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Christopher Jagel Chief Executive Officer What does it mean for Harris Beach PLLC to land on the 2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 It is tremendously exciting and affirming for everyone in our firm. And I mean everyone: attorneys and professional staff in every part of the state, from Buffalo to Long Island and points in-between, including our original Rochester home base, have played a role in this success. It validates our approach to serving our clients – being focused on meeting their needs and partnering with them to achieve their objectives. It’s also nice to see that a firm that is 164 years young continues to demonstrate the value we bring to our clients by receiving this kind of wonderful recognition. Without our clients’ trust and loyalty, the Top 100 does not happen. Being named to the Top 100 is also a great reason to celebrate in a year that has been long and difficult for the entire country. To what do you attribute your company’s sustained growth and success in that period of time? Growth and success don’t happen accidentally and they don’t happen automatically. In serving our clients and operating our firm, we’ve been guided by our values of Teamwork, Ingenuity, Inclusion, Respect and Integrity. Adhering to those values has helped us to build a terrific culture and a strong, connected, and resilient workforce. Everyone plays an important role, and is valued by and accountable to each other in those roles, which has enabled us to have tremendous focus on doing what we do well. We are extremely collaborative and are always looking for ways to improve on what we’ve accomplished. We celebrate success, and take on challenges, together. This has been especially important during COVID-19. But we’re a firm that has gone through local and national crises – everything from the two World Wars, through to the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Sandy, and now the COVID-19 pandemic – the second pandemic for our firm - and learned how to adapt. Finally, building inclusion and diversity into our DNA, has helped us make the best possible decisions based on inputs from many perspectives. All of this has helped us achieve our sustained growth and continuing success. And of course we are always looking to add legal and professional talent to challenge us and push us forward.


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What is your advice for those companies aspiring to grow and someday reach the Rochester Chamber Top 100? Focus on your clients/customers and continuously look for new and better ways that you can serve them and provide them with value. Take care of, respect and obtain input from all of your people. Communicate, be transparent and act with integrity. Pay attention to the seemingly simple or small things that can materially impact your business (positively or negatively). Be agile.

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2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 Digital Magazine  

2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 Digital Magazine