGAIN, for taking the time to sit down and break bread with us. Looking forward to our next little pow-wow when we catch up with you during the 2014 tour! Christa Dozier In fact, if you consider the continuously 66 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Over the past few years, the Los Angeles area has seen some of its greatest live music venues close down: The Universal Amphitheater, The Key Club, The Roxy, The Music Box, The Knitting Factory and BriXton-South Bay to name a few. Considering that Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, it shows a need more than ever for high quality concert venues.

later it became one of the South Bay’s favorite dive bars known as The Pitcher House. In March of 2008 it went through a massive remodel and Saint Rocke was born. Even though the club was updated, they wanted to preserve the history, so all the original architecture was kept. In no time it went from a beach hole-in-the-wall to one of L.A.’s most popular live music This is where an intimate venue in destinations. With upscale looks, Hermosa Beach fits the bill. A real incredible sound and lighting, HD TV’s throughout the club and even jewel just about a half hour drive from the Sunset Strip in the heart of deluxe green rooms for the bands, Hollywood and walking distance to there’s no doubt why Saint Rocke the Pacific Ocean. With a capacity has thrived. of only 280 people, Saint Rocke In the five years that Saint Rocke provides the setting for a true has been open they’ve had many fan experience. Whether a small rock & alternative acts perform acoustic set or a full rock show, no such as Bush, Cheap Trick’s Robin matter where the patron is, they Zander, Cypress Hill, Don Dokken, are close enough to the stage to Eddie Money, Gary Hoey, Great interact with the artists. DependWhite featuring Jack Russell, John ing on the band, there are plenty Waite of The Babys & Bad English, of comfortable VIP booths, tables L.A. Guns, Lita Ford, Michael set up on the large dance floor or Schenker Group, Queensryche feastanding room in front of the stage turing Geoff Tate, Todd Rundgren for those who like to be right in the and Y&T to name a few as well as middle of the action. When it comes new-wave bands like Berlin, Big to the libations, they have it down. Country, The English Beat, The The huge main bar and smaller sat- Fixx, Missing Persons, The Motels ellite bar are fully staffed with an at- and The Tubes. In fact they even tractive array of skilled professional had William Shatner along with bartenders and servers. They are members of Yes. knowledgeable, efficient and as If you live in the Los Angeles area friendly as can be. You’ll get the or are planning a visit, then you cocktail of your choice made right must check out their concert caland may even find a new favorite. endar and make your way down to Pair that with some Kobe Sliders, the beach for one of their upcoming Nachos and a Mega Grilled Cheese shows. Saint Rocke is located at from the Saint Rocke Kitchen and 142 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa you’re set for the night. Beach, CA 90254 (310) 372-0035 www. The location itself has quite the history. Originally it was a bank built back in the 1920’s, then decades

-”Mr. 80’s

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Joseph Fortmuler, the brains behind sinister guitar picks and clothing, is the man responsible for my happy madness as I’m writing this review! Sinister picks come in all styles and sizes: some have metal on both edges, some on one side only. Not only are the edges of the pick metal, but Sinister figured out a way to put design cutouts. With this patterned application, Sinister can make just about anything and put it on or cut it out of a pick! Some of you are going to say bah, metal, worthless…scratch guitars and break strings! That would be the metal picks of old...keep in mind, Billy Gibbons of ZZ TOP uses a shaved peso. Brian May of Queen?...A six pence coin. Most finger picks for Dobro are metal, and it just takes remembering what you have in your hand. If you’re playing a Sinister pick, you’re playing a pick with a lot of balls, attitude, and a lot of research put into it. The saving grace for these picks is their wonderfully beveled edge, which makes the transition between strings flawless –effortless. Sinister has been lending a helping hand by making picks for the military, for autism, and even for good ‘ol no-show George Jones. Sinister produced a limited run of gold picks for the recently departed country music legend. Three hundred numbered and certified-real gold picks. Number 001 was of course given to Nancy Jones, George’s widow, the rest to the stars that came to pay tribute to the Possums final show in Nashville. Now, beyond looking really killer, these picks pack tone! The ones I reviewed were solid performers. Being a jazz III fan, I was instantly drawn to the smaller jazz III type and was not disappointed! I used one pick for two straight weeks of recording and teaching…ten to eleven hours a day for fourteen days, picking at the exact same spot on the pick. I was trying to wear the metal out on the pick, but I didn’t! That equates to a pick lasting over one hundred shows! Go online to or like them on Facebook. I’m playing every day with Sinister picks. Hands down, simply one of my new favorite products, so make sure you get yourself some sinister picks and gear! They have some clothing also! It’s time for this gear reviewer to sign-off. Have any questions? Hit me up here or online! Michael G. out!

What’s up rockers? Today we are going to be taking a look at, listening to, and testing out Tsunami Cables. They are a fairly new company that is just six years in and already causing a big stir in the music industry. The major complaint with any cable is having so many: a few for the road, a few for the house, and a few for recording only. Tsunami has produced a cable that works for all occasions without flaw. When Keith Stickney came out with Tsunami Cables, he produced a high-quality product for everyone. Using only the finest materials, they have produced wonderful cables and go beyond the normal call of duty by shrink wrapping not only once, but three times. This makes the chance of shorting the cable damn near nil. Combine that with their custom killer looks and options, and ever-rising list of artists using Tsunami Cables. They will make any cable needed: speaker, instrument, etc... My first impression was: “Wow, nice stuff!” For the review, I plugged the speaker cable they provided from my Handsome Devil Tube head to a 4X12 cab loaded with Sheffield speakers. I used one of my Les Paul guitars and my super strat. The signal is clean, pure and very quick. You can really hear the difference in a well-made cable, and these do not let you down in any way. I hammered out some tunes; I even tried to get the cable to short by wiggling it around my output jack on the guitar. No sounds at all. If you ever do have a problem with your Tsunami cable, something that I’m told rarely happens, no worries! They carry a lifetime warranty and will simply send you a new one if you have any problems. What more can you ask for? The instrument cable they sent me was as flashy as I am! It sounded perfect; not a bit of a problem. So in short, if you want to stop wasting money on cable after cable, then hit up the fine folks at Tsunami Cables and they will take care of all your needs! Once again, Michael G. out!

Loved by millions, Metallica has been a band that likes to innovate. With the recent release of “Through the Never”, the San Francisco metal icons brought the experience of their live concerts to the theaters and soon to DVD, Bluray, 3D Blu-ray, etc., on January 28th, 2014. During release weeks, I had a chance to be present next to Lars at the Universal Studios Citywalk (Universal City) and Norwalk, and then James did the honors at Stockton and Sacramento. In each theater, the intensity of the fans’ love for Metallica was obvious. Some older and some young enough to be my own children, but in all cases where I attended these screenings, people would show up or leave the theater’s parking lot with a huge smile and blasting Metallica’s 30+ years of music mayhem, too happy if I may say. By now you have probably seen the film, read the reviews and may still be wondering: “What’s in the bag?” But in the words of my eighteen year old buddy Brianna W. from Lynden, WA: “I have been to a lot of rock shows, but nothing like a Metallica show, especially this one. All the 68 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

props and details into making it an experience for the fans was just beyond anything I’ve seen before. There were things that went “wrong” but they kept going on and delivering the best for the fans. It was just AMAZING. They had a little bit of every single album. One of the moments I enjoyed the most was when the toilet (Metal Up Your Ass) from which the sword came out was played during Seek and Destory (not seen in the movie).” Stop by our Facebook page and let us know what you thought of the movie or if you were there. We would love to hear more from you, the fans, who attended the show recordings or live presentations by the band members. Enrique Nunez

Enrique Nunez

Sinister guitar picks. Hmm. Sounds kind of dark, evil...scary even. But in reality, what Sinister puts out are quite the opposite. Some bright, shiny, and as my clown brother Trippy would say, METAL! Some even feature real gold!

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 69

Fan Favorite

First of all, let me say that if you’re a traveler, Copenhagen, Denmark is a truly wonderful city and you must see it. That being said, let me also add that in our ventures, the Danes were by far, the friendliest. They welcome the American tourists with open arms because, as one bartender stated, “Americans are the only ones that tip.” So obviously, the Danes want to be tipped, and as friendly as they are, they deserve it. Again, the beer isn’t particularly cold and there is no free pouring. All spirits are attached to a mechanism that pours one ounce. In addition, they use very little ice, so drinks are very weak. My advice, stick to beer.

Okay, last but definitely not least, Amsterdam. The first place we drank at was the good ol’ “Hard Rock Cafe.” I was beside myself when the bartender free poured my shot of Vodka in a rocks glass. However, even though they free poured, you paid. It wasn’t until that night when we had a whole meal for less money than one round at the “Hard Rock,” that I realized that. That’s not how it was everywhere else we went though. The prices got lower and again, there was almost no free pouring. As far as the tipping thing, it varies from what I noticed. Now, what to expect while drinking The bartender at “Hard Rock,” was abroad: I’ll start off in London. Lonshocked when I tipped him, at one doners love their pubs, and there’s point I thought he was gonna give it plenty to chose from. The service is generally really good, but not particu- back. Then, while at a bar in the Red Light District, I noticed signs behind a larly friendly. Again, they are paid a few bars telling patrons to please tip higher wage by the pub owners for good service, they don’t have to “kiss the bartenders. Another thing, we all know that in Amsterdam, soft drugs ass,” so to speak, for that tip they don’t expect. Also, even though they like marijuana, hash and mushrooms are legal and readily available. Just will answer any tourist-related quesknow that the “stuff” you get there is tions, it’s pretty apparent they aren’t considerably more potent then what very fond of them. One last thing, don’t expect an ice cold beer there. It you get in the states. I recommend not mixing these drugs with alcohol, doesn’t exist. the combination is not good. On to Norway, on a previous trip to I just want to finish off with a bit of Norway, I spent a day with the roomadvice. If you do what we did and mate of a friend I was staying with land in a foreign country with no in Oslo. He just happened to be a bartender. He told me that they tend knowledge of what to do, where to go, or how to get there, go to the nearest to expect a tip in Norway -- again, along the lines of 5-10%. I did notice pub and strike up a conversation with on that trip to Oslo, there were some the bartender. They know the best Norwegian Kroners left behind by bar places to go and the fastest, most economical ways to get there. Happy patrons. However, this time I was in Bergen, and though I did see a Kroner traveling and as always, have fun and or two, not as much as Oslo. Maybe drink safe.

70 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

As per Rock N Roll Industries tradition, during the creation period of each magazine we post bands on our Facebook page and ask fans to like their favorite in order to win a feature. Artist recognition is predicated on the outspoken loyalty of their fans and now the votes are in! Divine Sorrow is the fan favorite for our tenth issue! Reigning from St. Louis, Missouri, Bryan Chappell [vocals/ bass], Lee Skyles [drums], Paul Schaffrin [guitar/vocals], and Sak [guitar/vocals] have been creating music as Divine Sorrow since October of 2010 and began live performances in July of 2011. The four men are the heart of a progressive hard-rock band that has committed to writing lyrics with inspirational output in order to pair up with their music’s strong melodies. Divine Sorrow has accomplished “Charter Center Stage” Best Unsigned Band and was chosen as the St. Louis River Front Times readers’ “Best St. Louis Rock Band” in addition to “Best Rock Album of 2012”. These notable mentions are only pieces of their hard-earned recognition. Their debut full-length album Tales of Descension was released on May 18th, 2012 and was received well by their fan-base. Moreover, some of the album’s tracks were included in an upcoming movie soundtrack! -Andrea Granillo

Michael W Williams

I spoke to a lot of bartenders in the cities I visited. One thing that held true throughout my adventure was that they all want to be tipped, they don’t expect it because that’s not the way it is there. In observing the locals, I noticed that not one left a gratuity on the bar. I was also informed that if one does leave a tip, the standard is 5-10% (in the United States the standard is 15-20%). The major difference is that in those countries, the bartenders make a considerably higher wage. In Copenhagen, Denmark, I had a long discussion with one particular bartender who told me she was paid roughly twenty American dollars per hour. However, on a packed Saturday night, she walks with about seventeen American dollars in tips, mostly from American tourists. I concluded that the “American” way of doing things makes a lot more sense for everyone involved. Even though we bartenders here in the U.S. make a smaller wage, we are tipped more and our average income per hour is a much more significant amount. Get it? Bar owners have a smaller payroll and bartenders make more money -everybody wins.

in the “big city” it’s much more common to tip. Finally, when it’s a clear day in Norway, don’t expect to find a seat outside, all Norwegians want to be outside on sunny days. You want instant gratification, go inside, there’s plenty of room there.

Star Off Machince- November Show at the HOB in Anaheim By: Lan Nguyen It was a good-sized turnout of family, friends, and potential new fans for the local bands playing at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Nov. 3. Throughout the evening, the venue floor filled up from time to time. It was one of those shows that featured more than a couple of genres under the same billing, with something for everyone in attendance. For those who venture to stay the entire night, there was a high probability of discovering new music to their liking. That evening I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Star Off Machine’s uplifting brand of rock as they took to the stage before a supportive crowd, some of whom were indeed singing along. . . Be sure to check them out: www.facebook. com/staroffmachine

Lan Nguyen

Several years back I took a trip overseas and thought I’d share a little of what I learned about bar etiquette in a foreign country. My journey actually started in London, England, then went to Norway, Denmark, and finally the Netherlands -- Amsterdam to be exact.

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--------------------------------------‘Natural Minor’ scale -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Hi, Peeps!!! Thanks for tuning in to another installment of 'Intense Guitar'! Hope you enjoyed the last issue's exercise. A couple issue's ago we looked at the Ionian mode. Otherwise known as the Major scale. In this installment I'd like to take a look a multiple fingerings for the relative Minor scale to Major scale. It's called the Aeolian mode. Or the 'Natural Minor' scale. These two scales are your two primary scales used in most Rock guitar. Along with the Pentatonic. As you may recall, the formula for the Ionian mode is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (and 8va - the octave). No sharps or flats in the formula. The formula for the Aeolian mode is a "modification" of this. The formula for the Aeolian mode is: 1, 2, b3, 4, 5, b6, b7 (and 8va). Meaning, if you took the Ionian mode and simply flattened the said notes, you would have a Natural Minor scale. I'm going to write these out in the relative Minor mode that I gave you the C Ionian (Major) fingerings for a couple of issues back. So, these will be in the key of A Minor. The notes being A,B,C,D,E,F and G. There are various ways to play this scale. Different fingerings. Like I said. If you simply flatten the notes in the formula you'd have an Aeolian mode. However. Some of those fingerings by doing so from the Ionian might not be practical or "logical".Here we'll look at a few practical fingerings to apply to the scale. Some of these fingerings may even seem a bit "out of character" for you, but they all have a reason for your technique. The first thing you should note is that the first four fingerings all start off on each finger on the fretting hand. This assure us that we can play an Aeolian mode from which ever finger we want or have available. I've seen many players who only know a few fingerings for a scale and are limited to these few fingerings. We're going to break out of that. The first fingering we'll look at is a pretty common one. One finger per fret with an extension of one note with the pinkie finger. This is a common fingering used by most Rock players. It can be seen being executed by such players as Steve Vai, Al DiMeola and Paul Gilbert. Fingering # 2 is, once again, a one finger per fret position but this time we're extending the index finger to cover notes not in the 1 finger per fret range. Realize this. That every scale and mode can be played ANYWHERE on the fretboard if you simply extended one finger, either your index or pinkie, by one fret. Think about it. You have all 12 notes underneath your fingers in ANY position simply by extending a finger. How cool is THAT?!? If you had a guitar with only 5 frets you'd be able to play in any key! It's just a matter of knowing where the notes are underneath your fingers. Fingering # 3 will take most of us out of our "comfort zone". It starts on the Third finger

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and can be rather rather challenging. Again, we're going with the one finger per fret deal but this time we're extending the pinkie, as opposed to the index finger. In my opinion, this fingering is rather difficult to get up to high speeds but I've seen Steve Morse totally rip on it. Fingering # 4 is keeping with our 1 finger per fret "rule" but this time we're only extending the index finger once. It's for the F note on the high E string. This, again, is a fingering that I've seen Al DiMeola employ as well as players like Vivian Campbell and John Petrucci. Fingering # 5 is a three note-per-string pattern that very conducive to fast playing. I've seen Yngwie Malmsteen use this fingering a lot. In fingering # 6 we do a little position shifting. Just one movement that takes us two frets up. If you notice, it basically breaks the scale down into 2 similar patterns. Be careful not to "drag" your index finger when moving positions. You don't want the listener to hear you changing positions. Within in all these scales the listener should NOT be able to tell the difference as to which fingering you are playing. They should ALL sound effortless. Fingering # 7 is again, a horizontal shape that goes along the fretboard. I really like this particular pattern because it allows you to cover much ground and if you extend it you can even do 3 octave's. We'll look at 3 Octave Patterns in another installment. For now, we're keeping these down to 2 octaves. Player's like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and John Petrucci can be seen utilizing this shape. The last three fingerings all start on the fifth string. For this reason we'll modulate to the

key of D Minor. The first fingering, # 8, we'll look at is a 3 note-perstring figure that is, again, very conducive to fast playing. "Shredding", if you will. You'll see anyone from Vinnie Moore to Yngwie Malmsteen incorporating this pattern. Fingering # 9 is actually a "Classically" influenced pattern. It's from Andreas Segovia's book. 'Diatonic Major and Minor scales'. I learned this when studying Classical guitar. A big user of this particular shape, as I'm sure you can imagine, was Randy Rhoads. Also, the reason why I got into Classical guitar and started studying it. Lastly. In fingering # 10 we see a shape mimicking pattern # 7 in it's horizontal form. Again. I can't stress this enough. Be very careful not to "drag" your finger along the string causing the position shift to be heard. This pattern can be seen being used by such players as Allan Holdsworth, Bill Connors and Joe Satriani. As always, practice these scales with a metronome. Count, preferably, 16th notes patterns. And if you really want to "adventurous". Practice them in a cycle of 4th's, like I suggested with the Ionian patterns we looked at a couple issue's ago. I also suggest using alternate picking (staccato) AS WELL AS hammer-ons and pull-offs (legato). Okay, that about wraps it up for this month. Thanks all, for the feedback in the last installment. Keep in mind that if you are wanting to go over a particular topic, feel free to reach out to me at: . Until next issue...'Who Dares Wins'!!! Kampai!!!" Š 2014 Toshi Iseda

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The second is the audio equipment, the mastering engineer has gear to help him optimize the final track from its original recording’s sound. His intellectual knowledge and audio equipment is his “Tools of the Trade”. The gear can be in both analog and digital. Analog processors are based on analog circuitry, which works on tubes, solid states or the use of hybrid circuits to present the certain tonal characteristics. Each piece of gear works differently and sounds different based on how its built and from what components the circuit is made. Some engineers like customizing the circuits and modifying them in order to fit specific needs and liking. When using digital gear, the approach is different then using analog gear since the processing power can make a huge difference but also the program that is installed in the components and runs the system making the calculations needed to process the audio can differ from various manufactures and models, presenting different audio qualities In the digital world. Such processing can be done by external hardware or internal software installed in the computer or an audio interface, those are known as plug-ins which are what most audio software companies are developing. They are all algorithm based and have the option to be rewritten and upgraded to a certain degree within the system. They can also be fixed in case of debugging or malfunctions that are fixed in a later time. The digital external gear has certain components that make it behave differently then plug-ins. Having power supplies, regulators, screens, connectors, electronic parts and there proximity, slightly alters the sound, regardless of the algorithm used. The software plug-ins that emulates the vintage analog gear is always advancing with time, bringing more options to the end user. However, in time the original vintage units have changed their tone due to the different manufacturing processes as well as maintenance. Each component has changed during different periods of manufacturing leading to a different sound character in the same units. These changes have contributed to the difference in the sound, regardless of how precise the emulation is. That is why when engineers do tests between external analog equipment and plugins. The choice comes down to taste and situation. Both analog and digital equipment can deliver great results and sound right in a given project or sound less good on another. There are many ways to approach mastering. Every engineer has his own way of working with the tools available, experimenting with various options and finding what works best for that song, e.p or album. In the end it’s all about accommodating the client’s needs. How to evaluate the mastering once receiving it from the engineer? Take the time and listen carefully to the

finished master. Check that it sounds consistent on a few systems in which you listen to music on a daily basis. Home stereo (HI-FI), Small monitors (mini/micro), Car Stereo, Computer stereo speakers (multi-media) or Laptop speakers. In addition, be sure to check the mastering using a variety of headphones and ear buds. If adjustments are necessary, notify the mastering engineer of what was noticed, and through what systems was it utilized. Certain playback systems might sound harsh, crispy, honky, muddy or enhance too much bass or treble so there might be a need to alter the mastering to accommodate such systems. This can be addressed and fixed as part of the revisions. In most stages of the music production process, good communication is important to achieve the desired product. Inform the mastering engineer regarding any changes needed so that the revisions can be made and sent out for evaluation and approval. It is common that fixes and tweaks will be needed in order to accommodate the specific needs of the client’s musical vision on how the music should sound. Therefore, keep in mind that the first mastering results might not be the exact sound imagined, but it can still be changed to fit the desired taste, just like it takes a few recordings to get the proper vocal, guitar, bass and drum recording or a few mix revisions to get the best sounding mix. It might take a few mastering revisions to get to the desired sound of the music and the overall album sequenced. Discuss the options and revisions with the mastering engineer prior to the mastering to get a better view of the process as well as if there may be any extra costs involved in such a case. Share with the mastering engineer your vision on how the album/EP sequence should be and he will work on adjusting the levels, tones, fades and gaps to give the piece the right flow with the sense of continuity. How to prepare a mix for mastering? ( this is in digital ) Contact the mastering engineer and ask him what is the preferred format to send him the mixes It is highly recommended to print the mix at the same sample and bit rate as the session is mixed on, for example: if the mixing session is at 48 kHz, 24 bit then keep it the same and do not up

sample or down sample it. Make notes ahead of time about any problems and concerns. In order to achieve better clarity and punch, it is best to keep the headroom of the mix at a maximum of minus 3 dbfs peaking (-3 dB peaking). Make sure you are not going overboard with the processing on the mix buss, if you over-process it with too much compression, limiting or any other processor it will be hard to undo that later if needed and it will not leave enough room for the mastering engineer to work his magic. Contact the duplication facility before the session and find out which format is needed for the pressing plant or distributor (PMCD, DDP, WAV or AIFF). Inform the mastering engineer what is the needed output format and on what type of media it will be published and released on (CD, DVD, blue-ray, video, vinyl, cassette, MP3, streaming web video or sound tracks) so it can be optimized to fit the format of choice. Since current technology enables meta-data to be embedded in the CDText (artist name, album/EP/single name, UPC/EAN barcode, track names and ISRC codes) it will be a good idea to provide an exact list containing all the above information to the mastering engineer along with the song running order. How to send the mix files to the mastering engineer/studio? Sending the tracks to the mastering engineer can be done online by uploading the files to FTP servers or websites that offer this service. Another option is to send the compiled tracks via postal or currier services on a data CD-R, audio CD-R, DVD-R, DAT tape, analog tape, flash drive or a hard drive. This Article was written by Maor Appelbaum, Mastering Engineer Fates Warning , William Shatner , Dokken, Halford, Sepultura, Yngwie Malmsteen, Lita ford, Marco Mendoza, Armored Saint, Nekromantix, The Chop Tops, Treponem Pal,Angra, Lillian Axe, Symfonia, Seven the Hardway, Wayne Hussey, Therion, Cynic, Cathedral, The Prog Collective , Circa, Daath etc. Maor Appelbaum Mastering “Sounds With Impact” 818-564-9276

Danny Dagan

Mastering is the final technical and creative step in the music and sound production. It’s about optimizing and enhancing the recorded audio track so it will sound coherent on most playback systems and formats regardless of the media limitations. Mastering allows the project to achieve its full potential and artistic intent; it is all about the subtleties that can transform a good sounding song into a great sounding song. The mastering engineer has the ability to focus on certain elements of the sound and divert the listener’s attention from the problematic areas to nicer sounding ones that gives that extra “finish” which makes the track pop out to the listener and catch him, Grabbing the attention of the listener from the moment the music is played. There are three main reasons for mastering the mixes with a professional mastering engineer: 1. Objectivity- the most common reason - due to the fact that the mastering engineer is not a part of the recording or mixing process, he holds an un-biased opinion towards the project and can evaluate the sound of the mix in fresh and objective manner. 2. Artistic- although the mastering engineer can be as objective as a listener, he has the ability to affect the final sound of the recording by adding to its feel, depth, volume, tightness, punch and color, all of which contributes to the overall musical outcome and production. The mastering engineer gives the music a new perspective and enhances the connection with the listener. 3. Technical- the mastering engineer has the right tools to process the overall sound of any given project. Such processing include: • Tonal balancing & enhancing • Adjusting problematic frequencies • Leveling & controlling dynamics • Sequencing & Editing The mastering engineer knows what to highlight and what to hide, what to take out and what to keep, as well as figure out how all the factors fit with in the overall tone of the music. In order to bring a successful result, the mastering engineer tailors the sound to fit with the artist’s musical direction. Because of his experience and knowledge from working on various styles of music, the mastering engineer has the ability to decide what is needed in order to balance the whole spectrum and enhance the final product, the identity of song’s overall feel that will leave a mark on the listener. The Mastering Engineer has two primary tools at his disposal. The first is his intellectual musical knowledge. Keeping up with the current technology and musical styles is important in order to work with clients from all over the world.

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n this edition of Shops that Rock we take you for the backstage experience of how a Carvin instrument is born! When you get a Carvin, you can either order an existing instrument or make your very own from scratch and talk about options; exotic wood finishes, body and neck, headstock, fingerboard, inlay, hardware, pickup and electronic, even fretwire options are available for both bass and guitar. What started as a family pick up manufacturing company in 1946 is still a family owned and operated company that now makes everything from circuit boards to the new PB4 bass. Watch our video to see the whole process as we follow Jeff Kiesel who shows us the love and care that goes into each instrument from wood treated in their on sight furnace to guarantee each piece starts at the proper moister level, because no one wants their guitar to warp. The first step when a customer orders a guitar or bass is the neck, which is done on a CNC machine that has been programmed with all the different models. They use “CNC because they are precise and never have a bad day,” says Jeff . Watching these machines do their job of precise cutting raw product into beautiful instruments is fully automated and amazing. After the neck is complete, the customers that chose finger board and neck are taken to the glue station. There are many options-everything from custom inlays, no inlays, frets to woods. The guitar body is given a basic outline and

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placed into a CNC machine. After that, the body and neck go through hand sanding to make sure everything is perfect and smooth, then the guitar neck and body are bound. Which is done with great skill and attention to detail most of their employees are in it for the long run with many being there over 20 plus years. Our guide Jeff has done many of the jobs as he started at the families business during his summer breaks at the age of 8. Everything is made in house, Guitars, electronics, mixing boards, even pick ups are still made in house. they are wound, soldered, filled in house, they make 55 different types of pick ups and Carvin still does all of their pick ups one at a time ( instead of multiples being wound at the same time!) to make sure that all are created perfect. Jeff told us that yes it takes more time to make them that way, but if not, one could wind wrong and it effects the sound and with multiples going at the same time it is almost impossible to catch! Now onto amplification. For guitar amps, Carvin has a wide variety to choose from... Vintage Guitar Amps to start with... The “Nomad” a 50w 12” combo to the “Bell Air” a 50w dual 12”, both come with a classic tweed finish, dual channel and reverb, a standard for the studio and live performance. The V3M (50w) and the V3 (100w) guitar amps can be paired with a 112V cabinet, 212V stack or the monster 4x12V3 cabinet go’s perfect together with the V3 100w for those larger gigs. And most notable the

VL300 Legacy 3 guitar amp developed by Steve Vai is the cream of the crop... With it’s all-tube, 3 channel 100w amp head, you can’t miss with these features; channel assignable reverb, master volume, rack mountable, midi in/through, pre master - post master effect loops just to name a few... And finally, the X100B Series |V amp head has plenty of great features; dual channels: clean and lead, master volume with boost, 5 band EQ assignable to channels, assignable reverb, effects loop. Match the X100B amp head with the GX412T and the GX412B to create a stack that will make your pant legs flap! So whether you’re looking for a one of a kind guitar- to a sound system like no other, the team at Carvin has you covered with USA made products brought straight to you...The customer!

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Welcome back to the Miss Katonic Show, where humans and other creatures are stolen in their sleep and toyed with endlessly inside the dark, wet and stinking bowels of YAAG, the massive extra- dimensional jellyfish Sky Titan of the Dreamlands, a living castle to the human host of the Katonic entity. MISS KATONIC: Human, tell the miserable and curious masses how it was you first discovered your love for the instrument known as the guitar and what drives you toward total mastery over it?

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ASHES: It started when I was young looking at my Father play guitar music like The Beatles, Zeppelin, Santana and Hendrix. I got my first guitar when I was 5 or 6 years old, I tried to learn some chords to figure out some Kiss music because I used to love them. Later I was really into Hendrix, same thinghis soul in his guitar playing- there is no one like him. Later I saw Yngwie Malmsteen who changed my playing, his classic playing, fast and clean. Such players like Van Halen Aldi Meola, Eric Johnson, Paco de Lucia, Steve Stevens, Satriani , Vai are great musicians who really Inspire me to play. Slash is also one of my favorite guitar players. Nowadays that is something bands don›t have at all. Back in the day a lot of these musicians really played. Now, cool, you can do arpeggios, play fast, but have no soul at all. I believe music is passion and comes deep inside of you.

MISS KATONIC: These guitars I keep hearing so much about from you hairy meat sticks. yes.. Tell us! Does it lay waste to cities with stroking patterned chords? Does it summon forth the ravenous ether titans, thirsting for blood of the freshly born?? ASHES: I have been endorsed by GMP GUITARS in San Dimas Ca. They have been there for me always. Amazing graphics, wood, parts etc. It is all about the tone. I used their Fire Birds and Roxie Guitars, they made my signature guitar with one pickup, tremolo, glow in the dark and bats on the back of the neck and my graphic from my upcoming comic entitled The book Ashes. I am really excited to promote my new Ashes Guitar cause there is nothing like having your own Signature Guitar and I thank them so much. MISS KATONIC: Of all the simple human phrases Oderus’s former cuttlefish has shared with me, my favorite by far is “Sex, drugs and Rock N Roll”. Can you tell me if working with bands such as Wayne Static gives you the kind of amazing freedoms and delicious power over the wills of others, making women weep at your feet, screaming in insistful reach, masses fighting in pits to be near your sweat as it drops- or-­what do you find personally most fulfilling about your work with Wayne? ASHES: Hahahahahaha! I love playing with Wayne. It is really an honor to play with him. It is so crazy because over the time we play I do

see chicks fighting in front of me punching each other! Or dudes fighting with girls; very crazy, but I can tell they are having a great time, love it. Last show we had at the whiskey it was crazy because one of the guys who was on the pit had a heart attack. I hope this dude is ok. Every time we play in a venue it gets crazy no joke.

ASHES: I am working on my comic called “The book of Ashes”. It is all about zombies, Rock and Roll chicks with big boobies, blood, death etc. The inspiration for my comic came from a close friend of mine who is creating an amazing horror comic series of their own.

MISS KATONIC: When my Vixens kidnapped you in your sleep, your room was filled with wonderfully creepy dolls that looked like a miniature versions of you.. Tell me about your plans for ASHES: I have been with Wayne for like 3 years. your mini sleeping army. Do you plan to awaken My girlfriend who has been friends with Wayne’s and unleash your mini Ashes upon the unsuswife for a while introduced me to him and we pecting masses? became friends. Then later me and her used to take care of his house when he was on tour with ASHES: Those are my Mini Ashes Voodoo Dolls. Static X around 2009. He was always on tour and They are made for the comic I’m working on. It will come with monsters, zombies and ready one time I asked him if you ever need a guitar player I will learn his music for sure. At that time I to kill zombies. These doll are made by hand was playing with some bands- who had different by Maestro Morbid. He can make any design ideas than mine. I always liked heavy music, and you like and I have these dolls on sale on my website. loved metal. MISS KATONIC: How long have you been with Wayne and how did you join his band?

I used to see all the bands back on the day because my brother Marco used to play and a Band called Sarcastic here in Los Angeles used to play a lot at back yard parties with Fear Factory all day on Hollywood blvd. MISS KATONIC: I hear from my Shadow Vixens you are documenting your adventures visually as I have had my lure, Jamie, create on earth. Tell us about your comic series and what inspired you.

MISS KATONIC: Where can we find you in internet space and how can we order your stuff? ASHES: MISS KATONIC: Well, it seems you have much darkness and carnage left to spread upon the Earth, so I shall not feed upon soul. Return to Earth, dark one! And for the rest of you human viewers out there- Keep your dreams close to you.. you never know when we shall come hunting for you in the night. Rock N Roll Industries Magazine 81

Metal Madness Metal has never been widely known for using major scales. I tended to not teach this scale to many students in the past because it reminded me of Christmas music. However, today I use it on a daily basis primarily because the guitar is a G-based instrument and every scale has a certain relationship with the major scale with slight changes in interval structure to give you other more exciting scales like the Aeolian, Phrygian Dominant, Dorian and Byzantine. Also, the G major and E minor scales have a pretty cool relationship to each other known as the relative minor. This just means that the E is the 6th tone in the G major scale (Think: G A B C D E as 1 2 3 4 5 6). And the great thing about METAL.... tons of E minor! \m/ The first sequence that I use is a 3-note-perstring pattern that uses 3 finger configurations that need to become natural for both the sake of speed and dexterity. The first pattern is whole step (W) starting on the 3rd fret of the E and A string moving you through G A B C D and E. The second pattern is half step (H) whole step (W) starting on the 4th fret of the D and G strings giving you the notes F# G A B C and D. The last pattern is whole step (W) half step (H) starting on the 5th fret of the B and E

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strings giving you E F# G A B and C. Now that you have the pattern (W W) (H W) and (W H) you should be able to run it back and forth over any progression in G major or E minor and make it sound cool. However, like most guitar players you might want something to practice. The first exercise in which I learned to do this was ascending in 3rds. This refers to the relationship from the note you are playing up to the minor 3rd (a step and a half) or the major 3rd (two whole steps). For example G to B is a major 3rd, A to C is a minor 3rd, B to D is a minor 3rd, C to E is a major 3rd, D to F# is a major 3rd, E to G is a minor third and F# to A is a minor 3rd. Follow this pattern up the 3-note-per-string sequence and you’ll be ready for the next exercise. Ascending in 3 using Triplets. This pattern is pretty easy once you have it figured out and you can use it to lock down most any other scale as you progress. I also like to play this one backwards as well. The idea is to keep the notes steady using a triplet feel. If you haven›t tried using triplets before you can use the count «1 tri-plet, 2 tri-plet, 3 tri-plet, 4 tri-plet» alternate picking through each using a «down-up» pattern. Ideally, using a metro-

nome is the best idea, but if you can›t grab the notes between clicks it›s fine to try it without as long as you›re thinking rhythmically. The sequence starts off using the same 3-noteper-string pattern we used for the last example but moves up only 3 notes then moves back one to start the next 3 notes. The notes move like this: GAB, ABC, BCD, CDE, DEF#, EF#G, repeat until you›ve made it through the pattern down through the high E. Ascending in 4. The concept for this pattern is the same as the last, but instead of moving up 3 notes, we›ll be moving up 4 notes. Another change is that instead of using triplets we›ll be thinking in 16th notes. A 16th note count equals (1 ee and uh 2 ee and uh 3 ee and uh 4 ee and uh). This exercise also sounds great moving backwards (Think Pantera or Children of Bodom) Starting on the low E 3rd fret the sequence is: GABC ABCD BCDE CDEF# DEF#G EF#GA F#GAB, repeat until you have made it through the pattern ending on the 8th fret of the high E. There you have it, my first 3 exercises for you to master on your way to METAL MADNESS. I hope you enjoyed these and until next time! See ya! Jason Martin

Tsunami Cables would lke to thank all the companies and artist who have supported us throughout the years. We would not be here without you all. 2014 is going to rock!!! For more information go to Or check us out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Tone freaks and Pedal Geeks By - Wolf Navarro

Well, hello again tone freaks and pedal geeks all over the world! I’m back again with a few select pedals and a unit I personally feel are worth mentioning. In my eternal quest for the most righteous and awe-inspiring pieces of tonal equipment I have come across a few items and companies worth mentioning. In the years of playing my guitar through a ton of different amps and effects pedals to achieve the sound I like, one of the hardest sounds to achieve for me has been that violinlike resonance and distortion that we hear so much about from the early days of rock…like Hendrix’s fuzz tone for example. Many companies over the years have offered their versions of a “fuzz box” distortion unit and I have tried a TON of them. To date, there are few I have truly liked a lot. Thus, I have not had a decent fuzz pedal in my arsenal for some time. I always wanted a Roger Mayer Fuzz Face but they are usually in bad shape and not worth what a lot of pedal “collectors” are asking for the originals and they are HUGE! The Zvex Fuzz Factory is an exceptional pedal as well but again can be quite expensive and may have too many options for some users. Well, along comes Rotosound with the re-release of their vintage fuzz pedal the RFB-1! This thing has FINALLY got exactly what I have been looking for use-wise and tonally for quite some time! The Rotosound RFB1 is a re-issue of the companies legendary Vintage

Fuzz Pedal using, essentially, the same circuit configurations as their 1960’s original design. Even though they use modern resistors and capacitors, the new pedal combines yesterday’s style and tone with the reliability and quality of today’s technology. Now, the original prototype pedals were only available in limited numbers and never released to the public through general sales, but these pedals were found all over the place. Robert Fripp, Lou Reed and a ton of other “notable” users made this tone famous almost overnight! Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page has been seen in pictures playing one. Rotosound, working in conjunction with fabled guitar tone tweaker, Dr. Barry R. Pyatt, have revitalized the pedal to produce a tone faithful to the original. With the important active components being genuine vintage stock, they preserve their authentic and original sound. Their re-issue circuit, just like the original, uses a Darlington Pair for high-gain input, which drives a compensated ‘fuzz’ transistor. The Fuzz Control knob changes the amount of drive from a warm, soft crunch to a scorching growl, all while maintaining the original sound of the classic pedal without changing your underlying original tone! The Treble Control knob varies the ratio of bass to treble seeping through a wide range of muddy to crisp, bright tones. Lastly, the Volume Control knob alters the output level and maintains a cleaner

or dirtier sound. Unlike the original, the re-issue pedal now features “true bypass” switching to be compatible with contemporary pedals. Renowned as one of the easiest effects to use, as well as the exceptional tone and smooth sustain. The new pedal retains all the qualities of the original. Pros: Great tone, high quality build and components. Cons: No LED light to indicate power. Price:$279.00. Next, I want to shout out to Strymon effects pedals for their line of awesome effects! Every pedal I’ve ever heard or tried from this company has exceeded my expectations. BlueSky reverb pedal... BlueSky reverb pedal does a great job with clean tones across the board, but it is not just another “vintage” reverb pedal. Designed to suit the needs of most modern players, it may be the first reverb pedal designed to address the distortion and crunch tones of modern high gain amps! Selling points: Responds well with higher gain amps and it provides usable, pedal-based reverb option from the guitar input jack for nonloop-equipped amps. $299.00 sounds expensive for a reverb unit, but when you compare it to some of the rack units that are equivalent in tone and flexibility, this unit is actually a steal! Pros: Amazing tone and flexibility, high quality components, excellent thought and design within. Cons: none.

What’s up guitar players? Are you ready for another lesson and another NAMM show? I know I am. Everyone at Rock N Roll Industries is so into the music industry that we can’t wait for the trade shows so we can see the newest gear! Judging from past years, this year is looking to be a epic show for everyone! Let’s get to our guitar lesson for this issue! Today we are going to be talking about being yourself, while still understanding that without the music of the past we wouldn’t be where we are today. Keep in mind, there are only so many notes [A thru G], with the sharps and flats added in of course. One of the biggest jokes of bar and Top 40 bands is that Sweet Home Alabama is the same song as Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London which is the same as Kid Rock’s All Summer Long. Matter of fact, there are thousands of songs with D, C, and G as the major chords, but don’t sweat it. Make whatever you play yours. It really is that easy. Everyone has their own style, flavor, whatever you want to call it. Take Jeff Beck, one of the most iconic guitar players, he can play any style from rock, country, to a Les Paul tribute, which is no easy feat. Jeff plays with his fingers, no pick, and no one in the world sounds like Jeff because his tone is in his hands. Just as with Eddie Van Halen, Slash, John 5, Zakk, and Dime, it was all in their hands. No guitar, pedal or amp combo is going to make you sound like someone else so 84 84 Rock Rock N N Roll Roll Industries Industries Magazine Magazine

to do someone else’s music, great!... Not only is it fun, useful and pay pretty well, but you get to learn Put your faith in the best place: IN YOURSELF! different styles of music and players. That is where Not only are you your worst enemy, but you can most people get their style: by putting together be your best friend and coach in music if you just their favorites. I’ve been called a Gary Moore let yourself TRY. Don’t be afraid to be YOU! You and Stevie Ray Vaughn clone, and to be honest I just may be the next big thing, so make music your consider it a compliment . bitch and your best friend. The simple act of writMake music to make you happy. That’s the point. ing a song can release so much pent up tension and agony in a person’s life. So pick your favorite The main thing is to keep playing, keep practicing chord. Got it? Now find the next chord that sounds and keep reading Rock N Roll Industries Magalike it goes with what you’re hearing. If it isn’t a zine. You don’t want me to send Trippy the Clown normal progression, that’s ok. Just make sure you to your house do you? Well, alright then. like the two chords and the tempo. And if you feel ‘Til next time guitarists, keep your strings clean like adding a solo lick between chords, go for it! But remember to tap your foot and keep time. Go and your riff’s mean. Michael G. out. on and add the third chord or notes, and if you PS: If you’re at the NAMM show, come say hi at think you need five, do it. Six? No problem, there the Rock N Roll Industries booth and get some auare no limits. tographs and swag from the best music magazine Now, say you want to play guitar just to do other in the world! peoples music, perhaps to be in a cover band or tribute band. That is cool as hell too! If you want stop trying now!

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Score 9.9 of 10

CD Reviews

Saxon is an English heavy metal band; which formed in 1976, in South Yorkshire. As one of the leaders of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they had eight UK Top 40 albums in the 1980s including four UK Top 10 albums and two Top 5 albums and have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. Sacrifice is the 20th studio album by Saxon. It was released on 1 March 2013 in Europe, March 4, in the United Kingdom and March 26 in the United States. I’ll rate Sacrifice to their 1981 release, Denim and Leather, or perhaps their biggest successful record, Power & the Glory. Plain and simple,

Lifeblood is the sophomore recorded release from A Good Rogering. This Austin, Texas rock Band Members: band gets right down to business in the openSkunk Manhattan – Guitar & ing notes of this cd. The incredible talent in this group is apparent immediately as “Care For A Vocals Rat In The Face” blasts your senses and sets Chef – Bass & Vocals your brain in motion. The vocalist has a very Chris Farrell – Drums powerful voice that demands to be heard and easily takes command of the microphone right Label – Suffering Dog Records from the beginning. Incredible guitar riffs drift through each track and are especially aweinspiring in the instrumentals which showcase the guitarist without taking away from the balance of the sound. The bassist, incredibly, keeps up with the guitarist, shadowing his every note at times and then we hear the bass doing a counter-melody while still holding the

Drowning Swans

Band Members:

Al Jourgensen: vocals, guitar Mike Scaccia: guitar Sin Quirin: guitar John Bechdel: keyboards Casey Orr: bass Aaron Rossi: drums


A fairly new band (2013), Drowning Swans hails from New Jersey. Mememories is their sophomore media release which contains four songs and one intro. It was released on July 8 of 2013 for digital download.

MINISTRY Ministry is an American industrial metal band founded by lead singer Al Jourgensen in 1981. After 27 years of performing, Jourgensen decided to end the band in 2008, saying a reunion would never happen. However, in August 2011, a reunion was announced, when Ministry confirmed they would play one of their first shows in four years at the Wacken Open Air festival in August 2012. Let the show begin! Ministry’s release of “Enjoy The Quiet - Live At Wacken” is a masterpiece, it’s everything you would expect this legendary industrial metal band to be and more. In front of 75,000 screaming fans, they delivered an unforgettable performance I’ll never forget! I am here to review just the live show (Audio) recorded on August 3, 2012 at the Wacken Open Air

86 Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Band Members: Biff Byford - lead vocals Paul Quinn - guitar Doug Scarratt - guitar Nibbs Carter - bass Nigel Glockler - drums Label: UDR

by:Peggy Murphy

bottom down quite elegantly. The drummer is SPOT ON with his perfect timing. I don’t just mean his ability to keep a steady beat; I mean what he plays, when he plays it. Nice job, guys!

Score 9.5 of 10

In fact the arrangement in every single tune is pretty fantastic. This 10 track CD covers many styles/genres while sticking to basic rock roots. That and the creativity mixed with a whole lot of talent makes this CD a ‘must have’ in anyone’s library that likes rock music. There is one explicit song on this album, but it really needs to be that way in order to get the point of the song across. That track is Caveman Angry and it is one of my favorites. It sounds more tongue-in-cheek/rock than anything else.

Genre (s): Metal/Progressive Hardcore

by:Peggy Murphy

The song lyrics are good. The instrumentation is good as well, but I would have liked to have heard a little more melodic vocals and a little less screaming. The melodic singing was short-lived in the two songs that had any, but what little there was of it was

Genre (s) Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal

I love this record! Biff Byford’s (1976–present) vocals are outstanding and driving. He’s just as strong as ever and hasn’t changed at all. Paul Quinn’s (1976–present) performance on guitars are screaming out that arena rock style that Saxon first made famous. Track 6. “Stand up and Fight” and track 9. “Wheels of Terror” are my favorite songs on this record. They take me back to my youth during the 80’s, a great time for Rock n Roll. Thank you, Saxon, for marching forth, leading the heavy metal army forward and showing us how it’s done! ROCK!

A Good Rogering

Genre (s): Rock

Score 7 of 10

Genre (s): Heavy Metal

by: Daniel Hicks

very good. Someone in this band can sing very well. I just wish there was more of it.

Band Members: Christopher Lu – Guitar & Vocals Rob Gnarly – Guitar & Vocals Will Allison – Bass

Seeing how this is the band’s second CD, I expected a lot more than what I got. Mememories is being promoted as a 5 track EP, but I don’t consider an instrumental track, entitled “Intro” to be a track. Its to- Mitch Gollub – Drums tal time is only one minute, eleven seconds. Label: Choke Artist Records CH002 Now don’t get me wrong, there is talent here. It just needs to blossom and mature.

“Enjoy The Quiet- Live at Wacken 2012” festival. Ministry has also included DVD of the same show, as well as a live audio recording from Wacken 2006 show, all in a boxed set (digipack) ... The show opener “Ghouldiggers” is fast and furious (What’s up with that!) and is packed with all energy the band can deliver, a crowd pleaser for sure... Continuing to listen, I realized why I love these guys... I returned to a memory of when I first saw Ministry in 1992 on the Lollapalooza tour, this who was performing on the main stage: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ministry, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pearl Jam, Lush... Man what a show! Ministry was by far the loudest act of the show, I enjoyed every minute of it. A+ on this release, no down time on this one. A topper for 2013, these guys know how to rock!

by: Daniel Hicks

Score 10 of 10

Infinite Spectrum Score 9.8 of 10


Genre (s): Progressive metal

by: Daniel Hicks

Ever since the independent music scene broke open a while back there’s been a revival of great music shinning through the dense cooperate world of today’s music industry... Infinite Spectrum is a perfect example, their debut release “Misguided” blew me away... Ladies and Gentlemen will you please take your seats the show is about to start... While driving down a California highway headed to Arizona I was instantly transported to this mystical world, I had to pull over, so I did... Resting while listening to

this sound scape was completely captivating, there ability to paint a picture of a story of lost love, betrayal and death is spellbinding... The album was mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winning audio engineer, Chris Theis... I checked up on who he is, and to his credits are; Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan. No wonder this album sounds the way it dose, fantastic job Chris! Their debut album, “Misguided” is an 80 minute adventure that tells a full length story through the music... Really enjoyed this album guys!

Band Members: Alex Raykin Alex Repetti Will Severin Greg Schwab

Want to see your band here? Submit your digital press kit to or mail one to the main office.

(not all media will get reviewed)

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Great White Just For Tonight

Kantation Make Your Mark

XNO Home of the Brave

The Stillwinter A Constant Will to Be

Reveille for Radicals The sacrifice

Garret Rain Lil Angel

Rust N Roll Meledy

Featured Video

Infinite Spectrum “Man of Darkness”

Infinite Spectrum Misguided “Man of Darkness” Debut music video from Infinite Spectrum’s epic progressive rock concept album, Misguided. CD & Digital Download available now.

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