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The stories inside this issue are veiled narratives about their inner thoughts and beliefs, even though most of their stories are fantasy or quirky surrealism. They live in magical kingdoms—places where their subnormal lives can breathe and be more than human. Fiction becomes the only place where they can write happy endings, because so much has already happened to them. Most of them have a strong desire to love and be loved, and for over an hour each morning, they write and discuss fiction with enthusiasm. It releases the creative imagination and calms them. It becomes a place where anything is possible, a place where they can be themselves—free of judgment, a place where they belong, where they can feel like part of a group, a place that reminds them that they are alive and things will get better. I do not edit the stories or correct them in any way. They appear as the student typed them. Enjoy their imaginations! —Robert Lavender, Editor


Enemies Now, Hopefully, Soon to be Acquaintances By Emma I am the mouse. Why did I let the cat do this to me? Well, as you probably can tell, I am way smaller then the cat. You can’t a{ways picture yourself bigger than the person who is bullying you. Sometimes, you try to be the bigger person, but you can’t reach to that {eve{ quite yet. In this case, It’s hard for me to be the better animal in this situation. I mean, I jnow I can’t iust sit there and taje the abuse and act like I deserve it. But like I said, the cat is way bigger than me. It’s not like I can just build that strength and confidence that people need to stand up to your foe in a day. It takes weeks, even months to build those characteristics up.

3 Counting that person has treated you like dirt since the day you guys met. The cat in my eyes is the ru{er, and I’m the servant. The cat is the witch. Could we be best friends you ask? No, not even close. But I wish that will happen soon. Just to be friends would make my life better. Maybe that will happen in 20 years, or it may happen tomorrow. You and I don’t jnow. On{y God knows when that is going to happen. That’s my story. I hope it wi{l change sometime soon in my future.


The idiot man tries to save people, but always fails at it. But he was too fat to save peop{e that’s why the idiot man always failed at it. He wears a suit with the letter “I,” meaning idiot. He tried to fly but he always failed at that too. He tried and tried, but cou{dn’t. Then a wizard came along and gave him powers to fly, and one day he tries again, and he flies. So at the end of the day he says, “It is what it is,” then he says it is not too late to be a hero but he is still the idiot man.


I miss you before you’re even gone. Afraid that when you leave it will be the last time I ever see you. I love you and want you safe. I don’t want to feel the pain of loneliness. I know this is something you’ve wanted your entire {ife and I’{{ support you in every way possib{e. I’{{ wait for your return with arms wide open. You mean the world to me and I never want to {ose you. When you’re away thinj of me to get your head on straight. When it’s a fu{{ moon ho{d your thumb up and remember that it is the same where I’m at. When you look at the stars look for Rudolph and remember Angel. Were both with you and always will be through everything. We love you and want you home safe.




By Thomas Once upon a time, there was this kid named TJ and all the places he went with family to live he always screwed it up and he had to go live with foster homes because he was dumb and messed up everything. I said I’m stupid and going to go to prison one of these days because I’m so stupid it fills like prison when I’m not around fami{y because I messed up everything, and I’m so homesick. It fee{s {ije I’m going to die if I stay away from family any longer and I feel like crap because all I do is live in prison it seems like because I never know where I am going next. All I know is that I am stupid and have too many anger issues. And I’m never going to live with my loved ones ever again just because I am dumb and stupid for messing up {iving with them iust because I’m messed up for all the crap I have been through.

8 Because of all the abuse, and all the other dumb crap my parents have put me through, and all my parents drug and alcohol abuse they thought that I should go through the same stuff as they have. We would be raised away from family and that one of these days, I would be one of the dumbest children alive, and would be in a mental hospital again. I have messed up and I won’t be with family for most of my life. If you were going through this stuff you would probably be upset too, and if you all do go through this just stay strong, and never try to commit suicide because you still have your whole life ahead of you. And you might be able to go home sometimes in your {ife but there’s no way in my dumb life I will get to go home. But you jnow what? I’m never going to {ose my hope, because one of these days God is going to answer my prayers. I am

9 running short of words but remember what I said in this story. Bye.


An In-between By Zach She sees it, she can feel it, amongst a few we’ve had a breakthrough. It’s a gift , yet she sees it as a curse. The night he crossed; she knew, the moment he left this world into an In Between.... the time is still imprinted 5am, .... 5am. . . When you think he’s {eft for good he is still always there watching.. he will be waiting to take your hand when the times come. Hush those precious lips for time is only a reflection of how you view the world. . You see the beauty in it that most can’t find. your amongst the fewest of us all, taje this as a gift not a curse, Don’t fret ... he is still here , just an In-between ... waiting ... waiting, so live..

11 Thrown Away By Kelsey

Love has always been a problem for this little girl. All she has ever searched for is this single word. She has dreamed for this feeling all her life. Although she is young, Kelsey is always searching. One day when Kelsey was three, she thought she had found this three letter word. For more than ten years she believed this. She had her heart in her little hand and gave it to the man. He abused this privilege. He jerked it around and sometimes stomped on it. When this happened, Kelsey was sad and angry. One day after taking her heart away for a few weeks, he brought it back all battered and torn. He threw it back at the little girl and went on his way. The little despised giving her heart to him. But she held her worn heart tightly and kept moving along.


Not too long after, Kelsey found another man to give her heart to or so she thought. He told her he would keep in touch. But quickly soon after she realized his words were also a lie. He mailed it back even more frayed than the previous holder. Kelsey felt hopeless. She did not know what to do with her heart. She held it tightly but felt that no one would want a heart so beaten as hers was. For an entire year, she hid her heart from everyone that came close to her. Then one day a boy saw her heart, although not new, seemed new and redeemed. She spent so much time with her heart’s jeeper, and loved every moment with him. Then one day he acted as if he didn’t want her heart anymore. So he confronted her. He admitted to taking her heart and abusing it. Just like the others, he too, was a liar. Little Kelsey was officially done with trying to search for someone to hold her heart. She was tired of being hurt and thrown around. She didn’t want to live another day having to wor

13 about her through.








The Music of High By George All of the music flows The outstanding sound will show Composing note after note Till no one can cope. The creation shall come And I begin to hum. At first I feel grand But then I can’t stand. The music starts to fade My ideas become delayed. The music is gone So this ends my song


The End is Where You Should Bend By George You smoke till you drop But then you can’t stop You ran from your problems But nothing can stop them Everything you’ve done All the people you’ve shunned Is it really worth it When all alone is where you sit You’ve {ost everything you had You have no right to be mad There is still a light But you have to when the fight Your time is up Tell me where is the cup Now you can stand Live your life like a man


A Figment By Kelsey In a world where there is no God, no fate, and only chance, there lives a butterfly. The butterfly, with big glistening blue wings, is always soaring in and out through peop{e’s {ives. The butterf{y shows no emotion with its face, because she doesn’t have one. She on{y has sparkling grey eyes, which see all. In the peoples every day lives, the butterfly can be a blessing, a smile, a giggle, or love. A little girl in a field crying all alone, can be lifted and her spirit be able to become alive again, no longer sad. A teenager who has made many bad decisions can be forgiven. A gir{ who hasn’t been ab{e to smi{e can have her lips turned upward once again as she once could.


All people love this butterfly. But, what peop{e don’t rea{ize is this butterfly is ever constant, a figment of imagination, a slow moving orb in the thoughts of each person, showing their true emotions.


Butterfly Kisses By Rebekah One dark spring morning two butterflies fell in love. They crossed each other’s paths as they flew from flower to flower. The butterflies were attracted to one another by their astonishing colors; as if they carried a mural on their wings. But suddenly one was attacked by a large bird and was injured terribly. When it awoke it from its rest the butterfly felt lost and confused. It cou{dn’t see f{owers or the beautifu{ butterf{y it hadn’t imagined. The creature regained its strength and flew back to the field. It waited for days, hoping its other would return to where they met. Finally after several days passed the beautiful creature appeared. They flew away and lived happily ever after.


This story is about Uncle Sam and his 3 new friend his first name is James the dragon and his second friend name is dawn his last friend name Kid, Kid one day Uncle Sam got send to the mental hospital for having 3 animal the Dr ask Uncle Sam said no then the Dr asked Uncle Sam do you thinj it’s wrong to have a dragon, bear, and the elephant as a friend he said no then the mental DR asked Uncle Sam do you think it’s wrong to have a dragon, bear, and the elephant as friend he said no then the mental Dr said take the animal away, then the Dr asked where did you meet this animal’s Unc{e Sam said we{{ the dragon and the woods, the bear in my house, the elephant and my room Uncle Sam said what would happened to them nothing they would be keep and the cage where you can see theme when you get OUT!!!


The Traveler By Rafael The reason the boy traveled so far. He wish that everybody can understand that he is going through as a teenager. People might say that he was a good boy. but other people might or some family say that he was a nobody. He won’t success and {ife or he traveled so far that his mother can come and see him. He stays with his dad and his dad is giving him a whole lot to deal with, for school, because he is always getting an anger problem. To get him in a special class.


The one place people never want to go is the Selic Mansion. With the huge columns and swooping willow trees, one can be nothing but frightened at the mere sight of this one hundred year old mansion. One day, a little girl named Kelsey, wanted to explore this mansion. She had passed by this house everyday as she walked to school and was very curious. From what people has told her, she knew it was haunted. But Kelsey thought she was invincible. She believed that nothing could frighten her. Walking by this mansion, one day, she had an overwhelming urge to approach the house. So, she quickly ran down the long driveway that led to the house.

22 She walked around to the back door and tried to open the door. Surprisingly, it opened. She slowly stepped into the creaky old house and realized how quiet the place was. Realizing this, stirred a frightening fee{ing within the {itt{e gir{. She didn’t want to go any further. She looked at her watch and realized she was going to be late to school. She pushed away the fact that she was scared, and would never admit it. So, she hurried back out the door and went on her way back to school. Upon arriving to school, she realized her true feelings. She has been scared! All her life her mother told her to never be scared, and to always stay strong. So, she then noted that she had accumulated a flaw: not so invincible.


Once upon a time there was this rapper and he wrote this song and the name of it was, “Love is Lije a River.” This is how it goes, love is like a river, it flows on and on it seems like forever, but trust me it’s not. It really is only a few hours but one of these days you will find the right one for you, because God put somebody out on this little old love river for everyone because nobody deserves to be alone for their whole life just because they have messed up in their life so much that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a heart to love people with. We{{ I’m running short of words to say, so bye.


One minute, I’m with my mom, brother, and sister, running through the woods behind my neighborhood park. The next, lost in the woods, alone. How I got lost is that I was last in line. First in line was my mom. My hero, my leader. Next, my sister Hannah. She is my best friend. We did everything together before she had to go to Kentucky. Then, my brother, Sam. He is my life saver. Sticking up for me when people are mean, but that rarely happens. I have a lot of friends, and everyone I know likes me. My best friend Sarah cou{dn’t maje it. She had to go to the beach. I was invited to go to the beach with her, but running is my {ife, I cou{dn’t miss it. Anyways, back to how I got lost. I was running and I got distracted by a dog. I thought he could have rabies or something, and could come attack my family and me.

25 But I wasn’t too worried. The next thing I jnow, I tripped over a {og, and I’m ro{{ing down a hill. I was knocked out after I hit the ground, but I don’t jnow how {ong. It must’ve been a whi{e, counting the fact it was dark when I woke up. I woke up in the field; I could hear crickets, flies swarming around me, and snakes slithering towards me. When I woke up, I woke up to the dog. He had a collar and his name was Majesty. He was a huge St. Bernard. He was super sweet. The next thing I heard was the sound of my stomach. I was STARVING!!! Luckily, I still had my bag with me, and I had 3 water bottles and Peanut Butter crackers. No food was left after 30 minutes. Majesty kept barking. I jept wondering, “What is he barjing at?” I followed him. It took a while to follow him because I sprained my ankle. He led me to my family! I was so ecstatic to see my family. My family took me home. That experience made me realize what people have and what peop{e don’t have in {ife.


Hopeless Prayer By Preston I've been here for almost three days now. Today's my Family Session. I prayed all night long that I'll get to go home today. I've noticed since I've been here I've changed alot. I haven’t thought about hurting myse{f or anyone. I’m proud of myse{f, I’m doing so much better in many different ways, but I just have that gut feeling that I’m going to be here for a whi{e.............I wa{jed into the room where i found my Mother, my Sister, and my Step-Dad. I began to tell the people how much I changed and how I changed, and how much better I’m beginning to feel. They asked me if I have thought about hurting myself in any kind of way, I rep{y “no.” They asj again “have you

27 thought about hurting anyone e{se?” I rep{y “no.” “No one is worth sitting behind bars for {ife, or being buried 6 feet under.” My Mother begins to talk to them about many different things. Fina{{y i asj them, “When can i go home?” They pause for a moment........”You’{{ have to stay unti{ Sunday.” At that moment I feel my eyes fill up with tears, I {oojed at my Mom and said I’ve changed I promise, she looks back at me and says “I jnow son, you iust need to stay here a {itt{e {onger.” I dropped my head in disbelief and then I watched my family get up and exit the room.

Issue 129  

Issue 129 of 360 West Project

Issue 129  

Issue 129 of 360 West Project