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Rob Hughes. Advertising Portfolio.

Part I who i am.

Personal Manifesto. The Definition of Me. My life is a beautiful harmony of adrenaline and tranquility. Sometimes it feels like a controlled chaos. And I love it. In the past year I’ve jumped backwards off a waterfall, watched the sunset crawl over a quiet lake, started hiking at midnight to see the sunrise from the top of a mountain, and ran a marathon just to prove to myself that I could. Everything I do helps to shape who I am. I am strong. I am happy. I am proud of who I am, and that is what best defines me.

Photo Evidence.

Photo Evidence.

Quotes That Inspire Me. “How can I know limits from lies, if I never try?” -Lyrics from “The Melting Point of Wax” by Thrice

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.” -Charles Baudelaire “Just do it.” -Nike

Part II advertising projects.

Orbit Gum. Assignment: Use existing creative work and come up with a full media plan. My Role: Media Planner. Description: Used in depth secondary research tools to find the target market and the insights that drive them to purchase gum. Created a full media plan to increase exposure. Plan included print and television placements as well as non-traditional out of home elements.

Orbit Gum.

Million Trees NYC. Assignment: Take existing creative work and present it to potential clients as a new business pitch. My Role: Account Manager Description: Working closely with the creatives driving the work, my team prepared a new business pitch. This gave me important experience on how to create a persuasive pitch and how to deliver it effectively. Also learned how to communicate and work cohesively with agency creatives.

Million Trees NYC.

Microsoft Zune. Assignment: Collect primary and secondary research on the current brand position and future brand possibilities for the Microsoft Zune. My Role: Research Specialist. Description: After collecting secondary research, worked with a team to conduct primary research on numerous fronts. Created a survey which went live and sent out to respondents using Qualtrics and conducted several indepth interviews. Ultimately our findings were put into a brief and sent back to Microsoft.

Microsoft Zune.

SackLunch Deliverables. Assignment: Take the idea of a “healthy lunchable� and build it up from scratch. Figure out what it looks like, who would buy it, and how you would get it to them.

My Role: Account Planner Description: Conducted all forms of secondary and primary research to gather information on the market. Research included surveys, interviews, ethnographies and focus groups. Designed the product, brand, and formulated its position. Created a full plan around the product including media placements and product launch strategies. Presented findings via teleconference to the investment firm who gave us the challenge.

Part III the rest of it.

Resumé Highlights Education •Brigham Young University •BA in Communications: Advertising Prestigious jobs that put me through college

•Engineer of the Custodial Arts (janitor) •Literature Quality Evaluation (book sorter) •Heroic Donations (selling blood plasma) Skills •Speaks, reads, and writes fluent Spanish •Capable of running 26.2 miles in roughly 4 hours

Online Media Presence Facebook: Twitter: Blogspot: LinkedIn: 

Choose Your Own Adventure! To review who I really am, go to part I. To see some of the work I’ve done, go to part II. To see where you can find me online, go to part III. To make a huge mistake, throw this portfolio away. To get into contact with me, choose one of the following: •Phone: 281-734-2994

•Email: •Carrier Pigeon: Place message in beak and tell it to fly north til dawn, make a left, and look for the handsome guy. I would suggest one of the first two options though.

The End. Thank you for coming.

Rob Hughes Ad Portfolio  
Rob Hughes Ad Portfolio  

About who I am and some of the work I did at BYU.