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Spotlighting Our Women, Veteran, and Minority Owned Top 100 Businesses

What are the advantages of being a minority business owner in today’s world? In today’s world, minority owned businesses have access to a wealth of resources that will assist in the growth and advancement of business opportunities. Government programs in New York State and federal agencies are designed to eliminate barriers faced by minority firms and assist these overcome challenges, understand the business landscape, and meet with key decision makers. Similarly, supplier diversity programs are instrumental in assisting minority firms recognize opportunities with large corporations.

What are some of the challenges you have faced during COVID-19 and how have you been able to sustain yourself? Uncertainty has been the biggest challenge during COVID-19 along with a declining pipeline and slowing business growth. To sustain our business during this difficult time, we had constant communication with our employees. In addition, we worked closely with our existing customers to ensure we are addressing their business needs. These measures have allowed our company to navigate these unprecedented times and focus on our internal and external stakeholders.

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Sameer Penakalapati President & Chief Executive Officer

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Ann Kowal President

What does it mean to you to be a leading woman owned company in the Rochester community?

What are some of the setbacks, if any, have you had being a woman owned company?

It gives me tremendous pride being a leading woman owned business. Having grown up the only girl with seven brothers, I have always “fought” my way to the front! My mother always said, “Ann – you can do anything a boy can do and do it better!” From my first job being the first female gas attendant at a gas station in the 70`s, and my growing up with a houseful of males, I have a competitive spirit and strive to win, but being kind to others has always been instilled. I absolutely love Rochester, living and doing business in Monroe County. It feels easy to network with businesses both large and small and the community is filled with “help one another” partnerships and organizations. I love that I am providing systems helping caregivers, who help patients and residents, old, and young, sick or other. I say “I” but it is my employees that make it all happen.

I would say early on, there were setbacks being a woman owning a business typically run and owned by men. A challenge was researching and learning the deeper understanding of how communication systems worked. Having to understand a myriad of how software, hardware and integrations worked together to make systems. Then to “prove” that I understood exactly how Special Care Systems can assist healthcare facilities. However, I have to say that New York State offers great support to both woman and minority owned businesses and having great employees that share our mission and purpose!

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2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 Digital Magazine  

2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 Digital Magazine