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Page 28 Most  markets   are   going   to   be   more   casual,   so   you  want  to  create  a  friendly  and  real  image  with   your  copy.  ,W¶VRND\WRVWDUWVRPHWLPHVVHQWHQFHV ZLWK ³DQG´ DQG ³EXW´ QRZ DQG WKHQ EHFDXVH LW¶V how   we   speak   and   when   you   write   how   you   VSHDN LW¶V KRZ \RX UHODWH WR \RXU DXGLHQFH ,W¶V ok  to  end  a  sentence  with  a  preposition  because,   DJDLQWKDW¶VKRZZHVSHDN Exercise:   Look   at   your   copy   and   see   how   formal   or   informal   you   are.   Can   you   see   how   you   could   make   it   sound   more   friendly,   appealing   and   create   a   FRQQHFWLRQ ZLWK \RXU UHDGHU" ,I \RX¶UH WRR IRUPDO \RX PLJKW MXVW ORVH \RXU DXGLHQFHDOOWRJHWKHU<RXGRQ¶Wwant  to  sound  uneducated  but  you  want  to  be   natural.  Most  of  your  grammar  is  going  to  be  correct,  but  there  are  some  rules   \RXGRQ¶WQHFHVVDULO\KDYHWRZRUU\DERXWIRUWKHVDNHRIUHDGDELOLW\ Final  Note:  ,I\RX¶UHJRLQJWRKDYHVRPHRQHSURRIUHDG\RXUFRS\ZKHWKHULW¶VD   friend,  virtual  assistant  or  professional  proofreader,  make  sure  they  understand   what   you   are   looking   for;;   that   your   spelling   is   correct,   the   language   flows   well   and  the  copy  sounds  intelligent  but  friendly.

2.5  Keep  it  Simple Write  in  short  sentences  to  make  things  easy  to  read.  Break  up  long  paragraphs  to   ease   eye-­VWUDLQ $JDLQ LW¶V RND\ WR EUHDN JUDPPDU UXOHV ±   especially   with   paragraph   formatting  because   reading   long   paragraphs   can   be   fatiguing.   This   is   particularly  true  online  and  ZKHUHSHRSOHDUHUHDGLQJRQDVFUHHQ'RQ¶WWLUH\RXU potential  customer  out  before  they  read  about  your  product. You   can   also   bullet   points,   as   we   mentioned   earlier,   and   these   may   include   incomplete   sentences.   Luckily   that   is   actually   acceptable   in   grammar   rules!   The  key  is  to  make  it  easy  to  read. 'RQ¶W XVH FRPSOLFDWHG ODQJXDJH DQG PDNH WKH OHYHO DSSURSULDWH IRU \RXU WDUJHW audience.  The  average  reading  level  of  the  general  public  is  quite  low.  If  you  feel  a

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