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SY 2011 - 2012

Scholars. Friends. Family.

Magis. We have been troubled by deadlines and academic problems all-year long. We have faced a lot of hardships which really tested our capabilities. In spite of this, we have survived the first year of our college lives. We are ten of the lucky scholars who are enjoying the UT Global Scholarship. Ten students from different colleges. Even if we have conflicting schedules, we still found time to meet as a group. We planned about this magazine, discussed about our individual problems, and conversed as friends. Recently, we discovered that most of the scholarship clusters weren’t working on this project. Even so, we pushed through with making it, for we didn’t think of it as a project, but as a small gift of thanks for the people who made our stay in Xavier University possible. As a sign of gratitude, this magazine we offer.

-Robert A. Villaluz Jr. Cluster Head

There are two ways to take me back to Butuan. One is to falsely tell my parents that I haven’t been doing well in class. Two, take away my scholarship. Yes, it is a fact that one of the few reasons why I study in Xavier University, is because I’m a scholar here, that I don’t pay anything, and that I have this big motivation to give so much importance to my education. I would have enrolled to Ateneo de Manila or University of the Philippines, or to De La Salle University even, for I could, and have passed their entrance exams. But fate brought me here, and the scholarship was the one which made me cling to this. I shouldn’t let go. As a scholar, I am made to maintain a certain QPI. Judging it on my course, to maintain 3 QPI is no joke, and as how Ma’am Cecile Japitana puts it, close to a hundred percent fails to get that mark. As a survivor of the first semester, and shaping to be for the second, failing it would not be an option. There’s something that I am afraid to tell you, but I would anyway. I am a full-time member of The Crusader Publication and Intern News Editor for The Academic Tribune, where I spend so much of my time. But instead of talking about how it affects my studies, let me count to you the good things I get from it. Being in both publications, I enhance my knowledge on the current issues as well as my writing skills. I get to lead people, make decisions for the group, and organize activities. My thinking has been broader ever since. I also work with brilliant people who help me learn more. Because of this, I have found another place to grow, aside from the four corners of a classroom. But as much as I am a writer, I am a student. It is evident in the word “student-leader” that student comes first. I vow to keep that in my mind and in my heart. To OSFA, words won’t be enough to tell you how grateful I am. To UT Global, please continue to change lives. For as long as I am a scholar, there’s no backing down. For as long as this scholarship is mine, the word FUTURE seems so bright.

UT Scholars '11-'12  

A magazine to show our gratefulness to Xavier University, Office of the Scholarships and Financial Aid, and UT Global.

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