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By Rob “Classic” Weiman, CAI, GPPA, AARE, CES, BAS-d

Finding Auctions/Finding Auctioneers As an auction lover you may already know this but to buy at an auction or to sell at an auction you are going to need to be able to find an auctioneer! Perhaps you need to sell something, perhaps you want to buy. Allow us to help you. Let’s say that you just want to attend an auction. NAA auctioneers are located everywhere from Alaska to South Africa and everywhere in between. If you click here you can search tens of thousands of auctions from thousands of NAA auctioneers. Just enter the item you are looking for and you will get a map showing auction listings. If you look under that list you will see a synopsis of each of the auctions and tools to refine your search. I know, I know you are almost in auction overload. Don’t worry your local NAA auctioneer has what you want to feed that need!

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Selling at Auction

Perhaps you have tings you need to sell. The National Auctioneer’s Association (NAA) has a handy Auctioneer Locator that is just what you need. You are just seconds away from the best auctioneers on the Planet. Just click on this link and you will be able to search by Last Name, Company Name Country, Location, or Specialty. You aren’t going to stump the NAA, their members specialize in selling anything you can think of from real estate, to farms, from storage lockers to vintage comic books. By the way you may have noticed the St. Jude Children’s Research Logo on the last two screens. St. Jude’s is the official charity of the NAA. The NAA has raised millions of dollars for St. Jude, click here to see more.

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When you search on auctioneer by last name you will see all the NAA auctioneers with that last name.

The results will also show what auction company they work for, where they live, and after the members name you will see any NAA designations they hold. The NAA awards several designations to auction professionals that want to go beyond just being members. The NAA is proud of the education it makes available to it’s members and they want you to know who has taken the time to travel to the classes, attend the classes, passed the tests and completed the projects and all of the other requirements to obtain and hold these designations.


NAA Designations So what do all those letters mean? They mean that the auctioneer you are looking at has gone the extra mile, they have attended classes (often several classes and often at great expense). When the author of this Auction Lovers Guide attended the Certified Auctioneer’s Institute (CAI) at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana there were students from New York to California and from Michigan to South Africa (in fact there were close to a dozen students from South Africa). The classes are designed to impart to the auctioneers in attendance the very best information that is available regarding every aspect of the auction business from real estate auctions, benefit auctions, estate auctions, auction technology, personal property.

The capstone of these classes is the Certified Auctioneers Institute or CAI. Here is what the NAA says about CAI.

Watch CAI candidates conduct a centerpiece auction.

The NAA Tangible Benefits for Auctioneers and Auction Lovers! Do you have real estate you would like to sell? Think NAA AARE auctioneer! AARE auctioneers have gone the extra mile to learn about all facets of selling real estate at auction.

It doesn't matter if you have a 92,000 acre ranch or a condominium complex an NAA AARE has already sold one before. NAA AARE auction Musser Bros. auction company sold The Big West Ranch, located near Arminto,WY, at auction a ranch that was over 92,000 acres. If you would like to read about the sale you can start here.

Need a specialist in auction technology? Look for the ATS. NAA ATS auctioneers leave on the cutting edge of technology. Need proof? Have a look at NAA ATS auctioneer Robert Mayo’s Website you will notice the seamless integration of Youtube video, on-line bidding and lots of other things behind the scenes that you will never see but make his sight the envy of auctioneers all over the World. You might remember Robert as the auctioneer who recently sold Bonnie and Clyde’s Tommie gun.


How much do you think an top notch auction company might have raised for non-profits over 33 years? A Million dollars, $10 million, $100 million? How about $16 billion, yes I said $16 BILLION. That’s how much money NAA BAS auctioneer Lance Walker, his wife Terri Walker and their company have raised conducting benefit auctions over the years. Lance helps teach the BAS class. Wouldn’t you want to hire an auctioneer that has sat through Lance’s class, done the report and had lots of practice? Lance isn’t the type of auctioneer that goes around wearing his accomplishments on his sleeve. I sat through his BAS class and he never mentioned the number above, I found it doing research on NAA auctioneers.

Watch NAA BAS auctioneer Lance Walker get inducted into the Missouri Professional Auctioneer’s Association Hall of Fame.

If you have an estate to sell you need to think about who you call. When NAA CES auctioneer Tina Weiman went to visit a customer who had an estate to sell he had no clue about the value of the estate in general and specifically the value of a vintage comic book collection it contained. In fact the seller of the estate offered the collection to Tina for $5,000. Tina told the seller that he would be happier with here company if he let her sell the collection at auction. Was he happier? You bet, the collection wound up selling for $1,076,000.00. NAA CES auctioneers are trained to deal with estates the proper way. The NAA also has designations for appraisers, the Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA) and the Master Personal Property Appraiser (MPPA) but I will deal with those in another document.

See auctioneer Rob Weiman, CAI, GPPA, AARE, CES, BAS-d of Mound City Auctions conduct a million dollar comic book auction.

What to expect, what to bring. So, now you have located an auction you wish to attend, what do you do next. Read the terms, does the auctioneer require a drivers license to register, or a credit card? Is the auction indoors, or will a portion be outside. You might want to prepare for cold or hot weather.

You may need to bring boxes and packing material. If you plan on buying heavy items you might want to bring along help to move your purchase (many auctioneers insurance policies will not allow the auctioneer to load or handle heavy items. If you are attend a storage auction you might not only need a truck to haul your purchases but you may be required to clean out the locker. Often storage facilities will not allow yo u to put items from a storage locker into their trash cans. You might also want to bring a bright flashlight so you can see into dark corners of the locker and a lock to secure it if you are the high bidder. If you plan on buying furniture you might want a small tool kit to remove legs of furniture or doors so your items can fit out. Some of those moving straps can be very handy as can a regular dolly or a furniture dolly. If you plan on buying a n appliance you might need a pair of large channel lock pliers to remove the hose to a washing machine or a small pair of pliers to turn off the water supply to a refrigerator’s ice maker so you can remove the refrigerator. You also might need to remove the refrigerator door so a socket set might be nice. Check to see if the auction will have food if you are attending an estate auction and pack food in a cooler if not. I have seen many bidders miss the item they had been waiting on all day because the made a dash for of site food. If your auction is going to be outside you might want to bring a hat and/or sun screen. Gloves are a good idea, as is a vehicle large enough to remove your purchases. Larger auctions might require a deposit, or a letter of credit from your bank, or certified funds as a deposit. A flatbed trailer can be a very good thing to have at an auction. Expect the auctioneer to explain the terms of the auction, if you have questions ask. It is much better to find out what you need to know before you bid.

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