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Football also known as soccer, is a field game played between two opposing team of eleven players each. It is played with an air-inflated spherical ball. The objective of the game is to score a goal by getting the ball across the goal-line below the crossbar and between the poles of the goal and also defending against the other team from scoring a goal.

The players must keep the ball in play inside the rectangular field and if it crosses the border line marking the playfield it is considered a penalty.

The players can use only their feet and also head and torso to play football. Handling the ball by any player other than the goalkeeper leads to penalty free kick. The goalkeeper is one of the most important member of the game.

It needs specialization to be a goalkeeper. A goalie’s role is to block the ball from crossing the goal line and enter the goal which would result to a score for opposing team. The goalkeeper is the only player who can handle the ball with hands or arms. They can use any part of the body to stop the goal by either catching it or diverting the football away from the goal.

Robot Goalkeeper is a Robotic Goalkeeper that is nearly impossible to beat. No matter how fast you shoot it will block your shot. It has tackled and beat many football players, even the likes of Lionel Mess and Neymar, both of whom play for FC Barcelona. Even they couldn’t score a goal against the robot goalkeeper.

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Real Goalkeeper vs Robot Goalkeeper  

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