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“ To create a soPhisticated campaign that represents Green and Blacks in an engaging and intelligent way. They want a wider audience to consume their goods and pay that little bit more for a ‘luxury’ good”

Promote, Persuade and Engage

A Group of young professionals who have limited disposable income to pay for the big LUxuries in life, and instead encourage them to spend money on the little luxuries in life - Green and Blacks. This will be done through a designed portable retail outlet that showcases the range of chocolates. With added promotional product that uses the globally recognised iPhone.

People will be able to engage and interact with the range of products avalibale produced by Green and Blacks.

The retail outlet will be promoted by staff walking around handing out Golden Tickets to direct people to the retail unit. (enticement of free chocolate)


Green and Blacks Presentation Boards  

Presentation boards for our green and blacks project so far

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