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ob Wilson MP

Supporting change for the NHS IN AMERICA today

there is

a real

debate going on about healthcare. But here in the UK, I am proud to say that we

for the challenges we face in the


have a National Health Service that binds our nation together. Whatever your background or circumstances, it's

Century, such as Britain's ageing population. I spoke rvith the Chief Executive of

use is free to all.

pressures the NHS faces and the ur-sent need for reform.

Although requiring much needed change and improvement, the NHS is part of the 1.,)

Fill out my new NHS survey by visiting:

see for myselfhow change is needed in the NHS if we are to succeed in makin-e it fit



Berkshire West PCT



I visited the nerv drop-in clinic at the Broad Street Mall earlier this month to




Focus needs to be shifted from ialrcnLcl to paticltL e l "' ,.,itl e rrsurLin-[

that resources are -eetting to the front line staff r,vho need them most.

Woodley benefits from Gouncil investment I

RECENTLY attended two official openings in Woodley, resulting from

Council and sports operator Goals.

investment into the area facilitated

pitches for use by the public, as well as Addington and Bulmershe Schools. The complex will provide a much needed community facility for young people in the local area. If this wasn't enough, Woodley is also set to benefit from a f1.1 million grant to improve play areas. Woodford Park will be upgraded by the Council by March 2010, along with Ashenbury Park and Dinton Pastures by 201 I . Wokingham Borough Council is

by Wokingham Borough Council. The Duchess of Gloucester officially


opened the new Addington School and was invited to join her in the unveiling

the new multi-million pound



building. We toured the new school and were given a performance of 'houd'by all the students, led by the school choir.

This follows the opening of a new 5a-side football complex at Bulmershe a


joint venture between the Borough

The complex has 12


Find me on:


committed to investment in Woodley and, along with the redevelopment of

Waingels College, these are perfect examples of how local residents are benefitins.

Visit my website at:







Rob Wilson MF THE South East


Grand Comrnittee recently rnet fbr the first tirne in Reading


Hall. -eiving MPs the



debate i:sues

af-fecting the resicln.

I attencled. along rvith Theresa May (Maidenhead).


.lohn Rechvoocl (Wokin-sharn). Maria Miller (Basingstoke) ancl fbnner Conselvative leacler Michael Horvard (Folkestone).

The cornmittcc cliscussed the iireas for glorvth in the south east economy and I talkecl about the irnpoftance of Reading's contribution to the region especially in the infbmration & communication technolo-ry and life sciences sectors.

AFTER a prolongeci carrpaign fbr irnprovements to roird saf'ety at the Oakley/Kiclmore Roacl junction in Cavershant. I lvelcortred the dccision by the Council to funcl a lollipop lady to help children closs on their way to school. [ttltlkttl-lthc''lttlrrlaigt1\()lllf-ri'll.':tr,{llll.1,ll''

rlrercascu uy a rcccllt eolilstoll at U)e Julte t.lOn Dct\\Cclt a car an(t it it)rr\. I rvish to thnnk all the parents ',vho or-lanisecl ancl signecl the petition

calling firr changcs at


.junction as it rvirs grcat k) have the ri holc cornrnLrnitr, in suppolt. F-Lrnclins. rit

the vcrv least. of a

lollipop ilefs()n ,.\'irs very inrpoltirnf lo cltsurc l itikirerr ctnt tross lirc |oliri in sliii'i-". Thc new leclt-trt staltctl l,.rrii irlit'r titc hltll'


I!-l lll.



,-'{lililt! r,ir{.i'liijt,lli-l: l,r'rll{\'




il! f.rl

. -l'-1,,r

Repods Back ftmsisi:;:4ffiiffi.-


- a vital community facility

Readingns public

transport crisis

AFTER seeing a glorving report from Ofsted inspectors, rating a Woodley respite centre as outstanding in every category, I decided to visit and see for myself the work that goes on at -good Bridges Resource Centre.

The centre is run by Wokingham Borough Council and oft'ers services to families with disabled children and young people, including short break care. day care, after-school care, weekend clubs. activity trips and a range of other activities. I met tt ith dun Manager Gareth Owen and Cllr Rob Stanton, Executive Member for Children's Serr ices. tbr a guided tour of the centre and the opportunity to meet some of the young people sho use this vital community resource. It's easy to see'uvhy Bridges was rated as outstandins in its Ofsted report - the work the centre does for young people and the passion of the people u ho rvork here is truly a wonder to behold.

ln defence of the realm

rain*r.arlr rr-arl

was deceived into thinking that the bio-




The Council hasn't accepted


Suttons Business Park to sain an insi-cht into the rvolk being done by the fitn in Reatlin" East. and its support for he Britirlr I.rrrr. :rr \i,:hlrrristan. The ctrnruirnr cnrplci.,s .-160 people in the

additional members to the scheme since 2006 anci consultation on re-introducing it only begun earlier this vear. ln response to m_"- lettef. they rcimitteri

,;Jn:rritrrcnc, : lri :: .l!r lrroortant contributor

ihat their approach to this i-ssue was wrong



-lrlltr)ijt\i. .'tviis

:,'.r,, r i\,: ' ' " ,:,,r \ i'i r:.:iil(. 1l

lntrcctuceci io

.'r..,,r'\' .,rl{r -:ire,',:t:,:llr \i;rt-t ii\l(!c ' 'il;t ' , ,,t:'r..,I:, i: ,!..i ,. .,tir ll .i .



!'i'rr a ;: I -.




'thl.tSit Vr'l'i. :,it,ir' -,'r . irl'',.. ,llt',t: .,r',itri i l'r(lir-ri:l:iIi1 ]l i'ei'.Veeli li'1 :--.iif i r-.; i, lc i:i ;.l i ileri iill :'r,i il L-'.i.;c'-.t-r tcclt . rir ''ciiinl)Cilf li)! .i1s r,iiq','e t,t :iltt! vi: :il.. li't f re :.i tci.,e,it 1ri rni-s ::rt:nleir 'n ,hc it;triie ;


ethlrrtol \\.Lr s(rr-rttcti :',,,tt \ugxI beet -9rou,n in Norfolk. In fact thev had been runnin-e on fuel made from w'ood pLrlp imported from Srveden.

Council to ask that they speed up

tation Scheme and combat the issue of rubbish left by students vacating their








g!ri;111 iiitS

I. .',:i i|rK.,i,t:il i,t,ilinS..i:t :ne .'k, ieicitca :rr_tr.isil')/ .: ."seltiiii ;n 'lijtgrrarr.ttng r,ili L,', Lirltr\t. '.,v'b lie C,,rf|enii;v ''ightilrg ii uitiicLrit ',..'lir :n .'.i'nhlinistan airr,i

the inefficient bio-ethanol fuel. An investigation is undenvay to discover how the deception continued undiscovered

i'or so lon-9. In addition to the bio-ethanol issue. Reading Buses has hit residents ,vith an :ncreasing nurnbel of planned culbacks itt selvices. Plans to cr,it ihe vitailv riirporranr 'V<xrcile.r


fr('()ils nave the t(tojs

irev neeci. i :ur ;ieaserj lhat a company 'rased in my constituenc,v is developing such

viral ecpioment.

...All Year Round

iirc'ular i(')utes


rre ;r;ir lrih

:'esirieits :irrci !ocal Llcunr:illors io iretitir;r-r 'igainst ire 'r'.ris. I :,rckii.,, ieii<1ing ,lor,'risi. )lll:".; :r'('k i,:iit- ,iti,..l,:irr(rin! iif .i, -]it"'e ,l rjlltli ,,il ,f:1ist j,i,jL;iii ,'.lrtiipittgttCri ,:,:i:iitsi i'rjls',.)11--le 12. , r.,'r': I rer','icc:r.

(rit,.:i:l! 1.:t.-'\ til\ t(t'si\;,-lllt. ..ii: ., ,1r',;r :L .,i-rr;lt :*i',4t! ltf -"rre ,.{-: ih.ri-.



'.ve trLlsi rniike :ili-e

norv transpires that the Council

intends to convert the bio-ethar.rol buses to bio-diesel as it is more cost effective than


i\ lr: .i:: 1.,,liiii i1)


admitted that the company is losin_e money at a rate of f40.000 a week. Nerv bio-ethanol buses. purchased only last year. are lying unused in its bus depot as they are too expensive to run. In October, it rvas discovered that the public

the re-intrclduction of a Landlord Accredi-

I VISITED Rockrveli Collins'

is facing a public

crisis as Reading Buses sinks into the red. Over recent months, the Council-owned company has announced further planned cutbacks, faced a vote of no confidence from its union and strike threats from drivers and staff. The Chief Executive has

Landlord Accreditation Scheme must be AS a result of a barrage of complaints from local residents. I contacted Reading



,,'nC\ ,



lifb r,-iecl iillci



i )t.: ,llt i .., ':' r e ii n ri :.i i ter-niit i.,,ts. -.,-

'i'he rLrs coltlpally :reeds ',iiiit' :itiri i-ilrinagel]leri iO,;uii it:-gethel .iltci'oiic!. .ts Clie i E;iecr,iii ,,i io Ict it ihri;ugh :t:e ri;,:eabie challenges lr i'iices. ln thc meuntimc. iny :anrpargir :rsirilt:l

lhe cuts colltinues .- see rrly websrte rbl rrore rietails.

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Ten Ways to

Contact Me

"Thank you again for what, even by your high standards, was a very thorough and informative reply to my complaint about





0118 375 9785 (Constituency Office)

'oThank you againfor responding and coming to me at my

hour of "


o20 72L9 2498


(Westminster Office)

Keep up the good work - it istappreciated"

Fax me:





how glad


am that


can te prdLa




You represent the standard

0118 375 9786

of behaviour we expect of those elected to represent and govern us. Thank you."

(Constituency Office)

o20 72L9 0847 (Westminster Office)

"Thank you once again for your incredibly fast reaction to my letter. How reassuring to have faith in a politician in all this uncertainty." 'oThank you B


Email me:

for taking the trouble to address a few of my concerns within the Ward,

C ountry

and Planet


robwi lsonmp@parl iament. uk




"l would like to thank youfor the very quick and fficient child support for my daughter." 'oThank youfor your help and keep up the good work"

response to my issue regarding

Write to me at:

Rob Wilson MP

House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA



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my website at:

This Parliamentary Year I Have...

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Not claimed a single penny from the Additional Costs (second home) Allowance

Visit one of my weekly surgeries:

Answered, on average, 250 items of correspondence per week - a high response rate amongst MPs

Please contact my constituency office to make an appointment.

Received answers to 220 written Parliamentary questions - well above average amongst MPs

Local Man

Attended 69 per cent of votes


Spoken in 38 debates


above average amongst MPs

I also undertake my front bench duties in Parliament as a Shadow


am very much a local man, born and brought up in south Oxfordshire before moving to Reading in 1984. I arrived in Reading as a student, attending Reading University and graduating with a degree in History. I now live in Caversham with

A full list of statistics can be found at

my wife Jane and our four children. I commute daily from Reading into

Parliamentary Tours

Westminster by train. lf you are interested in coming to

the Palace of Westminster and having a tour, please contact Gemma Anslow in my Westminster office on O2O 72tg 2498to book your place. There are also trips available to visit Big Ben and even for Ministerial Question Times.



This publication is funded solely under the provisions of the Membe/s House of Commons Communications Allowance, Published by Craig Morley on behalf of Rob Wilson Me both of 12A South View l%rk, Mareack Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 sAE Printed by Richfield Labels Ltd. Tel: 0118 948 3969

Parliamentary Report - Autumn 2009  

Rob Wilson MP's Autumn 2009 Parliamentary Report

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