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 CHASIS DESIGN: 1. Metal or wooden framework with a slanting slope container at the back .(So when lid [7] is opened the collected victims fall from the bot) 2. Basic Differential Drive. 3. Conveyer Belt.(covering the whole wheels) 4. Arm[4] and a hook[1] for picking objects.

 LOCOMOTION MECHANISM: 1. Consist of conveyer belt with four wheels. 2. Motors will be attached to [8] and [9]. 3. [10] are small upper wheel to provide extra support and for travelling in irregular terrain.

 PICKING MECHANISM: 1. [4] is a regular arm in front of which a hook is attached using two strings [2] & [3].(The strings are strong enough so that they won’t break) 2. The string have their one end on the hook as shown in the figure and other end on a rotating motor which helps in lowering and raising the hook.  EXPLANATION:Sting [2] is purposely kept slack so that when motor [5] tries to lift the hook beyond it reaches to the arm’s tip (as shown in the figure below) The string [3] will rise and the hook will become tilted (as shown in the figure below) So, in this way the hook can pick up the object using the arm and the hook and the base motor will turn the arm 180 degrees and the victim

will be deposited in the slanting deposit zone on the bot. Later when bot reaches the safe zone it will deposit all the victims together in the safe zone by opening the lid [7].

 WORKING OF VARIOUS MOTORS: 1. The base motor will rotate the arm from the base placed at the front of the chasis. 2. The motor the arm will provide another degree of motion to the arm. 3. The motor [5] carries the supply or thread and will help in lowering and rising of the hook. 4. So by using all the motors the cube can be lifted from any height. 5. Once the cube is in the grip of the cube as shown in the fig.1 the reverse the motor [5] and then the hook will become tilted as shown in fig.2



Mechanical Design ID-23  

Team Members: Ashutosh Baheti- IIT Kharagpur

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