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Photography Face  To  face.   Robyn  Louise  Ha9on.   9th  of  November.   6  weeks  project.  

Secondary research.  

ArTst research.   Historical  Portrait  Photographer.   Eve  Arnold:    

Born  in  Germany,  Eve  Arnold  moved  to  Sydney  in  1973  and   has  lived  in  Perth,  Western  Australia,  since  1975.       In  1991  she  took  up  Fine  Arts  studies  at  Claremont  School  of   Art  and  later  at  the  Western  Australian  School  of  Art,  Design   and  Media  and  ha  since  held  successful  exhibiTons  in   Australia,  Germany  and  Italy.       Since  compleTng  her  Advanced  Diploma  of  Arts   Management,  Eve  has  managed  several  fine  art  galleries.  She   was  also  the  Western  Australian  arts  writer  for  the  Art   Review  secTon  of  the  naTonal  publicaTon  Business  Review   Weekly  between  1996  and  1999.        

This arTst  I  liked  the  way  she  used  the  cigare9es  in  the  young   woman’s  and  old  mans  mouth  also  the  berets  show  class  as  they   show  off  there  country(France)  .  She  also  used  facial  expressions   in  Maryln  Monroe  photograph  sadness  as  she  has  tears  in  her   eyes  and  she  looks  up  I  find  this  really  inspiring.    

Contemporary Portrait  Photographer.   Mario  TesTno:  


UnTtled Mario  TesTno  was  born  in  1954   in  Lima,  Peru     He  came  to  London  in  1976,   took  a  flat  in  an  abandoned   hospital  near  Trafalgar  Square,   and  began  selling  por^olios  (for   £25,  including  hair  and  make-­‐ up),  to  wannabe  models     It  was  1997  when  he   photographed  the  late  Diana,   Princess  of  Wales  for  her   famous  “Vanity  Fair”  cover.    

I choose  this  arTst  because  I  really  liked  how  he  used  nude  in  such  a  graceful  way,   and  how  his  photos  are  in  black  and  white  also  enjoy  how  he  uses  good  facial   expression  for  example  the  grin  on  the  boys  face.   Secondary  research  

Mind Map  Self.   -­‐  A  copy  of  Eve  Arnold  with  the  cigare9e  in  my  mouth  with  a  beret  put  into   the  style  of  4  passport  photos.     -­‐  In  your  own  skin  photos,  could  contain  nude  shoulders  without  makeup.   -­‐  Face  to  face  with  my  twin  sister  head  on  as  if  I’m  looking  in  mirror.   -­‐  Geek  style.   -­‐  Glamorous.   -­‐  Plain.   -­‐  Black  and  white  photos.   -­‐  Sad  

•  •  •  •  • 

Facial Expression.   Props.   Clothing.   Background.   Compression.  

Mind Map  Other.   -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ 

Hippy look.   Face  paint  (Animals,  Color  or  print)   Make  up.   Candy  (  Lollies,  Chocolate,  sweets,  sherbet,  One  millions.   WriTng  on  the  face  (triptyc)  spelling  something  unique.  

•  •  • 

Facial Expression.   Props.   Clothing.  

•  • 

Background. Compression.  

For my  final  idea  I  decided  to  take   photos  of  my  sister  Lauren  and   myself  as  we  are  idenTcal  twins.  I   wanted  to  used  sweets  as  props   because  they  show  a  playful  and  fun   nature  to  our  character.  

These images  came  out  good   because  of  the  placement  of   the  photo,  I  used  negaTve   space,  also  played  around  with   zooming  in  and  out,  this  image   looks  good  because  its   zoomed  in.  

I believe  These  photos  were   successful  because  of  the  bright   colours  that  I  captured  and  use  of   the  sweet  props.  

The image  above  is  eye  catching   because  of  the  bright  colours  shining   from  the  red  and  yellow  lollie,  this  is   good  because  he  draws  people  in.  

I purposely  asked  Lauren  to  smile  because  it   gives  the  photo  more  personality,  also  used   negaTve  space  so  the  image  is  more   concentrated  on  her  than  anything  els  in   the  photograph.  

My Edits  

Final outcomes.  

Steven Meisel  Italian  Vogue  

EvaluaTon of  mulTple  portrait.   The  image  above  is  a  split  frame  and  contains  4  pictures  of  what   looks  like  the  same  girl,  but  on  the  top  right  is  me  and  the  top   leg  is  my  sister  diagonally  to  that  is  me,  this  photo  draws  people   in  to  try  and  tell  the  difference  between  us   I  got  my  inspiraTon  from  Meisel  as  he  did  a  split  frame  in  the           Italian  Vogue  magazine,  this  really  got  my  a9enTon  as  this  arTst   is  a  well  known  photographer  as  he  did  vogue.   I  also  did  a  copy  of  his  work  as  I  thought  it  would  go  well  with   the  image  I  produced.    

NaTonal Portrait  Gallery.   Founded  in  1856,  the  aim  of  the  NaTonal  Portrait  Gallery,   London  is  ‘to  promote  through  the  medium  of  portraits  the   appreciaTon  and  understanding  of  the  men  and  women  who   have  made  and  are  making  BriTsh  history  and  culture,  and  ...  to   promote  the  appreciaTon  and  understanding  of  portraiture  in  all   media’.   The  Gallery  holds  the  most  extensive  collecTon  of  portraits  in   the  world.  The  CollecTon  is  displayed  in  London  and  in  a  number   of  locaTons  around  the  United  Kingdom,  including  several   houses  managed  by  the  NaTonal  Trust.  The  Gallery  is   increasingly  keen  to  find  new  ways  to  share  the  CollecTon   through  the  NaTonal  Programmers,  as  well  as  through  this   website.   Secondary  research.  

Alistar mayal  1991.  

Gemma Arterton  by  Sarah  Dunn,  2009.  

Thandie Newton   by  Lorenzo  Agius  

Street Portraits.  

These are  the  images  I  took   when  we  went  up  to  London  on   a  trip,  and  we  was  set  a  task  to   take  photographs  of  people  we   saw  in  the  street  of  London,   because  we  had  to  see  how   different  street  portraits  are  to   studio  portraits.   Studio  portraits  are  more   planned  and  organized  than   street  portraits,  street  portraits   are  just  hit  of  luck  that  they   come  out  good.   This  task  was  just  to  show  us  in   higher  depth  how  different   these  to  techniques  are.  

Final Photos  

EvaluaTon These  photo  was  successful  because  I  made  the  levels  go  up  higher  and  that   made  the  white  lines  contrast  with  the  black  lines.    Also  the  composiTon  of  the  photo  Is  to  the  side  of  the  and  has  negaTve   space.     What  could  have  went  be9er  with  the  photograph  is  it  could  be  in  color  and   be  more  bright  but  the  black  and  white  works  well.   It  was  intenTonally  in  focus  so  I  could  get  the  right  angled  shot.   Also  these  were  test  shots  before  we  did  the  real  ones,  and  the  test  shots   came  out  be9er  than  the  ones  that  were  planned.   I  also  think  they  both  could  have  a  bit  more  detail  than  what  they  have  but   also  bring  something  different  to  the  image.  


Face to  face  exhibiTon.  

Feed back.     “  I  like  the  posiToning  of  the  face  in   both”   “I  like  how  there’s  not  much  going  on  in   the  photo  but  its  sTll  eye  catching”     “BeauTful  and  natural”    

“scale and  control”     “This  image  is  fun  and  not   to  serious,  the  close  up  an   the  subject  creates  and   sense  if  closeness.  

ArTst research  Sharon  Elphick   Sharon  Elphick's  training  as  a  texTle  designer  comes  through  in  the  "urban   tartans"  she  creates  on  the  painTngs.  The  work  she  focuses  on  are  the   pa9erns  she  finds  in  tower  blocks  from  London,  New  York,  Paris,  Berlin  and   São  Paulo.     More  recent  work  focuses  on  another  feature  of  urban  life  graffiT,  along  with   other  markings  from  roads,  pavements,  buildings.   Away  from  the  urban,  Elphick  also  has  an  appeal  with  all  things  horTcultural,   treaTng  flowers  and  trees  with  the  same  photomontage  techniques  she  uses   for  concrete  and  steel.   Elphick's  outstanding  technique  and  subject  ma9er  has  resulted  with  her   images  being  absorbed  into  "Brit  Pop"  fashion  and  furniture  design.  

Face to Face  

This project is exploring photographs, experimenting and research.

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