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G O T O B I G K A H U N A S . C O M F O R G R O U P & C O R P O R AT E D I S C O U N T S ! 1007 US HWY 98 EAST • DESTIN, FL 32541 • 850-837-8319 • BIGKAHUNAS.COM

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May+June 2014


10 9 Column

5 The Bigger the Group!

Crystal Ryan, Emerald Coast Kids Listserv

Articles 10 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Teen to Be a Camp Counselor!


Valuable Life Training for Teens

10 Get Polished! 12 Men’s Health!

Moms Deserve Special Treatment

Regular Exams for Peak Performance

Family Builders


Families are important. Spend time enjoying life together at home and on the go.

The Family Chatter Challenge���������������������������������� 22 That’s Good to Know!—Information You Can Use���� 24 Show Her You Care, Show Him You Care��������25, 26 Snacks—Recipes for Tasty Get-Togethers����������������� 28 Crafts—Get Creative with Your Kids������������������������� 30 Teach Your Kids Something New���������������������������� 32

Family Fun Guide Calendar of Events


Get to know the people, places and things that make this coast special!

Camps�������������������������������������������������������������������36 Seasonal Events���������������������������������������������������38 Runs, Walks & More�������������������������������������������39 Sounds Fun���������������������������������������������������������� 40 The Arts�����������������������������������������������������������������43 Recurring Local��������������������������������������������������� 44 Volunteer������������������������������������������������������������� 44

Resource Directory


Community resources offer a wide range of information and services for you and your family!

Listings������������������������������������������������������������������� 45

30 28



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Emerald Coast

parent It’s Your MagazineTM

This is your magazine! Welcome to Emerald Coast Parent magazine. We like to consider this your magazine. We look forward to hearing from local readers like you on a regular basis. Let us know how we might be able to participate in the continued improvement of this beautiful area where we all live and work. As busy parents ourselves, we place a high value on spending quality time with our children and are always looking for fun crafts, recipes, events and outing opportunities to add to our family calendars. If you have fun, easy and cost-effective ideas that you'd like to share with our community of readers, please feel free to email them to us at info@itsyourmagazine.com. Your ideas might just end up being featured in an upcoming issue! Here's a list of things we'd love to receive from you: • Personal stories and pictures of you and your family out and about, enjoying a favorite local attraction, restaurant or event • Recommendations and endorsements of local stores, services and restaurants • Ideas for fun crafts • Your family’s favorite recipes Let’s make this a great local magazine, together! Thanks, The EC Parent Team To advertise in Emerald Coast Parent, contact Nathan Wilson: nathanwilson@itsyourmagazine.com Phone: 503-710-1720 Publisher  Nathan Wilson Creative Director  Rob Williams Snacks & Crafts Editor  Tasha Williams Contributing Writer  Crystal Ryan Contributing Writer  Heidi Smith Luedtke Contributing Writer  Ellen Notbohm Contributing Writer  Kim Seidel Contributing Writer  Joanna Nesbit Contributing Writer  Jan Udlock Photography  InsideOut Creative Arts © 2013 It’s Your Magazine. All rights reserved. Emerald Coast Parent content may not be used or reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopy, without the express written permission of the publisher. Emerald Coast Parent is not responsible for the loss of or damage to unsolicited manuscripts, unsolicited artwork, or any other unsolicited material. Unsolicited material will not be returned. It’s Your Magazine and its affiliates, contributors, writers, editors, and publisher accept no responsibility for errors or omissions with information and/or advertisements contained herein. It’s Your Magazine’s liability in the event of an error is limited to a printed correction. It’s Your Magazine does not assume liability for products or services advertised herein and assumes no responsibility for claims made by the advertisers.

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Bigger t he Group, t he Better t he Resource! The


2014 Summer Outdoor 2014 Summer Outdoor 2014Summer Summer Outdoor 2014 2014 Summer Outdoor Outdoo 2014Performance Summer Outdoor Series Performance Series Performance Series

Performance Performance Series Series Performance Series

Listserv Crystal Ryan

Spring has finally sprung! And as the end of the school year rapidly approaches, there are probably a lot of parents scrambling to make arrangements to keep their children busy and out of trouble through the summer. I, however, am constantly consumed with thoughts of the start of the next school year. I am in a personal debate that I would like to share with other readers in hopes that they will respond with their thoughts, ideas, input and personal experiences. Here is the debate: public school or homeschool.


PERFORMANCES PERFORMANCES PERFORMANCES PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCES Starlight Ballet Starlight Ballet Starlight Ballet Starlight Starlight Ballet Rosemary FL FL Balle RosemaryBeach, Beach, Rosemary Rosemary FLFLBeach, F Starlight Ballet Rosemary Beach, June 21st, 2014 |Beach, 7:00 pm June 21st, 2014 | 7:00 pm| 7:00 pm June 2014 | |7:00 2014 pm Rosemary Beach, FL June 21st, 21st, 201421st, 7:00 pm June 21st, 2014 | 7:00 pm Art in the Park Art in thePark Park Art in the Art in the Par Fort Walton Beach, FL Art in the Park Fort Walton Beach, FL Fort Walton FLFLBeach, F Art inWalton the Park JuneFort 28th, 2014 |Beach, 7:00 pm Fort Walton Beach, 28th, 2014 7:00 pm| 7:00 pm June 28th, June 2014 28th, | ||7:00 2014 pm FortJune Walton Beach, FL June 28th, 2014 7:00 AJune ll outdoor are free topm 28th,performances 2014 | 7:00 pm attend. are freetotoare free t AAlllloutdoor outdoorAperformances performances ll outdoor performances are free ll outdoor performances are free to atten A All outdoor performances are free to attend. attend. attend. attend.

I don’t harbor any ill feelings about public school as I don’t have any experiences there yet, but the more that I delve deeper into the subject of public education in general and research the statistics, the more I lose faith in the entire system all together. My son has no “special needs”. He does not need any special attention in order to help him learn—but he’s my son, and in my mind he deserves special attention to fuel his passion for learning. Like most kids his age, he is curious, he is imaginative and he is energetic. I am sure he would do well in a classroom environment, listen to the teacher, do his work and perform the standard assemblyline duties asked of him: memorizing and regurgitating lessons. However, I’m nearly positive that I would regret passing on an opportunity to create a learning environment in which my child was free to pursue and explore things that piqued his interest by engaging him in hands-on learning styles that are naturally instinctive to him. As the late educator John Holt said, “Fish swim, birds fly; man thinks and learns”. I am not necessarily concerned about how smart my son is compared to other kids his age. My primary concern is that he enjoys learning, and can apply what he learns every day in real life, because as psychologist Herbert Geurjoy said, “Tomorrow’s illiterate will not be the man who can’t read; he will be the man who has not learned how to learn.” Continued on page 6

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Continued from page 5

picking up something they dropped. I make a big deal out of the word “thoughtful” and show them how it’s easy to let the other one know they care.”—Claire A: “I think they feel important to each other if they learn from each other. I find something that the oldest can teach the youngest and vice versa.”—Belinda Q: How do you get your kids to try new foods? A: “We make a 5 senses game. Have them close their eyes, then they can touch it, smell it, listen to it, taste it and then they can open their eyes and see it….works sometimes.”—Darla A: “Hiding the healthy items in his favorite food. For instance, he loves pizza. I will add very fine chopped bell peppers and tomatoes, or have you ever tried the cauliflower mac and cheese? It’s delicious and he does not even know it has cauliflower in it. Most of my tricks I take from the book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. This book is a life saver!”—Ala

We would love your responses to these questions: Q: Now that summer is coming, how do you get your kids to overcome their fear of water? Q: How do you manage bedtime when siblings of different ages share a room? Email me at: crystal@emeraldcoastkids.com. v

Whenever I initially discuss the topic of homeschooling with someone, it surprises me that their first argument is not about learning but socialization. Sure he has made good friends in his VPK class, but he has also made friends in his Tae-Kwon-Do and T-Ball classes. He plays well with the kids in our neighborhood, kids of our friends and random kids he meets on the playground. Additionally, there is an Emerald Coast Homeschool Co-op that meets once a week and frequently takes field trips that would allow him to interact with other homeschooled kids. In terms of socialization, what scares me most is the possibility of sending him to public school and him picking up bad habits from children I don’t know or feeling pressured into making bad decisions. What I want more than anything is for my family as a whole to be happy and healthy. Is my decision to homeschool well-founded? Is it guided by our conveniently well-fitting family situation being that if I am home, why not teach him myself? Or is it an irrational decision with an underlying “empty-nest syndrome” tone driven by a fear brought on by media exploited events?

Answers to last issue’s question Q: How would you keep sibling bonds strong as they grow older? A: “Spend as much time as possible together no matter what, and teach them that these ‘friends’ will always be there when no one else will.”—Ala A: “I make sure that they always do thoughtful things for each other. If it’s simply getting a glass of water, opening a door, helping the other get dressed or 6 • EC Parent Magazine • ItsYourMagazine.com

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By Jan Udlock


10 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Teen to Be a

Camp Counselor Your teen has been to summer camp for a few years and now he’s old enough to join camp staff as a counselor in training (CIT). Why should he? What are the benefits of your child being on staff? Counselors on staff are provided important training, get real-life opportunities to manage conflict and learn practical life skills, all the while having fun. Here are 10 practical reasons why a teen should think about joining camp staff for the summer.

Valuable Training


New counselors are provided a wide variety of training. A portion of it may be off-site, such as manuals that need to be read before camp and online courses, but the rest of the new skills will be learned at camp. “Topics such as recognizing and dealing with potential bullying, inappropriate behaviors, respect for fellow staff and campers, and how to encourage children to participate at activities



Counselor in Training

should be included in camp staff training,” says Howard Batterman, owner of Sesame/Rockwood Camps and Diamond Ridge Camps.


Camp counselors are required to learn CPR and first aid. This training will include learning to recognize and care for first aid emergencies, such as burns and cuts, neck and back injuries, and heat and cold emergencies.


Many camps provide “real life situations” training for counselors and their CITs. According to American Camp Association, the average age for CITs is 15 and the average age of a camp counselor is 20 to 25. Check into the facility’s program to see if the camp has a designated level of counselors like CITs for a year and then progress to a full-time counselor.


Camp staff learn to rely on each other and work as a team. This is a time for counselors to share their assessments on how their cabin members are working together. Team building among the staff can happen, too, during these down times. Your teen can learn various people skills that will help her in the future. Continued on page 15

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4/27/14 3:14 PM

By Jan Udlock

This Mother’s Day



Painted fingernails and toenails freshen up any mom’s day. Grab your daughter or a girlfriend and visit a nail salon. If a manicure at a nail salon does not fit your budget or schedule, collect your supplies and have a spa afternoon at home.

“A manicure can brighten your day because you can wear the newest color you’ve seen in InStyle magazine or UsWeekly,” says Cinnamon Bowser, president of Nail Taxi, a mobile nail boutique. You don’t have to lose those last five or ten pounds because one color fits all! And polish is rather inexpensive and easily makes a positive impact on your outlook. 10 • EC Parent Magazine • ItsYourMagazine.com

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4/27/14 3:14 PM

Select a Salon Cleanliness and proper sanitation are vital when selecting a salon. Visit the salon before your appointment and look around to see if nail clippings, dust, and any debris are swept up after each client. “Any salon with a foot basin or stainless steel bowl is a safer way to go for a pedicure because unless the bowl and drain are cleaned after every client, germs collect in the drain of the bowl,” says Bowser.

Ask girlfriends for recommendations. Nail salons should be busy with returning customers but not too busy to neglect necessary hygiene.

If you have a specific color in mind, consider bringing your own bottle of your favorite nail polish.

Ask girlfriends for recommendations. Nail salons should be busy with returning customers but not too busy to neglect necessary hygiene. If you have any questions about the cleanliness of the salon, leave the shop. You don’t have to explain yourself. “Files should not be used for more than one customer and most salons will sell you a nail kit for your use only in the hopes for keeping you as a regular customer,” says Michele Pierno, Product Development for Kiss Products. Continued on page 19

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4/27/14 3:14 PM

Men’s Health

Regular Exams for Peak Performance By Jan Udlock

While it is an often spoken stereotype that men don’t go to the doctor, for many men there is a lot of truth to the statement. However, taking the time in developing your doctor-patient relationship with your family physician when you are healthy is a good investment in the future. Your doc can talk to you about simple health screenings, necessary blood work, any male-related concerns and weight control. Yes, many of the following health tests are inconvenient and uncomfortable; however, these tests have the potential to save your life.

for men at the age of 50. An elevated level of PSA in the blood can indicate a possible benign (not cancerous) prostate condition or prostate cancer. “The two biggest killers of middle-aged men are heart attack/strokes and cancer” says David David MD, family practitioner, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. Doctors can use the PSA test along with a digital rectal exam to detect cancer in men who have no symptoms. It is also recommended for men in their 40s to have a PSA screening if they have either past male-related problems or if they have a family history of prostate cancer. So are men off the hook if they’re not yet 50? Dr. David suggests that men in their 30s and 40s to check in with their doctor to build that trusted relationship in order to ask their doctor various health questions and establish baselines for their health history.

PSA Screening


The PSA test, which detects the level of prostate-specific antigen, a substance produced by the prostrate gland in the blood, is recommended

High blood cholesterol levels are a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. An unhealthy diet results in high cholesterol as well as Continued on page 16

“The two biggest killers of middle-aged men are heart attack/strokes and cancer.”

12 • EC Parent Magazine • ItsYourMagazine.com

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EC_Parent_May_June_2014.indd 13

4/27/14 3:14 PM

ll i w n e W ild o te bu ur si yo

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100 Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Aluminum Exterior Sheathing

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EC_Parent_May_June_2014.indd 14


www.AdvantagePortableBuildings.com 4/27/14 3:14 PM

Junior LEADER in Training

Camp staff work and play with campers to help them learn different skills.

Continued from page 9


Additional feedback is often helpful in the maturing of a camp counselor. “That is why it is so important for the directors and administrators of a camp to monitor the progress of each and every staff member with constructive and written progress reports throughout the summer session,” says Batterman.

Builds Confidence


Camp staff have a lot of fun but are also required to be role models. “Working hard to set a positive example for youth is a challenging growth experience. When was the last time an 18-year-old went 9 weeks without swearing for example?” says psychologist Dr. Christopher A. Thurber.


Camp counselors learn to deal with conflict and difficult situations. Staff learn to recognize conflict and help campers see there are always two sides to a story. Camp staff work with kids to help them see that what they learn at camp can be brought home with them when the campers are back to the “real world.” And your teen will learn the same conflict-resolution skills that they are teaching campers.

Enhances Leadership Skills


Counselors also have to make sure their campers are being good sports. They need to rally the troops in a competition but remember good sportsmanship at the same time, which isn’t always an easy thing to do. Being a staff member is a 24/7 job. And fortunately, electronics are

discouraged during camp so it’s a positive environment to interact with other staff and campers. “Each activity, including meals, is a terrific opportunity for the counselor to be creative in helping children become confident at an activity and in ways to get along with other campers and staff,” says Batterman.


Being a camp counselor, they may get a chance to laugh at themselves. Kids can be brutally honest and will point out the counselors short comings. “So being a camp counselor is therefore humbling and tremendously demanding,” says Thurber.


Camp counselors also get a chance to speak in front of groups. They’ll learn to be more outgoing and silly at the same time. Your once-shy, awkward 18-year-old may come home a bit more boisterous and chatty. “Camp staff directly influence youth development in ways that are tangible, rewarding, entertaining and of course, fun,” says Thurber. Camp staff thrive in an environment of exploration, build self-esteem in themselves and their campers and have fun while doing it. v

See our camps section on pages 36-37 for more information on camps in your area.

Jan Udlock is a freelance writer and mom of five. She can be contacted at JanUdlock.com.

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Continued from page 12

family history of high cholesterol. It’s important for men to not only know their total cholesterol number but also the breakdown of their “good” cholesterol (HDL), “bad” cholesterol (LDL), and triglycerides, says David. High cholesterol can be reduced by a low saturated-fat diet, weight loss and physical exercise. Medication can help as well but should not replace a healthy diet. If your cholesterol numbers are in the normal range, your cholesterol can be checked every three years.

So What’s Your BMI? Body Mass Index is the estimate of body fat and is calculated by your height and weight. You can easily determine your BMI by going online to sites such as Center for Disease Control and plug in your weight and height. A healthy BMI range is between 20 and 24. According to the National Institute of Health, a 5 - 10% reduction in weight significantly reduces health risk factors. Weight loss reduces your risk for coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and certain cancers. Diet modification and increased exercise will lower your BMI.

Depression Again, the doctor-patient relationship is important for men to develop so they can talk with their doctor about any concerns of depressive thoughts. Counseling and/or medication may be recommended. Depression is a treatable condition, and one that affects both the mind and body.

Low Testosterone A commonly overlooked condition that affects 10 percent of middle-aged men is low testosterone levels. Men are often reluctant to talk to their doctor about non-specific symptoms like low sex drive, slow metabolism, low energy and irritability/moodiness. It is common according to Dr. David that the wife may be the one who drags her husband in to talk to the doc. A physician can order blood tests and discuss with his patient the various options available.

recommendations for skin cancer screening. However, if you have family history of skin cancer, get in to see a dermatologist sooner than the recommendation. Skin cancer is treatable if caught in the early stages. The American Cancer Society reports colon cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer. Depending on your health care provider, men over the age of 50 are recommended to have a sigmoidoscopy or a colonoscopy. A fecal occult blood test may be your first step in determining when you require a colonoscopy. Staying informed about your health and making your health a priority are work. However these health tests are well worth your time. Check in with your doctor. Note: This article is for informational purposes only. Please check with your health care provider regarding your specific needs.v

Other Cancers Men have a higher rate of skin cancer according to the National Council of Skin Care Prevention. Your health care provider will have

Jan Udlock is a freelance writer and can be contacted at jan@janudlock.com

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EC_Parent_May_June_2014.indd 17

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Continued from page 11

Helpful Tips • There is evidence that use of ultraviolet nail lamps is dangerous to your skin so don’t place your hands under these lamps to speed up the drying time. • Manicures should never hurt; speak up and tell the technician. • If you have a specific color in mind, bring your own nail polish.

Polish At Home Remove any fingernail polish previously applied with cotton and polish remover. Do not soak your nails in polish remover. After you soak your finger tips in sudsy water, apply lotion to your hands. If you have long nails, trim them down. Smooth your nails with a soft cloth to remove any moisturizer or oil on your nails. Pierno suggests to start painting your nails on your dominant hand. So if you’re right-handed, start application on your right hand. “Your technique will improve. You’ll feel more balanced during the manicure and won’t be fumbling to do your left hand awkwardly,” says Pierno. Shape your nails with emory board. Do not use a metal file on your nails. Apply a base coat and wait for a few minutes. Apply your polish, and after it dries, apply your top coat. The main pitfall to an at-home manicure is rushing the process. “Do not text. Do not fold clothes. Do not surf the Web. Relax for 20 minutes,” says Bowser. Here’s your permission to not do anything for a few minutes without any guilt. All moms could use a peaceful moment. As with many moms, often you’re in a rush and don’t take the time for a base and top coat. “Yet using a basecoat will not only smooth ridges, polish will adhere better, and nails will not suffer staining from darker polish shades,” says Pierno. ItsYourMagazine.com • EC Parent Magazine • 19

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4/27/14 3:14 PM

EC_Parent_May_June_2014.indd 20

4/27/14 3:14 PM

FAMILY BUILDERS Summer time is nearly evereyone’s favorite time of year— and with good reason. We live in such a vibrant area offering so many family-friendly experiences you may not have time to injoy them all—so involve your family in deciding what is most important to them. Relax, and Enjoy life TOGETHER!

EC_Parent_May_June_2014.indd 21

4/27/14 3:14 PM


FamilyChatter Challenge

“When your mother asks, ‘Do you want a piece of advice?’ it’s a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.”—Erma Bombeck Sometimes kids ask the strangest questions—luckily for them, they’re cute and can get away with it. Sometimes parents have probing questions they’d love to ask their kid, but can’t just ask without looking like . . . well, parents. Our goal with Family Chatter is to promote fun, healthy and sometimes thought-provoking family conversations. Live, Laugh, Love and (as often as possible) Talk Together!

Who is your favorite cartoon character ever? Why? Who is your favorite villain? Why?

If you were given a million dollars and told to spend it all on a charity of your choice, what would you do with it?

What are three things that scare you the most in life? Can you avoid any of these? How?

Who is the oldest living member of your extended family? What are some interesting facts about them, what they’ve seen and lived through?


Complete this sentence:

This summer, I would like to learn how to ______________________. Challenge yourself to do something new.

What do you love most about your mother? What are some ways you can show your appreciation?

If you could call one world leader and ask him/her one question, who would you call and what would you ask?

It you lost your sight, what are some sights that you would miss the most and miss seeing alltogether?

22 • EC Parent Magazine • ItsYourMagazine.com

EC_Parent_May_June_2014.indd 22

4/27/14 3:14 PM

“A man should never neglect his family for business.”—Walt Disney

Use these questions to spur on great conversations: • At the Kitchen Table • In the Family Room • On Road Trips in the Car • By yelling them out loud—out of the blue— just for fun!

What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? What do you like to order?

If you had to choose to be abnormally tall or short, which would you choose. Why? How do you think your life might change?

Do you enjoy living where you do? Would you move if you could? Where to? What are some attractions that make where you live a great place? Children

What do you love most about your father? What are some ways you can show your appreciation?

What are your favorite types of movies (action, drama, thriller, suspense)? Do you have an all-time favorite movie?

What are some of your personal strengths/skills that make you unique? What are some of your weaknesses?

Live Laugh Love and Talk Together

Do you like to read for entertainment? If so, what book are you currently reading and what do you like most about it? What do you consider to be the most important invention in the last 20 years? What inventions do you think will be coming in the near future?

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”—Jane Howard

ItsYourMagazine.com • EC Parent Magazine • 23

EC_Parent_May_June_2014.indd 23

4/27/14 3:14 PM

That’s Good to Know! Information You Can Use!

This Edition: By Kim Seidel

5 Health Tips for Families Parents striving to improve their family’s eating and exercising habits may achieve extra benefits beyond weight loss and increased energy. “Without question, children watch what their parents do and are very responsive in their own actions,” says Ann Kulze, a nationally recognized expert in nutrition and the author of “Dr. Ann’s 10-Step Diet.” Parents must be the primary role model for their children, she says, in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including eating the right foods and exercising. Here are some ways how:

ONE—Share Family Meals Family meals are a great way for parents to model healthy choices. Studies show that families who regularly eat together consume more fruits and veggies and less calories and junk food, Kulze says. Studies also have shown that teens who sit down and eat with their parents engage in less risky behavior, such as substance abuse and promiscuity, than their peers who don’t consistently share meals at home with mom and dad. Aim to have family meals at least four to five days a week, but there’s a value in two to three times a week too, says Kulze, the mother of four children.

TWO—Offer Healthy Choices It’s such a simple concept that most parents don’t think about it: Don’t bring junk food into the home. “Parents essentially control the food environment in the household,” Kulze says. Make sure the cupboard and the refrigerator are filled with healthy fare. If unwholesome choices aren’t there, it’s not an option. Involving kids in food preparation has been shown to increase healthy eating, Kulze says. “Have them experience healthy food with

all of their senses – seeing, tasting, touching, eating, and smelling. I always involve my children in food preparation.” It can be a big challenge, but aim for five fruits and vegetables each day for children and seven to nine servings each day for adults, Kulze says.

THREE—Eat breakfast “Eating breakfast ‘breaks the fast’ from the night before to wake up the digestive system,” says Jill Fleming, mother of three children. “This speeds up the metabolism. It is best to eat something within the first hour of waking up.” During research for her book, “Thin People Don’t Clean Their Plates” (Inspiration Presentations Press, 2005), Fleming, a registered dietician, spent more than 10,000 hours researching the lifestyle habits of those who are already thin and healthy. “They all shared almost identical habits with people who are successful at losing weight and keeping it off, as reported by the National Weight Control Registry,” Fleming says. Their common traits include eating breakfast almost every day. “Start off the day with two servings,” Kulze suggests. “Fresh fruit and breakfast is a perfect match.”

FOUR—Exercise Together Exercising regularly is another shared characteristic of thin people, says Fleming. “To increase the activity level of the overweight child or teenager, you must incorporate lifestyle activities into their day,” says Fleming. “Let the teenager walk or ride a bike for transportation, especially to and from school. Limit car rides to extreme temperatures or long distances. Take a walk or bike ride together every night after dinner. “Start out with a goal of 30 minutes,” Fleming continues. “You get the added benefit of having a chance to talk to one another. Think of it as quality time for your family to connect.”

FIVE—Limit Screen Time Limiting screen time, including television, computer, and video playing, is a huge factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Kulze recommends keeping personal screen time to one hour per day. “Research has found that children and teens that have more than two hours of screen time per day are much more likely to be overweight . . . ,” Fleming says. “Overweight teens are also more likely to have a television in their bedrooms, which increases the average viewing time by 30 minutes.” v

24 • EC Parent Magazine • ItsYourMagazine.com

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4/27/14 3:14 PM

Cut out this page. Then, cut it down the middle. He takes his half, she takes her half. Now it’s time for you both to do your part. Keep it simple. Don’t keep score. Just enjoy life and each other—as often as you remember!

Let’s face it, most of us could use a little jump-start now and then when it comes to relationships. That’s why we’ve included this section. Simple acts of kindness are a great way to say “I care about you.” Date nights are great, but when life gets busy, sometimes all that’s necessary are little reminders!

10 WAYS to sh w

R E H y u care Offer to take the children out while she takes a bath. Wake up early and help her get the children ready for the day. Tell her you appreciate all that she does to make the family run smoothly. Be specific. Suggest that she and a friend get manicures and/or pedicures. Surprise her with a a spontaneous date (arrange for childcare ahead of time if necessary). Bring home flowers for her or pick some from your own garden. Send her a love note in the mail. Arrange to take a portrait together.

Challenge yourself to complete all 10 ideas each issue. Don’t just focus on the easy ones!

Listen next time you’re talking together. Look into her eyes and just listen—focus on her every word. Try something new together.

Email us your ideas! Let us know how you go out of your way to SHOW HER YOU CARE! info@itsyourmagazine.com

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4/27/14 3:14 PM

Cut out this page. Then, cut it down the middle. He takes his half, she takes her half. Now it’s time for you both to do your part. Keep it simple. Don’t keep score. Just enjoy life and each other—as often as you remember!

Let’s face it, most of us could use a little jump-start now and then when it comes to relationships. That’s why we’ve included this section. Simple acts of kindness are a great way to say “I care about you.” Date nights are great, but when life gets busy, sometimes all that’s necessary are little reminders!

10 WAYS to sh w

M I H y u care Play a board game together. Treat him to a back rub after he completes a hard project. Take him to dinner—someplace new; go on an adventure together. Initiate time together. Be spontaneous. Encourage him to spend time with his friends and/or on his hobbies. Fix him his favorite meal and watch a movie (of his choice) together. Create a holiday in his honor (other than Dather’s Day). Record the date. Give him a big kiss (a reall kiss, not a peck) as he’s leaving for work.

Challenge yourself to complete all 10 ideas each issue. Don’t just focus on the easy ones!

Secretly buy him tickets to an event he’d like to go to. Make a list of 10 things you love about him and hide it in one of his pockets before he leaves for work. Email us your ideas! Let us know how you go out of your way to SHOW HIM YOU CARE! info@itsyourmagazine.com

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SNACKS & CRAFTS It’s that time of year when you secretly gather all your kids together to take part in making special snacks and crafts for mom and dad. These little treasures are sure to be cherished for years to come. Enjoy!

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4/27/14 3:14 PM

Chocolate Kiss Rose Bouquet INGREDIENTS • 8 Hershey’s Kisses® • Ribbon • Hot Glue • White Glue

• • • •

Clear Cellophane Floral Tape Imitation Rose Leaves Floral Sticks

DIRECTIONS • Remove the little white “Hershey’s” paper tabs. It can be pulled out or just ripped at the base. • Apply a dot of hot glue to the base of one kiss and attach it to the base of another. • Open the foil of one kiss and push the floral stick into the chocolate inside. • Cut cellophane into 4” squares. Cover the flower with cellophane and twist at the bottom. • Secure the cellophane to the floral stick with floral tape. Wrap it around one or more times to secure the cellophane and then add an imitation rose leaf to each side of the stem. Continue to wrap down the stem with floral tape. • We added white glue at the very end to make sure that the floral tape held onto the stem.

These cute roses can be given out individually or put into a rose bouquet or a cute vase.

Cookie Dough Heart INGREDIENTS • Packaged Sugar Cookie Dough • 8 ounces strawberry flavored cream cheese spread • 8 cups assorted fresh fruit, washed and sliced • Rolling Pin • Baking Stone or Cookie Sheet DIRECTIONS • Using a rolling pin, roll cookie dough into a thin sheet on your baking stone or cookie sheet, about ¼-½ in. We used a large heart cookie cutter to shape the heart. You can also just shape it into a heart. • Bake according to the directions on the package. • Spread the cream cheese in a thin layer over the surface of the cookie. • Layer the fresh fruit over the frosting in whatever pattern you desire. If desired, cover fruit with a light coat of ¼ cup apricot jelly mixed with 1 Tbsp water using a pastry brush. Combine the jelly and water, and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir until the jelly is smooth. Use a pastry brush to glaze the top of your fruit. This prevents the cut fruit from looking wilted.

This tasty treat makes a great, healthy treat that you can bring to any Mother’s Day gathering.

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4/27/14 3:14 PM

Fisherman Cupcakes INGREDIENTS • White Cake Mix • Blue Frosting • Cupcake Liners • Frosting Syringe • 1/8” Dowel or Bamboo Skewers • White Thread or Floss • White Glue • Rainbow Goldfish

If Dad’s a fisherman, he’s going to love these fun, tasty snacks.

DIRECTIONS • Bake the cupcakes according to directions on the box. We baked ours in white cupcake liners. • Place the blue frosting in the frosting syringe with a large mouthed decorative opening. (If you cannot find blue frosting, you can always color yours with blue food coloring.) Squeeze the blue frosting onto the cupcake in a spiral pattern to create the blue water. • Cut dowels into 3” fishing rods. • Cut a 2” piece of floss and tie it onto the fishing rod. • Glue the other end of the floss to the back of a rainbow goldfish. Allow the glue to dry completely. • Push the fishing rod into the cupcake at an angle. • Place the cupcake into a secondary, decorative cupcake liner.

Tie Up Your Father’s Day Gift INGREDIENTS • Tall Clear Vase • White Cardstock (8.5” x 11”) • Scissors • Double-Sided Sticky Tape • Chex Mix • Template for the Tie & Collar DIRECTIONS • Download our template for the tie and collar from our website and print it out on white cardstock. • Cut out the tie and collar and extra extension piece. • Fold collar on dotten lines. • Wrap the collar all the way around the vase and attach with double-sided sticky tape. • Fill with Dad’s favorite snack.

This makes a great Father’s Day gift. Fill it with Dad’s favorite snack for him to munch on at the office or in his favorite chair.

Download Address: File Name: fathersdaytietemplate.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2w3hd3pmdodp4c/fathersday tietemplate.pdf

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Decorative Candle Jars MATERIALS • A Candle Jar • Floral Stickers • Scrapbooking Flowers

• Washi Tape, Paper Ribbon, or Fabric Ribbon • Hot glue

INSTRUCTIONS • Remove any exterior labels from the candle. • Apply flower stickers decoratively around the candle and on the lid. • Apply washi tape, paper ribbon, or fabric ribbon in a circle around the jar. • Using hot glue, glue the Scrapbooking flowers onto the jar. This can cover up the overlapping edges of the ribbon. • Add flowers to the lid as well.

Tip: You can pick out anything to decorate these candles that you think Mom would like. It’s really up to you, and what you think would make this candle special.

Pop-Top Pleasures MATERIALS • 14 oz. Can with Tab • Double-Sided Tape • Ribbon • Candies for Filling • Hot Glue Gun • Ruler • Tissue Paper • Decorative Paper • Scissors INSTRUCTIONS • Open the bottom of your can with a can opener. If your opener cuts into the bottom of the can, leave it connected at one point. If your opener removes the entire bottom and the rim, remove it completely. Wash and dry your cans. • Fill can with candy. Leave a half-inch space at the bottom. • Fill this extra space with tissue paper. • Use the glue gun to glue the bottom back onto your can. It is okay to be a little messy at this point. Be careful not to burn yourself or cut yourself on a sharp edge. Once the glue is dry, the excess can usually be carefully rubbed away. • Cut a strip of decorative paper the same height as the can. Adhere it to the can with double-sided sticky tape. • Cut 3 different ribbons 7” long. Tie onto the Pop-top. • Download these labels from our website, or create your own. • Attach tags to the front and rear of the can.

Tip: Many different candies can be placed inside. Try M&Ms, Chocolate Covered Almonds, or Peanut Butter Cups.

Download Address: File Name: mothersdaytinlabels.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0smo8tv3rqmo3v/mothersdaytinlabels.pdf

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“Handmade” Hammer MATERIALS • Wooden Hammer • Sandpaper • Spray Primer • Spray Paint for Base Color • Spray Clearcoat

Tip–If you balance the hammer on its head, you can spray paint the entire thing without having to turn it over.

• Acrylic Paint in Various Colors of Your Choice • Plastic Wrap • Painter’s Tape • Foam Brush

INSTRUCTIONS • Remove any labels or price tags from the hammer. Use a product such as Goo-gone to remove any leftover residue. • Rub sandpaper lightly over the entire wooden handle so that the primer adheres well. • Cover the metallic head of the hammer with plastic wrap and painter’s tape so it will not be covered in paint. • Spray primer the entire wooden handle and allow to dry. • Spray the wooden handle with a base color and allow to dry. • Find several willing children (we had 3) and paint their hand with their favorite color of acrylic paint. Have the child carefully grasp the handle so they leave their finger prints and palm print. You can do this at different times if you’d like it to dry in between. • Once the acrylic paint has dried, spray the entire wooden handle with Clearcoat. • Remove plastic wrap and painter’s tape.

Nuts & Bolts Frame MATERIALS • 4 Large Popsicle Sticks • Acrylic Paint • Foam Brush • White Glue

Have fun swapping out photos every now and then.

• • • •

A Few Nuts and Bolts Magnetic Tape A Picture of Child and Dad Silver Pen

INSTRUCTIONS • Have your child paint the 4 popsicle sticks with acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry. • Arrange the sticks into a frame and glue together with white glue. • Let your child glue an assortment of nuts, washers and bolts to the frame. • Attach magnetic tape to the back. Make sure to use enough magnetic tape to hold the frame on the refrigerator—the nuts and bolt can get quite heavy. • Choose a nice picture for inside the frame, or your child could write a note to Dad. Glue it to the back of the frame. • Add some words to the front of the frame and the date. You can do this or your child, depending on their age.

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Teach Your Kids Something New! This Edition:

SUNSAFETY! Being in the Sun Is Fun! The weather is warming up, the days are longer and there’s more time to be outside doing all kinds of fun things! But if you’re going to be out in the sun, especially on a hot day, you need to stay safe. Let’s find out how.

Don’t Feel the Burn Even though the sun is hot, it does cool things. It keeps us warm. It makes flowers and plants grow. It even gives us vitamin D so we can better absorb calcium into our bodies for strong bones. It does all these things by sending down light, which includes invisible ultraviolet (say: ul-trah-VYE-uh-lit) rays. These are also called UV rays. Some ultraviolet rays pass through air and clouds and penetrate the skin. When your skin’s been exposed to too many of these rays, you get what’s known as a sunburn. Ouch! Some people get a sunburn faster than others because of their coloring. If you have blond or red hair, light-colored skin, and light-colored eyes, you’ll tend to get a sunburn more quickly than someone with dark eyes and skin. That’s because you have less melanin (say: MEL-uh-nun). Melanin is a chemical in the skin that protects it from sun damage by reflecting and absorbing UV rays. People with darker skin have more melanin, but even if you have dark hair, dark eyes, or darker-toned skin, you can still get a sunburn. It will just take a little bit longer. Sunburns look bad and feel worse. They can cause blisters on your skin. They can keep you inside feeling sore when everyone else is outside having fun. They increase your chance of getting wrinkly when you get older. And worst of all, they can lead to skin cancer when you are an adult. Because getting wrinkles and getting sick don’t happen right away, they can seem like things that could never happen to you. But you still need to be careful.

sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher. Put on sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before going out in the sun. The letters SPF stand for sun protection factor, and the number rating tells you how much longer you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. But this isn’t always true, so reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours, just to be safe.

Use a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher. Put on sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before going out in the sun.

Prime Time

Do this more often if you’ve been swimming or sweating a lot — even if the sunscreen is waterproof. And remember that you can get sunburned more quickly when you’re swimming or boating because the reflection from the water intensifies the sun’s rays. Be sure to put sunscreen all over your body. This includes some places you might not think of, like the tops of your ears, the back of your neck, the part in your hair, your face, and the tops of your feet. You may need some help reaching the back of your body so ask your parents or friends to give you a hand. If you want to block the sun’s rays, wear clothing that you can’t see your hand through. You may still get burned through more sheer fabrics. Wear a baseball cap or other fun hat to block your face from the sun. Don’t forget that your eyes need protection from ultraviolet rays, too. Always wear sunglasses in the bright sun, and make sure they have a label saying that they block UV rays.

You don’t need to hide from the sun completely or wrap up like a mummy to protect yourself. But you should take these two steps:

Drink Up!

1. Always wear sunscreen. 2. Take frequent breaks from the sun by going indoors or moving into the shade. These steps are especially important between 10:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon, when the sun’s rays are strongest. Use a

Drinking water is an important part of staying healthy, especially when it’s hot outside. When you’re sweating, you lose water that your body needs to work properly. And if you’re playing a sport or running around in the sun, you lose even more water, because you sweat that much more. So drink up and don’t wait until you’re thirsty — drinking before you feel thirsty helps keep the water level

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4/27/14 3:15 PM

in your body from dropping too low (dehydration) when it’s hot or you’re sweating a lot with exercise. If you forget and suddenly feel thirsty, start drinking then. There are lots of cool-looking water bottles around, so get one you really like, fill it up, and drink up!

Got That Hot Feeling? If you’re out in the hot sun or you’re exercising on a hot day, it’s easy to get heat exhaustion. Kids get heat exhaustion when their bodies can’t cool themselves fast enough. A kid with heat exhaustion might feel overheated, tired, and weak. Heat exhaustion can come on suddenly. A person may just collapse when playing soccer or tennis, for example. It can leave someone feeling really tired for days after it happens. Heat stroke is a more serious heat-related illness and can cause someone to stop sweating; to have red, hot skin; and to have a high temperature. The person might become uncoordinated, confused, or even lose consciousness. It requires emergency medical attention. Be sure to tell an adult if you’re hot and you have a headache or feel dizzy or nauseated (like you’re going to throw up). The grown-up will want to get you out of the sun, give you liquids to drink, and take you to a doctor, if necessary. The good news is that the sun doesn’t have to be your enemy if you wear your sunscreen, drink your water, and take breaks when you start to feel too hot. And don’t forget your sunglasses. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, they make you look so cool! v © 1995- 2014 . The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®. Reprinted with permission.

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Continued from page 19

Helpful Tips • Keep a bottle of top coat in your kitchen cupboard away from children but where you can brush on a quick coat when you have a few minutes. The top coat protects your manicure and makes it last longer.

PANTONE®, world-renowned authority on color, announced Radiant Orchid as the 2014 color of the year (https://www.pantone.com/pages/index. aspx?pg=21129). Moms, what are you waiting for? Polish those nails today and feel fabulous. v

• Use a pumice stone on your heels after soaking them. Rough heels are easily smoothed overnight with petroleum jelly and a pair of socks. • Homemade Scrub: Combine sea salt or raw sugar with olive oil to exfoliate the dead skin and moisturize your feet. You can add a few drops of vanilla or lemon for an added enjoyment. • Have a bottle of cuticle oil next to your bed and out of reach of your kids, and put it on every few nights before bed.

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Jan Udlock is a freelance writer and mom of five. She’s currently wearing Hibiscus Happiness on her nails.

4/27/14 3:15 PM

May S




4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28


1 8 15 22 29


2 9 16 23 30


3 10 17 24 31


FUN GUIDE CALENDAR OF EVENTS Welcome to a More Exciting Life! No matter how busy you find yourself these days, you might want to make your to-do lists in pencil rather than pen. With the Emerald Coast’s year-round sunshine and laid-back lifestyle, the stage has been set once again for an abundant year of festivals, concerts and special events. We live on a beautiful coast that has so much to offer, and we’re here to make sure you know what’s going on in your own backyard. Don’t miss out on life just because you didn’t know what was happening. Enjoy!

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May S




4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28


1 8 15 22 29


2 9 16 23 30



3 10 17 24 31

entering 1st through 8th grade in the fall. Cost is $125 per student which includes t-shirt and supplies. For more information call 850-650-2226.

SummerWILD Children’s Summer Camp

Weekly, Monday - Friday, June 2nd - June 27th, (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.) - HarborWalk Village Summer goes WILD at HarborWalk Village with Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge. Children 1st-6th grade can spend an exciting week on the Destin Harbor learning about exotic animals and their natural habitats. Children will talk with a real marine biologist, do arts and crafts, and encounter actual animals like owls, tortoises, gray foxes, and raccoons! Learn about dolphins, sharks, seashells, sandcastles, and more! Contact Susan Leveille at 850- 8303933 to register. Cost is $150 for the week; family discounts are available.

Camps run Monday - Friday 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00

Kids’ Art Camp

June 23rd - June 27th, (9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.) Arts and Design Society

Musical Theatre Camp - Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”

Mon - Thurs, June 16-19th & June 23-26th, (8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) - Butler Elementary ECTC is teaming up with Premiere Performers to produce Disney’s “101 Dalmatians.” This two-week, Monday through Thursday camp is open to kids ages 7 to 11 and will be at Butler Elementary in Santa Rosa Beach. All young pups will hone their acting, singing and dancing skills to wow their friends and family at an evening performance on Thursday, June 26. A $5 donation is requested per adult. The cost for the Musical Theatre Camp is $395 per student. For more information call 850-6871637 or email info@emeraldcoasttheatre.org or visit www.emeraldcoasttheatre.org.

Kamp Kellywamba

June 16th - June 20th, (8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.) Destin Middle School This one week class features art, drama, dance and juggling and is designed for students

Junior Scientists Rising 1st - 3rd Grade

“Kids’ Art Camp.” Classes begin on Monday with the ancient skills of clay artistry and feature a different medium each day, including drawing, painting, and other media. There are 4 sessions of the camp, organized by age groups. Session 1: Ages 6 - 8, June 23 - 27, 9:30 - 11:30 am; Session 2: Ages 9 - 13, June 23 - 27, 1:00 - 3:00 pm; Session 3: Ages 6 - 11, July 14 - 18, 9:30 - 11:30 am; Session 4: Ages 6 - 11, July 14 - 18, 1:00 - 3:00 pm. The cost for each of the week-long sessions is $60 per child ($50 for the children of ADSO members). Pre-registration is required by Friday, June 20, for June Sessions and by Friday, July 11, for July Sessions. For more information or to register, call 850-244-1271, or visit www. artsdesignsociety.org.

June 9-13:

AM—Messy Science PM—LEGO Engineers

June 16-20:

AM—LEGO in Motion PM—Gardening Fun

June 23-27:

AM—Junior Naturalists PM—Space Explorers

June 30-July 2:

AM ONLY– Trash to Treasure

July 7-11:

AM—Space Explorers PM—LEGO in Motion

July 14-18:

EMERALD COAST SCIENCE CENTER http://www.ecscience.org Half-day $100 ECSC Members $120 General Public Full-Day: $200 ECSC Members $240 General Public 10% discount available for siblings. Camps limited to 20 students.


AM—LEGO Engineers PM—Messy Science

July 21-25:

AM—LEGO in Motion PM—Junior Naturalists

July 28-August 1:

AM– Gardening Fun PM—Amazing Animals

August 4-8:

AM—Greatest Hits PM—The Human Body

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June 1 8 15 22 29





2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24

4 11 18 25


5 12 19 26


6 13 20 27


7 14 21 28


s som

r Calenda

May 1

Carpet Surfers 10:00-11:00 and 2:00-3:00, ages 0-3.

May 1

Story time Lunch time, 12:30-2:30, ages 3 and up.

Intermediate Scientists Rising 4th - 6th Grade Camps run Monday - Friday 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00

June 9-13:

AM—LEGO Robotics 101 PM—Biology Basics

June 16-20:

AM—Young Engineers PM—Science Center Greatest Hits

June 23-27:

AM—Emerald Coast Explorers PM—Marine Biology

June 30-July 2:

AM ONLY– Trash to Treasure

July 7-11: (ALL DAY):

Advanced Robotics Programming for LEGO Mindstorms

July 14-18:

AM—Green Thumbs PM—CSI: Fort Walton Beach

July 21-25: (ALL DAY):

LEGO Robotics Mayan Adventure

July 28-August 1:

AM—Marine Biology PM—Young Engineers

August 4-8:

AM—LEGO Robotics 101 PM— Crazy Chemistry

May 10

May 10

Wii Game Day With Mary Esther Library, 1:00-3:00.

May 15

Carpet Surfers 10:00-11:00 and 2:00-3:00. Ages 0-3.

May 19

Fizz, Boom, Read Register today, ages 7-12, Program starts June 16th at 10:30.

May 20

Home School Program 10:00-11:00.

May 20

Movie Day 3:30 TBA

May 21

Club Book Ages 11-15. Book discussion TBA

June 5

Carpet Surfers 10:00-11:00 and 2:00-3:00. Ages 0-3

June 5

Story Time Lunch time, 12:30-2:30, ages 3 and up.

June 13

Magical Balloons with Dewayne Reynolds

June 14

http://fwb.org/library Located at 185 Miracle Strip Parkway SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL in historical downtown Fort Walton Beach. (850) 833-9590; library@fwb.org.

June 19

Carpet Surfers 10:00-11:00 and 2:00-3:00. Ages 0-3

June 25

Fizz, Boom, Read Ages 7-12, 10:30-12:00.

Reading Program

Reading Program

Free Events for May & June 2014

Ages 11-15. Book discussion TBA

All ages from 10:00-12:00, sign up only.

2:30 all ages.


Check e l b u o D Times. & s e t Da change etimes

All ages from 10:00-12:00, sign up only.

June 16

Ventriloquist Jacki Mannis Begins at 1:30.

June 18

Fizz, Boom, Read Starts today, ages 7-12, 10:30-12:00.

June 18

CRESTVIEW YMCA http://www.ymca.net 298 N Wilson Street, Crestview, FL 850 689 2999 • ecymca.org

Weekly Day Camp Grades: Entering K-6 Fees: $145/170 per week We’ll introduce your child to the excitement of day camp with activities such as silly skits, artsy crafts, laughter-inducing games, cooking, swimming, and weekly field trips to places like the Destin Aquatics Center, Niceville Children’s Park, and Abrakadoodle. Check online for field trip dates and locations. Breakfast and Lunch included in all camp programs.

Daily Camp Grades: Entering K-6 Fees: $30/$35* per day If you only need one or two days of camp programming, this is the program for you. Your child can attend camp and enjoy the program activities taking place that day and have a blast making new friends.

Camp Dates June 9‐13 June 16‐20 June 23‐27 June 30‐July 3 July 7‐11 July 14‐18 July 21‐25 July 28‐August 1 August 4‐8 August 11‐15

Club Book

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May S




4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28


1 8 15 22 29


2 9 16 23 30



3 10 17 24 31

Cinco de Mayo Festival

Sat., May 3rd - Sun, May 4th - HarborWalk Village A vibrant celebration of Latin music, food, dance and more! Saturday will host Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl through HarborWalk Village venues along with contests and LIVE Latina themed entertainment. On Sunday families will enjoy more Live entertainment to include folkloric dancers, 3rd Annual Running of the Bulls and Macho Nacho Contest, pinata breaking and crafts. The celebration will include a spectacular FIREWORKS show over the beautiful Destin Harbor! Saturday - MAY 3RD PUB Crawl, Contests AND Live Entertainment. 6pm- Jester Mardi Gras Daiquiris - HarborWalk 7pm- Jackacudas Seafood & Sushi 8pm- Crab Island Cantina 9pm- Harry T’s Lighthouse 10pm- Margaritaville, Destin 11pm- Fishheads 12am- Coyote Ugly SaloonDestin! For more information, visit www. harborwalkdestin.com or call 850-424-0600.

Mothers Day Victorian Tea

Sat., May 10th - (2 p.m.) - Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida Men, women and children are invited to honor their Mothers in a unique and special way at the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida’s “Mother’s Day Victorian Tea”, Saturday, May 10 at 2:00 p.m.  Enjoy light refreshments, a variety of teas and a fun history program with tea etiquette and traditions associated with “Tea Time”. Tickets:  $18 per person, Museum Members: $15. SPACE IS LIMITED.  Reservations required.  Call:  850-678-2615 (MC/Visa) Become a NEW Family Member ($50 level) and receive (1) tea reservation FREE.

21st Annual ABWA Billy Bowlegs Boat Poker Run Sat., May 17th - Shalimar Yacht Basin

Boaters cruise to several local ports, visit the Casino Room and party at Shalimar Yacht Basin. The top three poker hands win valuable prize packages and local restaurants donate food for the party. To be a sponsor, call 850685-8027. To participate, call 850-863-9082, or go to the website www.abwa-ecc.org.

“Cinco de Meow-Yo!”

Sat., May 3rd - (6 p.m.) - SOCKS Thrift Store Make plans to be here for “Cinco de MeowYo!” on May 3rd, 2014, at 6pm. SOCKS Thrift Store located directly behind the shelter at 498 Carmel Drive, Fort Walton Beach, will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Mexicanthemed food and drinks as well as store specials. Tickets are $5 per person, available at the door or in advance, which gives you a raffle ticket and two drink tickets. Silent auction items will also be available. The store will close early on Saturday at 3pm to prepare for this event. If you have a silent auction item to donate or for more information, please call the store at 850-863-8999 or call Nancy at 850-865-6866.

Memorial Day Concert Celebration

Sat., May 24th - Sun, May 25th - (6 - 10 p.m.) HarborWalk Village Kick-off the summer with FREE concerts on the Destin Harbor! The Journey Tribute Band will rock with you all night long Saturday night. Longreef will have you dancing before and after the spectacular FIREWORKS show Sunday night at 9pm! For more information, visit www.harborwalkdestin.com or call 850-424-0600.

Memorial Day Weekend Festivities

Sat., May 24th - Mon, May 26th - The Village of Baytowne Wharf Kick off your summer at Sandestin for Memorial Day Weekend. Live music begins on Saturday and lasts all weekend long. Enjoy bands on the Events Plaza stage from 7-9 p.m. each night. Children’s activities will be featured in the Events Plaza from 6-9 p.m. on Sunday night, and then we will light up the sky above the lagoon with a patriotic fireworks show at 9:15 p.m. On Monday, the Village will host a Memorial Day program right before sunset, presented by Sandestin veterans, including a special brass band performance. For more information, visit www.sandestin. com/events or call 850-267-4164.

55th Annual Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival    Thurs., June 5th - Sun, June 7th - The Landing

Get ready for the Pirate Invasion at the 55th Annual Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach, FL! The dastardly Billy Bowlegs has been seen off the shores of The Emerald Coast and rumor is that he be plannin’ to dock his ship once t’again at The Fort Walton Beach Landing! The Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber o’ Merchants welcomes landlubbers and swabbys of all ages t’dis jolly family event. Thursday, June 5th – Torchlight Parade and Festival, Friday, June 6th – Festival and Fireworks, Saturday, June 7th – Festival. For more information, visit www.fwbchamber.org.

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June M


1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30


3 10 17 24


4 11 18 25


5 12 19 26


6 13 20 27


7 14 21 28


Bravo! Beat 5K Run/ Walk

Sat., May 10th - (7:30 a.m.) - The Village of Baytowne Wharf Perfect for the Entire Family! Lace up your shoes and run for the arts on Saturday, May 10 in Sinfonia Gulf Coast’s fourth annual bravo! beat 5K run/walk. For more information call 850-269-7229 or visit www.SinfoniaGulfCoast.org.

in Need.” Team discounts apply. Join us while we light up the streets for a brighter future. Get your team together and sign up today!

3rd Annual Premiere Golf Tournament   Mon., May 19th - Camp Creek Golf Club, Panama City Beach See highlighted area for details.

The Sandestin Beach Bicycle Tour

Wed., May 14th, (8 a.m.) - Baytowne Marina Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

3rd Annual Premiere Golf Tournament   Mon., May 19th - Camp Creek Golf Club, Panama City Beach

The Premiere Golf Tournament is a favorite among many in the area offering a wonderful day of golf on an exclusive area course. Players will enjoy complimentary breakfast, lunch stations on the course, and beverages throughout the day (beer, water, sports drinks and sodas) and each player receives a DriFit tournament shirt, a sleeve of Pro-V golf balls, and a gift card to the Camp Creek Golf Club pro shop and more. Players are also invited to stay after the tournament for the complimentary Shrimp Boil and after party, which will feature live music, a silent auction and awards ceremony. For more information, visit www.cvhngolf.com or email shaye@ cvhnkids.org.

Baytowne Marina Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort on Florida’s Emerald Coast will be the backdrop for The Sandestin Beach Bicycle Tour this May as hundreds of cyclists venture through Northwest Florida. The weekend’s bicycle event is designed for all road cyclists. Participants will get an opportunity to soak in a scenic bike ride alongside pristine beaches, including a rest stop in charming Seaside, and also enjoy post-ride activities and mechanical support. For more information or details call 850-267-6168 or visit www. SandestinBicycleTour.com.

Glow Run 4 Children in Need

Fri., May 16th - Fort Walton Beach High School track The Children in Crisis are joining forces with Mary Esther United Methodist Church to raise funds to benefit the children in our community! We invite you to be a part of this exciting opportunity! Friday, May 16, 2014 we are pleased to announce our Glow Run 4 Children in Need. Dance Party begins at 6:30 at Fort Walton Beach High School track with the Glow Run beginning at 7:30pm. You may register at Active.com . Just search “Glow Run 4 Children

Don’t See Your Event? Send calendar events to us at: info@itsyourmagazine.com

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May S




4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28


1 8 15 22 29


2 9 16 23 30



3 10 17 24 31


Fri,. May 2nd, (5:30 p.m.) - Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village The Rotary Club of Destin will present a “Cajun Crawfish Bash” on Friday, May 2 at 5:30 p.m. at the Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village in Destin.  Event proceeds will benefit young families in need through Food For Thought, Harvest House and the Boys & Girls Club of the Emerald Coast. Destin Rotary Club President, Kevin Bowyer stated, “This fundraising event captures the famous Cajun expression of Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez with great food, libations and live music.  We are excited to host this community fundraiser in a more spacious venue to accommodate the entire community for three charitable causes. This Cajun-style celebration features Destin Rotarians serving as “Private Peelers” and “Bucket Barmaids” to earn generous tips and competing for the coveted title of “Top Crawdad.” The public is invited to join in the Cajun festivities with all the classic crawfish cuisine and fixings.  For those who don’t crave crawfish, grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and barbeque chicken will be prepared fresh onsite from Cuisine on The Green. Voted as “Best Country Artist” at the 6th Annual Beachcomber Music Awards, the Season Ammons Band will perform live their “blues on the bayou” from The Dugas Pavilion.  Enter an exciting charity raffle to win fabulous prizes. Tickets are now on sale for $25 per person and $10 for children under 12. Day of event, tickets are $30 per person.   For more information call the main ticket hotline at 850-837-1071 from NewmanDailey Resort Properties or also available through any Destin Rotarian.


Sat., May 3rd, (7 p.m.) - Choctawhatchee HighSchool The Choctawhatchee Style Marchers along with the Beachside Community Church present: “COME TOGETHER 2014!” If you like STOMP, Blue Man Group, Blast or RamCorps, you will love this! 61 performers! Projection! Lighting! A House Band! We’ve got it all and it’s for one night only! We’ll also be joined by percussionists from Pryor and Meigs Middle School. Warning: It will be loud and you will have stuff thrown on you. Bring the kids! It’ll be a great night! $5 per person; 6 and under free.

and craft vendors, free family activities, live animals, face painting, hands on art activities, a silent auction, and a display of posters from the talented students in our area. Be part of the fun and connect with locals and visitors in a powerful way by being a booth vendor or sponsor of this premier event. For more information on becoming a sponsor, vendor, or the OAA Okaloosa Schools Poster Contest, please contact Amy at amybaty1@gmail.com or Nancy Babin at kidzonthecoast@aol.com.

ArtWalk on the Harbor

Sun., May 18th - HarborWalk Village See highlighted area for details.

26th Annual ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival Fri., May 9th - Sun, May 11th - Grande Blvd

Every Mother’s Day weekend, art is celebrated in South Walton with ArtsQuest, a fine arts festival produced by the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County (CAA). This special tradition scheduled for May 9-11 in Grand Boulevard at Sandestin, brings mothers and daughters, girlfriend groups and families alike to experience nearly 200 national and local artists, live music and kids’ activities. For more Information, visit www.Artsquestflorida.com.

Spring Fest

Sat., May 17th - HarborWalk Village On the Coast Magazine and Okaloosa Arts Alliance have joined together to host Spring Fest at HarborWalk Village. Spring Fest will be held on Sat, May 17, 2014 from 11am-6pm at HarborWalk Village benefiting the Okaloosa Arts Alliance (OAA). Spring Fest is a free, family friendly lively event unmatched on the Emerald Coast. Live entertainment, arts

The World’s Greatest Baby Shower

Thur., May 22nd - (5:30 -8 p.m.) - Emerald Coast Convention Center This free celebratory event is for pregnant women and new parents who have had a baby within the last three months. It will be held at the Emerald Coast Convention Center on Okaloosa Island. There will be up to 50 information stations on various topics such as; parenting, prenatal health, new baby care, community resources and more! There will be snacks, games and prizes. For more information, call 850-833-9284.

Fat Tuesday Parade Kick-Off

Every Tues. through summer, starting May 27th, (6 -10 p.m.) - HarborWalk Village Join us for the Kick Off Parade to our season of Fat Tuesday parades every week during the summer as HarborWalk Village transforms into “The Big Easy”. Enjoy dazzling floats, beads, and lots of swag during our FREE PARADE

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June M


1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30


3 10 17 24


4 11 18 25


5 12 19 26


6 13 20 27


7 14 21 28

SOUNDS FUN Rock the Docks Live

Every Sat. through summer, starting May 31st, (6 -10 p.m.) - HarborWalk Village

through HarborWalk Village! After the parade enjoy a performance from the Village Brass Band on the main stage, along with a stunning vibrant fire dancing show. Laissez les bons temps rouler! For more information, visit www. harborwalkdestin.com or call 850-424-0600

Hero Reunion on the Harbor! The Red, White and Blue Celebration

Every Thurs. through summer, starting May 29th, (6 -10 p.m.) - HarborWalk Village These celebrations highlight the efforts of those who go above and beyond to better their community. Enjoy live entertainment, free kid’s crafts and face painting and a WWII replica flyover. The evening is topped off by a spectacular FIREWORKS show over the Destin Harbor at 9pm! For more information, visit www. harborwalkdestin.com or call 850-424-0600.

ArtWalk on the Harbor

Sun, May 18th - HarborWalk Village Art along the Destin Boardwalk from HarborWalk Village to AJ’s featuring local and regional artists and vendors. The walk includes more than 40 artists and artisans from a variety of disciplines such as painters, jewelers, soap makers, watch designers, photographers, sculptors and more! Time: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. For more information, visit www.artwalkontheharbor. com or www.harborwalkdestin.com or call 850-424-0600.

EC_Parent_May_June_2014.indd 41

Every Saturday night during the summer, come out for free concerts on the HarborWalk Village stage! All concerts are free and open to the public! For more information, visit www. harborwalkdestin.com or call 850-424-0600.

Pirate Science Adventure

Sat., May 31st, (10 a.m. - 4 p.m.) - Emerald Coast Science Center To get in the pirate spirit, the Science Center is taking at look at the science behind an adventure on the high seas! Come join us for sea monster dissections, celestial navigation, fishing and pirate and sea crafts; experience a touch tank with our friends from the Navarre Marine Science Station, and more! For more information call 850-664-1261 or visit www. ecscience.org.

Thrive Music Fest

Sun., June 1st, (11 a.m. -11:30 p.m.)— KC’s Sand Bar KC’s Sand Bar will host Thrive Music Fest to benefit Covenant Hospice on Saturday, June 21 from 11 a.m. to midnight. The event will feature live music on two outdoor stages. Organizers are currently seeking artists interested in performing at the charity event, as well as volunteers for the planning committee and event day. Preference will be given to artists performing original music in the rock genre. Corporate sponsorships and underwriting opportunities are available, ranging from $250 to $ 2,500. Participating organizations will receive a variety of benefits including promotional recognition, complimentary admission and preferred seating at the event. For more information, contact Jenni Perkins or Rachel Mayew at 850-729-1800 or by email at jenni.perkins@ covenanthospice.org and rachel.mayew@ covenanthospice.org.

The Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

Sun., June 18th - Thur, June 22nd - Baytowne Marina The Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic at Sandestin has set the new precedent for world-class sportfishing tournaments along the Gulf Coast. Ranked 5th Richest Tournament in the world by Marlin Magazine, sanctioned by the World Billfish Series and part of the International Game Fish Association Off-shore circuit this event gives serious angling teams their shot at winning a huge pay-off. With cash categories for dolphin, tuna, and Wahoo as well as individual angler trophies, fishermen have a multitude of ways to stake their claim on Destin fishing tournament history! The competing anglers are not the only fishing enthusiasts who will hook a good time during the 12th Annual Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. A treasure trove of family fun includes live entertainment and activities for the kids all weekend long. This momentous event takes place at the Baytowne Marina and The Village of Baytowne Wharf. Admission is free and it is open to the public. Details are subject to change based on weather. For information, visit www.fishecbc.com or call 850-267-4164.

Gulfarium’s Sunset Camp

Sat., June 17th- (4 -6 p.m.) - Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park Enjoy an evening out while your children have an unforgettable experience at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. Our Sunset Camp includes a dockside encounter with a dolphin, an exploratory venture along the beautiful Emerald Coast beach at dusk, ocean themed activities, scavenger hunt, and dinner at Seal Harbor. Ages 6-14, advanced reservations required. Cost is $85 for the first child, 25% off additional kids. For more information, call 850-243-9046 ext 2.

Don’t See Your Event? Send calendar events to us at: info@itsyourmagazine.com

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June S

1 8 15 22 29


2 9 16 23 30


3 10 17 24


4 11 18 25


5 12 19 26


6 13 20 27


7 14 21 28

2014 Summer Outdoor 2014 Summer Outdoor 2014Summer Summer Outdoor 2014 2014 Summer Outdoor Outdoo 2014Performance Summer Outdoor Series Performance Series Performance Series

Performance Performance Series Series Performance Series

The Beatles: Abbey Road in concert with the Northwest Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra

Thurs., May 15th, (7:30 p.m.) - Mattie Kelly Arts Center, Main Stage The event features the classic music of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album and highlights both the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first USA appearance and the college’s 50th anniversary celebration. For more information, visit www.mattiekellyartscenter. org, or call 850-729-6000.

“Dancing with Desire,”

Thur., June 19th, (7 p.m.) - Mattie Kelly Arts Center, Main Stage


PERFORMANCES PERFORMANCES PERFORMANCES PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCES Starlight Ballet Starlight Ballet Starlight Ballet Starlight Starlight Ballet Rosemary FL FL Balle RosemaryBeach, Beach, Rosemary Rosemary FLFLBeach, F Starlight Ballet Rosemary Beach, June 21st, 2014 |Beach, 7:00 pm June 21st, 2014 | 7:00 pm| 7:00 pm June 2014 | |7:00 2014 pm Rosemary Beach, FL June 21st, 21st, 201421st, 7:00 pm June 21st, 2014 | 7:00 pm Art in the Park Art in thePark Park Art in the Art in the Par Fort Walton Beach, FL Art in the Park Fort Walton Beach, FL Fort Walton FLFLBeach, F Art inWalton the Park JuneFort 28th, 2014 |Beach, 7:00 pm Fort Walton Beach, 28th, 2014 7:00 pm| 7:00 pm June 28th, June 2014 28th, | ||7:00 2014 pm FortJune Walton Beach, FL June 28th, 2014 7:00 AJune ll outdoor are free topm 28th,performances 2014 | 7:00 pm attend. are freetotoare free t AAlllloutdoor outdoorAperformances performances ll outdoor performances are free ll outdoor performances are free to atten A All outdoor performances are free to attend. attend. attend. attend.

Internationally acclaimed dance champions seen on the hit series “Dancing with the Stars” will travel from Los Angeles CA and beyond, to perform at a star-studded event in Northwest Florida.  The event, “Dancing with Desire,” will be on stage at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center in Niceville on Thursday, June 19th at 7:00 p.m. The performance is presented by Fred Astaire Dance StudioFort Walton Beach, whose owner Luann Pulliam and Manager Joe Trovato are both local residents and professional dancers. This year’s event will be an “All-Star” production, featuring celebrity dancers of years past who have included: Tony Dovolani, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Peta Murgatroyd, Oksana, Karina Smirnoff, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, and more. Ticket prices are $50 for general admission, and $100 for VIP. Active Duty military and senior citizens are offered a reduced rate of $35 for a balcony seat.  Limited sponsor packages are also available. Sponsors may call Tracey at 863-1530x226 before tickets go on sale to the public in May.  For additional event details, visit www.dancingwithdesire.com  or call 850-864-4242. You can also visit www.mattiekellyartscenter.org, or call 850-729-6000.

Christian Hip Hop Artist Canton “C J” Jones

Fri., June 20th, (7:30 p.m.) - Outdoor amphitheater at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center Emerald Experience presents Christian hip-hop artist Canton “CJ” Jones on Friday, June 20, 2014 at 7:30 pm at the outdoor amphitheater at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center at Northwest Florida State College in Niceville. Tickets are on sale now for $20 each. The amphitheater features 500 fixed seats as well as room on the events lawn for more than 2,000 patrons with blankets or lawn chairs. The concert will feature Jones’ unique style of hip-hop, R&B and urban gospel as well as appearances by Pope and other talents. A Deerfield Beach, Florida native and Morehouse College alumnus, Canton has ministered to and performed in front of millions of people during his career as a music artist. With a Grammy nod, a Stellar Award nomination, and three Gospel Choice Awards to his credit, Canton represents a philosophy, a movement, and a generation relentlessly advancing a positive new sound in the industry. He notes that “it is not just about the music, but about a lifestyle that offers peace and prosperity for anyone bold enough to pursue their purpose” and that his work seeks to positively change the music business and urban culture for years to come. For more information, visit www. mattiekellyartscenter.org, or call 850-729-6000.

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May S




4 11 18 25

5 12 19 26

6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28


1 8 15 22 29


2 9 16 23 30



3 10 17 24 31

Home School Fridays and Hands-On History Saturdays 1st Fri. & Sat. of each month, (10a.m. - 2 p.m.) Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida

Make history part of your future in 2014 for Home School Fridays and Hands-On History Saturdays, once a month for ages 5-12, at the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida.  Each month, from January through June, a different program will be presented related to Northwest Florida history for children and families. Cost: $7 per child or $5 for Museum Family Members. SPACE IS LIMITED!  For more information or to pre-register, call 850-678-2615.

FWB ArtWalk & Concerts at the Landing Pre-School Story Time

Every 1st & 3rd Tues. of each month, (1:30 p.m.) Fort Walton Beach Library

Every Fri., (5:30 - 8 p.m.) - The Landing, Downtown FWB

Come join us on Friday nights throughout the summer for a fun evening of music, viewing local artists and shopping at downtown boutiques. Perfect for the family or a night out alone! For more information, visit www.1021thewave.com or call 850-218-0812.

Let your child explore the magic of books: 3-5 year olds (includes 6-year-olds in the summer).

Twin Hills Drum Circle

1st & 3rd Sun. of each month, (4 - 6 p.m.) - Twin Hills Park on Hwy 90, Crestview This is a fun music-filled group for the community out at the park every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. We play all types of percussion from hand drums, to djembes, to wooden sticks to buckets. All are welcome, including the kids. For more information call Tiffany at 772-323-6029.

ARTwalk on the Harbor

Every 3rd Sun. of each month, (11a.m. - 4 p.m.) Destin Boardwalk

Poetry & Music Jam

Every 2nd Tues. of each month, (6 - 7:45 p.m.) Crestview Public Library

Art event along the Destin Boardwalk from HarborWalk Village to AJ’s featuring local and regional artists and vendors. This event is free to the public and will take place on the 3rd Sunday of every month from 11am to 4pm. For more information, visit www. ArtWalkontheHarbor.com. You can also visit www. harborwalkdestin.com or call 850-424-0600.

Poets and musicians are invited to bring their work and instruments to a free-form openmic poetry reading and jam session. For more information call Esther at 850-682-4432 or Rick at 850-585-6399.

Stargazing Basics

Every 3rd Tues. of each month, (6:30-8 p.m.) Crestview Public Library Tom Haugh with the NW Florida Astronomy Association will be at the Crestview Public Library from 6:30 to 8 p.m. every third Tuesday to answer astronomy questions and help beginner stargazers. For more information visit www.nwfastro.org. or go to www. cityofcrestview.org/library.php

Wings of Wonder

Sat., May 10th - Emerald Coast Science Center Looking for volunteers for general museum hours and special events. For more information please contact, Cameron W. Ahlsen-Girard, Museum Services Manager. Office:850-664-1261 Cell:850-621-6340 or e-mail, Cameron@ecscience.org.

Opportunity Place

Contact CC Fearson at 850-659-3190.


Contact Nikole Wood at 850-863-8999.


Contact Alicia Sikes at 850-243-1525.

Salvation Army

Contact Lisa Martinez at 850-243-4531.

Habitat for Humanity

Contact Mark McEnaney at 850-685-0686.

Florosa Fire Department

Contact Tom Peele at 850-581-2900.


Contact Harvey Eckoff at 850-244-3834.

Don’t See Your Event?


Contact John at 850-837-8516.

Destin Community Center

Contact Lisa Firth at 850-654-5184.

Waterfront Rescue Mission

Contact Tina or Sharron at 850-244-2726.

Send calendar events to us at: info@itsyourmagazine.com

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge

Contact Susan Leivelle at 850-650-1880.

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4/27/14 3:15 PM


DIRECTORY Planes, trains & automobiles . . . and everything else in between! The Emerald Coast has a wealth of attractions for all those who visit or call the coast home. It's amazing just how much there is to do if you embrace your adventurous spirit and simply explore your own backyard. Whether you're looking to plan a field trip or just a fun family outing, there's always something to look forward to on the Emerald Coast. Here are just a few ideas for places to visit. And don’t forget to send us your favorites! info@itsyourmagazine.com

Wesley Mansion Welcome to Eden Gardens State Park The focal point of this 161-acre park is the beautifully renovated, two-story Wesley house with its elegant white columns and wrap-around porch. The moss-draped live oaks and ornamental gardens inspire visions of hoop skirts and landed gentry. Named after a wealthy Florida timber family, the park is part of the family's estate. The house holds the second largest known collection of Louis XVI furniture in the United States. Visitors can also take a stroll along the grounds and enjoy the picnic area. 181 Eden Gardens Road Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459 850-267-8320 www.floridastateparks.org/ EdenGardens/

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4/27/14 3:15 PM

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Sheriff & Police Okaloosa County Sheriff�������������������� 850-651-7400

Libraries Destin���������������������������������������������������������850-837-8572 www.readokaloosa.org/details_destin.html

Ft. Walton Beach����������������������������������� 850-833-9590 www.readokaloosa.org/details_destin.html


Walton County Sheriff������������������������� 850-892-8186

Walton��������������������������������������������������������850-267-2809 www.focbl.com or www1.youseemore.com/ walton/about.asp?p=22


Bay County Sheriff���������������������������������850-747-4700 www.bayso.org

Escambia County Sheriff�������������������� 850-436-9580 www.escambiaso.com

Santa Rosa County Sheriff����������������� 850-983-1100 www.santarosasheriff.org

Navarre����������������������������������������������������� 850-981-7323 www.santarosa.fl.gov/libraries

Crestview������������������������������������������������� 850-682-4432 www.cityofcrestview.org/library.htm

Niceville��������������������������������������������������� 850-279-4863 www.cityofniceville.org/library.html

Ft. Walton Beach Police���������������������� 850-833-9546 www.fwb.org

Panama City Beach Police����������������� 850-233-5000 www.beachpolice.org

Florida HWY Patrol������������������������������ 800-665-2794 www.flhsmv.gov/fhp

Florida Poison Control������������������������ 800-222-1222 www.fpicn.org

US Coast Guard���������������������������������������850-244-7147 www.uscg.mil/d8/stadestin

Fire Department Destin���������������������������������������������������������850-837-8413 www.destinfire.com

Ft. Walton Beach����������������������������������� 850-833-9565 www.fwb.org/fire

South Walton�������������������������������������������850-267-1298 www.swfd.org

Navarre����������������������������������������������������� 850-939-5236 www.hnfd.org

Niceville����������������������������������������������������850-897-3689 www.northbayfd.org

Chambers of Commerce Destin���������������������������������������������������������850-837-6241 www.destinchamber.com

Navarre������������������������������������������������������850-939-3267 www.navarrechamber.com

Ft. Walton Beach����������������������������������� 850-244-8191 www.fwbchamber.org

Walton County����������������������������������������850-267-0683 www.waltonareachamber.com

Niceville��������������������������������������������������� 850-678-2323 www.nicevillechamber.com

Crestview������������������������������������������������� 850-682-3212 www.crestviewchamber.com

Pensacola������������������������������������������������� 850-438-4081 www.pensacolachamber.com

Panama City Beach������������������������������ 850-235-1159 www.pcbeach.org

Museums Air Force Armament����������������������������� 850-651-1808

Crestview������������������������������������������������� 850-682-6121 www.crestviewfl.org


Destin History & Fishing��������������������850-837-6611

Panama City Beach������������������������������ 850-872-3053 www.pcbfire.com

Medical Centers & Hospitals Destin Emergency Care�����������������������850-837-9194 www.fwbmc.com/our-services/destinemergency-care-center.dot


Indian Temple Mound Museum����������� 850-833-9595 www.trailoffloridasindianheritage.org

Heritage Museum of NW FL�������������� 850-678-2615 www.heritage-museum.org

Walton County Heritage����������������������850-951-2127

Ft. Walton Beach Medical������������������ 850-863-7610 www.fwbmc.com

N. Okaloosa Medical Center�������������� 850-689-8100 www.northokaloosa.com


Wesley Mansion������������������������������������� 850-231-4214

White Wilson Medical-Destin������������850-837-3848 White Wilson Medical-Ft. Walton��������� 850-863-8100

Post Offices


Emerald Coast Urgent Care��������������� 850-654-8878 www.emeraldcoasturgentcare.com

Niceville Twin Cities���������������������������� 850-678-4131 tchospital.com

Navarre Baptist�������������������������������������� 850-939-4888 www.ebaptisthealthcare.org/BMPNavarre

View a large collection of antique fishing rods and reels. The most unique is constructed of split bamboo with an original Penn Reel that belonged to Ernest Hemingway. Enjoy vintage photographs of early Destin settlers, boat captains and much more. Tues.  10:00 am – 4:00 pm Wed.  10:00 am – 4:00 pm Thurs.  10:00 am – 4:00 pm Fri.  10:00 am – 4:00 pm Sat.  10:00 am – 4:00 pm Admission Fees: Adults $5 Seniors & Military $4 Children $3; Children under 6 are Free Destin History & Fishing Museum 108 Stahlman Ave. Destin, FL 32541 850-837-6611 www.destinhistoryand fishingmuseum.org


white-wilson.com white-wilson.com

Experience the feeling of swimming in the Gulf of Mexico with an awardwinning exhibit of fish caught in Destin.


Emerald Coast Science Center��������� 850-644-1261

Sacred Heart������������������������������������������� 850-278-3000

Destin History & Fishing


Destin���������������������������������������������������������850-837-6312 Ft. Walton Beach����������������������������������� 850-244-2625 South Walton������������������������������������������ 850-269-1186 Navarre����������������������������������������������������� 850-939-0381 Niceville��������������������������������������������������� 850-678-2021 Crestview������������������������������������������������� 850-682-2634

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Public Transportation

Delta���������������������������������������������������������� 800-221-1212

Okaloosa County Transit���������������������850-833-9168 www.rideoct.org

Mid Bay Bridge���������������������������������������850-833-7562 www.mid-bay.com

United Airlines��������������������������������������� 800-864-8331

Movie Theaters

AMC Destin Commons 14�������������������850-650-4579 At the Destin Commons Mall

Cinema Plus���������������������������������������������850-302-0129 Downtown FWB

Lively 10���������������������������������������������������850-654-2992 Off of Hwy 98 in Destin

Regal Sun Plaza�������������������������������������850-244-4252

Air Force Armament Experience the aviation warfare armament from the early days of World War I right through to today's high tech planes and bombs. Inside, you'll find an extensive collection of weaponry and interactive displays that will amaze and intrigue. Outside displays include vintage military aircraft including the fastest plane ever built - the SR-71 Blackbird! Admission is FREE and all are welcome! Mon.  9:30 am – 4:30 pm Tues.  9:30 am – 4:30 pm Wed.  9:30 am – 4:30 pm Thurs.  9:30 am – 4:30 pm Fri.  9:30 am – 4:30 pm Sat.  9:30 am – 4:30 pm Sun. Closed Air Force Armament Museum 100 Museum Dr. Eglin AFB, FL 32542 850-651-1808 www.afarmamentmuseum.com

www.delta.com Service may be provided by Delta or a Delta Connection carrier. Provides nonstop service daily to Atlanta, GA (ATL).

Mary Esther Cutoff

UA Santa Rosa 10����������������������������������850-243-5260 At the Santa Rosa Mall in FWB

Radio Stations

www.united.com Express Jet provides nonstop service to Houston, TX (IAH).

US Airways���������������������������������������������� 800-428-4322 www.usairways.com Provides non-stop daily service to Charlotte, NC (CLT) and Washington, DC (DCA).

Southwest���������� 1-800-I-FLY-SWA / 800-435-9792 www.southwest.com Provides non-stop flights daily to and from Baltimore, MD (BWI), Houston, TX (HOU), Nashville, TN (BNA), and Orlando, FL (MCO) with connecting service to international destinations.

AirTran��������������������������800-Air-Tran / 800-247-8726

1120 AM – Progressive Talk 1260 AM – Fox News Talk 1340 AM – ESPN Sports 91.1 FM – Contemporary Christian 92.1 FM – Oldies 93.3 FM – Adult Contemporary 95.3 FM – Talk Radio – Local Crestview 98.1 FM – Country 99.5 FM – Rock 102.1 FM – Classic Rock 103.1 FM – Adult Contemporary 105.5 FM – Country 106.3 FM – Smooth Jazz 107.3 FM – Classic Rock

www.airtran.com 3 Daily Flights to Atlanta with 351 seats.

Rental Cars

Avis�������������������������������������������������������������800-331-1212 Enterprise�������������������������������������������������800-261-7331 National���������������������������������������������������� 877-222-9058 Budget������������������������������������������������������� 800-527-0700 Hertz�����������������������������������������������������������800-654-3131

Airports NW Florida Regional Airport – VPS�����850-651-7160 www.flyvps.com

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport–Panama City Beach���������������850-763-6751 www.iflybeaches.com

Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional���������850-436-5000 www.flypensacola.com

Destin Airport������������������������������������������850-651-7160 www.flydts.com

Crestview Airport – Bob Sikes�����������850-651-7160 www.flycew.com

Airlines American Eagle��������������������������������������800-433-7300 www.aa.com Provides non-stop service to Dallas, TX (DFW).

It’s our goal to make this guide as useful and complete as possible. If we have omitted any resource you feel could be useful to our community of readers, please feel free to send us your recommendations at: info@itsyourmagazine.com

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“Dentistry with a Gentle Touch” Early Morning, Lunchtime & Evening Hours Available New Patients Emergencies Insurance Assistance Interest FREE Financing

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry G E N E R A L D E N T I S T RY

• Complete Family Care • Low Radiation Digital X-Rays • VELscope Cancer Screening • Painless Dentistry Techniques • Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Partials • In-Chair Entertainment System • Oraquix No-Injection Anesthetic • Extractions, Root Canals, White Fillings

A D VA N C E D C O S M E T I C S • Complete Smile Makeovers! • Orthodontics, Clear and Traditional by General Dentist • Painless Veneers • White Fillings and Bonding • ZOOM Whitening

The Ultimate 1-Hr Whitening

redefining beauty

Painless Veneers



Cleaning • Periodontal Care • Scaling & Rootplaning • Sealants • Fluoride

Katherine Bartlett, DMD Kristin M. Shinnick, DMD Ashley L. Brooks, DMD John J. Cash, DDS


Uptown Station

Eglin P k

Fort Walton Beach

w ay


Hwy 98


Ft. Walton Beach, Florida (Near Uptown Station, Off of Hospital Dr.) Destin

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Profile for Rob Williams

Emerald Coast Parent Magazine May+June 2014  

Emerald Coast residents truly enjoy a lifestyle that is the envy of the rest of our country. Our beautiful, clean and uncluttered beaches ar...

Emerald Coast Parent Magazine May+June 2014  

Emerald Coast residents truly enjoy a lifestyle that is the envy of the rest of our country. Our beautiful, clean and uncluttered beaches ar...