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We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with or fellow men.� Herman Melville

2 issue 1: community

local living—D|C|B

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August september2012

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Community and People Top 20 Community Groups and Organizations

Any Given Sunday: The Makings of a fall foodie

Local Business Visit local restaurants at the Taste of Chamblee 2012

Points of View Local Profile: Doraville Author, Bob Kelley

Local Living—D| C| B

Digital influence Want to know who to follow for local news. We’ll tell you

august/september 2012


The fist issue of Local Living D|C|B, wow! I am so excited that community stories finally have a place. Because we all know that the best of all of us comes out when we open our hearts and minds to help, encourage and celebrate those near us. Many of us do this already with family and friends. And now, we have a place to share stories of how we are doing that on our block, in our neighborhoods and for other people we are connected to in our communities. So check out the great stories in this issue of Local Living and lookfor more in upcoming issues of the magazine as we do our best to live up to building the communities we live, love, learn and thrive in every day. I found this list recently via my facebook page. And I think it is the perfect explanation of what Local Living—D|C|B is all about. Be sure that we will use it as our guide to building a great magazine. And I encourage you to take a task from this list and make it a to-do. We all have our part. I am excited about my part. I hope you are too!

Where local matters most!

4 issue 1: community

local living—D|C|B

Lightening Bugs Summer Bar-B-Q’s Movies-in-theParks Pools Trampolines Beaches Picnics Ice Cream


Ahh the joys of summer! Yes, we’ve closed in on the last days of the great season of leisure. But, taking a look at the fun we had still brings a smile to our faces. Fun had at the movies-in-the-parks with the lightening bugs as our backdrops. And what about the moms able to catch up with each others’ lives while the kids played on the trampoline. Dads bonded over Bar-B-Q. And after work was loads of fun that turned happy hour into the much needed girls or guys night out. Whether you indulged in staycations or the budget allowed for a summer getaway, locals found plenty of ways to make the most of summers offer of flights of fancy. From picnics and fourth of July neighborhood parades to pool parties and ice cream outings, these are all fun things we heard as we were out and about. We asked you to send in your photo takes. And you gladly obliged. Thus, giving us and you permission to linger a little longer remembering days that had fewer obligations and more time for Sunday brunches. We also give you these images as reminders to bring the spirit of leisure into the back-to-routine of fall and the rush of the winter holidays to come, which can bring overwhelm with the mounting to-do lists and too much to get done in too little time. When it all seems like more than you can handle, reach back for this issue and take a moment to breathe. Know that everything that needs to get done will, and what doesn’t wasn’t supposed to. Ultimately it’s the ebb and flow of the seasons. With that knowledge, you’re sure to remember that summer’s just around the corner.

Local Living—D| C| B

Staycations getaways Happy hours 4th of July Family Relaxing So many summer memories. So good! august/september 2012


Confession from the pta We need you

Back-to-School. For parents and students alike the first postal Accelerated Reading Program Student Awards piece or email informing of Registration and Open House Staff Awards sends a wave mixed emotions. Students are glad in 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony anticipation of seeing their friends. But, are equally sad to see Teacher Classroom Supplies the lax schedule of summer go. Parents are glad to get some And So Much More! routine back to life that doesn’t require the managing of a Around the School School grounds upkeep constantly moving summer schedule. Yet, we will also miss Garden beautification seeing the kids just having some fun. Campus Signage By now, you’re over the emotion wave and have settled into Keeping Up the Courtyard New Playground Equipment the daily drop-off and pick-up round-about. So, I think it’s Recognizing our Parents and Community safe to offer up this information. Parent Involvement Celebrations Last year this time, I started the school year as PTA President PTA Meetings and Programs of my son’s elementary school. And, even though I had a year Parent Involvement Events of observation and preparation, there’s nothing like having to do it.

Now, Why We Need You!

Parents and community volunteers are always needed or the following: information I gave to parents was an explanation of what PTA Book Fair Sales Diversity Committee does; where parents and supporters donations go; and, what Chick-fil-A Nights we needed from parents and community supporters. Box Tops and Shopportunities Courier Stuffing And now, I share this with you in hopes that it inspires s and/ Room Parents or informs someone to take action in your local school. Our Fall Festival Volunteers kids need everyone’s help to ensure their success—parents, Spring Festival Volunteers Parent leaders are needed for the following: grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. VP of Fundraising, PTA Board Member Where Your Money Goes VP of Programs PTA Supports our school in the following ways: Fall Festival leaders Teaching and Celebrating Learning In and Outside of the PTA Night Bistro Sales Classroom: Teacher Appreciation Week Celebration To volunteer for any of these, whether you have 1 hour or 20 Student Field Trips hours, please call your PTA today and offer your time, talent In-School Enrichment programs and/or treasure. The help is always needed and welcome. Educational Competitions During that time, I felt one of the most critical pieces of

Aw ! It’s time to go back to school already, says mom?!?! 6 issue 1: community

local living—D|C|B

Invitation only: A party she’ll Remember Turning 5 is a big deal! Ask any 4-year old that ups his age to 4 1/2 soon after his birthday. Well Anise got to bring in her 5th year “fancy“ style. Fancy’s her favorite word lately, according to her invitation. So, with a few good girlfriends (only), their favorite summer duds and, of course, hats, moms and daughters (with a dad or two and granddad) had a ball drinking tea from fine china and silver; snacking on goodies and playing girlie games. Who says the Kentucky Derby or English weddings are the only places to enjoy hats? Anise’s mom wanted us to share the tips and tricks that made this party a huge success and a great alternative to the $200$300 party for 10 friends at the jumpy place. ~ Store bought prepared foods help a lot ~ A great kid-friendly playlist (KidsBop has a great selection) ~ Invite parents to join in the fun of dressing up too. And include parent/child friendly activities ~ Buy props and theme items from vintage or thrift stores (that’s where the china and silver came from) ~ Ask a mom or friend who loves to take pictures, to photograph the event. (You can’t be hostess and photographer) ~ Invite a teenager or two to help. The girls will love playing with the older family member or friend and take some pressure off you.

Local Living—D| C| B

august/september 2012


Where local Good News Trends, @localliving_mag is sure to Follow When starting a new media (ad)venture, online connections are just as important as your offline network. What social media you engage on. Who you subscribe to, friend and follow can make it easier or harder for you. That’s exactly what we weighed as we thought about our online presence for Local Living D|C|B. Because we put so much thought and effort into the local follows that make a difference in on online connections, we thought we’d tell you who the movers and shakers are, in case you wanted to follow them too. Or you can just follow us on our digital imprints and keep up with what you need to know locally without having to do the work of starting or keeping up your own profiles.

Our online profiles are as follows: Website (Make sure to subscribe to the blog): Facebook: Twitter: @localliving_mag Pinterest: Rochelle Valsaint








































8 issue 1: community

local living—D|C|B




Sundays in Fall bring two things to the forefront for many local families. And they both appeal to foodies. The first is football. The other is the Sunday family gathering with the bounty of the harvest crowding the kitchen tables and countertops throughout neighborhoods in our community. For the footballer foodies that may mean a tailgate spot with the grill roaring and portable finger foods feasts filling disposable plates. But for other foodies, the magic comes in the form of Sunday favorites that fill the house with the smells of home. Maybe it’s your Dad’s slow-roasted pulled pork sandwiches or your Mom’s pound cake recipe. Did I mention that these are definitely a couple of my faves? Well, one of the house favorites for my family is Smothered Chicken. It was a comfort food that signifies everything fall—the gravy alone is worth the bread-sopping you may want to do later. And accompanied by potato salad, a veggie or any combination of your signature side, dessert, sweet tea, lemonade or cocktail, and served buffet style, it’s the perfect game meal for a plate in front the TV or on your patio with friends.

1 whole chicken cut into pieces


Cut all vegetables into even-sized dices

Your favorite Season-all (McCormick’s or Emeril’s Bayou Blast is our favorite)


Heat 3tblsp. of oil in deep pan or casserole pot

4 tblsp. of olive or vegetable oil


1 diced onion

Place chicken in oil and cook until golden brown.


Remove Chicken from pan and 1/2 of oil.

1/2 red bell pepper, 1/2 green bell pepper


Whisk flour into remaining 1 tblsp. of oil until you have a pasty consistency.

1 stalk of celery (optional)


2 cloves of chopped garlic

Cook oil and flour until color changes from white to brown (This called a rue.)

3/4 cup of flour


1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup

Once rue is brown, add vegetables to pan and cook in rue until softened (5-7 minutes)

1 can of chicken broth


Return chicken to pan; add chicken broth soup and fill with water until chicken is covered.

Di rect ions :

10. Cook for 30 –45 minutes.


11. Enjoy over rice!

Clean and season chicken

Local Living—D| C| B

august/september 2012


10 issue 1: community

local living—D|C|B

Local Living—D| C| B

august/september 2012


12 issue 1: community

local living—D|C|B

Local Living—D| C| B

august/september 2012


National Association of Asian American Professionals

Northwoods Neighborhood Association

Dunwoody Chamblee Parents’ Council

14 issue 1: community

Korean American Association of Atlanta

local living—D|C|B

Community At It’s Best We Salute to the Top Community Groups and Organizations Like-minded people working together to bring about positive support or change for a cause, idea or effort in a community. That’s the value of community we celebrate! And, our Top 20 Community groups and organizations are the best at informing, motivating and keeping their core constituencies connected on local topics and issues that matter, not only to them, but also to us, the people that live, work and thrive all around these groups. They are a force for good we can all appreciate. So who are these wonderful groups, you ask? How can you support them or get involved if their efforts align with your ideals. Well look below to see who they are. And check with them via online and offline tools. They do everything from stimulate community involvement to encourage recommendations on the best service providers. And with regular meetings, communication forums, social media and newsletters these groups and organizations take advantage of traditional and innovative ways to promote community engagement. It is this commitment to community that is the foundation that strengthens local living, the best kind of lifestyle, in our opinion. So we acknowledge and honor the work of these groups’ leadership and the support of local constituents. These groups represent our local best. We look forward to their continued positive impact. And most of all, we thank them for dedicated service to our local community!

Ashford Alliance Community Association

Dunwoody Homeowners Association

Ashford Park Civic Association

Hampton Hall Civic Association

Brookhaven Fields Civic Association

Historic Brookhaven Neighborhood Association

Byrnwyck Community Association

Huntley Hills Neighborhood Association

Cambridge Park Civic Association

Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta

Center for Pan Asian Community Services

Latin American Association

Clairmont Heights Civic Association

National Association of Asian American Professionals

DECA (Dresden East Community Association)

Northwoods Area Neighborhood Association

Drew Valley

Silver Lake Civic Association

Dunwoody Chamblee Parents Council

Citizens for North Dekalb

Local Living—D| C| B

august/september 2012


Introducing Ebu: A Pampered Pooch bringing smiles to his family and neighbors

It’s September in Georgia. So a certain bulldog in a little Georgia college town called Athens will be the star of the show all football season long. But here in the D|C|B we are crushing on another bulldog that’s just as cute and pampered as his Athens counterpart. Say hi to Ebu! His named was derived at by shortening the combination of E(nglish) bu(lldog). His Daddy: Alan Cosby Favorite Treat: All of the gourmet meals his dad spoils him with, until he had to cut back on calories. His favorite neighbors: Gabbi and Jonathan, an 8 and 13 year old brother and sister duo who are his former in-home playsitters. Now, they just love on him for the fun of it. Favorite Past time: Lounging on the couch watching Animal Planet Favorite Spot About Town: The dog park in Brookhaven

16 issue 1: community

local living—D|C|B

moved at that time to Stone Mountain to be closer to work. I moved to Doraville about 11-12 years ago, first renting a vintage pictures and historical recall by citizens to trace the history of the city. Readers get to discover the transformation house for four years and then we bought the house on Addison Drive in Northwoods about 7-8 years ago. of Doraville from an agricultural farm settlement to a city in Author Bob Kelley’s book Images of America: Doraville uses

the mid-19th century to the diverse Atlanta suburb that gives 3. Wha t ma k es thi s ar ea of A tl an ta a tt rac ti ve to meaning to International gateway today. you at thi s s ta g e i n y ou r l i f e? At 61, my "party" days are largely behind me and the appeal 1. H o w di d y o u co m e to w ri t e thi s hi s to ri ca l of a quiet neighborhood that was close to Atlanta yet still pi c to g ra p h of Dor a vi l l e? within the perimeter caught my attention. I like the In a casual conversation one day in July, 2011, Tammy Henry, atmosphere of suburban is quiet and peaceful and director at the Doraville Library, mentioned she had received these are two elements you want when you need tranquility an email from Arcadia Publishing seeking someone to do a to write. It gives me great comfort to sit on my deck and book on Doraville for their Images of America series. Tammy, listen to birds chirping yet be less than a mile from major knowing that I was a writer, asked me if I would be freeways. Surrounding towns offer the businesses where I like interested. I had seen and thumbed through the series of to shop and I can do this within a 4-5 mile radius of home. books many times at Barnes and Noble so I was familiar with them. Although I had spent 30 years in corporate I also found the people here friendly and welcoming. It is communications jobs, I was new to the freelance writing truly a "touch of country in the city." I have the best of both arena and I thought, "I can do that!" So the challenge was worlds: readily accessible in-town amenities yet quiet living born. It was slow going at first finding people willing to come space with terrific neighbors. forward with their photos. But once the momentum started, I was getting many more photos than I could use. Arcadia has a strict design style for the books, always 128 pages and no 4. Y ou ' re p re t ty ac ti v e i n yo u r co m m uni ty . more than 220 photos. I ended up with close to 500 photos, W ha t e ffo rt(s ) a re yo u mos t p ro u d wh en i t so I had to do a great deal of editing and select the ones that com es to co mm u ni ty acti vi s m ? best give an overall feel for the city and surrounding area. My enthusiasm to be involved in the community stems from the people who live in my neighborhood and surrounding 2. Wh ere el s e h av e y ou l i ve d bes i des D ora vi l l e ? areas. It's infectious! We have such great potential but, I have lived in Georgia since 1981 when I relocated here from sadly, the quality of life here has regressed in recent years. Oklahoma, working for a ball bearing manufacturing facility owned by TRW in Flowery Branch. In 1983 I accepted a job as (Continued on page next page) editor of the corporate magazine at Georgia-Pacific in downtown Atlanta and Local Living—D| C| B

august/september 2012


Knowing we can be so much more makes me want to be TV. Whenever possible, I really enjoy activities that involve a part of the action. I foresee great things for the city, if neighbors and friends...movies, dinners out, trivia and quiet we can only get everyone on the same page as far as evenings on our deck visiting. developing a forward vision for the city. I am proud of the work of Citizens for Progress in such a short time. Members of the group "get it" and have a common goal in mind of moving Doraville forward beyond being just a wasteland of wholesalers, massage parlors, check cashing businesses and pawn shops. I am so proud of members of NANA too who have worked so hard to bring Northwoods' designation as a historic neighborhood to the brink of reality. And of course I am proud of my new book. Beyond being a huge personal achievement, I look at it as a valentine to the city. My hope is both older and newer generations will read it and discover our pioneer roots and be proud of our heritage. Fifty years ago, we were the perfect small American town where everyone knew each other and helped each other when necessary. It would be great if we could recapture that sense of community.

Join Bob Kelley for His Book Signing of Doraville

In between my legitimate writing projects, I have made an attempt lately to utilize my skills and media contacts to promote aspects of our community in a positive light in local newspapers and magazines. I believe the more positive things people outside of our city limits read about us, the more likely we can turn our reputation around and lure more lucrative businesses and quality citizens into the city. 5. D es c ri be a day of l i vi n g y o ur bes t l o cal l y? I try to start and end each day, weather permitting, on the bench in my small flower garden in front of my house. These are almost zen moments for me that set the pace for the day. Sitting beside the road, I daily interact with neighbors walking their dogs, jogging, pushing strollers or just passing by. Northwoods is really a neighborly community and I love chatting with folks, getting the latest updates in their lives. I have been very lucky to share my home with Ed St. Amour for nearly two decades. His support and encouragement has enabled me to pursue my freelance writing career and have the freedom to focus on doing the Doraville book and my other writing endeavors. He reads and edits my work and I completely trust his feedback and suggestions. Since I work from home, I spend the day researching information for my travel articles, playing with our dog, Pebbles, and doing chores around the house. When necessary, I take day trips for story research or to do interviews with subjects of my articles. When I can, I try to throw in some quality reading moments or treat myself to the luxury of an old movie on

18 issue 1: community

When: Saturday, September 22 n d Time: 7:00 p.m. Where: Doraville Library 3748 Central Avenue, Doraville, GA 30340 You can get a signed copy of the book at the book signing or order online from local living—D|C|B

Local Living—D| C| B

august/september 2012


Atlanta’s Premiere Consignment Shop

3550 Broad Street Chamblee, GA 30341 770.458.1200 20 issue 1: community

local living—D|C|B

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Local Living – Doraville | Chamblee | Brookhaven! This magazine represents all things wonderful that make us Doraville, Chamblee an...

Local Living D|C|B  

Local Living – Doraville | Chamblee | Brookhaven! This magazine represents all things wonderful that make us Doraville, Chamblee an...