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Affiliate Silver Bullet If you have heard of Soren Jordenson or Cindy Batte the creators of Clickbank Pirate then you know that he had great success with this phenomenal program that helps affiliates make money a lot easier while helping you to build a profitable list. It made it so simple for anyone to make money online and provided the tools needed all in one simple to use system. This new product Affiliate Silver Bullet is made for the ClickBank Affiliate still struggling to make their first dime online. So what do you get with this system? This system also aims to do everything for you such as designing the video squeeze page, setting up a pre-selling mini website, along with a follow up email series using aWeber. An article series that is keyword rich is also provided to the tune of about 25 articles which you can use to promote your website. One of the really cool things that is included with the Affiliate Silver Bullet is that every week you will be handed a new "Silver Bullet" that will be specifically focused on promoting a particular affiliate product along with a powerful 5 part email series that you can use on your blog or promote to your list. You will be able to set your ClickBank Affiliate system up without any technical knowledge enabling you to get started very quickly. This is a push button system for even the newest of affiliates. When you first log in to the system you will find 30 bullets to start promoting. If you are are a beginner, you can have them host it for you. If you have some technical know how you can download them and host them yourself. This method will provide you with a little more flexibility of creating additional content to make your site rank better in the search engines. Conclusion: The Affiliate Silver Bullet is a plug and play money make system for ClickBank affiliates.

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Silver Bullet Affilate Review | Affiliate Silver Bullet Review  

Learn how to make money online with a viral marketing system that is: easy to understand, easy to set up and requires no technical knowledg...