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Benson manufacturing students make CBS news LAURA M RAMIREZ TechPep Reporter Juniors and seniors from our school in the electric and manufacturing field were recently caught on the CBS news. The forecast was due to introducing and to show the opportunities manufacturing has to offer. Senior Ivan Periado explains what they did on the field trip to a factory where students were caught on tape. "We walked around, talked to the owner and explained what the company is doing," said Ivan. Although he is majoring in electric, he was still selected to go on this field trip because he and other students are in the Internship Youth Apprenticeship program of Portland Metro Youth. Senior Meyee Cha adds, "We were also informed that working in this trade could be very successful." Benson is one of the rarest schools, because we still run a big shop program. Drew Park owner of the factory, explained the company needs more skilled workers and that the work force is aging, therefore he needs the younger generation to get involved. That is why he works with our school to encourage give us this opportunity. In the business world he competes with other companies nationally, allowing him to pay his workers $60,000 a year. Most student at Benson appreciate what our programs have to offer, one especially Senior Jeff Wallburg says "Skills learned at Benson is what builds the future of tomorrow ... Students need to start working hard. And be proud, you go to Benson because it is productive hard work." Electric Tech teacher, Mr.Hryciw also expressed on the news that working with your hand is not a bad


Spring fling dance on! LUEHNA ABUAN TechPep Reporter Spring colors, spring time, spring break, spring fling, and now we have our very own spring dance! Our student council members are hosting Benson's first Spring Fling Dance. This dance has a special theme just for the women which is Sadie Hawkins. For this dance GIRLS ask the BOYS, so ladies work that up-do, show your game, and get your man. Don't worry if you don't want to bring a date you can always go solo, maybe even leave with a date or two. Everyone should save the date for April 2! Dance all night from 8 to 11 p.m. Remember NO GUESTS are allowed, only Benson students may attend. Music is provided by our very own DJ FJD (senior Frankie J Duong). "This is our kick off [after] DJ IS IN THE HOUSE spring break! It's our last dance Senior Frankie Duong as our together before we leave for the spring dance DJ summer. It's our last time to have fun together so lets end it right!!" he says. Lets get the party started, and ladies don't wait, or your man might be taken!

Show celebrates diversity of Benson community MANUFACTURING STUDENTS (LEFT) thing, and that not everyone likes to sit at a desk which is fine. John Blackstone reported that "for America to rebuild its greatness in manufacturing, perhaps its time for the whole country to take a lesson from the Students at Benson high ... that making things is not only Honorable but essential." Benson not only here to inspire but clearly to succeed. Check out this link to see friends and teachers on CBS news: watch?v=FL-djCEnvzI


ESPERANZA RENDON TechPep Reporter Currently the Diversity Club is working on the production of the annual Diversity Assembly held April 2 in the auditorium. The assembly gives any and every student a chance to showcase their talent, family culture and traditions. Do not miss out on the excitement. There will be dancing, singing, poetry, an AIDS skit that will shed light on the fatal disease, and a Haiti power PowerPoint on the devastation that has occurred in the country. Once again there will be a fashion show, where students can strut their stuff in their culture's traditional clothing. This assembly celebrates the diversity at Benson. Diversity club is one of many clubs that is offered at Benson. The club meets once a week on Tuesdays in either Ms. Wong's or Mrs. Slaughter's classroom. It is facilitated by Mr. Slaughter. There are five student leaders; Adam Waritu, Sharice Jackson, Bryce Howell, Wade Norris and Derriel Ingram. These students help with the organization and promotion of the club. They also keep group members motivated to participate in the club. Any one is welcomed to come. So if you are interested in joining all you have to do is show up. Mark your calendars and prepare yourself for this year's assembly on April 2!

The amazing Kiera Brinkley LILY ZHAO TechPep Reporter Many of us know her or have seen her around the school, but not everyone knows who she is. When we see Kiera, we may think of her as, "The girl in the wheelchair," but there's more to her than just that. Behind that warm smile that she often gives to people when they pass by her in the hall, she hides that amazing talent of hers -- dancing. When Kiera was two years old, she fell victim to a disease called pneumococcus, which caused severe infections all over her tiny body. Doctors thought she wouldn't be able to make it, but Kiera amazingly survived, becoming a quadruple amputee. As soon as she recovered, the first thing she did was dance and that's become her lifelong passion. Kiera is a self-taught dancer and has had opportunities to

MARCH 2010

perform at schools and she dances at weddings. Not only that, but she's also been featured in the Oregonian and newspaper headlines numerous times. Her upcoming performance is for the mayor of the city council. "I'm honored. People like it, and I'm more than happy to do it," says Kiera when asked how she felt about performing for people. "I feel pressure but I love it. I'm a different person and I have nothing to hide," she adds. Her motivation is the ability to express herself. Not through words, but through motion. She likes the freeness and being able to show people her true self. Not only does her dancing show who she is, but each song she chooses has a story behind it. The dance that Kiera will be performing at the Diversity Assembly is called 'Day You Gave Me A Son,' which will be dedi-

cated to her Aunt's baby who passed away. Kiera's dream is to become a dance instructor who teaches children with disabilities. At 16 years old, Kiera has big dreams and a bright future ahead of her. Last July she proved just how able she is by performing at Juilliard, the prestigious New York City arts school. While she's worked with coaches, she usually choreographs her own routines, which include some pretty intense acrobatic moves. Kiera is a beautiful girl who inspires not only me but many others to never give up doing what you love. Kiera teaches us to not let anything get in the way of achieving our dreams. And she proves that through her dances. She's passionate and she puts her mind and soul into her movement. Her performances have left us speechless, in shock

and it brings many to emotional tears. "I cried the first time I saw her in rehearsal," says Hoan La. "She's just so strong and lives her life to the fullest while living her dream." Many would agree that Kiera's amazing talents and the courage of not being afraid to express herself, deserves a standing ovation. Her phenomenal performances show that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

DANCING GIRL Kiera dances, and is also a wonderful student and friend.


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What’s happening with ‘Doctor Who?’ ETHAN DEDRICKSON TechPep Reporter The hit British television series "Doctor Who” recently hit its climax in the New Year’s special "The End of Time." In this episode, the Doctor for two consecutive series, David Tennant, made a big finale in his regeneration, taking his leave on the show. To many fans, David was considered "the best Doctor yet," and several fans of the show are having mixed feelings about the new series coming up. The new Doctor, Matt Smith, begins his role on the show this Easter as the eleventh doctor. Unfortunately, the show only airs in the UK and will be broadcast In the US in April. After seeing the preview of the new series, I've been having mixed feelings about seeing Matt Smith portrayed as the infamous Doctor, with his new partner, Amy Pond. The series is beginning to take on a new look, with more of a dark undertone, and a modern look, especially with the logo change. While I appreciate the new ideas and a totally different attitude in the series, it's going to feel a lot different from when David Tennant was the Doctor. They're even bringing back some old faces, such as the Weeping Angels. This, I feel isn't a good idea

because they appeared in one episode. One of the most chilling yet. Their reappearance will either be a big hit or a big disaster. Another problem I have with the new series is Matt Smith's acting style. While Tennant was the Doctor, he began to define the face and attitude of the Doctor. Though the character's attitude changes as well as his face, I feel Matt Smith's acting style will be a little bit awkward after we've seen a long-time doctor that everyone has been used to. If you want to see some of Matt Smith's acting as the Doctor, go on youtube and search "Doctor Who series 5 sneak peek" to see him with Karen

Gillian as Amy Pond. I do feel like this could be a good thing, despite some negative feedback I've given to some of the decisions. While the show is changing and evolving, the old series will still have it's own style. This could be better or worse, but either way it will be different. With a new actor and new writers the show is bound to change. Some of the effects used to create the show are also different, which creates a total different feeling. I have a feeling that it will be different, but still good. In the time that the show has continued to run, it has gotten better and changed in it's own way. I approve of these changes and have a feeling it will be a positive future for Doctor Who.

Music industry conspiracy? RACHEL BENJAMIN TechPep Reporter There have been conspiracy theories in the music industry claiming that some of the biggest names in music are a part of a devil-worshiping secret society called the Illuminati. Some artists linked to the Illuminati are Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, Lady Gaga, Bono, Brad Paisley, and many more. From my research, the reason these artists join the Illuminati is to be granted money, power, and fame. These stars supposedly sell their souls to the devil in order to become a part of this secret society. The name that this group is commonly known as is Freemasons, a member of the free and ac-

cepted Masons, an international fraternal organization with secret rites and signs. Some signs related to this group are Jay-Z's signature diamond sign and the all seeing eye on the back of a dollar bill. Artists praise the Illuminati through their music. Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyonce have all had their ‘devil worshiping’ music exposed. There are numerous sites dedicated to exposing the scandalous secret society. If you don't believe it, you can see it for yourself. After finding out about this conspiracy, I chose not to listen to some artists anymore. I wouldn't advise anyone else to stop listening to an artist just because of this though. I just chose not to listen to them anymore because I don't agree with it.

I hate cheese BRYCE HOWELL TechPep Sports Editor I am most likely the only one out of the entire school regardless of class, race, age, or what have you, that absolutely hates cheese with every part of me. I know what you are probably asking yourself right about now. “Is he serious?” “How could he not like cheese?” “Is he lactose intolerant?” I am serious. I can not like cheese because I personally find them disgusting as h-ll. And no, I am not lactose intolerant though my gas problem is getting better (joking). I can not explain why the image of cheese makes my skin crawl, why the taste of cheese makes me gag, or why even the gruesome word cheese causes the acids in my stomach to rise gradually. I do not get why you people cannot fathom the thought of someone hating cheese! It is pretty common for a person to have a distaste for certain foods, even for something as universally accepted as cheese (amazing I know right? Individual thoughts? It's a new concept. Pick up on it). I am sure that there are more people like me out there in the world that hate cheese too. So do not give me that “are you serious?” look when I say cheese sucks. I will leave you with this though. I do like pizza. It just has to be VERY lightly cheesed with lots of sauce, thin crust, and a lot of meat products on it too. Do not even let me rag into you closed minded cheese heads about why I like them like that either. Because I just told you. Punk.


Lady Gaga fans are outraged PHUONG TRAN TechPep Reporter On January 31 at the 52nd annual Grammys, it was a battle between three of the top female artists; Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. All three were nominated for the top awards; Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year. The night ended with both Beyoncé and Taylor awarded with one of the top three. Lady Gaga's fan-club, Monsters, say there was an unfair bias with their decision in Taylor Swift's winning of Album of the Year. Monsters believed that Swift is just a newbie, only at nineteen. Even though Fearless was the best selling album of 2009, they believe that it shouldn't only be about quantity of sales but the quality of the music. Fans were already riled up when Gaga wasn't nominated for Best New Artist, and they were angry at the fact that she only won two minor awards while Swift won four major ones. Angry off fans took their anger out online by arguing on gossip sites and even trending "GaGaWasRobbed" on twitter, a popular blogging site. Though some thought that Monsters are bullies for throwing such a huge tantrum over one award ceremony, a lot of non fans also agree that the Grammy's were unfair and biased. Ironically enough, Taylor Swift dropped one of her awards backstage while posing for paparazzi, shattering it to pieces.

Two thumbs up for Shutter Island RACHEL BENJAMIN TechPep Reporter Shutter Island, the psychological-thriller set in 1954, directed by Martin Scorsese has to be one of the best movies I have seen this year. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a U.S. Marshall who goes to the island with his partner, actor Mark Ruffalo to investigate the disappearance of a patient, Rachel Solando, at Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane. He's been pushing for an assignment on the island for personal reasons, but before long he wonders whether or not he has been brought there as part of a twisted plot by hospital doctors whose radical treatments range from unethical to illegal to downright sinister. As they investigate more he begins to sense that the deeper he pursues the investigation, the more he will be forced to confront some of his most profound and devastating fears, and he realizes that he may not leave the island alive. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, so I am just going to say that this movie will keep you guessing even at the end. Martin Scorsese did a great job with this film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Debate over Nutella PRO DIADIRA PEDRO-XUNCAX TechPep Opinions Editor You know that moment when you take your first bite, lick, taste of something, and then your taste buds flare into millions of exotic, marvelous, pleasing signals? When you know you want more, though you know you shouldn't, yet you give in anyway? When you first notice that this stuff is amazing! It's a pretty fascinating feeling. What is this stuff that bursts your taste buds? Nutella! Nutella is a hazelnut/almond spreading. You can eat it for breakfast and not feel guilty of clogging your arteries at such a early time. Nutella should not be compared to such things as peanut butter, nor jelly. No one is trying to replace peanut butter. I mean, peanut butter is good, but Nutella is better. And did I mention healthier? It is also an easy breakfast, and better to eat then skip the most important meal of the day. My point in this argument is, eat Nutella. It's good. And if you don't like it, stick to that pasty peanut butter and/or jelly!

OUR REPORTERS CAST THEIR OPINIONS ON A COUPLE OF WIDELY KNOWN FOODS CON PHUONG TRAN TechPep Reporter Nutella sucks. If you're gonna eat something, you should eat it right! Nutella is a poser. It's fake peanut butter and fake chocolate. It's an artificial non-masterpiece. If I wanted peanut butter and chocolate, I'd get a recess cup. A sandwich for lunch is meant to be peanut butter and jelly, not that fake hazelnut-whatever. Nutella has this weird after taste that sticks with you for HOURS after. And you can feel this moldy substance growing on your tongue spreading bacteria that grows by thousands a second. Do you really wanna eat that? No. I didn't think so.



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Killer waves?

The truth about cell phone radiation and what you can do to protect yourself VANNY CHAO Tech Pep Reporter So what ends first? Your call or your consciousness? Many students here at Benson admit to falling asleep on their phones with either their friends or their boy/girlfriend on a daily basis. Little do they know the real consequences of the 884 MHz wireless signals that radiation from their cell phones. A recent study by phone makers own scientists from the blue-chip Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University in Sweden, and from Wayne State University in Michigan, discovered that bedtime use can lead to headaches, confusion, and depression. The mobile phone companies sponsored this research themselves and was published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium and funded by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum. Junior Luehna Abuan admits to this embarrassing habit. "It's because you'll be like snoring and the other person will just be like Hello? Hello?" She says. Junior May Wu on the other hand cheerfully exclaims, "Falling asleep on the phone is fun! Life is too short to be worrying about how many brain cells I'm losing." The myth many students have heard is that these waves kill brain cells. They explain that it is because of the wave frequencies that is going through the air that makes this habit dangerous. May Wu doesn't see it this way though. "I don't do it too often, so I'm

not concerned. I do have a lot of brain cells. I do think I'm going deaf though." When asked if these students would do anything differently if they knew of the real consequences of sleeping with the phone on, some said they would while others said probably not. This issue has not only concerned some parents, but also has caused serious concern among top sleep experts. The scientists "tested" 35 men and 36 women between ages 18 through 45. Some were exposed WHAT NOT TO DO to the radiation that ex- Junior Victor Trinh shouldn’t be sleeping on his phone. actly mimicked what is received when using monot claim that exposure caused sleep disbile phones. Others were placed in the turbance." same conditions receiving no radiation But Professor Bengt Arnets, who conat all. ducted the study, argues that they did Those who received the radiation find and effect from mobile phones of took longer to enter the first of the exposure scenarios that were realistic. deeper stages of sleep, and spent less Mobile phone radiation does have time in the deepest one. measurable effects on the brain. Based "The study indicates that during laboon the results, he believes that the radiaratory exposure to 884 MHz wireless tion may activate the brain's stress syssignals components of sleep believed to tem, which make people more alert and be important for recovery from daily focused, therefore decreasing their abilwear and tear are adversely affected," the ity to fall asleep. scientists concluded. Dr. William Kohler of the Florida The Mobile Manufacturers Forum Sleep Institute added that anything that were of course embarrassed and atcan disrupt the wellness of your sleep tempted to play down the results and will potentially have adverse conseinsisted that the published results were quences in functioning during the day, "inconclusive" and "the researchers did

1. Motorola V195s 2. Motorola Zine ZN5 3. Motorola Rival 4. Kyocera Jax S1300 5. Motorola VU204 6. RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Sprint) 7. IM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (U.S. Cellular) 8. RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Verizon Wireless) 9. Nokia E71x 10. Pantech Matrix 11. LG Rumor 2 12. RIM BlackBerry Bold 13. HTC SMT5800 14. Sony Ericsson W350a 15. T-Mobile Dash 3G 16. Samsung Instinct 17. Samsung Spex SCHR210 18. Kyocera X-tc 19. Motorola i576 20. Motorola Adventure V750

such as crankiness, trouble focusing and concentrating, and hyperactivity and behavior problems in children. Another recent study backs up this conjecture. This massive study followed a little more than 1,600 of Belgian teens, ages 13 to 15 for a year and found that most of them used their phones after going to bed. Those who did this once a week were more than three times to be "very tired" and those who used them more, are often five times likely. The later teens stay awake with their phones, the more tired they are. So when you say good night, actually HANG UP THE PHONE!

Ocean Bowl team competes at state meet KYLE BOCIAN TechPep Layout Editor On Friday the 5, 15 students along with Mrs. Eames, Mr. Pellico, Mr. Wong, and Mrs. Ganoe arrived at school at 7 am sharp to get onto three vans to begin their journey. The group of students were on their way to the thirteenth annual Ocean bowl. First stop on the long and tireless journey was Newport where the students went to study the ocean with a NOAA representative. NOAA or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has frequently come to Benson to give lectures on oceanography to the ships that travel on top of and in the oceans. The group went to a tide pool located on an outdoor school camp ground. They saw everything from starfish, to sea grass furthering the knowledge of the ocean. Once done with the tide pools they went to the aquarium to look at the exhibits. After visiting the aquarium they took the hour long car ride to Corvallis where they entered the Marine Geology and Geophysics Facilities on the OSU grounds in which the competition was being held.

They then went to their hotel, paid by the Ocean bowl competition, and had a good or not so good sleep for some. The way ocean bowl works is kind of like Jeopardy. A question is asked and the first person to ring in is able to answer the question. If the question is right the team is awarded 4 points. After which they are given a bonus question which is worth 6 points and they are also able to discuss this question for 20 seconds. During the middle of the of the game two challenge questions are issued which are worth a various amount of points. They also allow three to five minutes to answer each. Once the challenge questions are answered and the scores returned from the judges they go into another six minutes of standard questions where the fate of the game is decide. There were three teams participating from Benson. Team A; Vicki Lam, Phuong Pham, Eileen Tom, Kim-Ngan Nguyen, and Peter le. Team B: Judy Asa, Chu Wu, Catalina Vu, Tracy Trieu, and Kyle Bocian. Team C; Kevin Truong, Amy Le, Ben Bui, Zachary Bright, and Michael Liao. These teams were competing

BENSON’S A-TEAM (left to right) Senior Vicky Lam, Kim Nguyen, Eileen Thompson, and Phuong Tran. (Peter Le is not pictured) against 18 other teams. Now before I get into the logistics and results of the matches let me remind you that most of these school were based on the coast and are near a body of water. They also have on oceanography class within their school, so overall Benson did way better than it should have considering the fact that our teams only met after school on Thursday for 2 hours to study over something that covers 73% of the world. Now onto the results, Benson's A team won 3 and lost

1 the first round. Team B won 2 lost 2, and Team C won 2 and lost 2. This allowed Benson to skip the 5th round altogether for the single elimination rounds. The A team won their 6 and 7 round but on their 8th round which put them in the top 4 they were against NeahKahNie A one of the fiercest competitors there. NeahKahNie A had already crushed Benson B in the first round of the day 24 to 120 and Benson A did not do much better getting 14 to 89. This loss put victory out of reach but third

place was still within grasp. Sadly though NeahKahNie B won for third place after what seemed to be a sure victory for Benson A. Benson B was also eliminated in their 7th round by NeahKahNie B that was also a close match only 20 to 40 left benson B in 8th. Benson C sadly was eliminated first in the single elimination rounds and got 14th place. Overall the teams were satisfied, myself included, and hope to kick some NeahKahNie a-next year.

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SENIORS Sean Rice is going to Spring Bling on BET in Miami maybe! Or he'll make the trip to the Oregon Coast for a romantic getaway, and is possibly doing volunteer hours to help out his community. Nopthira Wan is going to Hawaii and is going to learn how to hula dance, swim with sharks, and learn how to be a professional fire breather! Martha Sandoval is getting her wisdom teeth pulled out at the dentist. Bryce Howell is going up to Seattle to go to a youth church conference. Zach Bryant is going on a road trip to California with his girl and to fight grizzly bears. "Party party party.. ROAR!" -Zach Nina Nguyen is going to Seattle for Prom Dress shopping with Abigail. Micahel Meza has a baseball tournament at Hillsboro stadium. Keith Jing is playing 18 holes of golf with his buddy Matt Lee all spring break.

JUNIORS Sandra Van is staying at the Great Wolf Lodge for a couple nights with her family. Laura Ramirez is leaving all her friends to go to El Salvador to party and spend time with her family.

SOPHOMORES Dion Camel is playing ball in the morning and partying every night. Dennis Escobar is staying at his friend's cribs for as long as he can. Tobias Ferguson is partying all night in Las Vegas. Montrell Briggs' birthday is March 31st, so party it up with Montrell! Tatafu Moeaki is going on a road trip to Utah. Amy Panyanouvong won a trip for a cruise to the Bahamas and is taking her friends Nicole and alexis. Victor Dao is going to Seattle for a basketball tournament, going to wild waves, kickin it with his friends, trying to get his permit, and playing more basketball. Billy Pham's birthday is on the last day of school before break so he might be going down to Eugene with his brother to party for a couple days with friends. Then he's going fishing at Marine Drive and probably party some more. Gabe Elias has a spring break baseball tournament, and is also hopefully heading to seaside to stay in that very nice resort right on the beach for a few days. Also his girlfriends birthday is over the break, so if all goes well there going to have a fun time together.


Kyle Bocian is going to Chicago to do a 5K run.

Arynna is going to Disney Land in Anaheim, California.

Jomeisha Rankins and her best friend are going to Colorado to visit her aunt and go snowboarding.

Quaisha Lagrone is going to Miami.

Khayrie Rivers is going to a program called "America I am", and is spending time with the family.

Aaron Lin is going skydiving, what a rebel.

James G. plans on kickin it, hoopin, movies and such. Alexis Phommasen is partying in California and is going to six flags.

Ashanta is going to Europe with her family. Jordan Johnson is going to his hometown Dallas, Texas. Delany Farve is going to Paris! Devin Sweeting is making a skate video. Greley Guinn is going camping at the beach.




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Best of times, Worst It was the

MAY WU Tech Pep Reporter Can you think of one time when you were little and something terrible or embarrassing happened. Even though it all seems so far away these memories will stay with you for life and with these memories you'll grow. They might be terrible, traumatic and embarrassing but these memories make who you are and are a part of your past. Some students shared some of their worst childhood memories to tell a little bit about their past. Senior Rachel Benjamin "In 6th grade I fell in the mud during lunchtime and I was all muddy. So I went home for the day. It was too embarrassing." Junior Jenny Truong "When I was bout 3 years old I was playing with a rocking horse and I got really into it and started rocking really hard. It became uncontrollable and I flipped off and got a big cut. Ever since then I have never ridden that horse again." Junior Christina Brown "When I was 5 years old, I was in the dining room playing with my dog Lupis, and I guess I played too rough and he bit me in the face." Junior Jiahuan Huang "One day when I was in 2nd grade during circle time it got really hot. I couldn't take it anymore and so i decided to take my sweater off. While i was taking my sweater off it got stuck to my shirt underneath and i was all tangled up on my head. I was swinging my arms around and yeah..." Junior Kyle Bocian Junior Christina Brown’s worst "When I was 6 years old I was at a race track memories and my and dad backed up into me with a race car. I ended up with stitches on my chin." Junior Jose Salgado "One day when I was 7 years-old, I saw my sister in the field. She's usually pretty pale and when I looked down at her jelly sandals and in them were her brown and dirty feet. I said to her grinning, "nice feet." She started to chase me down this alley way and then tripped me. I stumbled and fell. It turns out i cracked my skull and blood was pouring. I ran home to my mommy. Then my sister shows up with her innocent face and goes, 'I didn’t do nothing.'" Junior Daniel Drakos "When I was little I went to Suave Island with my auntie, uncle, and a friend. We went into the water and started to play after a while we got really tired and hungry so we left and walked up to my auntie and uncle. I grabbed a bag of chips from them and ripped them open and started munching on it with my friend. We ate about half of the chips and then ran back into the water. We both looked back to what they were doing but it turns out they weren't my aunt and uncle, but total strangers. We just hid in the water for the rest of the day." Senior Charlie Ta "When I was 7 years-old there was this hedge right by my house and that day I decided to ride my bike down my hill. The hedge blocked the way of the road and a car was coming. I couldn't dodge Junior Jose Salgado shares his it and next thing you know I was hit. The driver sad tales was frantic and scared but thankfully I was okay." Senior April Cha "When I was 8 years-old my cousin had this bike and I decided to ride it. They said it was broken but it didn't matter, I wanted to go over this little bump on my neighbors yard. I went for the bump and I actually made it over but as I landed the bike flipped. My nose was all scratched up and the bike flipped and the wheels hit my head.." Junior Mercedes Pizarro "My brother and I were fighting one day when we were little, we started to argue about what would happen if mom and dad died. My brother said he'd claim my mom's jewelry and I would end up with nothing just to make me angry. I ended up getting really mad and I called him a, "Bakla!" (means homosexual in tagalog) really loudly. He told on me to my mom and I got in big trouble. No matter how I tried to plead my case I couldn't get through to her." Senior Adam Waritu "When I was in 4th grade I was in gym class and I did a flip. While I flipped my shorts came off and that day I didn't wear any boxer and we all know what happened afterwards." Junior Sandra Van “While I was growing up my aunty Junior Mercedes Pizzaro exclaims her would bully me around. But since she sad family story was older than me I would listen to her. Every once in a while she would tell me that he feet smelled like cherries and she would ask me to sniff them. They really didn’t smell like cherries.”

it was the

ESPERANZA RENDON TechPep Reporter Events that occur in a person's childhood can effect their personality and sculpt them for life. When good things happen to you, it makes you a happier, more loving person. Having good memories allows you to appreciate where you have come from and all the people that you have encountered. Can you look back on a time or event in your past that makes you happy? Here are several students who look back on a time in their life and smile. Junior Kirsten Bickham "My favorite childhood memory is when I would go fishing with my family in Alabama, it is so much fun." Anonymous "My favorite memory is when my little sister and I would play dress up, sometimes we would pretend to be princesses or brides; we would make big wedding dresses with sheets and pretend that we were getting married." Freshman Aaron Lim "One day when I was four years old, I was taking a nap with my grandma. After I woke up I was playing on this miniature golf set that my parents bought me. My cousin came over to her house. He hugged my grandma and said that she loved him more than she loved me, which made me really jealous. So I bit him on the back. Now that I look back on it, it is really funny!" Senior Sharice Jackson "I used to always dress up in my mom's purple dress and heels, she would put makeup on me and then I would act like I was going to the club." Senior Jamal Arnold "My family and I drove to Texas to visit my grandparents. While we were on the trip, we got stuck in the snow in Idaho, in Utah, and in Wyoming. It was crazy but kind of exciting! Once we got to Texas we looked at all the markets in downtown Dallas and visited cool shops. We ate a big Thanksgiving dinner Senior Sharice Jackson giggles as the and stayed in my grandparents huge camera captures her happiness house!" Senior Justin Johnson "Every Tuesday night I would be waiting, or begging my mommy to go get the new movie that came out earlier that morning, and I would be so happy and surprised when I found out that she had already gotten it for me while I was at school. But before I could watch the movie she would make me go clean up or do something for her." Senior Esperanza Rendon "When I was younger, my mom, little sister, and I would go to the library and check out astronomy books. On Summer nights we would lay out in our big backyards, point out shooting starts, Senior Justin Johnson’s baby picture and look for different constellations. My sister and I would compete on who could find the most. My daddy worked the grave yard shift so he did not get home until the early morning. Sometimes we would be outside so late that he would drive up and see us laying in the grass. After he ate dinner he would come join us. Eventually, when we were so sleepy that we could not keep our eyes open any longer, we would go inside." Senior Liz Girres "I went to Arizona in the 1st & 2nd grade during spring break, I went to visit my grandparents and my brothers and I would ride on my Grandpa's golf on the main streets, we also went to the Grand canyon which was really nice and then went to Mexico." Junior Laura Ramirez “When I turned five, my mom planned a big birthday bash for me. She invited the whole family and friends. At this bash she got a face painting artist to make balloons and stuff for all my friends. She even got ponies for all my friends to ride around the yard.” Junior Sandra Van Senior Liz Girres shares her happy tales "I used to go watch scary movies with my dad. It was our thing. We went to go see the grudge when it can out in theaters and it was the scariest movie we watched together. I was sitting on his lap the whole time and we were screaming the whole movies. He called me when he got home (he lives by himself) after dropping me off and said 'Man baby I'm so scared I had to stop by the market a buy a box of light bulbs and box of beers.'"

of times...


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City plans new routes for bicycles

The chrome bag







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Friday Trail Blazers vs. Wizards 7pm

Saturday 19



Chinese Garden 9am-5pm


BREAK PARTY! Portland Farmers Market 9am-4pm Invisible Children film 9am-5pm Open Mic at Raccoon screening 7:30pm Portland Gay Men’s lodge 3pm Chorus: ABBA Queen Ted Leo & The Pharma8pm-10pm cists, The Hive Dwellers

4:30pm Open Mic at Twin Paradox 7:30pm

22 OMSI presents

Metric, Codeine Velvet Club, Nico Vega 8pm

She Wrote, 23 All 24 Goodnight Sunrise,

SAMSON: The Spashattack, etc Colossal T. rex Discovery 6:30 p.m 9:30am-5pm Jim Norman, Cary Lewis

Will West & The Friendly Strangers 5:30-7:30pm


Shinto, Cold Metal, 7:30pm Copeland, I Can Make a Crooked I, Portland George& International Grey, Mess Like Nobody’s Busi- The Rip City Jerks 7:45pm Starparty ness, Person L, Deas Vail 8pm

Friday March 19th: Trail Blazers vs. Wizards If you haven’t seen a Blazers game you haven’t seen Portland. Every single game is an experience that you’ll be talking about for weeks. Even if you don’t like basketball I bet you you’ll have a good time, how could you not good food, great people, sounds like a party to me! For those of you who follow the blazers you know that this is a pretty great matchup Brandon Roy vs. Gilbert Arenas, two powerful players, can Roy handle this 8 year NBA veteran? Come and find out for yourself! Rose Garden, 7pm, Tickets $18+

single kind of person comes to shop; I’ve seen everything from duck tape wallets to giant sculptures made out of scrap metal, it’s basically the best thing you can do saturday. PSU Campus, 9am-5pm, free

Portland Gay Men’s Chorus: ABBA Queen Love singing and dancing, well frankly who doesn’t? You don’t have to be gay to enjoy this exciting show. The combination of two seventies bands, music that is sure make you laugh and smile. Kaul Auditorium,8pm-10pm, $16

Friday Night Coffeehouse 7:30 p.m.

Runeii, Holy, Emperor Moth 7pm


Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The Hive Dwellers Two amazing alternative rock bands together in one night this show is sure to be a blast. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists can be best described as a fusion of sound akin to Thin Lizzy and The Jam. The Hive Dwellers meanwhile are a blend of old school funk and rock that is sure to get you moving. Doug Fir, 4:30pm, $15

Invisible children is a group of inspired people working together to help end the conflict in Uganda. The war in Uganda has been going on since the early 1980’s. This war has devastated the people of this nation and forced many children into becoming soldiers. Come watch the movie and support the effort. Tabor Space Commons,7:30pm free

Saturday March 20th: Lan Su Chinese Garden This peaceful place is arguably the best date spot in all of Portland. Walk around and relax in the beautiful Chinese gardens, grab a cup of tea, sit, talk. This beautiful location also has the advantage of being right in downtown, meaning it’s easy to get too and it’s easy to find things to do nearby when you’re done. Make sure to go on Saturday, because once the work week starts so does the spring break family time, little kids and peaceful don’t exactly mix. Chinese Gardens, 9am-5pm 6.50 w/ID 8.50 w/o

Portland Farmers Market Like a Blazers game the Farmers market is a hallmark experience in Portland. Lucky for all of us students this is the opening week, just in time for spring break! The Saturday market, for those who have never gone, can be best described as a place where every

Open Mic at Raccoon lodge If you play guitar or sing or, like to watch people play guitar and sing, this is the event for you. While most open mic sessions range from spoken word to music this one has a solely music focus and to top it off its free. Raccoon lodge, 3pm, free

Portland Taiko Drummers

Monday March 22nd: Open Mic at Twin Paradox: Like the one at Raccoon Lodge this session is sure to be great fun, unlike the one at Raccoon Lodge this one is for anyone poet, musician or otherwise. This is where I plan to be so if you want a Monday night to remember, you’ll be at Twin Paradox. Twin Paradox Cafe,7:30pm, free

Metric, Codeine Velvet Club, Nico Vega Metric is a band that I know and love, Canada based they are an amazing mixture of indie and electro that keeps your foot pounding. Codeine Velvet Club and Nico Vega I have yet to see live but if their concerts are anything like their records then this is sure to be a fantastic show. Roseland, 8pm, $20



Flyvek, HAVQ, Early Bird, March Massacre! Break- Abadawn, The 151 Clique Neck Betties vs. Guns N 8 p.m. Rollers 6 p.m Portland Taiko 8pm

OMSI presents SAMSON: The Colossal T.rex Discovery So basically this is the greatest thing I have ever seen, if there is anything more masculine then a T.rex I have yet to find it, this exhibit is basically the culmination of Portland’s manliness in one event! OMSI, 9:30am-5pm, $11

Copeland, I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business, Person L, Deas Vail

ZOO’S GONE WILD SPRING BREAK PARTY! Personally I Haven’t gone to the zoo in years but after seeing this event I want too! This is by far the most exciting thing I’ve seen happening at the zoo ever. If you love animals you should come down, everything from music too face painting is happening right at the zoo and what’s better than hanging out with the animal your face is painted to look like? Oregon Zoo, 9am-4pm, $10.50

The Student Loan 4:30pm

Tuesday March 23rd:

Sunday March 21st: Invisible Children Film Screening


Aren’t we lucky we live in Portland; most towns don’t get an amazing concert every night let alone one that is all ages. These bands are sure to be an interesting combination, and with a venue like The Hawthorne Theatre a great concert is just about guaranteed

Wednesday March 24th All She Wrote, Goodnight Sunrise, Spashattack, Capture the Flag, The Kinzie Affair, PluginStereo So this is once again a great concert, I mean how could I steer you wrong. Most of these bands are just getting there start so the show is sure to be full of people looking for a good time and not arrogant mega fans and groupies like a John Mayer show. Satyricon, 6:30pm, $6

Jim Norman, Cary Lewis For those of you who are looking for a relaxed evening this is your event. a mix of classical and acoustic folk, this free show is a great way to spend your evening. The Old Church, 7:30pm, free

Crooked I, Portland George, Lynx, Roulette DelGato, GME, Young Mil & The Rip City Jerks This is probably the best Rap concert you’ll see until Lupe Fiasco gets here in may these local rappers are the the best in portland and the Rip City Jerks are a crazy jerkin crew. Berbati’s Pan, 7:45pm, $20

Thursday March 25th: Will West & The Friendly Strangers: This show is best described as an oddity, a wierd fusion of acoustic folk and classical, its free so there isn’t really a reason not to try it out. White Eagle, 5:30pm, free

Shinto, Cold Metal, International Grey, Starparty Four excellent local bands performing together at the same place, and for 5 bucks how can afford to miss it! The Parlour, 7pm, $5

Friday March 26th: Friday Night Coffeehouse Another open mic session, this one is really popular and can get pretty busy, you are guarenteed to hear something you like going to this event. Artichoke Music, 7pm, $5

Runeii, Holy, Emperor Moth Three local bands that are all over the place musically, since its a cheap show and the venue is good, I’d say its well worth your time! The Parlour, 7pm, $5

Saturday March 27th The Student Loan This local band plays shows just about every week, mixing instruments from every musical style to create a new blend of music. White Eagle, 4:30pm, free

March Massacre! BreakNeck Betties vs. Guns N Rollers Roller derby can be best described as hockey fused with football on a racetrack, if you like to see violence and love to experience new things, this is for you. Oaks Park, 6pm, $14

Portland Taiko A change in pace from all the rock concerts Taiko is ajapanese drumming that takes rythmn to a whole new level. PCPA, 8pm, $18

Sunday March 28th Flyvek, HAVQ, Early Bird, Abadawn, The 151 Clique if you where smart enough to do your homework early this is where you will be. Satyricon, 8pm, $6

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First kisses Sweet memories are made of this: Stories of that first special someone ESPERANZA RENDON TechPep Reporter Anthony Bergeron-Burns–"It was during the summer time and we went to see the movie “Hancock.” We were sitting there and I leaned over and kissed her. It was our first date and I still remember what she was wearing, a green shirt with green and gold eye shadow.” Jennifer Benjamin– "It was during the fall and I was 16 years old. We were at the bus stop, talking, the bus came, and next thing I knew he was kissing me. It caught me off-guard because I was not expecting a kiss at all.” Anonymous (He has a different girlfriend now)– "This girl would always walk me to the bus stop after we got off work. It was pouring rain and she insisted on walking me to the bus stop even though she had a ride. It was really cold out and she had a thin, pretty dress on; so I wrapped my arms around her shoulders to keep her warm. We started talking about being real and I turned her around and kissed her." Freddie Jackson–"I was spending the night at my friend’s house. We were both in the fourth grade and he had this older sister and cousin who were also at his house. We were all playing hide-and-go-seek and she kept hiding in the same spot as me; it was really annoying! Later on they kept chasing me around the house. Eventually they caught up to me and held me down, and then they both took turns kissing me." Jeff Pham– "We were outside of Nordstrom, and I was sitting on the bench and she was standing up. It was our first-month anniversary. She leaned in to kiss my cheek but I faked it and kissed her on the lips instead."

Anonymous (Her brother goes to Benson)– "I had a crush on my brother’s best friend. One day he was hanging outside of my house, while I was in the house alone. He came inside to get something to drink in the kitchen. I was also in the kitchen, he came up to me put his arm around me, lifted my chin up and kissed me." Mrs. Pelster– "It was my freshman year at Benson High School. I was really popular, always hanging out with the seniors and after school we would always walk to the MAX together. One of the guys, Shane, from our group wanted to be my boyfriend, when he asked me out I said ‘no.’ All my friends got mad at me since I turned him down, so they stopped walking to the MAX with me. This boy named Justin started hanging out with me. He would always buy Starbursts candy every single day. I’d always ask, ‘Hey, can I get one?’ ‘If you give me a kiss!’ ‘Awe, I’ll pay you back later!’ We kept hanging out and began to like one another. One day I got off the bus and he followed me off the bus. While he was walking me home he asked, “How would you feel about being my girlfriend?” “Sure okay,” I replied. He stopped walking and asked ‘So you wanna pay me back for all those starbursts?’ And before I could answer he kissed me!" Sharice Jackson– "During the third grade me and this boy named Isaiah would always hang out during recess. We would play on the monkey bars and run around. On ‘jelly bean field day’ we were sharing jelly beans, and I looked over at him and he kissed me! Two weeks later his family moved and I was heartbroken, or so I thought!" Bre Hale– "This boy was walking me home from

school in the eighth grade. It started raining, and we stopped around the corner from my house. We starred at one another and he leaned in to kiss me." Juan Marin– "I bought a 25 cent ring out of one of the machines at Safeway, picked some dandelions from my yard, and started riding my bike down this gravel road to get to this girl’s house. I fell off my bike, broke the ring and ruined the flowers. I limped back home and got cleaned up. After I made myself presentable, I went back to her house, I still gave her the ring, because after all, it’s the thought that counts, right? After I gave her the ring I leaned in and kissed her. We were around 5 years old." Imani Burris– "My boyfriend and I had just started going out; we were lying on the grass at a park. We were looking up at the clouds, playing games. He yelled out ‘LSook, over there!’ And pointed in the other direction, I looked to where he was pointing but did not see anything. When I turned back around he was right there ready to kiss me. Then he kissed me, it was really sweet!" Anonymous (Famous DJ)– "Last year after formal this girl and I went to Rocky Butte, at midnight. The song ‘glow in the dark’ by Chris Brown came on. We were looking out at the night sky, admiring all the scenery, everything was perfect. I took the opportunity and asked her out. Then we kissed." John Hart– "It was freshman year and my girl and I were at the Gresham High School football game. We were sitting there watching the game and she turned to me and gave me the biggest kiss ever. I felt like I was on top of the world afterwards. The kiss really made me happy, It was truly important."


Jose Hernandez remembered for smile, generosity, kindness Bryce Howell gets a buzz cut from Jerald Caldwell

Student offers good, cheap cut for guys SAM TSEHAINEH AND EPHREM DIRABISA TechPep Reporters Are you tired of paying for over priced hair cuts and not liking it in the end? Then Jerald Caldwell, AKA "SNOOGS," is the guy you’re looking for. Why did you first start cutting hair? My cousin use to cut my hair for free, but when he moved to Seattle I couldn’t get anymore free cuts. I didn't have any money so I started cutting my own hair. How long have you been cutting hair for? I started in 2008 where I cut hair for my friends and people in my neighborhood. My bathroom had its own set of hair clippers and barber chair so it was easy. If you need a quick cut you can find me in St. Johns. Where can we find you? Look around for me at school if you need a quick and affordable cut. What type of styles can you cut? I can cut Mohawks, Boxs, and mostly any of the styles you see at school. How much do you charge? I charge 5 bucks for hair cuts, 3 bucks for line ups and 7 bucks for hair cut and face. Special designs will start at 7 dollars.

EPHREM DIRIBSA & LAURA RAMIREZ TechPep Reporters He was a caring, funny, loving friend that some called Jose and friends called “Pecas.” We will always remember him for his friendship and contributions to Benson Polytechnic High School. Jose was a respected member of our school and community. He worked hard to do well in school and was also a key player on the Benson soccer team. Along with his school involvement, Jose loved to Jerk, which is a style of hip hop dancing, with his friends in and out of school. Our prayers go to him and his family. If you want to help raise money for Jose’s family, go to the VPs office for more info. "My best memories of Jose were last year in Mr. McCarty’s English class. We would basically just talk and joke around together with my friend Karsten the whole class period. Jose was a funny guy and always made me laugh. He was always in a good mood and the dude was always smiling. Nothing could bring him down. I remember he would tell me and Karsten about all the girls he gets at and all of the girls he’s been with. I and my friend looked up to Jose; we wanted to be just like him! I wish I would have got to hang out more with him this year, I miss you Jose. RIP Bro." –Junior Victor K uss Kuss "Well something that I will always remember him by is his sense of humor, generosity, kindness and things of that sort. Like during the soccer season, after practice, no one would want to take the bus home,

STAR VARSITY PLAYER Jose Hernandez plays rough with the Grant Generals earlier this year. He was killed in an automobile accident while traveling home from a trip with his family.

and he would always offer rides home and stuff like that even if it were out of his way. You're not always going to have a teammate like that. That is just flat out nice." –Junior KB "He was a humble person with many goals in life. Very respectful. Had a good heart and was very loving to his family. He did lots of good deeds and had good manners." –Junior Jenn yR oman Jenny Roman "It was the last soccer game of the season. Jose was a varsity player but he wasn't going to play with varsity the last game because he was mad at the coach for some reason. My coach told me to do my job and to go and talk to him because I was the captain

of the team. I went to talk with him and asked him to come play for us because it was going to be my last game. He accepted and he played. After that my coach was happy with me because of that and he told me, ‘That's why I chose you as my captain of my team.’" –Senior Daniel Morales "The best memory of Jose was his awesome smile. High school was always stressful but he always had a smile to brighten anyone's day up. I've never seen a smile that can light the room like his. It's simply radiant even more with every day that goes by." -Benson alumni Mabel Munoz



What to do in Portland for break? SAM TSEHAINEH TechPep Reporter What are you planning on doing this spring break if you are staying in town? I bet you’re going to mall just like everyone else. This is why everybody thinks Portland is so boring. It seems like the highlight of Portland is just Lloyd Mall and a few teen night clubs that are cool. But other than that what is there to do in Portland? In other states like L.A., Miami, and N.Y. there are big amusement parks like Disney Land, Disney World and even six flags. Over here in the Portland we have Oaks Park, what a joke. There is nothing fun about Oaks park for high school teens. It sometimes feels like everybody repeats a lot of things because there’s not much of a variety of things to do in Portland. But instead of complaining we just got to make the most of what we got here. You could never really go wrong with a movie and it does kill some time with your friends but you cant do that over and over. This spring break everyone should make a move outside and try some new things instead of just the usuals. Maybe you can try something new like some paintball or even head out to the beach with a bunch of friends. Just get outside!

Students go all out for special Spirit Week MAY WU TechPep Reporter Spirit week is that one weeks where all the students unite and everyone dresses up and participates together. Depending on the day we all dress up or plan things out with our friends. This is the one week we all show off how much spirit we have for our school. The recap of the themes for this week are: Monday: Stop light day, Tuesday: I heart day Tshirts, Wednesday: Character day, Thursday: Throw back day, Friday: White, Blue, Orange day depending on class. Some of the students spoke out about there opinions of spirit week and told us what they had to say! I asked what their favorite days were and if there was one they didn't prefer over the other. Junior Vishek Dass: "I thought stop light day and character day was cool!" Junior Alexis Phommasen: "I liked I heart day the best. Oh and red light green light day sounded kind of lame at first but it was pretty cool, it was different. Throw back day was just all right, we seem to have something like that all the time. I thought character day was lame! Its so casual." Junior Brianna Ono: "I didn’t really like spirit week this time that much. My favorite day was throw back day though but i didn’t like character day. Who wants to dress up as a character? That's for Halloween. We should have zombie day like they do at OSU!" Freshman Thanhna Chao: “It was all right, I liked the i heart day and i didn't really like was throw back day." Junior Khanh Huynh: "It was kinda lame, maybe its me though. I just think that spirit week should unite us all. I thought the topics were pretty random" Junior Hummer Gomez: "It was cool. The only day I probably didn’t like was character day. I heart something day was cool and so was throw back

KEEPING US MOTIVATED Senior Class President Sean Rice Dresses up for Character Day day. Overall though it was pretty sweet!" Junior Victor Trinh: "It was pretty cool but it seemed like nobody really knew about it though" Junior Fortino Quiroz-Alvarez: "I like throw back Thursday the most. It seemed that the teachers liked it the most. They really brought back the oldest styles." Junior Erica Wu: "I liked stop light day and I love day was interesting" Senior Claudia Escabar: " I didn't like the first two."

Everybody tatted up People get tatoos for many reasons, and everyone has an opinion about them. From unhealthy to high fashion, where do you stand? acter and displays a piece of on yourselves. I am the EJ AKINS Tech Pep Reporter Tat-Tat-Tat-Tat-Tat-Tat-Tatted Up ,Tat-Tat-Tatted Up, Tat-TatTatted Up ,Is that cha thong showin, or ya tattoo on ya back ,Is that on ya p**y, or dat tattoo make you Bad ,Tattoo on ya chest, tattoo on your a**, Tattoo of ya daughter, sort of like the like the pussycat? Tat-Tat-Tatted Up, ATL Tatted Up, ,Tat-Tat-Tatted Up, Miami Tatted Up ,Tat-Tat She Tatted Up, Tat-Tat He Tatted Up ,Tat-Tat We Tatted Up, Tat-Tat Errbody Tatted Up. These are Lyrics from the smash hit single, "Tat Tat Tatted Up" by D4l. A song influenced by the tattooed culture. Tattoos have became more recurrent in the present day society. But who invented tattoos? Who was the first to get a tattoo? What did he or she get, and why? Here at Benson, a student with a tattoo is common. I've interviewed fellow students to help me understand why they get tattoos. Ephrem Diribsa is senior doesn't have a tattoo but plans to getting one. He spoke to me about his views on the subject. "I want a tattoo, but I don't know what I want to get, I just know I want one." When asked why he wanted one in the first place, he replied, "because there freaking awesome. It shows char-

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you." The history of tattoos is long, ranging all the way back over 5000 years ago and is as diverse as the people who wear them. The oldest person known with a tattoo is Ötzi the Iceman, he dates from the fourth to fifth millennium BC, and was found in the Ötzi valley in the Alps and had approximately 57 carbon tattoos consisting of simple dots and lines on his lower spine, behind his left knee, and on his right ankle. But through out history across the world various ancient cultures where noted to have tattoos. David DeMaris a math teacher at Benson high had a very interesting perception of tattoos when asked, "they're unnecessary and unhealthy. Tattoos block your pores making you unable to release heat, causing lack of sweat in those areas." When asked about students getting tattoo he commented "there's no purpose. Its only good for your pride I guess. Students see sports stars and entertainers with tattoos and feel they need to get one to be cool I guess, I don't understand them." There are even biblical references to tattoos the Old Testament law commanded the Israelites, “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks

LORD” (Leviticus 19:28). Even though many believers today are not under the Old Testament law, the simple fact that there was a command against tattoos should raise some questions amongst believers. The New Testament does not say anything about whether or not a believer should get a tattoo. Though people used to get different kinds of tattoos since before time, its meaning and purpose were very different from what it is today. People are now commonly getting tattoos as a fashion statement. They range from getting a loved one's names, religious markings, favorite pet, for pretty much any type of reason. It is a fact in a recent study reveals 24 percent of American adults between 18 and 50 have at least one tattoo. It is a new revolution of people getting tattoos. Many people are getting them illegally underage. Nycole Griffin, also a senior at Benson, says that he has about five tattoos with different meaning. He received his first tattoo at the young age of 15. I asked him if any negative worries caused by his tattoos he responded "Yes, after getting my first tattoo my mom was worried about how

From “The Illustrated Man”

people would perceive me. She didn't want a member of the church we go to, to judge me as a thug or gangster." Other than this thought, he doesn't regret any of his tattoos. I, my self have three tattoos. Each one I have gotten for a different reason. My first tattoo was dedicated to my mom with her name in a heart located on my chest. I wanted to get something I would never regret. My other tattoos are reminders of thing that are dear to me. Each tattoo I do not regret nor have any second thought about them. Tattoos are a hot topic today. People get tattoos for many reasons. Our generation has transformed tattoos into a highly popular fashion trend. Many elders I’ve spoken with believe it is a stupid thing to get and absolutely a waste of money. Many people would mostly disagree but every one is entitled to there own opinion. One thing is certain, tattoos have been around for a memorable time, and will continue to be around for many years to come.

Got A’s on homework but F’s on tests? SAM TSEHAINEH TechPep Reporter There are probably three reasons why some people aren't good at taking tests: 1. You’re just lazy and don't feel like it. 2. You don't study or do the work. 3. You try hard and study but come up short. A lot of people can relate to at least one of these categories. Don't be the one to lie to your self and say you do work hard. Duy Do a sophomore here at Benson says in general he never does work or studies he just does class work. When test time comes he sometimes just fly's it. He is what I would call, a mumbler. A mumbler is the type of person who doesn't know the answer on the test so they just write a long answer that sort of relates but doesn't answer the question fully. In the end, if your good at mumbling up random stuff then you are likely to get the points. Other people would prefer not even taking the test would just skip that class. One way people can be encouraged to take there tests and do better is to let students listen to their own music. Today's Generation of kids are surrounded by all different cultures of music. Different music makes people feel different moods. I personally would prefer if teachers would allow iPods or mp3's on a test. I actually think it calms you down and puts you in a good mood when you listen to your music. Three fourths of the students here at Benson have some type of music device. Nikhil Kishore, another sophomore at Benson feels he actually tries hard and studies but just doesn't always do so great on the test. He also agrees with the idea of allowing iPods on a test because he always likes to have his music on. You sometimes wish your teacher would give you some bonus points for effort. Kind of like "You tried your best and answered all the questions so for trying, I will give you an extra 5 or 10 points. My point basically is most students have trouble testing for either the reasons above or other ones, it's just about trying. As most people say, effort can take you a long way.

closeup Portland teacher sentenced

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A woman who taught Spanish at Benson was convicted of dealing meth from her home, which she shared with a roommate who was also convicted of the same charge and faces deportation back to Mexico. Zuleyma Figueroa, 36, pleased guilty to delivering meth out of her Southeast Portland home. She received a 45-day sentence at a hearing in Multnomah County Circuit Court earlier this


month. Investigators said there was no evidence the women were selling to students. Portland Public Schools had already placed Figueroa on unpaid leave before she and her roommate were arrested in December. Figueroa’s roommate told investigators she sold meth to raise money to help out her sick mother, and that Figueroa took over during her absence.

FORMER SKILLSUSA STATE GOLD MEDALIST Eileen Thompson is rolling film for photo/video teacher Jeanette Pelster. Competition begins in April. Nationals follow in June.

What you can do to prevent theft ETHAN DEDRICKSON TechPep Reporter At Benson, sooner or later everyone will have something stolen, be it a pencil, an iPod, or a bus pass. It's happened to all of us and seemingly nothing we do can stop it. It often happens when we don't even know it, when we've left our bag unattended, or even at assemblies or pep rallies. Some students and teachers even have stories to tell about their possessions being stolen. “I went to an assembly sophomore year, had my PSP in my pocket, and someone took it right out. I didn't notice it the whole time, and later I went to check if I dropped it, but it wasn't there when I went back,” says Junior Kyle Bocian. Another victim of theft, Junior Vanny Chao, tells us, "I got my money stolen out of my wallet in the band room. I left my wallet and when I came back to it, everything was there except the money." One thing that I've noticed is that regardless of the magnitude of the theft, reporting it to the school does nothing. They file it in a folder where it does

nothing but collect dust. They can't even investigate it, since narrowing down suspects and interrogating them is nearly impossible. "The school is powerless against theft, because the only way to get caught is if someone were to actually see you do it. And the school can't do anything if they don't have proof like that,” Junior Dan Drakos explained. Since it seems that it's impossible to stop theft, or return stolen items easily, the only solution is to watch your things closely. Don't bring something to school unless you're able to take the risk of it getting stolen, and don't leave your bag unattended if it has something valuable in it. Items like iPods, cell phones, books, jewelry, or even cameras are an easy target, especially if someone knows that they're already in your bag. Always make sure to keep your bag at close quarters, and don't leave your locker open if it has something worth stealing in it, because often if you've got something valuable and it's stolen, it won't be returned.

Should marijuana be legalized? LAURA M RAMIREZ TechPep News Editor There are, undoubtedly, people at our school who smoke pot or use other illegal substances. People haven't really changed, despite our country's modernization. In the roaring 20's, there was a birth of gangsters, who started the illegal distribution of liquor. Today's drug dealers are mostly found and caught, unlike those from the 20's, who were almost never caught. It is clear that things aren't going to change anytime soon. Due to this thought, our generation maybe up to trying something new. For example, legalizing marijuana and dropping down the drinking age. Some people say marijuana should be legalized so that kids would know how to use it. Just like alcohol is legal for younger ages in most countries so that rampant binge drinking doesn't occur. In Amsterdam for example, marijuana is legal and they have a perfectly functional social life and economic stability.

I originally didn't think it would be a good idea just because of the way I look at our generation. But if other countries are doing it why doesn't America try? This isn't the metric system! Even though marijuana is illegal, everyone still does it, and will continue to do it. Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the United States. It makes food taste better, movies funnier, and music sound better. It just makes things funny. It makes you feel relaxed and not stress out about everything all the time. If alcohol is legal and people are abusing it, why the h-ll shouldn't we make weed legal? It's healthier than alcohol. Although in my perspective to this comment, its a bit immature. But like I've said people will do it legal or not. In all honesty, I really can't pick a side. While lots of people approve, others disapprove. They speak of bad trips on the drug and bad experimentations. As corny as this sounds, when I see friends "sh-t faced," I think to myself, I hope my kids never do

this. Just to think of the thought that my mother would catch me in such an act, kills me. "Ha, well no trees for me. I wouldn't legalize it. It's obviously ILLEGAL for a reason" says senior Anna Tran about her thought on legalizing marijuana. "Ummmm, I don't approve because its just not my thing. I don't care about other people but its not for me." Says junior Luehna Abuan. She also adds how she simply says no. "'I just keep my future goals and what my parents view of me is in mind when saying no to drugs." The junior class president Roselily Trang adds, "Saying no to drugs is not that easy since everybody around me is doing it. But I would 'just say no' By saying no, you become the bigger person in that situation. It doesn’t matter if drugs should be legalized or not. Because people are going to do it anyways." Although back in the 20's alcohol was illegal we have managed to over come that and legalize it. It just a matter of time and effect.

Get in shape but keep health in mind PHUONG TRAN TechPep Reporter Spring break starts March 22 and lasts for a week. A lot of you are going to travel to places where there's enough sun to hit the beach. People make spring break to be sort of a big deal, and amongst girls, insecurities comes out. The first thought that most people jump to is diet or even worse, crash diet. Crash diets consist of eating almost nothing or nothing at all to lose weight in a short period of time and it comes with risky affects in the long run. While trying to find out more about health, Tech Pep interviewed Ms. McLellan for more information on the subject. "Proper diet and exercise will help you maintain or get down to a healthy weight." Ms. McLellan said. She recommends aerobic exercise for overall heart health and strength training for toning and strengthening your body. "Don't worry about weight in pounds but your fat percentage."

She also suggested social activities, such as taking up classes at 24 hour fitness, running with a group, golfing with friends of team sports like volleyball. When asked if losing weight fast for something like spring break is a good thing, she answered "The worst thing a person can do for their body is crash dieting." She goes on to mention that losing one to two pounds a week is the maximum for healthy weight loss and that even with crash dieting, you will only be able to lose at most three pounds before spring break. "Losing weight fast is just losing water weight and dangerous for your metabolism." And ends with, "You will not get the results that you want and ruin your self esteem." It'll ruin your self esteem after the crash diet and you go back to eating regularly, you'll gain back all the lost weight and maybe even more. So rather than losing weight in anxiety for one week out of the year, we should just be healthy and loose weight safely over a period of time and build confidence.

Students to compete MAY WU TechPep Reporter SkillsUSA is a national organization for students to have handson experience in their majors and to develop leadership skills. SkillsUSA is not only a technical competition but there are many leadership competitions as well, including speech and job interviewing skills. The competitions will start on April 9th and 10th. Gold medalists in state will go to Nationals in Kansas City, Missouri; five days before the end of June. SkillsUSA members must have a certain number of community service hours before joining and fund raising before the actual event. Mrs Ganoe states, "SKillsUSA really helps students learn leadership skills, to volunteer, work as a team, push themselves and they really use what they learn and that’s important." Talking to a senior, Eileen Thompson, who won gold in T.V broadcasting production and Quiz Bowl, said "The competition was really tiring but fun and competitive. Overall it was really amazing and going to nationals was great!" If anyone is confident in their major, up for a challenge and they think they have what it takes SkillsUSA adviser Mary Ganoe to be in SkillsUSA, sign up next (right) with electric teacher Tim Hryciw. year. Don’t hesitate.

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Texting steers teen-age drivers to irresponsibility VANNY CHAO TechPep Reporter "That driver was doing her makeup!" I think we all at one time have been in a car, whether as a passenger or a driver and have driven behind a car going way below the speed limit. Because of our tendency to be impatient, we sometimes switch over to the next lane as soon as we can. As we quickly drive by and take a glance over at that car, we are appalled to see that willful act! What is more dangerous than applying make-up, eating, or changing the radio station while driving? Studies have shown that texting or talking on a cell phone while driving is as risky as driving with a .08 blood alcohol level (the standard for drunk driving). "I think it's probably the most dangerous thing while driving." says Dan Foster, Band and Yearbook instructor at Benson High School. He goes on to tell a story of his WHAT NOT TO DO son going as fast as he could Junior May Wu Demonstrates what NOT to do. (Photo go, at 40 m.p.h. on the free- Illustration) way, in his car, texting in his lap. "My son was doing that in the car with me timate of 2,600 annual traffic deaths are caused the other day, while driving fast and I nearly by cell phone distractions. It's no wonder nearly 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of "nearkilled him!" An estimated 1.6 million teens drive while crashes" is a result of some form of an driver texting or reading text messages. This is the rea- inattentive within three seconds before a crash. son why states are buckling down on the use of Getting distracted by dialing numbers on your phone, reading things from a map to words on cell phones and texting behind the wheel. According to a 2009 survey by The Allstate a screen, or simply looking out the car, increases Foundation teens agreed that texting is the the risk of an accident by three times! The law is very noteworthy; a high 97 pernumber one driving distraction. Forty nine percent of Americans support cent of them considers it "very laws that prohibit texting or extremely distracting," while driving, according to a while 82 percent of teens adCBS poll. Yet, some continue mit to using their cell phones to make it a reckless habit. while driving. Foster, who claims himself as Currently, 18 states, includ"anti phone" was asked if he ing Oregon, and the District thought students take this of Columbia have banned strict policy seriously and retexting while driving. The U.S. plies, "Well look at my son. Department of TransportaHe knows it's bad, yet, he tion is also involved with looking to make laws in all 50 states. In addi- does it anyway." Another student at Benson tion, several Senators have introduced legisla- High School, who prefers to remain anonytion in Congress to prohibit cell phone use mous says, "I take it seriously, but I find my ways around it." while driving. So, what is distracted driving? Reckless driving is not going unnoticed. ProsAt, a website that educates and promotes safe teen driving in the United ecutors in some states have already enforced States, they described a distraction as "anything harsh penalties to crack down texting behind that takes your mind or eyes of the road," which the wheel. Don't wait until you crash to turn could possibly lead to a serious accident or even back on a thoughtless act and don't do your in possible cases, death! By the numbers, an es- make-up in the car.

Benson poetry club ‘spits hot fire’ every Monday after school BRYCE HOWELL TechPep Sports Reporter Have you ever felt like you had something to say but could never find a proper outlet to get it out? There are plenty of artful ways of expressing yourself and Mr. Slaughter is here to help. This man has recently helped set up a Poetry Club here at Benson. “I’ve seen a lot of talented writers at Benson for years and I myself is a devoted writer,” explains John Slaughter. “It is a passion of mine and I thought the students here needed a healthy outlet and some guid-

ance towards this wonderful art form. So I thought why not help start a poetry club?” Here students spend time reciting and sharing their own art works and poetry that will inspire. You will also get grade A assistance, learning different types of poems and gain knowledge in general. Basically you will have the chance to “Be all renaissance like!” as Mr. Slaughter says. There are plenty of things that we as students go through that could make us scream to the top of our lungs. Mountains of

homework, sport commitments, relationship problems, that annoying drama that seems to follow you, family problems, etc. But once a week on Monday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Mrs. Slaughter’s room (Room 213), you are more than welcome to let out your thoughts and feelings in a positive outlet in a chill, relaxing environment and “Come see Tech folks spit hot fire at poetry club. We are the new century freedom poets you dig?” as Mr. Slaughter would ecstatically put it. There’s no better way I would have put it myself.


Students compete at state conference LILY ZHAO TechPep Reporter "The Never-Ending Beat" is this year's HOSA Conference theme. Benson's Health occupation major students will be attending the 2010 HOSA Conference that will take place April 15-17. This year, students will be setting foot in the Valley River Inn, Eugene. These students are not just going on a two night vacation, but will be competing in multiple health-related events where they will get to demonstrate what they have learned throughout their high school years. "The benefit of HOSA Conference was the chance to show off my skills and hard work in school. Plus I got a few medals out of it." says senior Chu Wu. How is this year's event different from the previous years? This upcoming 2010 HOSA Conference will be extra special because it will be the very last one Benson will take part in. "New and different things that attendees can look forward to this year are the workshops, activities held around the hotel, and the activity room. And I am always excited about the guest speaker and what interesting things they will bring to the table" says Oregon HOSA state president Nina Nguyen. During their stay, students will be taking part in independent testing/events or interact in competitive group events. In between the hours of studying and crunching through 'medical encyclopedias,' attendees will be getting some leisure time to do whatever they want. They are able to take a stroll at the nearby mall searching for a new outfit or to grab a bite at restaurants that are in the area. Last year, the HOSA students got to relax in the valley river inn sauna while others decided to jump into the pool for some late-night swimming. That's right, swimming in the dark night. If you're the energetic type like May Wu, then you can "Play ultimate Frisbee at night with some friends." "It's fun being with all your friends. It's social and you get free time," she explains. My roommates and I spent our time in the room cooking up some rice and noodles for dinner, using the mini rice cooker that we jammed into our suitcase. HOSA students know when to study hard and be serious, but they're also good at setting work aside to have some fun. Before bed time, it is the visiting hour. At this time everyone visits their next door neighbors next door to have some social time and chat about the upcoming events they'll be competing in. But remember that there are a few more restrictions this year by the hotel. There absolutely cannot be people of the opposite gender in the same room at any times and doors must be closed at all times. Benson is well known for our students taking home large quantities of gold and taking place in a majority of the competitive events against other high schools all across the state. "It's like competing against other schools, and being the best, because Benson dominates at HOSA Conference. So just competing itself, its awesome!" Chu Wu exclaims. So what's the best part about HOSA Conference? "I liked the dance and winning 1st place!" Jimmy Ly says proudly. He competed in one of the creative events and was surprised when they announced him as the first place winner along side his partner. At the end of the competition, a fancy banquet is held where participants dress up, eat dinner, and be recognized for placing in events. A dance follows shortly after the banquet. Let's hope that the Benson HOSA Conference participants will make the best of this last year, and bring home cherishable memories. Luck goes out to these students who are ready to represent Benson.

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Using the power of soccer to fight HIV and AIDS

IN ACTION Benson wrestler Ryan Baugh (left) against Lincoln High

Wrestlers make it to state LILY ZHAO TechPep Reporter Who made it to state? Let's recognize our Benson wrestlers who made it to the State tournament! Congratulations Jeff Wallberg, Derriel Ingram, William Pickney, Kaliph Surdam, Ryan Baugh, Nathan Pointer, Ryan Taylor, and Marquis Jefferson. The Benson wrestlers did well in districts, with many of them performing well enough to advance onto the state round. State is a lot tougher and competition levels increase. Making it to state is a big accomplishment for these wrestlers. "Finally made it," says a satisfied Jeff Wallberg, whose list of senior goals included going to State for wrestling. Benson did well with many making it into the

EPHREM DIRIBSA TechPep Reporter “Grassroot Soccer’s work is a refreshing and highly promising effort that can help turn the tide against HIV. Soccer is like a universal language ... Grassroot Soccer thus reaches large numbers of young people with HIV education, and bases its programs on the best available evidence.” Helen Epstein Grassroot Soccer is a program that helps kids understand the danger of HIV by using their passion to motivate them to learn. You may be wondering “why soccer?” Soccer is an international sport that brings the world together and shows us we're not so

different. GRS trains role models such as pro players, coaches, and youth players to get the message out about the risks of HIV and healthy behaviors to show that they can dramatically increase awareness, changes behaviors, and decrease the spread of HIV. The GRS uses games and activities to provide youths with the HIV prevention and life skills education. Although soccer is being used as a motivation to help kids in Africa, we in our own community can use any type of sports to help our youths to make better choices in their lives. Just like the people in Grassroots Soccer do for the youth in Africa.

second round of matches too. Though Benson didn't place, the experience was well worth it. They met other wrestlers from all over the state and got the opportunity to wrestle with guys that were of different levels. What does it take to go to State? It takes discipline, commitment, dedication to the team and strict weight control. Not only do wrestlers have to have training daily, but they also have to watch their diet. A slight pound or so over the maximum limit won't permit them to stay at their weight category anymore. With humor, Wallberg adds "I wouldn't want to be wrestling with extra flab." And speaking of weight, we all know how hard it is to get rid of that extra pound. It takes a great deal of work for these wrestlers to make it this far.

FOR THE LOVE OF TENNIS Tennis Coach Deanne Larsell, along with Tennis Coach Fred Wong (not pictured), run through practice sessions focused on developing competitive skills.

STAR RUNNERS Austin Booker, Freddy Jackson, Wesley Grey, and Matthew Dodier

Track team ready BRYCE HOWELL TechPep Sports Editor This spring it seems that all of the trees are blooming early around Benson. Though I could go into why this is because of photosynthesis, the sun, blah, blah, and blah. One could say this is in part to the speed being produced at the track practices that is speeding up the process. With star sprinters like senior Freddy Jackson, senior Nycole Griffin, senior Paul Johnson, senior Justin Johnson, junior Wesley Gray, and junior Matthew Dodier, it makes me wonder why it is not summer yet. Yes, the mens track team is primed and ready to win major races this season in the PIL. According to four-year varsity runner Freddy Jackson, the goal for the team is “to win all of our events at state. My personal goals though are to win four gold medals at the state meet.” With great aspirations for the season a question arises. Are they ready? According to Freddy they are. For they have “Great chemistry. We have been with each other long enough to know each other’s tendencies and sprint-wise we are stacked!” Though there are admitted kinks in the seemingly impenetrable armor that is the Benson track team. “Our only problem is that long-distance run-

ners are not as much of an impact as we would like but I am sure that as the season continues they will get better.” says Jackson. So no worries we still have a chance at success! But what could be different about this year then last year? “We have matured so much since the last few years. We have plenty of seasoned veterans who know pressure in certain situations. We got a lot of big meet experience as well.” There are big hopes for this season for sure, even though they have not even had an official OSAA track meet yet. But that is no reason to feel like they are not ready for the season. One could say their ready to dive into it. “During the winter a solededicated five players (Freddy Jackson, Justin Johnson, Wesley Gray, Wade Norris, and Matthew Dodier) spent the entire winter at Whitaker five days a week. We got so used to running in the rain that it is no longer running to us, it’s swimming. We are ready.” I believe so my friend.

Big turnout for ‘no-cut’ team LUEHNA ABUAN TechPep Reporter Tennis season is starting up with matches, road trips, and a lot of team support. The Benson tennis coaches, Deanne Larsell and Fred Wong, are working their players hard to be at their best when matches start. Both Larsell and Wong are no cut coaches, so they keep every player that tries out for the team. They have a big turn out and are hoping for great matches this season. I interviewed the girls' coach Deanne Larsell, and she had many positive things to say about her team. "This is truthfully the best team I've ever had. I couldn't ask for anything more." Larsell said, "I bet we'll do as well as we did last year. Maybe even better looking at the great team we have now." The boys and girls looked like they were all doing well, very excited to be out in the freezing cold practicing every day. The girls even have a road trip planned to play Hood River. Larsell said that a new program, Portland After School Tennis and Education, has greatly contributed to the Benson tennis team. This new program has taken some of our Benson student tennis players and has provided them with unbelievable tennis opportunities such as learning life skills, playing year round tennis, offering free tennis gear, volunteering, jobs, and most importantly a growing family of tennis lovers. "PAST&E has given some of our players a wonderful opportunity to improve their tennis game and learn life skills. Without PAST&E, our teams wouldn't have improved as much as they have." Larsell commented. If you would like to learn more about the program check out Come check out the boys and girls tennis team right behind our school at Portland Tennis Center where all the home matches will be! Come support all our tennis players, but remember to be quiet and polite on the courts. They need to concentrate! April 18 is National Hug a Tennis Player day! So don't forget to hug one of your best tennis buddies, and make someone's day! "Because love is in the game".

Tech Pep Issue 4 March  

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Tech Pep Issue 4 March  

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