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Terry Tree Service & Ironwood Heavy Highway LLC

Terry Tree Service, LLC, founded in 1995; and Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC, founded in 2003; are sister companies based in Rochester that specialize in Vegetation Management and Civil Construction. Since inception, both Companies have a long and successful history of providing very diverse scopes of work to our customers. Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC and Terry Tree Service, LLC have had great success and growth in the Environmental Matting and Vegetation Management market. We are proud to own thousands of wooden mats which are used to protect the natural environment from any type of disturbance such as construction activities or transmission and distribution line maintenance work. Vegetation Management has also become a major part of our business where we provide trimming, spraying, and mowing of vegetation along utility right-of-ways. This work is completed to respectfully manage the environment so that the power supply to our communities is uninterrupted from environmental disturbances.


Another concentration of our business is responding to natural disasters and leading restoration efforts after major disaster events.

Some notable events that our companies have responded to include hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina, flooding restoration and levee repair of New Orleans, Superstorm Sandy which hit New York City, the Buffalo Ice Storm, and restoration of the California wildfires. Our company would like to note how extremely proud we are to have been contracted to complete the civil construction portion of one of the largest electrical substations in the State. The project began in 2018 and is coming to an end this year. The project included clearing and grading 18 acres of land, installing over 15,000 cubic yards of concrete to complete approximately 500 concrete foundations, installing hundreds of miles of underground utilities, and completing all site grading and earthworks. This project was a major success for our company and for our customer. We are extremely proud of the work we performed on such a largescale project, which will assist in providing more reliable power sources to the residents that live and work in Rochester.

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2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 Digital Magazine  

2020 Rochester Chamber Top 100 Digital Magazine