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CAMPAIGN In the marine environment, such waste is hard to recover where it inflicts injury and causes the death of thousands of marine creatures every year. As well as removing rubbish from its beaches, Coleraine Borough Council has been running an anti-litter campaign for the past 15 years which includes a strong focus on the impacts of beach litter and marine debris.

BLACK MUSEUM The Council’s Environment Service, has created a black museum of recovered beach litter and marine debris that represents every aspect of human society. From the commercial fishing and tourism industries to the farming and building industries and every type of beach user. From the bizarre to the ridiculous, the gross to the dangerous. All unnecessary and definitely unwanted. FOOTPRINTS While endeavouring to remove litter from our beaches both manually and mechanically, we can never guarantee that they will ever be litter free. So we appeal to all beach visitors not only to be cautious but also to ensure that you remove any waste that you generate and use the nearby bins. Simply put, leave nothing but your FOOTPRINTS!

Coleraine Borough Council display of litter J.A.

Gannet, victim of discarded line

SPOIL Nothing spoils a beach visit more than having to share it with someone’s rubbish. A combination of beach visitor litter and marine (tidal) debris is polluting our beaches and posing a threat to the safety of wildlife and humans alike. By no means unique to the north Irish coast, this global problem is a sad reflection of how many people today have little or no regard for quality of life.

Beaches .... an islands treasure  

An environmental guide to the recreational beaches of the North Coast by Coleraine Borough Council