2022 Greater Rochester Chamber Member Advertising Options

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2022 MEMBER ADVERTISING OPTIONS Leverage your Greater Rochester Chamber membership to connect to other members and non-members in #GreaterROC

DEDICATED EMAIL Have complete control and customize your message. From subject line to finish, our Dedicated Emails are all about sharing whatever message you would like to convey to our 17,000+ contacts.

SPECS & METRICS HTML with images globally hosted, or combination of text & images. Open to members at the Business Builder tier and above.



open rate, on average in late-2021

Sent: Each Thursday Cost: $600/email Reach: 19,500+ contacts

Specific metrics on your campaign will be sent to you following the run-date.


HIGHLIGHTED MEMBERS EMAIL Join up to 4 other members in our monthly member spotlight, sent out the first Monday of each month. This is an affordable way to get noticed. Placement by book date.

DETAILS Sent: First Monday of each month Cost: $400/month Reach: 19,500+ contacts

SPECS 650x650 pixels image and link. Open to all members!


MONTHLY VOICE OF BUSINESS SPONSOR Headline our most popular weekly email. Place a banner ad at the top of our highest-performing email, the Voice of Business Weekly. Whether you want to run the same ad all calendar month or switch it up every week, it’s up to you how to use this exclusive spot.


DETAILS Sent: Each Tuesday Cost: $800/month Reach: 23,000+ contacts

SPECS 650 x 250 pixel high-res image & link. Open to members at the Business Builder tier and above

WEEKLY VOICE OF BUSINESS BANNER Support our most popular weekly email. A more affordable and flexible option to showcase your business in our most popular weekly email, with more freedom for limited runs but the same great reach to Greater Rochester Chamber members and nonmembers alike.


DETAILS Sent: Each Tuesday Cost: $300/week Reach: 23,000+ contacts

SPECS 650 x 250 pixel high-res image & link. Open to members at the Business Builder tier and above

We take our marketing efforts seriously to connect with the local audience for our Leadership Breakfast. We are delighted by the results of the Greater Rochester Chamber campaigns and that's why we are repeat customers. The team is collaborative on the creative and the advertising has captured their members’ attention, which resulted in engagement and registrations for the Roberts Wesleyan College Leadership Breakfast events. Donna McLaren Assoc. VP, Brand & Marketing Communications, CMO Roberts Wesleyan College

“Finding effective ways to advertise to local businesses in Rochester is a struggle with many options that are not viable. The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce member advertising program allows us to implement an effective B2B campaign in a truly cost effective way. From Single Message Emails to Email Banner Ads to Social Media posts, we are able to ensure we are reaching the audience that we want, and in all the places they are viewing. For any businesses who struggle with B2B options in Rochester, this is a great solution that has yielded great results and ROI for us personally and we are truly happy with the results.” Samantha Knataitis Field Marketing Specialist Spectrum Reach

SPONSORED SOCIAL POSTS Choose from our Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram accounts, or go big with all four. Get retweeted, liked, and shared from the power of our influential social platforms.

DETAILS Sent: Each Wednesday, or on any other day as requested Cost: $150/platform, or $400 for all four Reach: 26,000+ combined followers


SPECS 1080x1080px and 1600x900px images/videos preferred and copy for caption including links (must be limited to 280 characters for Twitter).

WEBSITE HOMEPAGE BANNER Front and center, make your mark on our website. Place a banner ad right in the middle of the homepage of our newly redesigned and rebranded website.

DETAILS Duration: Quarterly (two quarters max annually, nonconsecutively) Cost: $3,000/quarter Reach: ~15,000 pageviews monthly



SPECS 1200 x 300 px high-res image and link. Open to members at the Partner tier and above


unique visitors weekly

WEBSITE DIRECTORY BANNER Showcase yourself to members looking for connections. Place a banner ad at the top of our member directory to get seen by members who are already looking for other member companies, or anybody else looking for Greater Rochester Chamber members.



DETAILS Duration: Quarterly (two quarters max annually, nonconsecutively) Cost: $2,500/quarter

SPECS 1200 x 175 px high-res image and link. Open to members at the Business Builder tier and above

VOICE OF BUSINESS BLOG POST Reach our audience and share long-form content to get your message across and build thought leadership for your industry.

DETAILS Four free blog submissions included for Corporate and Partner members annually, or $500 per post for Basic and Business Builder members.

SPECS Title: Maximum 15 words Body: Minimum 300 words, maximum 1,000 words. Include up to 5 pictures or video embeds.


EXAMPLES Examples can be found online on our blog archive at GreaterRochesterChamber.com /about-us/news/blog

MEMBER SHOWCASE Interested in marketing your products and services via a pre-recorded promo video to Greater Rochester Chamber 1200+ member organizations? Greater Rochester Chamber gives you the opportunity to position your company in front of leading business executives. It’s an ideal environment to help our members showcase their products and services, especially in this digital age. Take advantage of this members-only perk to showcase your products and services to 1200+ Greater Rochester Chamber member organizations with close to 150,000 individuals within that membership.

DETAILS Duration: Your pre-recorded promo video will be available to Greater Rochester Chamber members for 30 days on the website with social media promos prompting members to tune in and watch. Cost: $800 ($400 for not-forprofits) – limited to one submission per year

SPECS Provide us with a prerecorded video up to 10 minutes long, mp4 format

Please contact

Advertising@GreaterRochesterChamber.com for availability and to book your spots today!

Greater Rochester Chamber will ensure that all sponsored content is properly disclosed and reserves the right to refuse to distribute content at the discretion of its leadership team.