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ROB has come up with a simple low-impact housing solution. Named the PODhouse, these prefabricated modules create a great sustainable micro home for the garden, a backyard office or even a secret holiday hideaway. The prototypes have been in development since 2003 and have since been optimized, tested and improved to create this final product now available for purchase. The PODhouse idea was originally conceived to improve the popular holiday adventure experience of camping during the winter months in the Swiss Alps. The Pods have been thus made using FSC certified wood and are made to withstand the elements whilst also minimizing any impact on the surrounding environment. With rugged durability, good insulation of the floors and walls, and double glazed windows and doors, the PODhouse guarantees a ÂŤglampingÂť experience for those so inclined.

solution possibilities for lodging.

Podhouse „cauma“

PODhouse No. 2

Podhouse „piz“

PODhouse No. 1

RobustOutdoorBrands GmbH Ruessenstrasse 18 CH- 6340 Baar +41 41 763 18 08

PODhouse Euro 2012 Poland (Hotel)  

Alternate Solution for Hospitality. The PODhouse

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