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E L S A L VA D O R A Mission Realized

Photographs by Rob Penner


This is a journey, seen through my lens as I traveled through El Salvador under the watchful eye of Glasswing International, an NGO dedicated to transforming communities and bringing positive change to the people of Central America. As a photographer I strive to produce meaningful work and create a positive impact through the investment of social and cultural awareness, creative expression and visual storytelling.

All images ŠRob Penner Photography 2013 Not to be used without permission


Glasswing’s efforts to improving health initiatives in Central America have increased significantly since their first day of operation.


The results are impressive: 5,000 children have guaranteed access to a pediatrician. 12,000 people have access to preventive health services. 200 women have been screened for cervical cancer.


Glasswing has delivered over 2,500 sustainable water filters to rural communities and have trained families on how to use and clean filters to access clean water.


Key among Glasswing’s health initiatives is addressing Central America’s weak healthcare infrastructure and lack of access to health services, especially for rural and marginalized populations. To combat these challenges, Glasswing strives to strengthen health services by providing additional pediatricians and community nurses in communities in which there is an extreme lack of access to health services.

Glasswing works with school committees, community leaders, parents and the local policy to implement practical strategies to reduce risks within school zones and provide a safe place to grown and learn.

“ Thanks to the work of volunteers, the students now have a better learning environment, which will motivate them to continue studying,” said Ken Baker, executive director of Glasswing.


Glasswing’s neediest school beneficiaries lack running water and sanitation, have unsafe and dilapidated classrooms, and lack play space.


Extreme School Makeovers

these schools by enhancing

engage private sector volunteers,

schooling infrastructure and

community members and teachers

providing a healthy and

to transform and revitalize

satisfying learning environment.


Glasswing’s educational initiatives of revitilizing existing school infrastructures as well as the creation of volunteer-led, after-school programming contribute to building life skills and leadership, teamwork, self-esteem, dignity, all of which are critical in fostering positive development and resilience.

El Salvador: A Mission Realized