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OVERHAUL Mechanical Design

Name :- Vaishali Yadav College:- IIT Kharagpur

Requirements: Motors used – 6 pulleys – 2

DRIVING MECHANISM – differential drive with a conveyer belt fitted around the tyres.

LIFTING MECHANISM – A hollow L shaped rod is used that is free to rotate across vertical axis. Inside the rod will be a high torque, low RPM motor held vertically and gears shown below are attached to it.

The horizontal gear is connected with the pulley 2. On the other end of the L shaped rod is attached pulley 1 that is connected with pulley-2 with the help of rope. At the end of the rope is a hook attached to grip the boxes (victims). There is also cavity in the chassis for the victims.

Mechanical Design ID-15  

Team Members: Vaishali Yadav- IIT Kharagpur

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