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Primary and secondary infertility in women and its treatments

Women fertility treatment is very essential for those women who want to be a mother but still are unlucky to get conceived despite of more than one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Some women try to conceive but due to some health problems they are unable to get pregnant. Reason may be a lot of. Some women may suffer from primary fertility problem whereas some form secondary fertility problem. Now, question may arise in the minds of common women that what is primary fertility problem and what does secondary fertility problem means. Fertility treatments offered by fertility clinic at Stamford CT and Norwalk CT can work best for you. If a woman is unable to get pregnant even after a minimum unprotected sexual intercourse for one year, then there she is suffering from primary infertility or primary fertility problem. Some of the most common causes of primary fertility problem in women include polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and fibroids. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition in which women have cysts in their ovaries that restrict them to conceive. It is the condition in which a woman has imbalance sex hormones. However, there are various other reasons why a woman may experience fertility problems, such as premature ovarian failure, adulatory disorders and uterine factors. Quality of eggs produced by a woman also plays an important role in infertility in many women. For these reasons infertility treatments for women offered by Stamford CT or Norwalk CT fertility clinic is become necessary for women. Several women get pregnant but they are incapable of carrying the foetus for nine months. They suffer from repeated miscarriages. This problem is known as secondary infertility. Report shows that one out of ten women in this world suffers from infertility whether it is primary infertility or secondary infertility. Good news is that there are many reports of breakthrough those are helping women to become a mother despite of suffering from secondary infertility. If you are one of those women suffering from infertility and

staying at Stamford, you can visit Stamford CT fertility clinic that offering treatments like artificial insemination treatments by which you can become capable to carry a feotus successfully for nine months deliver a healthy baby.

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