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Springfield FT’s (Fair Traders) Action Plan 2011 As members of the Springfield Fair Trade Group we commit to our involvement in promoting Fair Trade inside and outside of school and furthering our mission to achieve Fair Trade status for Springfield School during the next academic Year (September 2011) We have planned the following strategy to achieve our aims: Continue to help young people understand how fair trade works and how to make global trade fairer by learning about trade issues in the curriculum and by using and selling fair trade products as much as possible: 1. Continue the work of the fair trade Choc Shop on non-school uniform days with an emphasis on including new products 2. Investigate promoting the purchase of fair trade ingredients in the school cafeteria 3. Advertise our group and its aims on the school website with a presentation of ‘our story’ and include our signed Action Plan to keep the aims of the Fair trade status on the Agenda 4. Continue to use the Student Voice meetings to update the students about new developments, activities and events 5. To work with our ‘global awareness adviser’ on new ideas and ways to improve our effectiveness 6. To incorporate Fair trade issues into the curriculum in different subjects through the creation of a Global Fair trade Cook Book 7. To maintain our links with Sainsbury’s, Farlington, getting involved with upcoming community ventures and initiatives on fair trade 8. Continue to promote and sell fair trade products in the staff room with fair trade ‘cup cake sale’ 9. Investigate using fair trade products at parents evenings 10. Explore the possibility of introducing items of equipment and school uniform e.g. fair trade ties, sports socks and footballs 11. Organise a fair trade debate with interested students and teachers 12. Consider ideas for promoting fair trade during the 2012 Olympics Signed by all the team on Wednesday 27th July 2011

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