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Changing Minds Can Change Lives

By Cynthia Kolko

“Had it not been for my changed perspective,” says Pinziotti, “I don’t know how I could have survived the grief. My new belief system enabled me to find We all want to be happy. But sometimes circumstances such as unhealthy the resilience I needed to reinvest myself back access into life Myron’sand death.” touched by a diagnosis of breast cancer and make toafter information photo courtesy of brandon vick relationships, life transitions, or simply being dissatisfied with our lives can lead a priority through education advocacy. Also topartner, empower women years later, Pinizotti met and her life and business Jim Cervelloni, us to doubt ourselves and our ability to find happiness. We may wonder what careTwo to participate fully decisionsApproach, related to where breast cancer. Empowering womensowhile helping a good cause with is theoptimism order of rather the day his nutrition store, theinNatural Lucia was a customer. we can do differently that we can view the future than andatmen when the Women’s Council of Realtors Annual Fashion Show takes the One day at the counter, they chatted at length about unconscious behaviors, dread. Isaiah House, a home for the dying provides residence for those with stage on September 12 at the Harro East Ballroom. reinventing oneself, and changework, a process that helps individuals It’s all about retraining the mind, says Lucia Pinizotti, who along with partner irreversible illness who have been determined to be within the last three positively change how they see themselves in the world. Finally, they decided Jim Mindopoly® Center for Personal and Professional of theirthe lives. Their commitment flows NowCervelloni, in its 18thfounded year, the show features fashions from different local months to continue conversation over a bottle of from wine.a belief in the dignity Change Penfield. The year’s company’s mission is tobehelp clientsbyuncover boutiquesinevery year. This featured styles will presented Panacheand and value of every person, some of whom are homeless, mentally ill or living “She was oneHospitality of the smartest peoplecare I’d ever met,” Cervelloni says about alter theand deep-seated beliefs that B. areYounique keeping them from Sutherland. the rewarding life with addiction. and comfort are rendered in cooperation Vintage Finer Consignment, and Arlene talking with Pinizotti. “Her ideas were mind-blowing.” they want. with a certified home health agency and a resident’s physician.

“Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment and www.joanlincoln.com

Inspired by their conversation, Cervelloni embarked on a career changework. “We all have mind,been butgrateful few of for us know how our mind works,”WCR explains Crossroads House, a comfort care home serving the residents ofinGenesee Makeup Teama have our involvement in previous the nextCounties twelve years, pairbeen traveled nationally and to Europe, earning Pinizotti. “We teach clientsofthe tools for thatthis allow themCharity to master their andOver Wyoming whothe have medically determined to be in Fashion Events. The our audience support Fashion Event over a dozen more changework certifications and using their knowledge to mind, rather than being a slave to it.” their last stages of life. The staff and volunteers are committed to provide has also been extraordinary.” said Joan Lincoln, owner of Panache. create their own UnifiedMind Changework and Coaching Model. She speaks from experience. Upon graduating with a B.S. in Education, the personalized care attending to the physical, emotional, spiritual and social The event is a formal evening of funplans and to entertainment including a liveof a needs “Forofmost people, the back to who they believe they are newly married Pinizotti postponed attain her Masters in lieu the residents andreal theirproblem familiespoints while affirming a dignified quality music in bybusiness. Hall PassIt80’s, basket raffle, three-course dinner, andintheir relationship to the things they are trying to change,” says Pinizotti. career wascocktail a choicehour, that became whatashe describes as “golden of life a caring, home-like environment. live auctionwhen, and ofascourse, fashions. handcuffs” a singlelocal mother, she wrestled between a desire to find her She believes that the single biggest contributor to the world’s unhappiness is “true purpose” and the need to pay bills.money for four local charities. Tickets can be purchased at Parkleigh, Panache Vintage and Finer The purpose of the event is to helptheraise what Mindopoly® callsatThe World’s DeadliestDiscount Belief: thetickets concept Consignment or online www.wcrroc.com. are that still other Different are chosen each year asfound beneficiaries. This year’s recipients people,through events and things are responsible for what we think, how we feel and Soon aftercharities her second nuptials, Pinizotti herself adrift, having been laid available August 15th. off willfrom be: an unfulfilling middle-management position. During this time, she what we do. discovered how the beliefs she held about herself had shaped what had been, For more information on this event contact May Jane Mahon, (585) 218Based on this concept, Mindopoly® developed The Shield Program, an antiPluta Cancer whose mission is to continue to support 6817 up until then,Center a life ofFoundation limitation and struggle. or visitinitiative them on that Facebook /ROCWCRFashionShow. bullying Pinizotti explains, “removes the victim from the bullythe Pluta Cancer Center its patients and teams by providing funds necessary victim equation,” setting it apart from most such programs. By teaching kids The following years were transformational for Pinizotti. She pursued masterto relieve the financial burdens that many cancer patients and their families to define themselves rather than letting others define them, the bully’s power level certifications in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), timeline therapy, face, expand and enhance the complementary integrative oncology services is negated. and Ericksonian setting up a practice to others who as well as invest inhypnosis, the professional development ofguide the caregivers whoneeded are to from onredirect the fronttheir linesthinking of patient care.self-limiting to self-liberating. Then, Pinizotti For more information, visit www.mindopolyforchange.com. lost her husband to cancer.

Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester who provide support to those


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Our September issue focuses on education, on our cover is Shannon Joy, host of Talking Back with Shannon Joy on WYSL Radio.

September 2014  

Our September issue focuses on education, on our cover is Shannon Joy, host of Talking Back with Shannon Joy on WYSL Radio.