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We hope you like As Time Timer Europe, we are very proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary together with Time

Over the years we received very good feedback from users, which was very helpful for where we

Timer USA.

stand today.

When I met Jan Rogers (inventor) we never expected to create such an impact on the market with Time Timer. The Time Timer is an excellent

We are very proud to see what the impact of Time Timer does to a lot of people not only in special needs, but in everyone’s daily life.

helping tool for anyone who struggles with Time Management.

I am happy that we have such a great team, Time

Initially we focussed on the Special Needs market but today Time Timer has proven to be suitable for all kinds of markets and age groups, from schools to business Time Management.

Timer USA and Time Timer Europe, and we cooperate together on all kinds of areas. We are one big family with the same goals for Time Timer.

Robo Educational Toys Team | Jolanda, Anette, Ingrid, Monique, Sandra, Jake


our new Time Timer brochure. Starting with the Original Time Timer pocket, medium and large, we now have a full range of

hours. Coming soon! And last but not least we thank you, our

Time Timer products, also with different kinds of durations.

customers for your support and belief in our Time Timer concept.

The latest Time Timer MAX is the newest member of the Time Timer family. It is a whopping 44x44 cm

As we are celebrating the 25th anniversary we would love to hear your story about using the Time Timer

Time Timer, so it can be seen in larges spaces. It is also eight timers in one – with customizable

in your life. Please share your story with us on www.timetimer.eu

durations and changeable timer faces. The Time Timer MAX can countdown from five minutes to 24

Enjoy our new Time Timer brochure!



Time flies they say, and that is true. I thank you, customers, our team, friends and also my family for the years of support by building up this company and to achieve our goals. And a big thank you for all the users, some of whom shared their story with us in this brochure, for giving us feedback and confidence over the years. From starting with three Original Time Timers, we now have a wide range of Time Timer products suitable for every target group.


Wishing you a successful and most of all happy and healthy 2019. With my best regards, Anette van den Bogaard, Owner



Sales & Marketing Manager As the son of Anette, I was already familiar with our products at a young age. Later on, when I started working in the warehouse I became more and more interested in the business side of the company. When I needed to do an internship for my Wholesale Manager studies, it was the perfect opportunity to learn more types of work and be able to work in the warehouse, sales and administration departments. After finishing my studies I had the opportunity to work for the company, but I needed to be able to add something. That’s when I decided to learn Spanish. I went to Valencia to study Spanish in 2016. Nowadays I am proud to announce that since March 2018 I am responsible for the Southern European market as Sales & Marketing Manager for Robo Educational Toys. With my best regards, Jake Edelenbosch

JOLANDA ARP Sales & Export Manager Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am Jolanda Arp, sales and export manager at Robo Educational Toys. For more than three years now I have had the pleasure to work at this beautiful company. Why do I say this? I say this because of the combination of the product range we carry and the excellent team I work with. This company is the right place to work for. It gives such a good energy to see how our products are helping the users. At Robo Educational Toys we strive to provide an excellent customer service level. We, the whole team, do our best to service our clients. I enjoy it every day and hope to see you soon. With kind regards, Jolanda Arp 5

CELEBRATING 25 YEARS To our friends, family, customers, and loyal fans: Time Timer has come a long way over the past 25 years. What started as a one-woman show in our family garage has grown to help students, parents, teachers, and professionals around the world. My mom, Jan Rogers, didn’t anticipate the far-reaching influence of her invention as she assembled those first timers after my sisters and I went to bed each night. In my mind, she is a soft-spoken hero; a true game changer. I had a front row seat to mom’s moment of inspiration — my youngest sister wanted to grasp the concept of time, but transitions hit like bombshells and the ominous “five more minutes” warning wasn’t much help. Whether it was time to get ready for school, do homework, attend practice or go to bed, she often felt frustrated and anxious because of her inability to grasp the concept of elapsed time. Motivated to solve this universal problem, Mom created the Time Timer — an innovative, simple time management tool designed to “show” the passage of time using a patented red disk. As time elapses, the red disk disappears — making common routines at work, school or home stress-free and enjoyable. Today, the Time Timer red disk is a globally recognized time management resource that helps people of all ages, abilities, and cultures “make every moment count.” We’re regularly stopped at trade shows or conferences by avid fans who can’t wait to tell us their story. In the spirit of celebrating 25 years, we’re sharing several of those stories with you in this special edition of our product catalog. Throughout 2019, we’ll bring more of these stories to life, so if you have a Time Timer story to share – please do! If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that Time Timer has impacted lives more than we could have ever expected. Submit your Time Timer story to timetimer.eu/YourStory. Your stories inspire and motivate us to keep thinking of new ways to make time tangible as we look ahead to the next 25 years. From Jan’s garage to you — our Time Timer family — thank you for your time.

Dave Rogers, President

The Time Timer Mission Empowering everyone to conquer time. 6



JAN ROGERS Time Visionary In October of 1989, Jan Rogers was a busy mom with a curious kindergartner. Her daughter routinely asked questions about time: “How much longer? When will we go? How long is 15 minutes? When will dinner be ready?” Jan, like many other mothers, found explaining time to a 5-year-old difficult, frustrating... okay, downright crazy-making. So, she pulled out a yellow legal pad and began to sketch a solution to help children visualize time. What followed was a whirlwind of meetings with bigwigs,

The Original Time Timer Large

completing patent applications, creating marketing plans

Ref.nr. JAC5000

and endless hours of assembling, packaging, and shipping

(30X30 cm)

the Time Timer on her own. After many years of dedicated work, solopreneurship turned into a team effort, and the vision of “being able to see time” eventually traveled around the globe. Today, the same Time Timer Jan sketched on that legal pad can be found in classrooms, homes, therapy centers, restaurants, boardrooms, and factories around the world. Jan loves all of the models and colors available, but she remains partial to The Original Time Timer Medium. After all, it’s her baby! She designed it, brought it to life, and constructed it for years. At the start of the business, she’d put kids to bed, head to the workshop, and assemble Time Timers until the morning. Then, she’d head back to the

The Original Time Timer Medium

house, get the kids off to school, and take a well-deserved

Ref.nr. JAC5008


(18X18 cm)

As we celebrate 25 years, Time Timer will remain relevant and important in the lives of our customers, especially at this point in history when immediacy, instant gratification, and impatience are prevalent in our society, our culture, and our minds.

Jan Rogers, Founder, Time Timer

The Original Time Timer Pocket Ref.nr. JAC5007 (7,5X7,5 cm)


ACTUAL SIZE The Original series, whether in Pocket, Medium, Large, is a series of 60-minute timers that have helped people manage time for 25 years. It’s simple: When the signature red disk is gone, time is up! Designed to help answer the age-old question, “How much longer?,” the Time Timer reinforces the concept of elapsed time better than any other tool. The Original Time Timer is the heart of the classroom, the boardroom, or in the case of this TimeTimer Pocket, your desk.

The Original Time Timer Pocket in Turquoise Blue

The Original Time Timer Pocket in Lime Green

Ref.nr. JAC5038

Ref.nr. JAC5037

(7,5X7,5 cm)

(7,5X7,5 cm)



How It Works

To set a Time Timer , move the disk counter-clockwise to the desired amount of time. ÂŽ




As time elapses, the disk disappears. The Time Timer operates in a clockwise direction.

When the red disk is gone, time is up! An optional alert is available.


It’s a very simple thing. It’s not forced. And the simplicity of the design is what works so well. Scott, UX Director


SCOTT The Answer to a Search Ask his coworkers, and they’ll quickly tell you Scott Sullivan’s favorite tool at work is a Time Timer. A few years ago, he was tired of repeating “five more minutes” to grown adults in workshops and meetings. So, Scott began a search for a timer that would display a time countdown in a graphic, clear way. When he discovered the Time Timer, he went all in and ordered several right off the bat. And the timers delivered — participants grasped the concept immediately without the need for explanation. Workshops ran on time with a shared understanding of time passing. Soon, Scott’s colleagues adopted the use of the Time Timer in their work as well.

GAME CHANGER THE ORIGINAL WITH MAGNETS For the ultimate in flexibility, the favorite Medium and Large Originals are available in this MAGNET edition. These can be placed literally anywhere!

Today, there’s a Time Timer Large next to the monitor on his desk with several ready to go for meetings and other work-related activities. Scott effusively recommends Time Timer to anyone who regularly works with a team, and he believes that even after 25 years, the impact of using Time Timer in businesses has just begun. Want to know more about what Scott thinks of the Time Timer? Check out the article he wrote for Fast Company: www.fastcompany.com/user/scott-sullivan.

The Original Time Timer Medium with MAGNETS Ref.nr. JAC5080 (18X18 cm)

Customize your Time Timer with the Visual Schedule Kit The Visual Schedule Kit is a great way to show a “wordless and numberless” schedule for anyone to follow. The kit is available in two sizes — for the Original Time Timer Medium or the Original Time Timer Large.

Time Timer Medium Kit Time Timer Large Kit

The Original Time Timer Large with MAGNETS

Ref.nr. JAC5031

Ref.nr. JAC5090

Ref.nr. JAC5032

(30X30 cm) 13


Every Day, Every Room

Several years ago, Paola’s neighbor gave her a Time Timer,

Personally, Paola says a Time Timer helps her manage

and her family was instantly hooked. Her young kids ran

transitions between editing photos, household duties

around the house setting timers for everything — from

and shuttling kids around without the mental stress of

homework to chores.

doing subtraction problems in her head all the time.

Today, Paola doesn’t have time to waste. Two teenagers

The best part about a household that runs on Time

and a small photography business keep her moving

Timers? Mornings are made especially easy. Paola sets

quickly from activity to activity every day. So, she keeps

a Time Timer for the moment everyone needs to be

a Time Timer close by to keep her on track. One for

out the door, and it’s done. Without the stress of Mom

cooking, one in the playroom for video games, one next

becoming anxious or yelling reminders every few minutes,

to her computer in the office — all of the Time Timers

the mornings are more peaceful for everyone.

in the house are used on a regular basis.

MEET THE TIME TIMER PLUS FAMILY Speaking of family, the Time Timer PLUS family has continued to grow and win more and more awards along the way! The 20-Minute and 5-Minute timers both brought home the 2019 Teacher’s Choice Award for the Home to add to the accolades of the PLUS line of products. Time management is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. To make the most of every moment, choose the duration that works best for your students, work teams, clients and family. Volume control dial | Portable, on-the-go carry handle | Silent — no ticking Clear lens over disk for greater protection | Easy to use

60-Minute — Charcoal Ref.nr. JAC5025 (14X18 cm)





Ref.nr. JAC5034

Ref.nr. JAC5030

Ref.nr. JAC5033

Ref.nr. JAC5036

(14X18 cm)

(14X18 cm)

(14X18 cm)

(14X18 cm)


Now if I say ‘take 30 minutes,’ my son goes and grabs a Time Timer and sets it for himself. It has made transitions easier with less tension. Paola, Mom


TERRI Time to Expand Horizons Terri Hogan, along with her husband, own and operate a cabinetmaking business in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to typical business responsibilities, the Hogans feel a deep responsibility to their community. So, they’ve made space for adults with disabilities on their team. These passionate, focused employees are fully able to contribute to the daily operations and production of making beautiful cabinetry. As each member of the team was onboarded, Terri turned to Time Timer to help make the transition to a new role and new responsibilities smooth. With the Time Timer Original Large hanging in each workspace, new employees feel empowered to make every minute count.

Want to help your community intentionally include people with special needs? Here are a few ways you can make a difference:


Encourage and support businesses that hire individuals with special needs.


Volunteer with charity and school organizations that provide need-based services.


Include people with special needs in your family activities.


Talk to your children about inclusion and equality, then help them practice it.

Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities conquer time. While time can be a challenge for differently abled people, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that can make a real difference. To learn more, visit timetimer.eu


The Time Timer makes me feel peaceful and less stressed at home. It makes a big difference when you’re raising a child with autism, and you can suddenly breathe. It is a lifesaver.

Terri, Mom & Business Owner


One Step at a Time

Terri found Time Timer when she was searching for ways to help her son, Bayley, in his daily life. Bayley is on the autism spectrum and can have difficulty transitioning from one activity to the next. So, when Terri discovered the remarkably simple Time Timer (when Bayley was just 4 years old), she imagined all of the ways it could improve his life. Sixteen years later, Time Timer has over-delivered on her expectations. When paired with a visual schedule, Terri says the Time Timer has made a huge difference in Bayley’s life. He’s quick to engage with homework and chores, and Terri loves that the timer tells him when it’s time to stop and start, so she can be more of a mom and less of a timekeeper. As Terri meets other parents of children with special needs, she’s quick to promote her favorite timer with the little red disk. She’s even been known to hand them out to prove her point. It’s this enthusiasm that causes Terri to proclaim herself a Time Timer evangelist.

Time Timer Tip When using the Time Timer for easing transitions, pairing with a visual schedule can help. There are multiple ways to do this, including utilizing the Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board (shown at left, pg. 22) or by utilizing the Visual Schedule Kit (pg. 13) with the Original Time Timer Medium or Large.


Quite simply, we love the Time Timer. If you use the Time Timer when you’re getting into laser mode, you’ll feel an instant, visceral sense of urgency, in a totally good way.

Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky




In 2010, Jake Knapp was visiting his son’s classroom when

is left, and he doesn’t have to be the jerk saying,

he spied a Time Timer and was instantly intrigued by the

“We’re out of time!”

simplicity and effectiveness of its design. He snapped a quick picture and went home to order his own.

Similarly, the Time Timer helps Jake structure working schedules. Instead of letting the calendar dictate work in

Soon after his new Time Timer arrived, Jake witnessed the

one-hour or half-hour blocks of time, he is more likely to

magic effect of using the device while working at Google

work in shorter, five- or 10-minute increments to increase

Ventures. Colleagues were more focused and present in


conversations with a Time Timer on the table.

Today, Jake is a bit of a time expert. His Design Sprint

From Jake’s perspective, people of all ages struggle to

methodology (introduced in his book: Sprint) has been

track time effectively and the Time Timer takes the

adopted by domestic and international teams to help

antagonism out of conversations about schedule. Because

move projects forward with purpose on a day-to-day basis.

everyone can see how much time is left, they are no

Jake’s second book, Make Time, helps readers spend

longer surprised to move along. Jake can facilitate with

their time on what matters most each day.

the freedom of knowing everyone can see how much time

The Time Timer PLUS Make Time Edition is a 120-minute visual timer that comes with a notepad highlighting several of the principles discussed in the Make Time book. This special edition with notepad allows you to practice the techniques and ideas discussed within the book in order to focus on what matters most.

The Time Timer MOD Sprint Edition is a 60-minute visual timer that comes with a handy Quick Start Guide, highlighting the key principles of a “design sprint” framework as developed by Google teams across the industry. As Google Ventures explains, “Design sprints are a framework for teams of any size to solve and test design problems in 2–5 days.”

Time Timer PLUS — Make Time Edition

Time Timer MOD — Sprint Edition

Ref.nr. JAC5040

Ref.nr. JAC5029

(14X18 cm)

(9X9 cm)



Growing Up With Time Timer

Like any typical 15 year old, Alyssa’s phone is rarely out

Today, Alyssa uses the practical app to help her juggle

of reach. So, when Time Timer introduced an app, it was

homework, clubs, dog-walking responsibilities and

a no-brainer to download it as quickly as possible. Alyssa

more. And, all of that timed reading practice must have

was already a big fan. She grew up using Time Timer in

paid off: Alyssa is an avid reader. She often uses the

various shapes, sizes, and durations both in the classroom

Time Timer iPhone app to ensure she doesn’t get lost

and at home. When she was learning to read, her mother

in the pages of a book and forget to tend to other tasks.

Laura, would set the timer for 30 minutes so she could see how much time was left in reading practice.




Mobile Apps

Desktop Apps

Take the power of Time Timer visual time management

Turn your computer or interactive whiteboard into

anywhere you take your phone or tablet, and now, your

a completely customizable time management tool.

Apple Watch. Whether you are an Apple, Android or

The Mac and PC compatible software provides the

Chromebook fan — we’ve got the app you need.

ability to set repeating timers for hours or seconds.

Apple Watch/iPhone App iPad App Android App




Digital Timers for 1 user

Digital Timers for 5 users

Digital Timers for 25 users










Begin and End Well

As a speech-language pathologist, working with students with severe disabilities and autism, Amy depends on Time Timer to keep students’ sessions on track from beginning to end. She’s found the concrete visual of the red disk helps students see how much time they have left, so they can make the most of every minute in therapy. With Time Timer, they know when the red disappears, it’s time to be finished. This visual cue to transition helps time be less abstract, less frustrating, so speech therapy sessions are more relaxed and successful. She’s seen real progress as students begin to understand the concept of time and initiate setting a Time Timer for themselves. Amy claims that Time Timer makes a difference in her work on a regular basis — every 30 minutes to be exact.

The MOD is a sleek and colorful 3.5" timer that looks great on your office desk, kitchen counter or in a classroom. This durable and portable Time Timer can even change its color by switching the soft, durable silicone cover.

Time Timer MOD

The Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board brings

Ref.nr. JAC5026 | Charcoal Grey

together visual time management and the perfect place to keep track of tasks.

Time Timer MOD Silicone Covers Ref.nr. JAC5027BL | Turquoise Blue JAC5027GR | Lime Green JAC5027BE | Berry 22

Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board Available with or without MOD Timer Ref.nr. JAC5039 (20x20 cm) With Charcoal MOD Ref.nr. JAC5028 (20x20 cm) Dry Erase Board without MOD

I work with students with autism and other severe disabilities. The concept of time (including phrases like ‘5 more minutes’) is very abstract. However, students understand how to watch the red countdown. It makes work time, transitions to new environments, and transitions away from highly preferred tasks much more successful.

Amy, School Speech-Language Pathologist



Teaching the Value of Time

John Bennett began using a Time Timer in his Montessori classroom early in his teaching career. He was helping students discover the world of inventions and inventors when Jan Rogers, inventor of Time Timer, came to share her story with the class. After the visit, John’s students were excited to put her invention to work at school. They immediately saw the value it brought as they began to time each subject and share the responsibility for transitioning to the next activity. This allowed everyone in the classroom to stay on track and thrive (including John). Time Timer wasn’t just for work. John would often take a Time Timer outside for recess so the students in his class could fully enjoy every minute of time to play. John credits Time Timer for empowering his students to enjoy their time learning and playing every day.

ELLIE, STUDENT Wastes No Time Ellie is a bright, energetic 10 year old. And, like most 10 year olds, she’s learning about the world around her at a record pace. This means dividing her time between reading, math, projects, and responsibilities. At this tender age, it would be easy to become distracted or forget something in all the hustle. Ellie and her mom depend on Time Timer to keep everything on track. Thirty minutes of math problems? Check. Thirty minutes of reading? Check. Dishes in 10 minutes? Check. It’s all in a (busy) day’s work for Ellie, who loves the easy-to-see Time Timer PLUS 60-Minute and is thinking of asking for a Time Timer watch for her next birthday.





Time Timer



Set the original 60-minute or custom timer up to 99 hours with optional repeating alert.

Analog and digital displays in 12- or 24-hour format.

Set a time-of-day alarm.

The Watch PLUS can help anyone sail through their day, from timing exercise intervals to your big presentation. The sporty design makes this wristwatch a great accessory for students, adults, athletes, teachers and other professionals. The optional vibrate alert keeps time management discreet, too.

Time Timer Watch PLUS — Small (size 12-17,7cm) JAC5022OR | Charcoal Orange JAC5022BL | Turquoise blue JAC5022GR | Lime Green JAC5022BE | Berry

Time Timer Watch PLUS — Large (size 14-21 cm) JAC5023 | Charcoal White

Each Minute, Every Moment Book

The Time Timer TWIST is a digital version of the Time

How long does it take to tie your shoe? How about to

Timer. Set the TWIST by turning the outer ring until you

feed your dog, lay out your clothes or eat lunch? Readers

reach your desired time, then press the Play/Pause button.

of all ages will love how “Each Minute Every Moment”

The TWIST is a 90-minute timer that includes magnets on

imagines ways we can use our time each day to make

the back so it can be attached to most metallic surfaces.

every moment count! 24 pages with a Time Timer manipulative on back cover. Free song download included.

Time Timer TWIST Ref.nr. JAC5035 (23 mm thick and ø 85mm)

Ref.nr. JAC5070


JEAN-ROBERT DE CAVEL Chef and Restaurateur



Jean-Robert de Cavel’s daughter was quite young when a friend gave him his first Time Timer. Around his busy home, he found several successful uses for the visual timer with the big red disk — including helping his daughter with her homework. She stayed on track, and he didn’t have to constantly watch the time for her. Then one day, a light bulb went off — he imagined the endless possibilities for Time Timer in his world-class kitchens.


8-HR — Sold Separately

So, he packed it up and took it to the restaurant. Today, Time Timer helps the front-of-house staff and kitchen staff communicate accurately and silently at Jean-Robert’s six restaurants. Everything from eggs to bread is timed down to the second to ensure they are prepared to perfection before placed on customers’ plates. And, the visibility of the timer and optional alarm keeps the kitchen quiet, preserving the restaurant’s ambience.


24-HR — Sold Separately

Jean-Robert has used a Time Timer both at home and work, and he depends on it to provide precise communication without saying a word.



Dry Erase


Meet the newest member of the Time Timer family — the ultimate in size and flexibility. It’s a whopping 44x44 cm so it can be seen in larger spaces. It is also eight timers in one — with customizable durations and changeable timer faces, the MAX can countdown from five minutes to 24 hours. The Time Timer MAX is perfect for keeping any activity on time, even if it literally lasts all day! Learn more at timetimer.eu/max Ref.nr. JAC5100 (44x44 cm).





I realized Time Timer could have a very big use in the kitchen, especially at peak times when the restaurant is full and we want to keep the kitchen quiet. Jean-Robert de Cavel, Chef and Restaurateur



Time Timer® Europe Seggelant West 9/G 3237 MJ Vierpolders The Netherlands

Share Your Story Thank you for celebrating our 25th year with us. For our 25th anniversary, we would love to hear how Time Timer has changed your life. Submit your Time Timer story at timetimer.eu.

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