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Pantone originally made color cards for cosmetic companies. Lawrence Herbert, an employee since 1956, purchased the company in 1962 and began working on a color matching system. The Pantone Color Matching System created a standard method for users to match colors exactly during the graphic design process. Radiant Orchid allows for creativity and ingenuity, which may appeal to the fashionminded and tech savvy. The hue also offers a sharp contract to the Emerald, Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year.

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#1 Love it, Hate it, A New Pink is on board for 2014

Women who follow Fashion want to be wearing the color of the moment. You will even see the stores FULL of Radiant Orchid options from footwear to, home decor and appliances.

Prints: #2

Well, it’s no summer without floral, right? The next springsummer 2014 season comes with beautiful floral prints that appear everywhere starting from tops to dresses and outerwear. Floral prints seem to be really timeless and extremely versatile to create and alter. Designers use quite complicated schemes, details and colors to make unique and original floral prints wearable but almost any body shape and style.


Get wardrobe essentials and you’ll neveR again ask “What should I wear?”

While every woman has different requirements from her wardrobe, there are some basic clothing items that every woman should have hanging in her closet. Whether you work on Wall Street, program computers or spend your days at the toddler park, consider these essential items. The little black dress: This advice has become a cliché only because it is so true. A well-fitting dress of good quality can be worn to nearly any occasion. Select a black dress of a woven fabric (stretchy dresses will not hold their shape year after year) in a flattering and classic cut. If there is only one piece of designer apparel in the closet, this should be it. It can be worn alone or accessorized to dress it up, down and all around the town. Lined, dry clean only dresses will hold their shape better and resist fading over those that are washable. A white collared shirt: Ordinary? Yes, but also incredibly necessary. For the outfit that only goes with certain colors, for the neutral suit for the stodgy business meeting or topping the comfortable jeans, the white collared shirt is the most in-demand item in a well-dressed woman’s closet. It is the solution when all else has failed her and it never goes out of style. Find a shirt in a crisp cotton and do not let the laundry spare the starch. The most versatile of the white collared shirt will have long sleeves, button up the front, have a medium sized collar and tuck in smoothly and neatly to any slacks or skirts. Fabulous denim: Another wardrobe essential, that is a building block to a solid and functional wardrobe, is a stylish however great inventory of fabulous denim. Few pieces feature more prevalently in a woman’s wardrobe than a pair of blue jeans. Relaxed, simple and sexy denims can be casual or elegant, depending on how pieces are mixed together. Combined with a well-fitted white shirt, denim jeans can inspire classic elegance and style. A low-waisted pair is kinder to more mature woman if they are podgy around the middle. Any expanse of overhanging fat can be minimized by buying a size up.

Ethnic Theme – one of the most popular in the spring and summer. However, this season designers choose sophisticated prints that do not immediately give us clue as the source of inspiration. Recent ethnic inspirations have included a nod to the Orient as well as Global Awakening, with a much more diverse pop culture influence. While the 60’s has been a popular expression for the past few seasons, we have never seen it appear so graphic with a strict monochromatic palette. In keeping with traditional silhouettes of the favored era, boxy and shift shapes move forward and allow prints and patterns to take center stage.

& Tuck changes transform a The Fit Difference ~ Off the #4 .Niplook, Rack rarely fits!!! If your career makes you swirl in the professional corporate world, then wearing a suit is part of your 9 to 5 wardrobe. A Tailor’s toolbox of nips and tucks is going to be your best friend. Because ready-to-wear is rarely ready-towear. Your chosen tailor or seamstress will be your best friend in transforming your “off-the-rack” investment with hidden changes will make subtle changes to make you feel like you have your won personal stylist. Historically, tailoring was common for men, since women did most of their sewing at home. As most of us know, women designing and sewing at home, let’s just say some rolls have changed. Fashion and styles always come back in style but never exactly the same. Having a tailor or seamstress to adjust the shoulder pads, waistlines, and sleeve widths will make some of your older styles feel like a new wardrobe. Do your research and make a connection, the talent in the tailoring and seamstress industry is aplenty. The transformations can be addicting, but well worth the expense, you soon will want to reshape your entire wardrobe to perfection. Allow me to remind the fashion conscious of Upstate New York and the Greater Rochester area, that fashion trends ever die. They just get transformed and altered, each time being reborn and brought back with something new and something cool.

January 2014  

Our January issue features and exclusive interview with former Miss Greater Rochester and newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri.

January 2014  

Our January issue features and exclusive interview with former Miss Greater Rochester and newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri.