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MECHANISM DESIGN REPORT Chassis Design The Robot is a Differential Drive with a steel chassis as steel is strong and can hold the weight of heavy items like victims in this case. Mechanism Used 1) Traversal i) Components Used a) 4 Set of Wheels b) 4 dc motors of 150 rpm each ii) Mechanism The Wheels will be connected to dc motors which will in turn be connected to the a common rod through a simple suspension so that each wheel is free to move and cross obstacles independent to the other wheels.



2) LIFTING MECHANISM i) Components used a) 2 set of wheels b) 2 caster wheels

c) d) e) f) g) h)

2 aluminium rods 1 high torque dc motor 1 dc motor of 100rpm Hook Pulley High tension wire

TOP VIEW ii) Mechanism The base of lifting mechanism is mounted over the chassis using two aluminium rods with parallel greaves to allow motion of the caster wheels .The rods are fixed over the chassis so that they don’t move. The base of the lifting mechanism is connected to the aluminium rods using two caster wheels. The base itself has two more wheels so as facilitate forward and backward motion of the lifting mechanism. Hence the lifting mechanism is free to move over the chassis.


The hook is controlled by the high torque motor. The aluminium rods are firmly attached to the base Caster wheels help in independent motion of the lifting mechanism over the chassis via wheels on the base.

Mechanical Design ID-6  

Team Members: Vibhor Garg- LNM Institute of Information Technology Raja Massand- LNM Institute of Information Technology

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