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Ways your ESA Dog could Affect your Sleep..........For Better Having trouble going to sleep? Sleep disorders are quite common in people dealing with stress and post-traumatic stress conditions. The good news is that your emotional support dog can be a cost-effective and healthy way of getting your beauty sleep back. Living with your ESA dog will require a valid and genuine ESA letter that could be used for other ESA animals also. However, considering the benefits your ESA dog offers, we don't think that you would think twice before getting your letter. Before moving forward, allow us to give some ideas of how an ESA dog could help you have a good night sleep and a lively morning.

1. You will Wake up Less in the Night This is especially true for women who sleep next to a dog. Studies show that women who slept next to their ESA dogs reported less restless nights than the ones who slept next to their cats or other humans. The researchers have associated it with the way people feel and perceive their sleep and in this specific case, people felt better when slept with their ESA or service dogs.

2. You will Have Less Nightmares Since having an ESA lowers the level of stress, you will experience less nightmares. Generally, people who are recovering from a loss or suffering from PTSD sleep better with their ESA dogs. It helps with fear, loneliness and sleep disorders and helps you sleep better. 3. Your Bed will be Warm Dogs have a slightly higher body temperature than humans. This feature is especially useful and handy in winters as it will provide you the needed warmth without havocking your electricity bill. However, be careful and don't let your furry friend overdo the warmth thing as then it will not be good for your health. 4. You will not Suffer from Insomnia Insomnia is caused due to a number of reasons and anxiety is its topmost reasons. Having an ESA dog will relieve this anxiety and stress and helps you sleep better. Many people, especially the ones suffering from stress and anxiety, are often afraid of the dark or sleeping alone. With an ESA dog, both of these issues are solved. 5. You will Wake up Easily When you sleep better you will wake up fresh and ready for the day. Having a dog keeps you active and moving the whole day. Taking him for walks and caring for him will give your body the needed mobility. These activities tire you out and as a result you feel sleepy and ready to hit the bed. Moreover, sleeping next to your ESA dog also helps in relieving several chronic pains. An ESA dog is a double win situation for many of its owners. They provide the love, care and comfort and keeps their owners physically and mentally sound also. To live with your beloved companion, you should consider getting an ESA letter for housing.

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Ways your ESA Dog Could Affect your Sleep  

Ways your ESA Dog Could Affect your Sleep