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Page 26 7KDWGRHVQ¶WPHDQ\RXFDQ¶WXVHDGMHFWLYHVLQ\RXUFRS\2IFRXUVH\RX¶UHVWLOO JRLQJWRXVHWKHPEXW\RXUFRS\VKRXOGEHDEOHWRVWDQGRQLW¶VRZQZLWKRXW all  the  extra  words. Exercise:  If  you  want  to  see  if  your  copy  can  stand  up  on  its  own,  pick  a  couple   paragraphs   from   your   website   or   your   entire   page   and   remove   all   the   adjectives.  Does  it  still  sound  compelling?  Is  it  selling  your  product? ,I QRW LW¶V SUREDEO\ WLPH WR VWDUW ZRUNLQJ RQ EHLQJ VSHFLILF DQG ZH¶OO WDON about  that  next.

2.3  Be  Specific , WDON DERXW WKLV EULHIO\ ZKHQ , ZURWH DERXW KHDGOLQHV /HW¶V JHW LQWR WKLV PRUH and  really  understand  how  being  specific  can  help  you  sell  more  of  your  product. Instead  of  saying  you  ARE  the  best,  say  WHY  you  are  the  best.  Instead  of  saying   \RX¶UH IDVW H[SODLQ KRZ IDVW DQG LQ ZKDW VSHFLILF ZD\V /HW¶V VD\ LI \RX DUH D printing  service  and  you  provide  fast  printing,  tell  them  on  average  how  much   WLPH \RX QHHG WR ILQLVK D SURMHFW ,I \RX DUHQ¶W ZLOOLQJ WR VD\ KRZ TXLFkly   you   FDQ FRPSOHWH D SURMHFW WKHQ \RX¶UH SUREDEO\ QRW WKDW TXLFN DQG VKRXOGQ¶W EH using  that  angle. :KHQZH¶UHWDONLQJDERXWFRS\ZH¶UHJLYLQJSHRSOHDVPXFKGHWDLOHGLQIRUPDWLRQ as   possible   so   people   can   make   an   informed   decision   about   a   product,   newsletter,  or  whatever  our  call  to  action  is. Have   you   ever   been   to   a   website   and   thought   about   buying   a   product,   but   you   ZHUHQ¶W  VXUH LW KDG WKH IHDWXUHVEHQHILWV \RX QHHGHG" ,W KDSSHQV DOO WKH time.   A   lot   of   product-­sellers   think   they   can   slap   up   a   picture   and   add   a   few   ZRUGVDQGZDWFKWKHVDOHVUROOLQ8QIRUWXQDWHO\LWGRHVQ¶WZRUNWKDWZD\

Copywriting For Beginners  

Learn how to write copy for your adverts, banners, headlines and articles that converts into sales. Are you on the Internet and writing? Hav...

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