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index 1. Railway, Lower Hutt

22. Andy Shearman, Wellington

2. Letter from John

23. Wall, Lower Hutt

3. Garage, Lower Hutt

24. Union meeting, Lower Hutt

4. Workshop, Lowerhutt

25. Changing room, Wellington

5. Wash shed, Wellington

26. Garage. Wellington

6. Terry Duffy, Lower Hutt

27. Humuera Hura, Lower Hutt

7. Workshop, Wellington

28. Kaisa Kurene, Lower Hutt

8. Train parts, Lower Hutt

29. Work station, Lower Hutt

9. Kenny Barclay, Wellington

30. Work station, Lower Hutt

10. Ian Mahon, Wellington

31. Daniel Murphy, Lower Hutt

11. Engine, Lower Hutt

32. Workshop, Lower Hutt

12. Tracks, Lower Hutt

33. Manu, Lower Hutt

13. Roof top, Wellington

34. Office, Wellington

14. Machinery, Carterton

35. Charlie A’Court, Lower Hutt

15. Room, Lower Hutt

36. ‘Kiwi’ McKenzie, Wellington

16. Dick Coutts, Lower Hutt

37. Wash shed, Wellington

17. Jeff Ham, Lower Hutt

38. Freight trains, Wellington

18. Offcuts, Lower Hutt

39. Allan Blair, Lower Hutt

19. John Lipinski, Carterton

40. Workshop, Carterton

20. Workshop, Lower Hutt

41. Paint shed, Wellington

21. Train Graveyard, Lower Hutt

42. End of the line, Carterton

Thank you to KiwiRail New Zealand and a very special thank you to Isaac Adams, Terry Duffy and Daniel Ellis for their incredible help

Copyright Robyn Daly 2012

Uncertain Departures  
Uncertain Departures  

A Photographic exploration into an unseen section of New Zealand's changing railway industry