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Rocio Rodriguez M.Arch. Portfolio

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s 1. Research Center Fall 2014. Instructor: David Brindle Individual Project

2. Jazz Workshop Center Fall 2015. Instructor: Kramer Woodard Individual Project

3. Health Leadership High School Fall 2014. Instructors: UNM: Gabriella Gutierrez, Geoffrey Adams Taller Arquitectura (MX) (Architecture firm): Mauricio Rocha, Gabriela Carrillo Individual Project


4. Adapt to Survive (Competition/Studio) Spring 2015. Instructor: Alex Webb Competition: Laka Competition 2015, Architecture that reacts Individual Project

5. Photography


Located at the corner of Central Av. and University Av, in Albuquerque, NM. The objective was to design a building with flexible layout for research programs with a consolidated systems integration.

1.Research Center The design consisted of four different volumes. The first one, the mechanical tower, with 9,810 sq ft supplies the labs with the systems needed to function. The second volume with complementary program, contains the auditorium, the cafeteria and a lounge area with 10,040 sq ft. The third volume is the social tower, with vertical circulations and conference rooms with a total of 11,080 sq ft. The last volume contains the core laboratories area with 75,100 sq ft; designed with wide spans to provide flexibility for different work layouts and about 9 ft height between ceiling and deck level on each floor, to allow mantainance and rearrangement of the systems without disturbing the activities of the people working at the labs. 3

Basement Level Floor Plan

Site Plan

Zones diagram

East Facade

West Facade

Ground Level Floor Plan

Second and Fourth Level Floor Plan

Third Level Floor Plan

South Facade


Systems Integration - 3D Driagram

Structural 3D Diagram


South Facade

Interior view

South Facade - Model

Parking lot structure - Model


Located in the Sawmill Area, Albuquerque, NM, the project is located within a highly cultural and residential context.

2.Jazz Workshop Center The concept started with a music box, as a result of looking for something fun and playful with jazz music as inspiration. The project wants to capture the movement when a music box opens and music comes out and spreads throughout the landscape. The concept is translated and consolidated into concrete panels representing the music box, and red metal corrugated panels, representing music. Developed in three main structures, the site plan begins with a retail building, facing the main street; a multipurpose plaza in the middle and the main auditorium facility with an indoor and an outdoor stage with a support facility in the back.



Excercise zoneReceation area

LOCAL scale program

Community Garden






rchitecture = Music Box

CITY scale program

Yei !!

!! ieY (Jazz Center Zone)

xoB cisuM = erutcetihcrA

4. zoneMain highways vs. green zones Excercise LOCAL scale program

Box itecture=MusicBox

reen zones

Performance spaces Plaza .4 Retail / Studios /Gallery

4. Architecture = Music Box


Receation area Architecture = Music Box

Community Garden

Yei !!


Yei !!

CITY scale program

!! ieY (Jazz Center Zone)



Performance spaces Plaza .4 Retail / Studios /Gallery

xoB cisuM = erutcetihcrA



The objective of the design was to create a building that could respond to both the needs of the artistic environment of downtown Albuquerque; but also, a place that could provide the structure and the space for the Sawmill residential community’s activities.


1 Circulation & hall 2 Lobby 3 Hall 4 Stairs 5 Part of the Lobby 6 Storage

7 Indoor Auditorium 8 Outdoor Auditorium 9 Green Room 10 Restrooms 11 Storage 12 Circulation


Studies with conceptual models - Evolution of the concept


Final Model


Located in the South Valley of Albuquerque, NM.

3.Health Leadership High School The community of the South Valley is characterized by a strong concentration of hispanic people. Students come from low income families, dealing with teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, among other problems. The project’s main objective is to function not only as an institutional facility but also as a home for those who need it. The concept for the project was based on an Hacienda, the typical hispanic house. A building which could provide the kids an educational environment and a shelter from the outside world. The master plan respects the over a hundred years old cottonwood existing trees, and creates connections between the buildings. The plaza created between could function as a market and a multipurpose space for the community to use during the weekends and holidays.


55 5


1 1 1

Hacienda Hacienda

2 Hacienda 2 2


Corral Corral

3 Split to get bigger courtyards 3 Separate

Respect tre Respect tree

Respect tr

5 5 5

1 3 Split to get bigger courtyards 3 Corral 4 3 Hacienda Separate Separate

Split to get bigger courtyards





2 Hacienda 2

Corral Corral

Split to get bigger courtyards Split to get bigger courtyards


1 1 Hacienda

4 4 4

2 4 Separate

Second Level Floor Plan

Adapt the p Adapt the pr Adapt the

The concep Respe The ical concept haciend

ical hacienda The conce groud of th groud ofhom the ical hacien bring a


Respect trees on site Respect site courtyards Splittrees to geton bigger

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Adapt the program, enclose the plaza Adapt the program, enclose the plaza The concept is developed based on a typical hacienda to reflect the historical backgroud the hispanic community The of concept is developed basedand on ato typbring home feeling to the icalahacienda to reflect thestudents historicalthat backneed to feel secure in a community shelter like envigroud of the hispanic and to ronment, the to outside world. that bring a away homefrom feeling the students need to feel secure in a shelter like environment, away from the outside world.

Ground Level Floor Plan


Evolution of the concept from the typical hacienda floor plan to the final site plan layout.


The co ical ha groud bring a need t ronme

Mechanical System Diagram

Site Plan

Site Model 01

3D Structural Diagram


Site Model 02

Site Model 03

Structural Diagram

Wall Section



Using typical elements of an hacienda such as arches, enclosed to the outside with rooms open to a central courtyard, brick instead of adobe; the project reads as a contemporary building with a strong historic respect for the culture of the hispanic community.

Photos of final model.





5.Photography 21


Ro cio R o dr ig ue z Intern Architect, Assoc. AIA UNM Master of Architecture - Portfolio (505) 610 3257 |

Rocio Rodriguez - MArch Portfolio  

The portfolio includes works from my Master of Architecture design studios at the University of New Mexico.

Rocio Rodriguez - MArch Portfolio  

The portfolio includes works from my Master of Architecture design studios at the University of New Mexico.