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Our Mission

Our mission at the Massachusetts Special Hockey is to offer an amateur-level ice hockey program, at minimal cost, for children and young adults with developmental disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental disability.

Massachusetts Special Hockey is open to any player aged 6 or older, male or female, who is physically able to play, but would be unable to participate in another organized hockey program due to his or her developmental disability. Special Hockey players will learn about teamwork. They’ll learn from their coaches, but more importantly, they will learn from their peers—their teammates.

Get Involved!

The Boston Bear Cubs skating season runs each September through March with weekly practices. For this year’s time and location, visit

Massachusetts Special Hockey is made possible through donations and the valuable time of volunteers.

Massachuse#s Special Hockey

To register your son or daughter, volunteer, donate equipment or assist financially, please contact John Quill or visit our website.

We gratefully thank our partners Good Sports Seyfarth & Shaw Attorneys Sullivan Brothers Auto Mall The Boston Bruins Foundation

Reach us:

Boston Bear Cubs (search “Mass Special Hockey”)

Program Director/Head Coach John Quill:

Massachusetts Special Hockey is registered as a Massachusetts Non-Profit Corporation. All donations are tax-deductible. 11-2010

John Quill 550 Adams St., #204 Quincy, MA 02169

email: visit:

“Why can’t I play on my brother’s team?”

About Special Hockey

As many parents know all-to-well, children and young adults with developmental delays often find it difficult to participate in typical sports programs.

These individuals learn and develop at their own pace, but they do learn and develop. They simply need the right structure and environment to do so. And they usually have the one thing that all athletes have: Desire. Desire to play. Desire to succeed. Desire, even, to play in the NHL. That’s where Special Hockey comes in.

Special Hockey has no age groups or ability levels. There are no tryouts. Athletes don’t even need to be able to skate. All they need is what they already have—Desire. They will learn how to skate, how to hold a stick, how to handle a puck, how to make a pass, to shoot and make a save.

They will learn and progress at their own ability level. What they will all do immediately is participate—at every practice and at every game. Special Hockey players will learn about teamwork. They’ll learn from their coaches, but more importantly, they will learn from their peers— their teammates. They will learn how to be a good teammate and depend on one another to achieve goals!

What you need

* Ice Skates

* Mouthguard

* Registration @ * Annual registration fee

What we provide

* Ice time

* Coaching and mentoring * Equipment * Uniforms

* An energetic environment where your

child will have fun and be part of a team

Mass. Special Hockey Brochure  

Informational brochure for The Boston Bear Cubs, Mass. Special Hockey group.