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Common: high (37.7–38.8°C, sometimes higher, esp. in young children) Lasts 3–4 days


Common: at the beginning of illness


Common: often severe

Not usual

Tiredness & weakness

Common: can last 2–3 weeks

Not usual

Sore throat





Not usual



Common: cough can be severe

Less common



Lifestyle effects

Likely bed rest: may stop you working or looking after family

A cold can make you feel uncomfortable

Recovery time

Usually within 7 days, may be 2–3 weeks or longer

Usually within 5 days


Extreme exhaustion Muscle & joint aches

Sneezing Chest discomfort, cough Runny nose & sore eyes

Flu is highly contagious One sneeze can spread the flu up to a metre. Other people can give you the flu anywhere – at home, in a queue or at work. Flu can spread before any symptoms show – your work mates might not even know they are passing the virus on to you.

Save sick leave Research shows healthy working adults who have been vaccinated against flu have nearly half the number of doctor’s visits and nearly half the number of sick days compared to unvaccinated workers.

The simple facts about flu You cannot get flu from the vaccine – it does not contain any live virus. It doesn’t matter how fit or healthy you are – you are still at risk of getting the flu. ‘Natural Immunity’ is no guarantee – the flu virus is changing all the time. The World Health Organisation recommends vaccination every year. Vaccination is your best defence – the vaccine is an effective way to reduce your risk of getting the flu.

This organisation proudly vaccinates with Australian made flu vaccine.

INFLUENZA VACCINE CONSENT Please answer the questions on the left before you get your influenza vaccination. The information you give us will not be given to anyone else and will be used only in connection with the administration of the influenza vaccine and will otherwise be kept private and confidential.

Name Date of birth Organisation/Employer

If you answer YES to any of these questions please make sure you talk about this with the nurse or doctor before your vaccination.




1. Do you have a fever or are you currently unwell? 2. Have you been vaccinated against influenza before? 3. Have you ever experienced any problems after vaccination? 4. Are you allergic to chicken eggs? 5. Are you allergic to Neomycin or Polymyxin? 6. Women only: are you pregnant or breast-feeding? I have read and understood this information and the Consumer Medicine Information for influenza vaccine. I consent to receiving a flu vaccine injection.

Signature Date

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Flu vaccine given by Batch number Signature Date

NOTE: It’s important to let us know if this is the first time that you have had an influenza vaccination.

Things you should know Influenza vaccine can never give you the flu. The vaccine does not contain any live virus. The influenza vaccine is generally well tolerated but you should stay close by for 15 minutes – so we can keep an eye on you for the first few minutes after your vaccination. Like all medicines, this vaccine may have some side-effects. These are usually very mild and do not last for long. If you feel anything that worries you, call your doctor for advice. Some people report redness or discomfort at the site of the injection, this should disappear within a few days. A few people report mild fever and muscle pains or feel generally unwell for one to two days after vaccination. These flu-like symptoms do not mean you have the flu. They are most likely to be your body’s natural response to the vaccine.

If you have any questions Talk to your doctor or nurse. Talk to the person who gave you the vaccine. You must be assessed individually and provide informed consent by signing this form before vaccination. If you have any questions, you are advised to talk to your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare provider. Consumer Medicine Information leaflets for influenza vaccines are available at your workplace vaccination site or upon request. These leaflets include the side-effect profile of influenza vaccination and give information on people who should not receive the vaccine. CSL Biotherapies Pty Ltd. ABN 66 120 398 067. 45 Poplar Road, Parkville, VIC 3052, Australia. ® Thinking Australia is a registered trademark of CSL Ltd. 8937. DC3608.

Vaccination is your best defence

as recommended by the World Health Organisation.


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