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Tree House by Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects

Tree House is located on the slopes of Table Mountain and experiments with the concerns of contextual responsiveness and connectivity. The concept and design for this house came from the surrounding trees itself and so the house was constructed accordingly.

The house consists of 5 tree-like columned structures which support the roof and provide shelter, as a tree does, to the spaces and inhabitants of the house below. The tree- like columns are then surrounded by a transparent lightweight structure that hardly creates a barrier between internal and external.

SUMMARY The Tree house incorporates the usage of tree-like columns which also like Yackandandah Primary School, works together with the PONS + HUOT Office design concept of mine when you minus the Ficus trees. This type of column however, as seen in the images, makes use of gum poles that is to be a main material to be used in my design. I like how the columns are very unconventional and marry the external with the internal, which is what my design will be doing as well as being structurally stable enough to stabilize the roof or overhead structure.

Part A.2 Technological Precedent