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The stories inside this issue are veiled narratives about their inner thoughts and beliefs, even though most of their stories are fantasy or quirky surrealism. They live in magical kingdoms—places where their subnormal lives can breathe and be more than human. Fiction becomes the only place where they can write happy endings, because so much has already happened to them. Most of them have a strong desire to love and be loved, and for over an hour each morning, they write and discuss fiction with enthusiasm. It releases the creative imagination and calms them. It becomes a place where anything is possible, a place where they can be themselves—free of judgment, a place where they belong, where they can feel like part of a group, a place that reminds them that they are alive and things will get better. I do not edit the stories or correct them in any way. They appear as the student typed them. Enjoy their imaginations! —Robert Stofel, Editor


One Angry Angel Baby By Uniqua When people see this baby, they laugh. They make fun of him, joke on him and also tease him about his shoe size. He ignores then, and goes on by himself, thinking, and hoping they’{{ stop. He’s sweet, kind, and fun to be around, but everyone else thinjs he’s a mean and evil baby. His nick name is Mini-Mee, he’s on{y a one year old angry angel baby. Deep down in his heart he wishes he was older, bigger, wiser, and stronger. Mini-Mee has angel wings with an evil look on his face, his hair curls at the top, and his cheeks are fat. The angry ange{ baby fina{{y rea{izes that everybody’s not perfect, everyone’s not cute, but peop{e have problems in life. Now that frown on Mini-Mee’s face turned into a smi{e, and it doesn’t matter who picjs on him, he’s sti{{ an angel.


Only In a Dream By Uniqua

Only in a dream where imaginary people come and greet you. Where the land is very pretty, and the neighborhoods are like heaven. Nothing bad ever happens, only good memories. The face of a teenage girl, with happy branches as her face, comes and tells you all about her life as she grew up in the prettiest woods, with lovely animals—birds chirping, squirrels tip-toeing, owls howling, insects silences, and butterflies beautiful in majesty. She always wonder whydoes everything have to be perfect? Why can’t she have one problem to solve at least, or why not just be a normal person? She’s not rea{, and her intelligence comes alive only in your dreams. Her face looks kind of weird, but she’s a good person. If you sleep enough and rest well, you’{{ meet her. She’s {ije a part of your dream that you’{{ never forget.

4 She lives in everyone’s dreams and majes you smile every second of each minute of every hour. It’s a very specia{ p{ace that I’d {ove to live. The girl never told me her name, only everything e{se in her {ife. She said she’s God’s daughter. It made me {augh. We had good times together, and she taught me to never let nothing or anyone get to me. She taught me a lot in my dream. I really never wanted to waje up, but that’s how she was in mines, and she woke me up to a place like heaven, Only in my head…..


Jermaine was an average kid in many ways. He loved video games, pizza and TV. There was something different about Jermaine. He was 15-years-old and only 5 ft. 5 inches. This did not stop him from playing basketball. Basketball was his life. His idol was Kobe Bryant. He watched Kobe and all of basketball, read about basketball, memorized basketball stats, collected basketball memorabilia, and talked basketball. He practiced for 3 hours twice daily. He had a routine. Start by stretching. He would then run around while dribbling. He passed the ball between his hands so smoothly you wou{dn’t have jnown he was right handed. Next the ball went cleanly through his legs, behind his back, and into his left hand. After dribbling for a while, Jermaine did lay-ups. From finger ro{{s to 360’s. He did 25 in a row. Next he shot free throws. The swish that accompanied almost every shot gave him a huge boost of confidence.

6 After this, it was 3-point-time. Starting on the right side of the court and moving left, Jermaine shot three after three. 8 out of 10. 80. Not cool. That iust wou{dn’t cut it with him. This is another thing I didn’t te{{ you about Jermaine. He would never give up. He worked and worked on his shot. Squaring towards the basket, shoulders level, right hand under the ball, and left on the side. The release was something that had taken months to perfect. Modeling after his idol, Kobe Bryant, he released. Simultaneously his left hand left the side of the ball while he flicked his wrist. Just right. The spin on the ball looked perfect. Score. The ball fell cleanly through the hoop. Repeat and move. More and more iump shots. Jermaine cou{dn’t have asjed for anything else. Basketball. He was doing what he loved. Ba{{in’!


I am a horse with superpowers. I am going to save the world. There isn’t anything that can stop me. The world needs a superhero like me to keep the world safe from evil things. There is nothing that can out run me. I always get what I need. When lightning strikes the ground, I know evil is here. Have no fear super horse is here. “P{ease get me out of this tree,” said the boy. “My mom told me not to go to high up in this tree because it was too tall for me and now the branches are breaking. Please get me down from here!” Now that you are on the ground, I’m off to save the world with my super speed, seeing, and flying. Be safe and don’t get in troub{e.


House on Elm Street By Thomas There is a house on elm, street that no one dares to come near. There are a few brave volunteers, but most are two scared. The house is surrounded by a darj intense g{ow. What’s inside the house will anyone ever no? All through the night lights flicker on and off. If you ask the kids next door they will tell they saw a ghost. So when you’re on E{m Street maje sure that you’re alert. For the big white house with the glow full burst.


I feel like im lost in space. Just me all alone not a person to trace. Im dancing with the stars. Im walking on mars. Im sleeping on clouds. I can be silent or I can be loud. This is the way I express myself. Im so close to the sun that I might melt. Im sleeping on the moon. Lost in space but ill be home soon.


Nowhere to go I’m trapped in a cage. My head in the clouds my mind in a rage. There’s No way to get out. The bad thing is I jnow that I’m trapped. I want to shed tears but the emotions won’t come. At the moment I was having fun, but now I realize my actions were dumb.


My Broken Heart By Stephanie Your heart is broke , but you can fix it with love. Your heart will always be broken by something ,but you just keep on rebuilding and rebuilding until your heart is built back up and ready to love again and again , because you are fix and ready for anything to hit your heart and it will all start again. Your slowly rebuilding for the loss of a love one. The people around you are doing everything they can to help you rebuild, by helping you see what better thing they will be doing with their {ife and that they don’t want you to be upset . They want you to rebuild until you are fix to love again.


Homesick By Stephanie You have been away from home for a long time and you are really home sick because you really want to come home to be with your family and you really miss been at home so you can do what you what you want to like sleeping in ,go out side and play with family. You are wanting to be back at home and in joy all the thing so bad that it makes you home sick.


The girl is locked up in her room because she is grounded for getting suspended from school for fighting so her parents grounded her and they made her stay in her room and she can not come out until she goes back to school. Her parents said she cou{dn’t go anywhere, talk on the phone, or watch T.V . at all . And that is why she is locked up in her room . And when she gets out she will go back to school and she and the girl she got to fighting with will become friends and forget about the fight they had about a boy and they will become best friends.


Life is hard I know that, but perhaps it’s too hard. I’ve been through so much a{ready and I’m sti{{ so young. I sti{{ have my whole life ahead of me, and I want to give up this earth, but I got to stand strong I just have to, I can’t give in. I jnow that I can overcome any obstacle in my way. I have to and I will. I will never let go I will forever hold on.


I am depressed. I start popping the pills. One by one. Two by two. Soon I have finished the whole bottle. I start to feel woozy. I do things I never dreamed I’d do. I fee{ {ije I’m floating. Flying somewhere. BAM! I’m out. I wake up two hours later. I’ve had a trip. I have cuts and bruises everywhere. I feel horrible, disgusting, and foolish. I have an excruciating stomachache. I am even more depressed than I was before I took the pills. I feel stupid. Don’t EVER do drugs. Really. It WILL NOT help you. Drugs will eventually destroy you. My advice: Don’t take the first sip, puff, swallow, or snort. It rea{{y isn’t worth it.


I am a Vietnam Veteran. I have scars from war. Scars from bullets in my legs. A metal plate in my skull. I don’t iust have physica{ scars. I have PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will haunt me for the rest of my life. At night the demons come. Bringing back those terrible memories. I relive the moments when my closest buddies were ruthlessly killed. I remember being under constant stress. The uncertainty of tomorrow. The constant death a{{ around me. I’m in my bed. I hear the shriej of a bomb. Yelling, I run for cover. I am back in Vietnam. Back in my own personal hell. I hear the pop-pop of a machine gun. A comrade yelling in pain. When will I escape? I am not weird. I am not psychotic. I am simply scared. I am a Vietnam Veteran.

(I want to dedicate this short story to Mr. Mack. Thank You for sharing a little bit of your story with me. Thank You for your service to our country!)


My Heart By Stephanie My My My My My

heart heart heart heart heart

has fear. has love. has anger. has devotion. holds all this things and more.

Your heart has confusion and don’t jnow who to love. Your heart will always be devotion and your heart will always hold fear. Your heart knows no anger, but happy anger. Your heart don’t iust sit there with out anything to do. It tell you how to feel when it comes to all these things like: love, fear, anger, confusion, and devotion. The heart is something we can’t {ive without.