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Regional II, San Bernardino, SuchitepĂŠquez



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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Nils Pablo Leporowski Fernández President Miguel Antonio Medina Godoy Vice-president OWNERSHIP DIRECTORS Ciriaco Pirique Raguay Secretary Stuardo Enrique Coto Markus Treasurer Román Reinoso Caal Vocal

ALTERNATE DIRECTORS Bernardo Solano Álvarez Secretary Tessa Fitzpatrick de Quiñones Treasurer Luz Egurrola Girón de MacKenney Vocal

Mynor Maldonado Executive Director

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear friends: On behalf of the Board of Directors of Funcafé, I here by present the annual report of Funcafé 2015, which summarizes the main activities and results of the social branch of the Guatemalan coffee sector. We undertook with great enthusiasm a new educative program for adolescents, under a flexible model that provides opportunity for those of them that did not finish the elementary or high school and they still would like to acquire basic competences for life. In this direction, we propitiated conditions to create new coffee schools in 2016, for youth from East and West of the country. During 2015, we consolidated strategic alliances with local actors, municipality authorities, private sector and international cooperation. We maintained an active participation with the Nutrition Alliance to influence decision makers to take their responsibility in health and nutrition.

Given the public health crisis and with the support and collaboration of the Pan American Health Organization PAHO/WHO, we supported basic health service delivery, in the first level of care, with emphasis on the actions of the 1000 Days Window Program. As part of the continuous improvement, for tenth consecutive year, we received the recertification of SGS, to implement admission standards in project management as a non-profit organization, which demonstrated our ability to project implementation and accountability. Looking ahead, we see as a major challenge, strengthening the financial sustainability of the foundation that allows us to extend coverage to vulnerable populations and generation of new projects. On the other hand, we look forward to reporting more frequently to farmers about our contribution to the development of the country. I thank our coffee growers and friends, the international cooperation for their trust and support; and our technical staff, who made possible all field activities on a daily basis. Nils Leporowski Fernández President

Aldea Chanchicupe, Tajumulco, San Marcos

FOUNDATIONS Funcafé is a nonprofit, nonpolitical private civil development organization, with legal personality and own assets.

Vision To promote human development in rural areas.

Visionary farmers founded Funcafé in 1994 and it is the social branch of the Guatemalan coffee sector.

Mission Be the social branch of the Guatemalan coffee sector.

It works to improve the level of human development of the rural population, increasing coverage and quality of social services, especially in Health, Education, Food Security and Nutrition for a more competitive economic activity.

General objective Help raise the level and quality of life of people in rural areas. Strategic Work Areas • Education • Health • Food safety and nutrition

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


El Hato farm, Barberena, Santa Rosa

EDUCATION Preschool Level Readiness preschool centers “Coffee Kindergarten” This program began in 2012, as an education strategy to prevent child labor in Guatemala and contribute to school readiness in rural coffee growing areas. The content and methodology used in the readiness centers aim to teach 4 to 7 year old children of farm workers develop skills and abilities to read and write. Tutors and students of Chipolem Chiyó Cooperative, Cobán, Alta Verapaz.


Coffee Kindergarten, Caserío El Naranjal, San. Pablo, San Marcos

• School-age children (6-7 years) of 38 coffee productive units promoted to first grade; • Children supported by USAID, under the Rural Value Chain Project -RVCP-; • Children supported by EFICO Foundation; • Children of members of Chipolem Chiyo and SAMAC cooperatives located in Alta Verapaz, supported

by the Italian Cooperation, under Women Care Centers Project; • Children supported by the Association San Rafael, in San Marcos; • Trained tutors; • Children prevented from child labor from public private partnerships with the General Direction of Education Quality -DIGECADE-, EFICO, Italian Cooperation and USAID.

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Active Rural School Program –ERAERA program started 18 years ago in preschool, elementary and high school educational institutions in rural areas covered by Funcafé. The Ministry of Education, through the General Direction of Accreditation and Certification -DIGEACE- certified the program, with resolution DACI/ DIGEACE/ No. 09-2012. With this model students become the learning center, and through practice, students develop the ability to build their own knowledge and the teacher becomes the subject of the education fact that “guides, supports and follows






up” the learning process. Parents constitute the primary educators of their children and they support teachers in the task of educating in decision-making, conflict resolution, etc. Regular preschool The ERA program in preschool level helps developing self-esteem, basic skills and behaviors in children, for better intellectual and emotional adaptation in first grade.

La Esperanza Official School San José El Rodeo, San Marcos


Funcafé Annual Report 2015

TABLE 2. REGULAR PRESCHOOL COVERAGE Achievments • Trained teachers • Children from schools in coffee farms promoted to first grade .





Regular elementary level The main objective for children enrolled in the elementary level (1st. to TABLE 3. ELEMENTARY LEVEL COVERAGE


El Faro, Farm El Palmar, Quetzaltenango.


Students Teachers

6th .grade) is to build critical and creative approproation abiilities of science and technology for the rescue and preservation of the environment and a comprehensive sustainable development.

Students of La Esperanza Rural School, during reading contest, in San Marcos

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Achievements • Students applied knowledge; • Trained teachers; • School gardens implemented with the support of RVCP and Valmuza Spain Foundation; • Student participation in regional reading contests; • Implementation of technology in the classroom; • School government implemented in each school. Fernando Bolaños School – BANASAFor 5 years, the National Banana Company opened Fernando Bolaños School, located in Las Mojarras farm, Caballo Blanco village, Retalhuleu, to implement educational services within the production units for children of their workers. Funcafé has provided educational

2015 Kindergarten graduation students.


Funcafé Annual Report 2015

Orchard school, Finca Manila, Nuevo Progreso, San Marcos

counseling services for preschool and elementary school. The pedagogical focus implemented pursues an approach to the concepts, procedures, attitudes, norms and values eminently with playful features, following the Active Rural School’s methodology and implementing “Meaningful Expressions” with the “Learning by Doing Methodology”, to develop communication skills:

speaking, listening, reading, thinking and writing. Achievements • 40 students assisted in preschool and elementary school • Orchard school supplied goods for school feeding • Systemized methodology • Instituted and consolidated Corporate Social Responsibility • 6 trained teachers • 120 parents actively participated in the School for Parents • Participation of elementary students in the regional reading contest

Adult Education Literacy As a strategy to raise the development of women and men in adulthood working in coffee production units the “Yes I Can” literacy process aims to provide the opportunity to align their studies and to work with the individual and community development. Achievements • Men and women literacy trained • Men and women committed to developing their skills in labor and social areas. • Individual development in learning to read

Literacy program, El Ingenio farm in Villa Canales, Guatemala.




Accelerated Elementary Education RVCP The accelerated elementary education program is addressed for children and young adults who have failed to complete the elementary level. Accelerated elementary centers encourage cultural relevance, skills, teamwork, exercise leadership, training to stimulate a productive life and it facilitates the development of skills related to labor demand. These centers stress the key role of reading comprehension and skills

Students Teachers

development to improve the quality of life, use of technology and initial training base for further learning. FUNCAFÉ during 2015 launched its Accelerated Elementary Education program in two departments: Huehuetenango and San Marcos. This program is designed to complete elementary education in two years, divided into stages: Stage I corresponds to 2nd, 3rd and 4th. grades; and, Stage II corresponds to 5th. and 6th. grades.

Accelerated Elementary Education Closing, La Libertad, in Huehuetenango.

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


• Labor market incorporation. High School Basic Cycle The objective is to offer opportunities to adolescents and young adults to study the basic high school cycle in their own community through activities and learning processes that promote community development and respond to four key areas: • Teaching • Learning process • Culture and ecology

Accelerated Elementary Closing, San Marcos

Accelerated Elementary School program performes educational delivery through specialized tutors in andragogy techniques and flexible mode. Text materials are contextualized and students receive personalized attention and pedagogical technical support according to their needs. The program is implemented with the financial support of USAID Guatemala, through the RVCP and is supported by the Ministry of Education.

Achievements • Attention to the population living in a school lag or over-aged (13-24 years) who have not completed elementary education. • Significant learning in a period of two years. • Flexible terms for learning. Adjusted schedules to the needs of students. • Insertion of elementary education achievements of adolescents and youth providing personalized attention in their community.

El Hato farm, Barberena, Santa Rosa basic cycle graduation.






Funcafé Annual Report 2015



• 25 trained teachers • Alliance with education department directors • 359 students prepared to continue their studies in superior school levels • Cultural, civic and commemorative walks and activities for prevention of child labor

Private School “Las Nubes” High School Degree in Letters and Science, specialized in Coffee Production.




Students Teachers

The private Coffee School “Las Nubes” began in January 2011 with 11 students, between men and women. It is located in Finca “ Las Nubes” in San Francisco Zapotitlán, Suchitepéquez. Through the RCVCP, in Huehuetenango and in San Marcos during 2015, 10 out of 19 students of the fourth promotion were benefited with scholarships, supported by the United States Agency for International Development –USAID-. This school, as an education entity, facilitates the development of skills, creativity and innovation using technology as a tool for understanding the world in its complexity. It also offeres training from agriculture practices, developing skills to produce high quality coffee. Objective Strenghten business management skills of coffee producers, providing professionals with tools in growing coffee, efficient administration skills, and social responsibility. The modality of this school is alternating with on-site sessions for three days per week, plus directed and supervised sessions where the students are based.

IV Graduation of High School in Letters and Sciences with Orientation in Coffee

Achievements • 19 students graduated and hired in coffee enterprises in 2015. • 10 students granted with scholarships financed by RVCP, in Huehuetenango and San Marcos. • Students committed with production development of Guatemalan coffee. • On-going fifth promotion • Two new headquarters authorized to cover East and West regions.

Students at a coffee cupping training at Anacafé

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Bachelor Degree with Orientation in Horticulture This high school aims to train young people on entrepreneurship knowledge, innovation and horticultural technology, management skills and marketing. Funcafé made an alliance with Del Valle University, located in Sololá, to implement the horticultural career. For a two year period, during weekends, students have to attend the university’s headquarters in Sololá. Achievements • 12 scholarships donated by RVCP; • 15 students total will participate in 2016 .

School for parents, Nuevo Platanillo village, San Marcos

School for parents


This program is implemented in each of the private schools located in coffee areas, to educate and to engage parents in integral community development activities, through training on family communication issues, self-esteem, gender equity, human relationships, sexual and reproductive health, family planning methods, breastfeeding and nutrition, among others.

• Parents attendance. • School attendance of students whose parents participated in the program. • Parents participation in school feeding applying hygene and nutritional preparations.



Vegetable plantation, La Democracia, Huehuetenango


Funcafé Annual Report 2015




Health Assistance Centers and Clinics In order to increase quality and coverage, emphasising on preventive health care, 16 health centers were established carrying out 64.796 health services, offering: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Quality Care Preventive Health General Care Dental Care Child Care Prenatal Care Training in reproductive and sexual health 8. Family Planning 9. Prevention of cervical cancer Health Care Assistance Center ACOGUA IV

FuncafĂŠ Annual Report 2015







Achievements • Mariano Galvez University EPS doctors in health centers of Acogua II, Acogua IV, San Pedrana, Acatenango and Christian Clinics in Guatemala. • Graduation of 215 health promoters trained by staff of health care centers. • 342 food bags given to patients of health care centers • 926 patients attended in odontology, ophtalmology and general medicine medical missions • 20,922 trainings in hygene, cleanliness, self-esteem, first aid and preventive health issues. Graduation promoters Acatenango Cooperative Medical Care Center


Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Achievements • 1,316 new female patients using various family planning methods, • 625 Papanicolau testings • 1 vasectomy performed, • 146 trained midwives supported with educational and practical materials

Atención a mujeres, Centro Asistencial CAFESANO, Purulhá, Baja Verapaz.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education in Sexual and Reproductive Health has become a strategy for the prevention of teenage pregnancies and reducing child and maternal mortality. Through public and private partnerships, and Health Centers, preventive health missions for women and trainings for men have been given in five specific topics: • • • • •

Self-esteem Cleanliness and hygiene Family planning Emergency plan Gender equity

Medical Care Center La Perla, Chajul , El Quiché.

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Labor Policy of the Coffee Sector towards HIV/AIDS The “Labor Policy of the Coffee Sector on HIV/AIDS” was announced in 2015 with the intention to promote prevention of HIV infections among collaborators of the coffee sector. During the 2015 trainings on peer educators (teachers - facilitators) were performed, who later applied the training directly in their workplace (15 production centers). The Implementation Guide Policy and Guide Educator and Facilitator was designed and validated. Achievements:

Training of the HIV/AIDS Policy, La Loma Farm, Acatenango Cooparative, Chimaltenango

• Annual Commemoration of the • Signing of the International International HIV/AIDS Day, in Labor Organization Agreement coordination with national and to continue actions of the Pilot international institutions specialized Plan for the implementation of the in this topic. policy in production centers. • Strengthening of public and private alliances with UNAIDS, ILO, CONUSIDA and CAMAGRO. • Training of 52 peer facilitators to replicate the implementaton of the policy. • 15 work places committed to implementing the policy in their labor posts.


Funcafé Annual Report 2015

Signage of the ILO and Funcafé Agreement.

Strengthening the First Level Attention and Implementation of 1000 Days Window Program. The Pan American Health Organization -OPS- signed a letter of agreement with Funcafé to support health care in primary level in five municipal districts of San Marcos, 14 in Huehuetenango and 10 in Alta Verapaz; with the purpose of strengthening the actions of the 1000 Days Window Program. To carry out the program 107 health professionals were hired in San Marcos, Huehuetenango and Alta Verapaz. This initiative allowed teams hired perform primary health care actions,

Medical personnel training in San Marcos department

replacing the Extension Coverage Program, ended in 2015, benefiting people in rural areas where coverage is provided. Achievements • 29 health municipal districts benefited, • 107 new jobs and trainings for nurses, anthropometrists, educators and registrars. • Implementation of the 1000 Days Windows actions.

Recruitment process in Cobán, Alta Verapaz

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Women Assistance Centers-CAMCAFÉ y CAFFÉ Program. The Agronomic Institute PER L’OLTREMARE (IAO) and Funcafé signed a Technical and Financial Cooperation Agreement aiming to improve the skills of 628 family organizations of small coffee producers in Solola, Alta Verapaz and Huehuetenango. The project integrates health services, education and nutrition to regular activities of the organizations of small coffee producers contribuiting to improve coffee growing women and their families’ health and life conditions; as well as developing and supporting preventive health centers and preschools for children during harvest season. Each Service Center offers: • • • •

Workshops in preventive health. Domestic violence trainings. Women’s health assistance. Health care for pregnant women and children under the age of 7.

Informative meetings, ASDEFLOR Association, Chanjón Village, Todos Santos Chuchumatanes, Huehuetenango.

• Nutritional surveillance for women in childbearing age and children under the age of 7. • Pre-school readiness center “Coffee Kindergarten”. • Literacy programs for women over 13 years old. • Technical training for productive entrepreneurship. • High school scholarships for

children of coffee growing women. • Training for coffee women farmers on the creation of productive activity companies.




Funcafé Annual Report 2015



FOOD SECURITY AND NUTRITION Rural Value Chains Project -RVCPThe RVCP is developed under USAID’s strategic initiative Feed the Future. The project is implemented by the Consortium of Guatemalan organizations composed of: ANACAFÉ, CONFECOOP (through three federations: ARTEXCO, FEDECOAG and FEDECOCAGUA), FUNCAFÉ and FUNDASISTEMAS. The project’s main objective is to increase sustainable economic growth in rural areas based on market demand to reduce poverty and chronic malnutrition achieved by expanding the participation of families in coffee

Domestic orchard in Nuevo Progreso, San Marcos.

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


value chains, vegetable chains and handcrafts. This project is being carried out in 11 municipalities of San Marcos and 11 of Huehuetenango; 26,506 people have been benefited. Achievements • 5,134 producers of coffee, vegetables and handicrafts attended. • 5,000 families supported. • 26,506 people trained. • 4,230 trained persons in food security and nutrition, sexual health and domestic orchards. • 1,216 supported families with wood-saving stoves. • 52% reduction of wood usage for cooking. • 2% reduction of diarrhea in children under 5.


Funcafé Annual Report 2015

Training partners in nutritive preparations, in La Democracia, Huehuetenango.

FORJA graduation, Tejutla, San Marcos.

Youth Farmers Training Program – FORJA- (by its Spanish meaning) The program is promoted by Helvetas Guatemala, with the purpose of supporting youngsters with potential who´ve faced difficulties entering a formal educational system. Students who entered FORJA have the possibility of being accredited as Young Agro Entreprenuers, endorsed by MAGA.

FORJA was an excellent opportunity to train yougsters from San Marcos and Huehuetenango. Funcafé awarded 10 scholarships through this program. The course duration for the diploma is of 10 months.

• Scholarships for children of members of Rural Value Chains Program.

Achievements • 10 young graduates with Agriculture and Entrepreneurship Diploma.

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Coffee Growers Dat in Buena Vista farm, Retalhuleu.


FuncafĂŠ Annual Report 2015

EVENTS Coffee Growers Days Funcafe participated in the 7 administrative regions Coffee Growers Day promoting social projects in rural areas of the country. International Day Against Child Labor On June 12, 2015, students from schools supported by Funcafé developed activities, such as: civic events, drawing contests, newspaper wall, commemorative walk and a forum panel about “Eradicating Child labor”. 3,287 students, 189 teachers and 120 parents participated in the activities of the International Day Against Child Labor. FUNCAFÉ, as the social branch of the Guatemalan coffee sector, works actively and permanently since 1998 in the prevention and elimination of child labor, with emphasis on coffee agribusiness in Guatemala. Actions

Coffee day, Anacafé regional office, Huehuetenango.

are linked strategically to formal and informal education areas, from preschool to highschool, aligned with the national plans of 2020.

Commemorative walk, Buena Vista farm, Retalhuleu

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Food fair-Dinner with Heart More than 500 people attended on July 17th. “Dinner with Heart” at the Expocenter of Grand Tikal Futura Hotel, under the framework of a Food Fair. Thanks to this event, 140 families of vulnerable areas of Guatemala will be supported with smoke-free stoves. This is the beginning of a partnership with the East Guatemala Rotary Club to contribute to human development. Anacafe XXVI Congress -55 Years Working for the Coffee SectorDuring August 13th. and 14th., 2015, Funcafé participated with a promotional exhibition in the congress. As part of the program, Funcafé announced it´s Strategic Plan and emphasized on the corporate’s responsibility on the Guatemalan coffee sector.

Gran Tikal Futura Hotel, Ciudad, Guatemala

International Coffee Day The first International Coffee Day was held on October 1st. The event was held at Anacafé’s Headquarters, with participation of 11 stands of recognized coffee shops and suppliers. Four food trucks provided different options for attending families. Funcafé developed several activities for children, such as lottery, face painting, bowling and fishing. A percentage of sales of the event was donated for education, health and nutrition, which are the pillars of social action of Funcafé.


Funcafé Annual Report 2015

Exhibition area, Anacafé’s headquarters, Guatemala City

The event was animated with live music, Marimba of Guatemalan Municipality and Boomper Group.

and the Association of Private Reserves of Guatemala took place. The main objetive was to promote recipes with coffee and usage of native plants with high nutritional value in the daily diet of Guatemalans. Students from different culinary schools participated, competing to win one of the first three places in desserts and main courses categories. The event was sponsored by Anacafé, USAID under the RVCP, Arrozgua, Vile Editorial, Degrafik, RYM Irrigation Systems, Helps International, Isabel Coffee, Private Reserve “Los Tarrales” and “Chef Center” gourmet school.

International Coffee Day

IV Health, Education and Nutrition Congress On October 14th. and 15th., the IV Funcafé Congress was held at Anacafé’s Headquarters. The opening ceremony was led by Mariano Rayo, Minister of Public Health and Social Assistance; Nils Leporowski, President of Funcafé; Alejandro Keller, Vice President of Anacafé and Martin Keller, President of the Guatemalan Natural Reserve Association. About 200 people attended and participated in 19 lectures during the

Tasting and food packaging

event, including “Health practices of Funcafé in Guatemala”, “Quality Education: main challenge in education for Guatemala” and “Systemic approach to address children chronic malnutrition”. It is important to mention that on October 15 th. for the first time in Funcafé´s Congress the “Food Coffee Festival” sponsored by EcoChef

Authorities inaugurating the Congress

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Authorities of ILO, UNAIDS; CAMAGRO and Funcafé

Commemoration of International Day against HIV/AIDS. On December 1st. Anacafé, Funcafé, Chamber of Agriculture of Guatemala, Joint United Nations Program on HIV/ AIDS and the International Labor Organization celebrated this event at Anacafé’s headquarters, during


Funcafé Annual Report 2015

which the support of International Labor Organization and UNAIDS in launching the HIV/AIDS Labor Policy of the Coffee Sector was recognized. The policy was introduced in 14 production centers through promotion and prevention actions, as well as screening campaigns. Anacafé launched its Labor Policy of this topic

in 2013. ILO representatives, Agriculture Chamber, UNAIDS, FUNDESA, FUNDABANANO, PAHO/WHO and FUNCAFÉ participated in this event, showing their support to prevent transmission in the agriculture sector.

Christian Wahl and Luis Cacacho in 4th. Grades North, Guatemala City

Charity Concert in Support of Guatemalan Children On December 3, 2015 “Remembering is to live again” charity concert was held, organized by Funcafé and supported by national artists Christian Wahl and Luis Cacacho. The event was held at Karma Gastro Bar, in Guatemala City, 135 people attended. Funds raised were used to support the nutrition of preschoolers in rural areas of Guatemala.

End of the Year Raffle On December 18, a raffle was held with three prizes: a 2015 model 150cc Honda motorcycle; a Samsung 32” Led TV and one night for two at Hotel Pasabien, located in Rio Hondo, Zacapa. The activity was presided by representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Funcafé authorities and general public.

Raffle at Anacaf´é, zone 14.

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Huerto familiar, Aldea Mash, Caserío Tuiboch, Todos Santos, Cuchumatán, Huehuetenango

SUCCESS STORIES Sowing seeds for success Genaro Cesar Escalante Pérez and Oralia Vicenta Velasquez Cobón gave birth to Ingrid Marisol Escalante Velasquez 19 years ago, in Santo Domingo Huicá village, in La Libertad, Huehuetenango. Ingrid had always dreamed of having a professional career and she learned that there was a project supporting young people who wished to continue their high school studies. The Integral Agricultural Cooperative San José El Obrero, R.L. informed her parents about the opportunity of educational training specialized in coffee production under the RVCP. She took the admission exams and a few days later she received the grant. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree specialized in Coffee Production in November 2014. Ingrid is currently working in the Integral Agricultural Cooperative San

José El Obrero R.L. as Technical Specialist on coffee and she is studying Environmental Engineering in the Rural University of Guatemala. She provides technical assistance to 444 coffee growing families, members of the cooperative. She visits each parcel of coffee, verifies and monitors the management and implementation of good agronomic crop practices and the proper management of pests and

diseases. In addition, through her work, she promotes experience exchange in demonstration plots among partners, in order to meet the standards of certifications and labels such as UTZ Certified, Starbucks, Rainforest Alliance and FLO. All plots of the cooperative’s partners are certified.

“This is like a dream come true, I always dreamed of being a professional, support my parents and become an example for women”, –Ingrid

Ingrid Escalante with her parents while receiving her degree.

Escalante expressed-

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


2015 Hero from Jalapa Virginia Aguilar, 53 years old, is originally from Jalapa. She has been a midwife for 32 years in La Laguneta village, in Jalapa. She is part of the health team of COOUXSA health center of Funcafé’s Health Program. On December 10, 2015, Virginia received the award “Jalapa’s Hero” for her excellent work as a midwife, collaborating with prevention in maternal and child mortality and improving health conditions for pregnant women in childbearing age. Virginia appreciates Funcafé’s workshops taught by midwives on sexual and reproductive health, midwifery and high-risk births, family planning, care for pregnant women and care during postpartum for women and newborns, because with this trainings she could manage to reduce the number of maternal mortality in surrounding villages of Jalapa. “I’m excited, I never imagined that I would win this award so meaningful in my career as a midwife,” she said.

“I’m excited, I never imagined that I would win this award so meaningful in my career as a midwife” -Virginia Aguilar said-

Virginia Aguilar, La Laguneta Jalapa


Funcafé Annual Report 2015

Good Practices on Food Security and Nutrition Mariano Hernandez lives in Shanshegual, San Miguel Ixtahuacán, San Marcos. He is 56 years old and he has been implementing best practices in food and nutrition security for the past two years. He has a 150 mts2. domestic orchard with seven different vegetable species for family consumption. Funcafé supported Mariano with supplies to establish a 50mt2. garden, but he expanded it with his own resources. These actions have improved food availability for his home. The garden produces vegetables throughout the year, and has five production cycles of lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, radish and native plants such as amaranth retroflexus, white radish and solanum nigrum L. From this production, 10 new food preparations have been incorporated to his family´s nutritious diet, which have been replicated in the community. Due to his constant production process, he has been recognized in the community and he is one of the 36 active partners in the Rural Value Chain Project that produces his own food, implements hygiene practices and food processing for a nutritious diet. Mariano is an example of

perseverance. He has received training with the technical team of Funcafé, which involves 20 hours of training for agricultural activities and 20 hours of food and nutrition security.

Hernandez, on his own initiative and Funcafé’s support, attended a course on nutrition and food security to become a volunteer promoter and SAN agricultural practices. Mariano’s leadership is reflected in his influence over local authorities and community.

It is noteworthy that Mariano

“I feel very satisfied, because my perseverance has made my community feel motivated to develop” -Mariano

Hernández, expressed-

Mariano Hernández, Shanshegual, San Miguel Ixtahuacán, San Marcos

Funcafé Annual Report 2015




Education • Anacafé • BANASA • BUNN • Las Nubes farm, San Francisco Zapotitlán • IAO • King Baudouin Foundation • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources • Ministry of Education • USAID • Del Valle University • EFICO Foundation Health • Anacafé • IAO • Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance • PAHO/WHO • ILO • Mariano Gálvez University


Funcafé Annual Report 2015

Food Security and Nutrition • Anacafé • Agriculture Development International Fund • La Valmuza, España Foundation • PAHO/WHO • USAID Network participation • Nutrition Alliance • Occupational Security and National Health Commission • Grand National Campaign for Education • Network of Sexual and Reproductive Health • Executive Secretariat for Elimination of Child Labor



International Labor Organization –ILOImplementation of the Labor Policy of the Coffee Sector about IHV/AIDS. Service Contract PROG/SSA/34/2015, signed November 23rd., 2015 for $.7,813. PER L’OLTREMERE –IAOImplementation of Women Attention Centers Technical and Financing Cooperation Agreement, signed November 2015, for €154,400.00. Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Strengthening First Level of Care Initiative and the Implementation of the Window of Thousand Days in Cobán, Alta Verapaz. Letter of agreement GU/LOA/1500013.001, signed September 30th., 2015, for Q.316,400.00. King Baudouin Foundation Coffee Wet Mill Construction Project and Stockpiling Warehouse for Integral Agricultural Cooperative Cruz Grande 2015, for an amount of €28,282.00.

coverage area, Central Region, Northeast and Southeast. 2015, amount of Q.3,999,000.00 through the National Rural Regions Development Program Project: Modernization and Development of Productivity and Development of Coffee Production in RUP coverage area, Central Region, Northeast and Southeast, in 2015 for the amount of Q.3,999,000.00. Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Strengthening First Level of Care Initiative and the Implementation of the Window of the Thousand Days in San Marcos. Letter of understanding GU/LOA/1500011.001 Agreement, signed June 6th., 2015, for an amount of Q.742,900,00. Café and Caffé Project. Diagnosis for the implementation of Women Health Centers Letter of Understanding, signed April 29th., 2015, for the amount of Q.30,000.00. Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Strengthening First Level of Care Initiative and Implementation of the Window of the Thousand Days in Huehuetenango. Letter of understanding GU/LOA / 1500006.001, signed April 27th., 2015, for an amount of Q377,711.00.

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food through the National Regions Rural Development Program – PNDR (by its Spanish meaning)- Central, Northeast and Southeast. Modernization and Promotion of Productivity and Development of Coffee Production in the PNDR

Funcafé Annual Report 2015


Basic National Education Institute窶的NEB-, San Pablo, San Marcos.


Anacafテゥ Guatemala


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