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Brockport Strand 93 Main St, Brockport, 637-3310,

Canandaigua Theatres 3181 Townline Road, Canandaigua, 396-0110,

Cinema Theater 957 S. Clinton St., 271-1785,

Culver Ridge 16 2255 Ridge Rd E, Irondequoit  544-1140,

Dryden Theatre 900 East Ave., 271-3361,

On McCarthy’s secret service “Spy”


Eastview 13 Eastview Mall, Victor 425-0420,

Geneseo Theatres


Geneseo Square Mall, 243-2691,

Greece Ridge 12 176 Greece Ridge Center Drive 225-5810,

Henrietta 18 525 Marketplace Drive 424-3090,

The Little 240 East Ave., 258-0444

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If you’re a fan of Melissa McCarthy, watching her career has been a frequently frustrating experience. Yes, she’s found success as an actress — starring in an impressive string of box office hits — but in each of these films, she’s called upon to play characters who are dowdy, bumbling, crass, bullying, or some combination of each; the single word that best defines her roles to date is “abrasive.” But in interviews, the actress comes across as smart, pretty, and charming; qualities she’s rarely, if ever, allowed to display on screen. McCarthy herself

2609 W. Henrietta Road 292-0303,

Pittsford Cinema 3349 Monroe Ave., 383-1310

Tinseltown USA/IMAX 2291 Buffalo Road 247-2180,

Webster 12 2190 Empire Blvd., 888-262-4386,

Vintage Drive In 1520 W Henrietta Rd., Avon 226-9290,

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seems unsure exactly what audiences want from her, as evinced by the lackluster results from her turn as writer and producer of last summer’s cringe-inducing comedy “Tammy,” directed by her husband Ben Falcone. Thank God for Paul Feig. Finally there’s someone out there who knows how to utilize McCarthy’s considerable talents. Following three successful collaborations together (after “Bridesmaids” — which earned McCarthy an Oscar nomination — and “The Heat”) Feig’s written the excellent “Spy” expressly for McCarthy, giving her one of her best roles to date, and thankfully keeping the “fat lady fall down” humor to a minimum. McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a meek, mild-mannered CIA analyst whose job is to provide ground support to super-spy Bradley Fine (Jude Law). Excellent at what she does, she’s also hopelessly in love with the dashing agent, though he remains either oblivious or deliberately keeping her at bay. But when Fine is executed during a mission by a Bulgarian arms dealer named Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), it’s revealed that Boyanov has come into possession

Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham in “Spy.” PHOTO COURTESY 20TH CENTURY FOX

of the names of the CIA’s active field agents. With all the top agents compromised, a new strategy is needed. Having had plans to become an agent herself before Fine convinced her that her talents would best be employed behind a desk, Susan is technically field-certified, and persuades her superior (Allison Janney) to send her to Europe to track (but not engage with) Boyanov. Expecting to be provided the sort of glamorous identities typically given to CIA agents, she’s instead saddled with frumpy divorcees and cat ladies — personas that reveal a little too precisely how she’s seen by those around her (“I look like somebody’s homophobic aunt!” she complains at one point); her weapons are disguised as anti-fungal spray, hemorrhoid ointments, and stool softeners. While these moments earn laughs, Feig and McCarthy don’t hesitate revealing how much Susan is hurt by the way she’s constantly being sold short. She’s also given support in the form of her office friend, Nancy (Miranda Hart). Contrary to expectation, the central joke of the film doesn’t arise from Susan’s ineptness, but from the way she rises to the occasion. She’s inexperienced, but extremely capable, and watching her excel is immensely satisfying. Susan finding her self-confidence after hearing for far too long that she isn’t capable of more, provides the film a nice emotional core around which to build the comedy. In many ways the plot doubles as a bit of commentary on how Hollywood has used McCarthy’s talents over the years. That McCarthy is great isn’t much of a surprise, and

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