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Growing a Business with Social Media by Sandra Yeyati


that her clients wait at least six to eight months ome people like to call Michelle Arbore, before giving up on any platform. She says owner of Savvy Social Media, a guru, it’s helpful to identify what days and times a and it’s easy to see why. She has a wealth company’s clientele is on any given platform of insight on the topic of social media and a to maximize each post’s exposure. It is also solid list of small- to medium-sized businesses important to identify which types of posts get that rely on her to get their online efforts on the most likes, shares and comments, and to the right track. “I help businesses get a social eliminate those that aren’t getting enough enmedia presence if they don’t have one, or I can gagement. Using trending hashtags can drive help improve existing profiles so that they’re more traffic, as well. found easier. I also train clients on how to use As for the posts themselves, Arbore has social media and what the proper etiquette is,” an 80/20 rule. “Eighty percent of your sharshe explains, adding that some clients don’t ing should be engaging, helpful, educational have time to find content and post it on their and/or motivational and 20 percent should platforms, so she does it for them. be about the business, promoting products According to Arbore, people that are new to and/or services and the people behind it. social media often don’t understand what it can Michelle Arbore You always want to be positive, uplifting and do for them and how it can help them grow their engaging. When people comment on your content, it’s imbusiness. “Social media can get your message out there, drive portant to respond. If you get a bad comment or a negative people back to your website and establish you as the expert in review, don’t ever delete it. Address it right then and there, your field,” she explains. “People want to get to know you perso people know that you’re paying attention to your audisonally and professionally. The more they see you in their news feed and like the information that you’re sharing, the more they’re ence,” she says. Arbore conducts workshops throughout the year and is going to learn to trust you. Then they will reach out to you, go to frequently invited by women’s organizations, chambers of your website and see how they can work with you,” she says. commerce and networking groups to speak at their meet The most popular platforms and the ones that Arbore ings and conventions. She offers a free 30-minute discovery works with are Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. She notes that each platform has a different personality session. “During the session, we explore where you are now with your social media and where you want to be,” she says. and audience. Facebook is fun, easygoing and laid back but “Then I present my proposal and explain what it’s going to still exhibits professionalism on its business pages. LinkedIn look like to work with me.” is the most professional, where people go to connect, learn and grow their business. Eighty-five percent of the Pinterest Savvy Social Media is located in Pittsford. For more informaaudience is composed of women and moms. Twitter is for the tion, call 585-506-6291, email MArbore@SavvySocialMedia. younger generation. “Although Google+ has its downfalls and net or visit SavvySocialMedia.net. hasn’t been doing very well, I get my clients a presence on there because it is a Google product, and it can help you with Sandra Yeyati is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings your search engine optimization,” says Arbore. magazine. It takes time to earn an audience. Arbore recommends

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