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The jean that women are raving about! And why not. We all know just how comfortable jeans are to wear. It is amazing how when you pull them up they often feel cold and unforgiving, but within 20 minutes or less they feel comfortable and molded to your body. Skinny jeans are so feminine and so sexy, showing off the leg and give the appearance of a longer leg as well. Levi® jeans are so comfortable and they meet the market demands with their styles, fabrics and colors. Skinny jeans by Levi's® have been so popular and women throughout the world have taken to them and just love wearing them. There is good justification for this and women who want comfort and style will find that these cotton denim jeans will be just the answer. They can easily be worn with any type of shoe or boot although when with a boot it is the fashion boot that has been so popular. In saying that, the skinny boot-cut jeans are also a hit for those who like or need (check out the weather) to wear a skinny jean with the heavier style of boot. Cotton Fabric Appeals The cotton denim jeans that Levi® are so well known for are popular because of the fashion demands, but the fact that they are cotton also appeals to many women from an environmental point of view but also from a health point of view because cotton is such a great fabric to wear as it breathes and is much better for you than the synthetic fabrics. Skinny jeans are tight and fitting and because the are made in cotton fabric the health risks are lesser than if a person is wearing a synthetic stretch fabric like that used in leggings. Skinny Jeans come in denim cotton, in cord and a variety of colors and within the blue range there are several different washes as well, so this gives a wide range to choose from. The Levi's® Skinny Jean Fit Within the skinny range the most popular are: • Low rise modern slight curve • Low rise demi curve • Low rise modern bold curve • Low rise modern supreme curve

Looking For A Jean to Fit Levi's® have brought out a jean called the Curve ID. They have proved to be very popular because they have shapes to fit all. All a buyer needs to do is get custom fitted for the waist, the hips and the height and you will find a pair of jeans that are comfortable. This has been a real break through in finding jeans to fit. Let's face it, women come in all shapes and sizes and the Curve ID will fit the women with the well shaped bottom, the large hips, the narrow waist, or the larger thigh. The method they use is called the Levi's® Curve ID and the styles are: • Slight curve • Demi curve • Bold curve • Supreme curve Over the years jeans have become 'normal' wear for all occasions. Prior to 1960's jeans were considered work wear and more a male garment than a female garment, but that has now changed and as many women wear jeans as do men.

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==== ==== Get the best deals on the world's top selling jeans... That's right Levi's! ==== ====

Skinny Jeans Are Still The Rage  

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