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Show celebrates diversity BY MAY WU Tech Pep Reporter Many cultures and traditions displayed what a truly unique school we are at the recent Diversity Assembly. The students showed real courage and stepped out onto the stage to show us what they got. From breakers to jerkers, from songs in different languages to songs you know and love so much, every act was filled with the zest and diversity that our school has to offer and every act proves that we are unlike other schools in our district. Anyone can catch the performance on, but it was nothing like the real thing. That morning was where every student at Benson saw the diversity of our school put in front of their eyes. Highlights of the celebration of diversity included some outstanding acts, all performed by students. One of the most popular was the Tongans, who were featured last year as well and also was the biggest hit. "I missed the diversity assembly last year and when they popped out i was really surprised! Half naked men? Yeah!," junior Brianna Ono said about the Tongans. "Oh my gosh I touched one of them!" exclaimed sophomore Clarizza Catabay during the Tongan's performance. Another popular act was the motion monsters featuring BaoNgoc Pham, Victor Trinh, Teresa Lai, Duaci Lee and Alan Lam. These amazing dancers combined multiple songs to make a dazzling show, made all the better with help from the BATS, and a great theme that made it look like they got up and danced right in the middle of class. If you were not there you missed Mr. Slaughter, the man who put the show all together, bust out his wicked dance moves. ■ See “Diversity,” Page 5

Above,Tongan dancers were one of the audience’s favorites. Left, group Emotion Monsters made it look like they got up and danced right in the middle of class. For more pictures and story, please see Page 5.

While she wouldn’t give any details, Superintendent Carol Smith gave Benson building staff a ‘heads up’ Monday at a special meeting in advance of next week’s high school redesign plan. At the next school board meeting, Smith will propose to the school board her high school system redesign plan. The plan will be followed by a 30-day comment period, and the board will make its final decision in May. The changes would not take place until the 2011-2012 school year, but some changes could take place as early as next year in anticipation of the changes. “We are wrestling with multiple professional/technical programs that are just under viable, and need to make them work,” said Smith. “We are trying to make them viable and serve their purpose.” In addition, more people want to access what Benson has, she said. There are a number of ways that could play out. Turning Benson into a grade 9-12 or 11-12 skills center could be a piece of the redesign, she said. If that option is chosen, academic teachers at Benson could be assigned to neighborhood high schools. Some CTE programs could also be moved. The heads-up came after an evolution of policy as well as changes in federal funding for professional/technical programs. Smith is still wrestling with details.


Tech triumphs at SkillsUSA Congratulations s to Benson's 2010 Skills USA competition winners! Fifty of Benson's best and brightest were sent to the Skills USA competition this year. Thirty-three students won awards in 19 events, including 13 who took home gold medals qualifying them for the Skills USA National championships in Kansas City in June. Here is the complete list of the award winners:


Skills center for Benson?

APRIL 2010

PROMOTIONAL BULLITIN BOARD Meyee Cha 2nd Place JOB INTERVIEW Sean Rice 2nd Place JOB SKILL DEMONSTRATION OPEN Nou Vang 4th Place First Aid/CPR Nou Vang 2nd Place RADIO/AUDIO PRODUCTION Brian Halvorson 1st place (team) Ebony Stewart 1st place (team) Sean Rice 2nd place (team) Demesha Joeseph 2nd place (team) RELATED TECHNICAL MATH Blaise Clarke 1st Place My Van Vo 2nd Place RESIDENTIAL WIRING Brayan Chin-Barahon 1st Place Ivan Preciado 2nd Place Jordan frazier 3rd place Corey Elliot 4th Place Joel Lui 5th Place AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNOLOGY Garrett Mura 1st Place Perry Freund 2nd place CABINETMAKING Vicki Lam 1st Place Rafael Penate 4th Place ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Kevin Burnes 3rd Place COMPUTER MAINTENANCE Matthew Lee 2nd Place PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Le 2nd Place TELEVISION VIDEO PRODUCTION Eileen Tom 1st place (team) Daniel Drakos 1st place (team) Ebony Foreman 2nd place (team) Ra'Chelle Boswell-Collins 2nd place (team) WEB DESIGN Matthew Dodier 1st place (team) Nathan Pointer 1st place (team) VIDEO PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Briana Ono 4th place (team) Mary Wu 4th place (team) AUTOMATED MANUFACTING TECH Anthony Bergeron-Burns 1st place (team) Meyee Cha 1st place (team) Jeff Wahlberg 1st place (team) Minh Doung 4th place (team) Vincent Lam 4th place(team) Tucker Brennan 4th place (team) SHEET METAL FABRICATION Meng Cha 4th place WELDING (OXY-ACE) Gustavo Sig Garcia 2nd place PRECISION MACHINE TECH Anthony Moulazime 4th Place

HOSA masters state competition Congratulations to Benson’s 2010 HOSA winners! Last week more than two dozen Health Occupation juniors and seniors attended the Oregon HOSA State conference, hosted at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, and won 18 first place contests. (See the complete list starting on this page.) These students were chaperoned by Medical Assisting teacher Kathy Lloyd who is in her 20th year as an Anatomy/Physiology teacher and Sara Callies who is in her second year as an adviser. These students competed in team skills events from CPR/First Aid to Biomedical debate. They also competed in knowledge testing such as Nutrition to the Muscular System. Benson students created a rampage of success all throughout the competition. Three Benson students campaigned and strived to be state officers for HOSA. These officers include Junior Alysha Phan as Oregon HOSA's State Secretary, Junior Vanny Chao as Oregon HOSA's Northern Vice President, and Junior Sandra Van Oregon HOSA's State President. CATEGORY I MUSCLE IDENTIFICATION INITIAL MASTERY Ken Duong Third Place

SKELETAL IDENTIFICATION INITIAL MASTERY Kristina Brown Third Place Victor Trinh Fourth Place Erica Wu Fifth Place DENTAL TERMINOLOGY ADVANCED MASTERY Sherry Liao First Place MEDICAL SPELLING ADVANCED MASTERY Alysha Phan Third Place Bao Ngoc Pham Fifth Place MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY INITIAL MASTERY Elizabeth Phan Third Place Jim Ly Fourth Place Kristina Brown Fifth Place MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY ADVANCED MASTERY Jeffery Pham First Place My Van Vo Second Place Phuong Pham Fourth Place Christina Truong Fifth Place Joanna Yan Sixth Place MEDICAL MATH ADVANCED MASTERY Phuong Pham First Place My Van Vo Third Place Tri Tran Fifth Place Shawn Chan Sixth Place HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT ADVANCED MASTERY Jennifer Huynh Second Place Jenny Truong Third Place Ling Zhan Fourth Place

■ See “HOSA,” Page 6



Tired of being bored? LUEHNA Tech pep reporter Bored of doing the same things with your friends over and over again? Do you always find yourself bored at home wondering why your life sucks so much? Go out do something fun with a buddy or relax by yourself. There are probably a billion things you could come up with to do when your bored, so start doing them! Here are a couple things you can do around town when you have time to roam around: Take a walk down waterfront on a nice day, and go to the Saturday/Sunday Market. Make a trip to the zoo to see your favorite monkey or tiger. Do something simple and go watch a movie. There are always new ones coming out so the movies can never get boring. Take a group of friends and go ice skating at Lloyd Center. Have a picnic at a park near you! Go shopping, make it a fashion show. Take a trip to the park. You can play a pick up game of basketball, play tennis, soccer, volleyball, baseball, Frisbee, whatever. Take your siblings to the Children’s Museum right next to the Oregon Zoo. You just made their day and you got to play along with them. Go on a bike ride! There are so many bike paths in portland like Johnson Creek. Grab your skateboard and go skating. Get your skater friends to teach you, or just hang out around there meet new people. If you don't want to go out or the Portland weather is just bumming you out, stay in: Food day with your friends! Invite people over and try new recipes out or make your favorites. Make some pancakes, grilled cheese, sushi, bake a cake, bake some cookies and decorate them. Remember all those old school board games you use to play? Pull them out and have a party. Some Apples To Apples, then Mancala, Chinese Checkers, Chess, Shutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Pictionary, Guess Who?, Trouble, Risk, Taboo, Gestures, Kerplunk, Battleship, Connect Four, Scene It!, Sorry!, Candyland, Parcheesi, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit, Mousetrap, and Scrabble. Do arts and crafts. Get some paint or crayons and

make your mamma a picture. You could make T-shirts, even tie dye them. Sleepoverrrrrr! You could always have a marathon of your favorite show like The O.C., House, and Modern Family. Go back with some Hey Arnold, Doug, and Rugrats. Have a movie day at someone’s house. Grab some of your old VHS movies and mix them up with some of your favorite new DVDs. I would mix it up with a 3 Ninjas marathon, then The Little Rascals, and of course The Sandlot. Have a car? Take a drive: Bullwinkle’s. Always fun with a group of friends. Wild waves! Even though its far its worth the drive to ride roller coasters, go on water slides, and swim all day in a huge wave pool. Trips to the river or even the beach on a random sunny Portland day. College visits around Oregon. Go visit your siblings or get ready to pick your college and apply, get the feeling of the campus. If you keep saying your soooo hungry then go eat! Slappy Cakes. Eat some yummy breakfast while making your own pancakes at your own table. Stepping Stones. Delicious breakfast with mancakes. Not pancakes. Skinny Dip. A cute little frozen yogurt place that lets you get all the toppings you want. Then they'll weigh it then pay. Fat Straw. Bubble Tea with a sandwich or a muffin. Free internet use. The Waffle Stand. Waffles waffles waffles. Sapparo-sushi. I mean, who doesn't like sushi? Montage. Eat pasta then take it home in a fancy creation of tin foil. American Dream Pizza. Pizza for the soul. Zach's Shack. The best hot dogs ever. Get out there live your life, people! Your friends are probably sitting around thinking the same boring thoughts on the weekends. Call them up and go chill somewhere, nobody wants you at home moping around. Be active and have some fun while your still young.

Prom do’s and dont’s DEMETRIUS LINCOLN Tech Pep Reporter His corsage, her dress, the thoughts of who will be bestdressed, the king, the queen, the luxurious ride in a limousine. These are the things that go on in seniors’ minds as they know when the sun goes down it’s time. Yes, prom is on its way, right around the corner actually,, and the night is something to prepare for. So here is a check list to keep in mind the day: 1.Your Date! Now you could come alone; however, when you arrive with a date – whether it is same gender or not – you will remember the night with that someone special. After all, it’s prom. 2. Look Like a star! Girls best make up, sexiest hair style. Boys fresh cut, new braids or dreads. This is the night where students are shining stars; don’t be one of the ones that falls. 3. Tux Check, Dress Check: Okay so you don’t have to do the tux thing, nor does she have to wear a dress, but that doesn’t mean come in a polo with jeans, or a sweat suit, come promish, don’t be afraid to throw on your own swag, or bend the rules a little to

be different. Just make sure you fit the mood but stand out at the same time. 4. Beep, Beep, Vroooom: How are you getting there? Better call the rental shops, or ask mom or grandpa for the keys to that 2010 or that significant old school. Just make sure that you get there fashionably whether limousine, or your own whip, keep it clean and make a scene Think big – a helicopter would be a nice thing. Don’t be negative, you can do anything! 5. Cash Rules Everything Around Me C.R.E.A.M.: Work extra hours, ask for extra cash do little jobs and save as much as you possibly can, maybe even take a bit out of your savings but not too much,. Keep in mind that this is your senior prom, therefore please keep in mind on a day like this money is not an issue. You will spend for after parties, accessories, who knows – just bring your wallet. 6. After the party just change locations: The flyers say 11 but let’s be real there will be various functions after it’s all said and done, and instead of making this segment long, lets put it this way:

PROM DOESN’T STOP UNTIL 8 IN THE MORNING. 7. EAT B4: Even if that means before 4, there will be lots of jumping, shaking, head bobbing and grinding, and you don’t want that snow white dress to be broccoli green; therefore don’t come hungry! But leave happy. 8. Charge IT! Okay the cell phone is big but you don’t want to miss anything so keep all electronics charged, phones, cameras, iPods anything that can assist your night and fill in the boredom (just in case). 9. Be Aggressive, Be Aggressive: Do not come in the building being a human flyer – come on the dance floor and dance the night away, so please practice your moves. Boys, get a girl and have them show you the ropes. Keep in mind this is a different ring not a Tyson fight, so hey prom “Anything goes.” 10. BE READY: take in steps 1-9 and be ready to execute because prom night is a new height, so have fun, be at the ACADAIAN BALL ROOM SAT, MAY 15th 8:00! P.S. Say Cheese for MOM.


No more excuses–hold people accountable for their actions DAN DRAKOS Tech Pep Reporter With the recent shooting of Aaron Campbell, I have begun to notice more and more, as many of you probably have, that we live in a society in which people are not held responsible for their actions. It’s not just the police; it seems that everywhere people’s failings are ignored and they are allowed to continue on unquestioned. Were these people children I would understand; a child is supposed to fail, in order to better learn. But they are not children. In fact these people are the ones given the utmost respect in our society, our soldiers, our doctors, our police officers. When a man dies in surgery because of a bad call, the surgeon is given a stern lecture and allowed to continue. When a soldier kills innocent civilians, he is pitied because this will most likely scar him for life, never mind the family that will never see their child, his cause of death labeled as collateral damage. One reason this may be overlooked is because these jobs are considered high stress. I agree they are, but society didn’t say “Hey, you must become a cop.” The choice is individual, it is not up to anyone but the men and women wanting to become police officers, soldiers and doctors. The people who take these jobs know the risks and know it will not be easy. If they thought they couldn’t do the job they should have picked a different career path. Not all the people who can’t handle the job choose to give it up, so now we get to watch the news and listen as children die because people make mistakes. The reality of the situation is, there should be no zero accountability but rather zero tolerance.

Six tips to stop the fighting in your current relationship VANNY CHAO Tech Pep Reporter Why do some couples fight so much? Are you one of those couples? Here are some tips to get past the fighting. Problems will grow and dig deep roots into your life, especially if they were not tended and treated with "warmth and flowing rivers of love.” They may have already become "mangled weeds forming a big garden" of distress. Some of these tips may sound silly, but these are what the experts suggest! Fight "nicely": This does not mean that the couple in question has to agree. But rather than name calling or screaming at each other, "gently nudge each other towards change." Don't hide from problems: Don't hide your problems and think they will go away, confront them straight on to avoid a potential disaster. Use conflict management skills: Learn to take deep breaths and speak calmly which will help from yelling or saying things that you will regret. My boyfriend and I count backwards from 10 when ever we feel like an argument is coming on. It helps. Willingness to forgive: Learn to let things go. The things that we have said or done do not have to define us. Remember the good along with bad. Of course, everybody has different things that we will let slide. A sense of fairness: Always remember the way your partner sees things and always try to see their view. And my personal favorite relationship tip: the three C's: Celebrate, Communicate, and Compromise. Everybody fights. Don't go down to the degenerative level of a relationship. Pick your battles and let everything else respond with perspective and respect.

What’s your weird habit? RACHEL BENJAMIN tech pep reporter Everyone has a habit that they have whether they notice it or not. These habits might not be totally obsessive compulsive, but they are habits none the less. A few students shared with me their weird habits: “I have to step on the cracks in the cement every two steps I take, I don't know why but I have to. I also have this chair that is in my room, and it has to be turned at a certain angle and if it's not then I can't sleep.” Amber Trimble, Senior “I eat ice, lots of it!” Catalina Vu, Senior “I have a habit of organizing my money from the biggest billls to the smallest bills, then they have

to be in order of their series year and they all have to face the same direction.” Rachel Benjamin, Senior “I collect my hair everytime I brush it. The hair that comes out, I put it in a bag. I have like a big wad now.” Sabinne Saint-Felix, Senior “I don't like misorganized iTunes libraries. I can't have like fifty different genres and a whole bunch of artists all over the place.” Phillip Melson, Senior “If I see a box of crayons or something, I have to put them in rainbow order or else I feel like killing somebody.” Maggie Kowatch, Senior “If everybody gets in the car at the same time, I can't get in.” James Gault-Love, Junior



WORST REJECTION STORIES LILY ZHAO Tech Pep reporter Everyone feels on top of the world when that one special person approaches them with a slick new pick up line. Every girl can't deny a cute and sweet boy that asks them to the dance with a bouquet of flowers and a cheesy line. And you know you can't resist laughing at those brilliant pick up lines your friends come up with. So you need a little help picking up girls? Need some ideas on how to ask out your next boyfriend or girlfriend? Try out one of these pickup lines and maybe you'll end up with your future girlfriend or boyfriend. See how Benson students picked up their love ones in these cute love stories. “In 8th grade, I liked this guy so I asked him out. He said ‘No. I just broke up with my girlfriend so I'm not going out with anyone.’ Next week later, he was with another girl.” –Skyler Donald, junior “When I try to pursue a girl... I hate the 'Just friends part.' Dang, I don't like that. I can be a potential boyfriend. You want Gucci, Louis, Ralph Lauren? No more of that Forever 21 stuff!”

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Best & Worst the


LUEHNA ABUAN Tech pep reporter “One day my boyfriend came over to print something at my house but he accidentally forgot it. The next day he told me he was going to pick it up later that night. We were talking on the phone earlier and he said he needed to go buy a tooth brush. When he called that night, he said he was going to stop by the store to buy his tooth brush and then he'd be over to pick up his paper. What I didn't know was that when he went to ‘get a toothbrush’ at the store, he was really going there to buy me a bouquet of roses. So he came over and I walked outside with his paper in my hand that I thought he needed. As soon as I handed it to him, he pulled out a bouquet of roses and asked ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ He made sure to do it at exactly midnight. And of course I said yes!” Sandra Van, junior “In 7th grade I was playing twenty questions with this guy. Then his last question was ‘Will you be my girlfriend – yes or yes?’” Janine Rillera, junior “If you were a video game, you'd be my final fantasy!” Jenny Truong, junior

–Jamal Arnold, senior “When a person leads you on and then goes out with your best friend!” –Darien Fleming, junior “I really liked this guy and he flirted with a lot of girls. I thought I was special because he flirted with me. A lot. So I told his friends I liked him and they told him. He said ‘UGH, NO..! There's no way.’ Then I talked to him and he said ‘You're more like a sister.’ It was depressing.” Crystal Dill, junior “I decided to visit my girlfriend on Valentine's day and as I walked in, I saw her kissing with another guy. I was so sad. I cried.” Sanjay Battan, sophomore “I dated this guy for a month. When I broke up with him, he cried and went home for the rest of the day. Everyday I saw him in first period, he'd cry.. for a whole week. He was a nice guy but he was too clingy.” Sharayah Hanson, junior “When I was in high school, we had this thing called the Sady Hawkins. I was dating a guy and I asked him to go to the dance with me but he wouldn't go! That hurt me really badly. So I asked his best friend to the dance!” Mrs. Ganoe “Back in middle school, I went out with this one girl and then I didn't like her anymore. She liked me hella' but she was too clingy. On the last day of school, I told her I didn't like her anymore and I broke up with her. She cried and I felt bad. That was the only time I rejected someone and I'll never do it again.” Victor Kuss, junior “When this girl liked me but I didn't like her like that. She was my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. She doesn't talk to me anymore.” Tasha Bilbrew, freshman “It was in middle school. I didn't have a lot of friends because people were mean. But I did have a few good friends and one of them was this guy that liked me from 6th to 8th grade. He was the nicest person ever. He gave me chocolate every Valentine's day. When he finally asked me out, I had to tell him that he was just best friend to me, not a boyfriend. He wouldn't talk to me for a whole year and he moved schools. When I saw him on the streets, he ran off. I feel so horrible because he was one of my best friends. But I just couldn't like him that way.” Brianna Ono, junior “It started with a love triangle. Me, a good guyfriend, and this girl. I went on a couple dates with the girl. But my friend liked this girl too. He ended up going out with her behind my back. I found out from another source about it. She ended up going out with my friend for over 3 years.” Khang Truong, sophomore “I was in middle school. Me and this girl had a complicated thing going on. She wrote 'Will you go out with me?' on a piece of paper, crumpled it up and gave it to my cousin to give to me. When I saw it, I threw it in the recycling bin. When she asked, I said I never saw it. I guess I wanted things to stay the way they were.” Meng Cha, junior “It was 5th grade. I liked this girl since 2nd grade. Her name was Sara. We finally talked one day and I thought she liked me so I asked "Would you like to date?" She said "NOooo!" and gave me this look. We didn't talk anymore. I was heart broken. I liked her for so long.” Khalid Osman, junior

“This one guy asked me ‘So do you wanna go out sometime?’ Then I said sure. So then I guess the next day he was like, ‘Yeah this is my girlfriend.’ I was caught off guard and thought oh I’m your girlfriend? Then I told him ‘You didn't ask me! Will you ask me out officially this time?’ ‘Okay, will you be my girlfriend please?’” Dina Dely, senior “Do you mind if I put my arm here?” Anders Wolher, senior “Did you hear about the one with a fat penguin? It breaks the ice.” Anonymous “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.” Dylan Thompson, freshman “Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?” Keighley Overbay, freshman “Baby is your last name McDonald because I’m lovin’ it.” Franklin Norman, freshman “My friend and I first made up this plan to ask this girl to winter formal. The original plan was to jump out of a big present but we couldn't put one together. So what we ended up doing, was that we put on ski masks then ran through her group of friends, picked her up, ran her around the school for a little while, then put her down and asked her to winter formal. And she said yes!” Daniel Drakos, junior “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?” Sean Corrigan, freshman “Are your legs tired because you've been running through my mind all day.” Mr. Mylet, teacher “Everyday after school, we'd find each other and go to a park by the school. We just talked to each other and shared all of our common interests. I knew he liked me, and I was just WAITING for him to ask me out. Finally we were on the topic, so he grabbed my hands, and asked me out. That park is ‘our spot’ now.” Alysha Phan, junior “When I was in 8th grade I was on the cheerleading squad, and the guy I liked was on the football team. After one of his games the squad came up to me with him leading, and they made up a cheer. At the end of the cheer he asked me out. It was so sweet I couldn't say no.’ Nicole Powell, junior “My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in.” Joanna Yan, junior “May I take a couple of pictures of you, because you sure are worth more than a thousand words.” Mary Dang, junior “If you were a pirate, would you want your parrot on this shoulder, or this shoulder?” Viet Phan, junior “So I like pick up lines so I decided to try some on this cute guy. "Do you have a Band-Aid because I think I'm falling for You." I tripped over my own feet and fell and he said "No I don't have one" and I just started laughing.” Mary Dang, junior


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So Tech Show is next week, and the whole city is invited. You are a tour guide and host, whether you’re selling root beer floats, working the carnival in the gym, or giving a tour in your major. You kinda need to know what’s going on. Fast. So you can look really smart for the guests and impress your teachers.

Communications Communications students are currently re-designing the official Benson Polytechnic website. They are updating course information and replacing old pictures with new ones taken by current students. Aside from working on the Benson website, the seniors are also learning new advanced Adobe Photoshop techniques and putting together senior portfolios. Students have taken photographs throughout the entire year. Each assignment has been focused on a different element of design: line, color, foreground/middle/background and texture.The students will compile all of their best work from this year and put it in an electronic portfolio that can be viewed on the Benson website. Video students Kyle Bocian Dan Drakos and Ethan Dedrickson made a promotional video showing what students in communications do. In their words, “The movie shows a typical day in communications: Taking pictures, uploading, downloading, making a movie, and of course having a sword fight with Mr. Mylet in the middle of his first period class to steal back a mystical golden role of film.” The communications program is located in E-wing, so come check out the digital artwork, videos and creative websites.

The Health Occupation students at Benson are hosting a wide variety of activities at Tech Show. In Room 237 Mrs. Callie be showcasing the eye and pig dissection. Take a look inside the anatomy of fetal pigs, or the inside of your eyes. Educate yourself by stopping by. She'll also be showcasing classroom activities and assignments. Test yourself, too. Test your eyesight and your reaction time. The dental major with Ms. Beard will be showcasing X-ray mounting and different types of fillings. Her students will also be filling tooth molds as well as traditional brushing and flossing in rm 238. Medical assisting students with Mrs. Lloyd will be blood typing and performing electrocardiograms. Students will check cholesterol and juniors will take blood pressure in Ms. Niedermeyer’s classroom, Room 238. Support Health Occupation students and visit the amazing events going on in the HOSA hall. Drop by drafting in Fwing to see what these students have been working on for these past weeks. Seniors will be in Room F212 showcasing their project boards. Room F210 will also be open, with students working on the Rivet drafting program. Room

F211 will display examples of freshman drafting work. All Electric will say is that they are doing all the cool stuff this year for Benson’s annual Tech Show. "If it's cool, we're doing it. Everyone else is dry, we're fresh,” says Mr. Hryciw, the famous electric teacher. Electric has all the attractions featuring the electric chair, the ejector seat, the flight simulator game, things that spark, make noise, shoot up, and a new maze game. The electric chair and the ejector have always been favorites to go see. The flight simulator game uses a fancy chair that follows the plane's movements as someone is playing the game. The newest invention in the electric major is the articulating mnemonic maze game made by juniors Taylor Moyer, Martin Nguyen, and Alex Salezar. This maze game runs off of air that moves the ball through air cylinders. You use the different switches to move the ball to complete the maze. If you're interested go down to the Electric rooms in E-wing and check out all these inventions. Mr. Hryciw says, "If it's exciting, we're doing it. Electric is the best!" Automotive In Automotive for this Tech Show, students will be showing off their class work. Some students are showing the work they have done on their own cars. These cars will be showcased as a car show in Benson's parking lot. Other things that will be shown are diesel engines, Automotive engines, heavy duty truck, demonstration of break work, Running the helicopter, igniting an airbag Thursday and Friday at 8:00pm , on both Thursday and Friday. Also running aviation engine If your interested in automotive and cars come check it out and see for yourself what these students can do. KBPS will give tours of the radio station during Tech Show. Check out what happens behind the scenes at your favorite radio station and see what KBPS is doing. In manufacturing, seniors will demonstrate work in Room C-111 while Juniors will be in Room 127. Students will demonstrate the use of hydraulic jacks, CNC machines and welding. Come check it out. The construction classes are taught by Mr. Weber and Mr. Franciscone. Students put their skills to use to make memorabilia to sell at the Tech Show. They are

making wood crafts and selling them from $15–20 each. They are also featuring the always popular bucksaw and nail-pounding contests for the fun fair. The class will also be presenting a PowerPoint about the house that they are currently building. The money earned from the breadboards and the contests will go toward the Benson House Fund. The construction class is the very last classroom to the left in e-wing, so come on out to the Tech Show and support the building construction class.



Showing off school diversity ■ “Diversity,” from Page 1 To kick off the assembly, the Motion Monsters took the stage and showed off their moves. They did an awesome job, doing many different songs and dances combined getting everyone pumped. In the beginning Bao Ngoc Pham, Victor Trinh, Teresa Lai, Duaci Lee and Alan Lam were all on the stage in a school setting. Then they did various dances to many different songs grasping the audience, students even started to sing and dance along. Next off came two amazing young ladies on the stage Lily Zhao and Phoebe Van Buren singing a popular Chinese song, “Mouse Loves Rice.” Both of them had voices that enchanted the students and filled the auditorium. Afterwards Junior Minh Doung said "I couldn't get it out of my head so i had to go download it." Then Pascal and the gang ranging from big to little were all playing Latin music with various musical instruments such as the marimbas, drums, guitar and xylophone. Next off was a serious skit to remind us all to think twice about the choices we make. Senior Ra’chelle organized the AIDS skit to tell everyone that anything could happen and to be safe. Dina Dely, Meyee Cha, Wade Norris, Juwan Robins, Ra'chelle Boswell-Collins and Bryce Clovell acted to explain the dangers of contracting AIDS. The skit shows teenagers going through various situations such as unprotected intercourse, drug use and pregnancies. In all these circumstances many problems were faced and the skit elaborated on how to solve these problems and avoid them. Young Lyric, Junior Tyson blew everyone off their feet when he started to sing with his hypnotizing voice. He even switched up the original song and made it his own. He had his friend Michael Stewart rapping along his side. Afterwards students were going down the halls singing his jam. After singing of course comes some dancing — Latin dancing that is. Beautiful girls and young men dressed in snazzy black outfits and sombreros to match up there Latin dance. Afterwards a junior named Mercedes Pizzaro with a gorgeous voice came out and sang us all a song about friends in Tagalog. Students sat in awe and thought about their own friendships. Everyone was mesmerized by her voice. Next off was Senior cChico showed us what he’s got with his hip hop dances to different songs. Even the triplets came out and danced along. They were

definitely a crowd pleaser. Later the Poetry Club came out and we all snapped and gave spirits to the poets reciting their passionate poems. Everyone was quiet and intent in listening to them and everyone was touched by their poetry. Even Mr. Slaughter gave us a poem about Portland. Next were three young ladies dressed in traditional Hmong outfits doing a traditional Hmong dance. Their outfits were and the girls really sparkling on the stage. Then came a part of the assembly where we have to think about all the people that had their lives taken away from them. The Haiti PowerPoint by Sabinne shows us the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti. Chris Catabay played hallelujah on his guitar and sang beautifully throughout the slide show. Something that hit close to home was Jose Hernandez’ death, a slide show for was presented for us to remember what a wonderful young man he was by Daniel Morales, Alex Torres and Michael Deriew. We all took a moment of silence and to cherish every moment of life. Then a bunch of young men came on stage with a hip-hop vignette. The boys showed their rhymes and their dancing skills. There were the breakers vs. the jerkers. Both of the groups did extremely well, the jerkers even had a cute little boy join the stage which had the crowd going wild. To keep the action going was the fashion show. Benson students strutted down the stage and wore their traditional outfits down the stage. Next off was Junior Kiara Brinkley doing a very inspirational dance to a soulful song and everyone was quiet and stunned at her compassion. She is an inspiration to us all. Next up was something we’ve all been waiting for since the last diversity assembly, which were the Tongans doing a traditional dance, Hak Ka. The crowd screamed for them from the top of their lungs. First off was the girls doing the traditional dance with a lot of booty action. Then came stomping in the Tongan men all glossed up with oil, running on stage making everyone go wild. Afterwards the crowd was a little sad inside when they left the stage. Last but not least was hip hop dancing and stomping with some talented young men and ladies. They PEAK pumped up the students to go to their next class even PERFORMANCE Singing, dancing and if they didn't want to. fashion highlighted the Diversity Assembly.

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OneRepublic gets raves KYLE JOHN BOCIAN Tech pep Layout Editor The first manifestation of what evolved into OneRepublic formed in 1996 by Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins who befriended each other during their senior year at Colorado Springs Christian High School. They enlisted a few musical friends and named their rock act This Beautiful Mes. When seinor year ended Ryan and Zach went their separate ways and the band broke up. Reuniting in Los Angeles in 2002, Tedder and Filkins formed their second band called the Republic. Tedder, by then an established songwriter and record producer, had convinced Filkins, who was living in Chicago, Illinois to relocate. Nine months later, they were signed to Columbia Records. After a few line-up changes, they finally settled with Tedder on vocals, Filkins on guitar and backing vocals, Eddie Fisher, an Oregonian, on drums, Brent Kutzle on bass and cello, and Drew Brown on lead guitar. They later changed the band name to OneRepublic after their record company mentioned that the name Republic might cause controversy with other bands. OneRepublic's hit “Apologize” was not the song’s original version, but a remix heard on “Timbaland Presents: Shock Value.” The original appears on Dreaming Out Loud, the band’s debut album, released Nov. 20, 2007. One of the coolest things about

HOSA students rock at state ■ “HOSA,” from Page 1

OneRepublic is the cello played by Brent Kutzle. I really believe it is what brings their songs to life and makes them different form all the other rock bands. OneRepublic’s newest album “Waking Up” came out on Sept. 24, 2008 The album contains 11 tracks, most of which feature a cello. The genre of the album is considered rock and holds up to “Dreaming Out Loud,” and in my

opinion is better the “Dreaming Out Loud” because of how well produced the instruments and vocals are. They also use a choir and other cool and interesting techniques to please their audience They are touring Europe at the moment and the closest concert is in Del Mar, Calif., at the San Diego County Fair on July 7. If any of you happen to be at the San Diego County Fair, make sure to check them out. You won’t regret it.

Bicyclists plan Reach-the-Beach ride KYLE BOCIAN Tech Pep layout editor Portland has many bike rides, runs and triathlons. One of the upcoming popular bike rides is the reach the beach ride. The ride starts from four different locations: Portland (100 mi), Newberg (80 mi), Amity (55 mi) or Grand Ronde (28 mi). The route is beautiful, medical and mechanical support are on the course, there are eight lunch and snack stops, and a magnificent beach party at the end with a

Band plays, has fun, at Western Oregon University, competition enjoyed by all A few weeks ago, the Benson Band performed at Western Oregon University for the annual Music Festival. They all left at 8 a.m., spent the entire day there, returning at 3 p.m. For the amount of practice they had, they performed impressively well. They meet for about 45 minutes every morning during 0 Period. The group played three pieces: Pentland Hills, an English-style march; Down A Country Lane, a slow moving piece with beautiful chord progression to set the atmosphere for a dusky summer countryside; and Puszta, a four-movement piece with the title of "Four Gypsiedances." Although the band didn't win anything in the competition, they all played and had fun, knowing that they weren't coming to win. "On a scale of 1 to 10 in fun, I had about an 8," said band director Dan Foster after the competition. The band sat there on stage with nearly no audience, but played furiously nonetheless. It was absolutely certain that the competition was enjoyed by all, regardless of how well they did.

delicious, hearty feast. Reach the beach is one of Oregon’s most popular rides. The entail fee to ride is 25$ then an additional 75$ in fundraising is required. Another popular bike ride that takes place all across the world is the world naked bike ride or the WNRB. Portland actually has three naked bike rides/ runs. The first naked ride is the "Sunny Nekkid Ride" starting at the Joan of Arc statue at NE 39th and Glisan, at 2 p.m. This will be the

fourth year for this ride. The second ride is the "Fig Leaf Naked Run/Ride" in Forest Park at 7:30 p.m. It is a 10K off road naked bike ride and 5k run/walk starting at the paved section of Lief Erickson Drive. No fee is required other then 2 canned foods that will be donated to the local homeless shelter. The big ride, though, starts from and returns to the Pedalpalooza Kickoff Dance Party, which begins at 9 and continues well into the night.

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NUTRITION ADVANCED MASTERY Ling Zhan Fourth Place PATHOPYSIOLOGY ADVANCED MASTERY Chelsey Brown First Place PHARMACOLOGY ADVANCED MASTERY Viet Phan First Place Shawn Chan Third Place CONCEPTS OF HEALTH CARE ADVANCED MASTERY Jennifer Huynh Sixth Place CATEGORY II DENTAL ASSISTING INITIAL MASTERY Elizabeth Phan Third Place DENTAL ASSISTING ADVANCED MASTERY Mary Dang Second Place MEDICAL ASSISTING ADVANCED MASTERY Chelsey Brown Second Place PHYSICAL THERAPY ADVANCED MASTERY Chelsey Brown Second Place CATEGORY III CPR/FIRST AID INITIAL MASTERY Kristina Brown Third Place and Sharaya Hanson Vanny Chao Sixth Place and Victor Trinh CPR/FIRST AID ADVANCED MASTERY Phuong Pham First Place and Jason Mah Vanny Chao Sixth Place and Victor Trinh CATEGORY IV EXTEMPORANEOUS HEALTH POSTER INITIAL MASTERY Kristina Brown First Place EXTEMPORANEOUS HEALTH POSTER ADVANCED MASTERY Sherry Liao First Place EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING ADVANCED MASTERY Victor Trinh Third Place Tri Tran Sixth Place EXTEMPORANEOUS WRITING INITIAL MASTERY Huong Cao Second Place EXTEMPORANEOUS WRITING ADVANCED MASTERY Tri Tran First Place Sharaya Hanson Second Place Sara Yon Third Place Phuong Pham Fourth Place Mary Dang Fifth Place Ling Zhan Sixth Place JOB SEEKING SKILLS INITIAL MASTERY Erica Wu First Place Elizabeth Phan Second Place Ken Duong Fifth Place MEDICAL PHOTOGRAPHY ADVANCED MASTERY Joanna Yan First Place Bao Ngoc Pham Fourth Place PREPARED SPEAKING ADVANCED MASTERY Ling Zhan Second Place CATEGORY V CAREER HEALTH DISPLAY ADVANCED MASTERY Sara Yon First Place and Christina Truong Jim Ly Second Place and Vanny Chao Elizabeth Phan Third Place and Joanna Yan Mary Dang Fourth Place and Jenny Truong CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING INITIAL MASTERY Huong Cao, First Place Kristina Brown, and Sharayah Hanson Jennifer Huynh Second Place CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING ADVANCED MASTERY Shawn Chan, Tri Tran, Ling Zhan, and Sherry Liao First Place Tabina Nguyen, Alysha Phan. and Bao Ngoc Pham Second Place My Van Vo, Jim Ly and Victor Trinh Fourth Place FORENSIC MEDICINE INITIAL MASTERY Ken Duong FORENSIC MEDICINE ADVANCED MASTERY Viet Phan First Place and Vanny Chao Elizabeth Phan Third Place MEDICAL READING ADVANCED MASTERY Mary Dang First Place and Joanna Yan CATEGORY VI KAISER PERMANENTE HEALTHCARE ISSUES My Van Vo First Place Jim Ly Fifth Place Jennifer Huynh Sixth Place




McKenzie leads most successful program in state BY BRYCE HOWELL Tech Pep Reporter When you go into the new gym you will see the plethora of state titles covering the gym’s hallowed walls. If this is true for you, then of course you have also noticed that Benson has more state titles than any other sport we have competed in. This season the track team looks to continue this tradition of excellence in the sport for both boys and girls. Heading the coaching staff and team is Leon McKenzie, the long-time track coach who coached all those track teams that have brought home the state meet titles. I got a chance to sit down with the man himself and see how the season is going so far, which according to Mr. McKenzie has been “tough what with student athletes needing to get cleared and understanding the legacy that we have here at Benson and developing a steady work ethic. But we are ready to move forward in the season, especially in this upcoming part of the season which is our most important." It's good to see we are prepping for the best of the season, which are the invitationals at Pasco, Centennial, Jesuit, and then the big state meet. The Pasco, Centennial, and Jesuit meets are described by Mckenzie as, "Great building blocks for the season goal of bringing home the hardware, because we always shoot for being the best, we always have. We are a big meet team. And another thing," Mckenzie said, as he shifted in his seat and his mouth slowly turned into a grin, "is that if Benson bring home one more state title we would have won more state titles, period, than any other school in state history total. I feel like this would be quite an honor especially for an inner city school who does not have the privileges most suburban or rich schools have. It's really a testament to our school about how hard we compete and that's to the best of our abilities every time." With that in mind it's vital that we win a title. With the nearly endless amount of talent we have, that accomplishment does not seem impossible to attain. "Senior Freddy Jackson is somewhat of the leader in the sprints and triple jump area for our team,” said McKenzie. “Junior Wesley gray is one of the top leaders in the triple jump in the state. Senior Justin Johnson is our leader in the hurdles. Sophomore Demetrius Rhodes has a great chance to be a definitive long distance runner before he leaves. Senior Gabe Jenks is great in the throws. Senior Paul Johnson good quarter mile runner. Even junior Andrew Andrews, who is one of Benson's top basketball players, is getting in on the action by doing the

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger...

jumping events." So lots of guys. We get it. But don't count the girls out either. "Junior Jasmine Radcliff is our leader in the 300 hurdles and somewhat of a team leader,” McKenzie continued. “Junior Corina Conley is excelling in the triple jump and sprint events. Junior Iielijah Darden is someone we're counting on this season. And also we have a bunch of little freshmen coming out as well. No big numbers, but the goal remains is to develop." As with any team there are struggles, specifically things that are beyond the team’s power to control. "We have the worst facility and track in the state and have no real estate to work on,” said McKenzie, “as well as the attributing fact we have no weight training curriculum." His posture when speaking about this topic gets serious and he tightens up. "A lot of kids are first-year runners so they are just learning the ropes and it's hard for them to compete. PIL or someone needs to do something about this! It's pathetic compared to schools in the suburbs and schools like Lincoln or Cleveland. Luckily for us we have a dedicated track staff who give up time and money to see us succeed." So all is not lost for the season. There are also benefits from running with the Tech. Ask any of our recent alumni. "Eric Bailey is running at the university of Oklahoma,” said McKenzie. “Nate Anderson who was a great sprinter here is running the 4x4 relay at the University of Southern California. Kayla Smith is doing big things at the University of Illinois. So we send our athletes to the big name schools and they are graduating with degrees." The greatness that comes with running for Benson Tech is evident when speaking with Mckenzie and without a doubt this will be a good season.

Blazers pull off playoff win SAM TSEHAINEH tecp pep reporter Blazers strike first in the playoffs by stealing one from Pheonix. The Portland Trailblazers pulled out an upset by winning on the road in Phoenix. Andre Miller had a game high and a playoff high 31 points with Jeryd Bayless dropping 18 and Lamarcus Aldridge with 25. From tip off to the final buzzer

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it was a pretty close game throughout. There weren’t any huge leads by either team. They both played hard and pushed the tempo throughout. Blazers were able to grind out the game and come out with a win and surprise some people. Brandon Roy is out for the whole series against phoenix due to a knee injury. He is battling a torn meniscus witch is according

to the trailblazer staff a small tear of cartilage in the knee. Even if this is a small tear it troubles Roy to run easily because its within the knee. If the Blazers continue to the next round its likely for him to miss that series also. If Miller, Aldridge, and Batum continue to play the way they are and some, then the blazers have a good chance to pull an upset.

BY BRYCE HOWELL Tech Pep Sports Editor "Tiger Woods, you suck! G-- damnit!" One would think these to be the words of a middle aged corporate employee who has his next paycheck running on the world's greatest golfer and is mad that Tiger is messing up. But these words are from Tiger Woods himself. Throughout The Masters Tiger had many of these similiar outburst throughout the most heralded tournament in all of the sport of golf. But can we really get on him about it? Earlier this year I tore into Tiger about his decisions to cheat on his wife with multiple women. I do not regret talking about that I do not take back anything I have said. But I respect the game of golf. I respect the frustrations that comes with the pressures he must have been feeling at that moment. The Masters tournament played annually in Augusta, Georgia, is probably bigger then the PGA championship itself. It also happens to be the venue that Tiger Woods chose to return to golf after all the drama involved in his life. Who could blame him though? Who wants to be in the hustle and bustle of other venues or tournaments, when it seems like the most serene and peaceful of all of venues is The Masters? Great choice. Smart choice. So in terms of the game of golf, leave Tiger be. criticize his game on the golf course and leave his personal matters in his home be.

Despite injuries, Blazers place sixth BY EJ AKINS Tech Pep Reporter There were high hopes for the Blazer this year, but no one would guess that three influential players would be out. The Blazer lost there starting center Joel Przybilla, as well as their back up center Greg Oden. Not to mention Brandon Roy, the Blazers star player, a four-time all-star and former rookie of the year who will miss the rest of the post season. Despite the severe impact of injuries, the Blazers’ new starting center Marcus Camby is playing spectacularly, averaging 7 point, two blocks, and 11.1 rebounds since arriving in Portland. He is a traffic addition, leading the Blazers to discuss contract extension of two years as well as over $20 million in his pocket. The Blazers’ overall record at the end of the regular season was 5032, ending up second in the northwest division. They ended up placing sixth in the Western Conference, leaving them matched up with the third place team, the Phoenix Suns. The Suns have had an outstanding season, led by their two all-star players Steve Nash and Amri Studamier. Despite the injuries the blazers finished their last few regular season games strong and that same energy and focus has transferred into the post season as well.

Barcelona takes the lead LAURA RAMIRE Tech pep news editor April 10, 2010 Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, were scheduled to play. These two very well known teams who both share an unlimited amount of great players and outermost respect for each other were going head to head. Real Madrid coming in confident for they were first place on stats and Barcelona ready to fight. For such teams to supposedly have lots of respect for each other, they were not showing any mercy, bashing greatly on each other. The game started up with Pep Guardiolas massive change in his starting line-up, albeit just one. Dani Alves had moved up to the right side of midfield, even possibly upfront in attack considering how Barcelona tend to mix things around midgame. Starting at right-back instead was be Carles Puyol, with Gaby Milito and Gerard Pique in the centre and Maxwell. Xavi, Busquets and Seydo Keita occupied the midfield with Leo Messi and Pedro heading the attack. After a bit of keep away within the two teams, Barcelona managed to make the first goal at 32:04. Leo Messi who put the team in lead, right now is considered one of the best soccer players of the world who stands at 5'7. I feel this was something that had Madrid a bit shaky and also a disadvantage with the absence of Kaka on their team. As sessions of great footwork and awesome tackles, came half time leaving Barca in the lead 1-0. Christian Ronaldo, one of the best, was looking extremely slow this game; its hard to say that he didn't leave the Madrid fans disappointed. Ronaldo, who had all of us fooled thinking you would take advantage of the free kicks but yet didn't see anything from you. With the second half of the game left it was only a matter of time for another goal... At 55:33 Pedro made the 2nd goal for Barca. Barcelona takes the win AGAIN, alike last year who really kicked some Madrid ass. Madrid who had only 2, Barca smacked with 6 Goals. I who am a Madrid fan didn't think we would win this year either but yet i saw other fans who really did feel we would take the win. This game was differently a nail biter and an utterly suspense, one of the great things about soccer is you can be so close yet so far. Both of Barcelona's goals were results of beautiful passing, and it is something that all soccer fans can appreciate no matter what team you go for. Overall, it was a good game.

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The future is bright for Benson artists. We profile a few of the up-and-coming stars

Tech Pep Issue 5 April 2010  
Tech Pep Issue 5 April 2010  

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