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ROB MILLER Northern Impessions

Barefoot Gallery Boston Spa Leeds Located in the elegant Georgian town of Boston Spa near Wetherby, The Barefoot Gallery exhibits Original Contemporary Art from a selection of outstanding British and European artists. Our paintings are accompanied by a beautiful array of unique, hand blown glass art and a stunning variety of pieces from the gorgeous range of Italian furniture by Moda.

River Wharfe First Impression

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“I am fascinated by the progression of light whether it’s the bright quivering of Andalucía grasses high in the Spanish sierra, the shimmer of English green in a Cotswold forest or the subtle shifts of light seen in my northern English home . When I walk and work I see colour and tones as notes, a part of a paintings arpeggio. For me the brushstroke makes each note” Rob Miller 2009 Andalucía Life . Malaga. Feature Profile of the artist

River Wharfe Second Impression

River Wharfe Third Impression

River Wharfe Fourth Impression

Impressions Top left to right Dudden Farm Cumbria Haylot Roeburndale Last Summer Pennine Bank Bottom Sawley Crook O Lune

Bottom left to right River pool Barn and Track Grange Lune Willow Mile End Whalley Dudden Valley Autumn

Left Above Whalley Left bottom Lune Willow Bottom Field track Opposite page Cotswolds and Andalucia Top left Bathing Hut Cranham Bottom left The road to the sierra Casares Right Horse Chestnuts Cranham

Cotswolds and AndalucĂ­a

Northern Impressions  

Paintings of the north of England by Rob Miller RSA

Northern Impressions  

Paintings of the north of England by Rob Miller RSA